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First of all, never punch anyone in the mouth. If their teeth nick your hand, that could lead to an infection. You will have to take an antibiotic if this happens. And if you punch a person wearing dentures, they could accidentally choke on them and die. So just one punch to the mouth can lead to a manslaughter charge.

You are expecting to go to jail, right? There will be police and hundreds of witnesses with cell phones. And don′t think that a mask is enough to keep you out of legal trouble. America′s prisons are filled with people who didn′t think that they would get caught. You clearly believe in your cause enough to be arrested for it, and to risk being punched or pepper sprayed by the people you attack. But you probably should check your state′s laws to see if you will still be allowed to vote in November while incarcerated.

Of course this isn′t about your one vote. This is about showing those lazy, selfish fools who support that con artist that you won′t back down from a fight. So nobody is doubting your courage here. But very brave men who weren′t allowed to vote fought and died because they really didn′t have any other options to have their voices heard. Today, we have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, the comment thread below this article, and thousands of other ways where you can be heard. We also have ballot boxes.

Sure, you are only one person with one voice and two fists. But if you can′t expect to make a difference by speaking out and voting, you can′t expect to win by throwing rocks either. If you can′t win an election, you can′t expect to win a revolution because the election proves that you are outnumbered. Even if you lose this election, you still have future elections to look forward to. You risk nothing by voting, but you risk everything with violence.

So if you are so full of energy and emotion that you′ll do anything for a cause, direct that energy toward convincing people to vote for your candidate. Be aware that any act of violence that you commit will be widely reported and will motivate people to vote against your candidate. This is something you really can′t afford in a three way race. If you go to a rally, there might be people who encourage you to harm others. These people are trying to hurt your cause. There might be rival protesters who will try to get you to hit them so they can film it. There may be sleazy ″journalists″ looking to stir up trouble so they can record some drama for their website. Take a deep breath, and let them walk away disappointed. without any usable footage. Whether it is fair or not, undecided voters will judge a politician by his or her supporters, so represent your team well.

I′m not a pacifist, but I would rather lose a peaceful election than win a bloody revolution. I would like everyone regardless of their party or beliefs to stay safe and refrain from anything that will interfere with the democratic process. No matter what the outcome of this election, we all still have to live with each other next year. Please share this with the people that need to see this.

Robert is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana. He has worked in the private security industry since before 9/11. His new novel, A Long Way From Tipperary, is now available on Amazon.

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