Rand Paul Rips Walker As “part Of The Problem”

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Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has slammed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in response to recent remarks by the Governor regarding Washington politicians.

Paul replied in a interview by the Associated Press, alleging that “part of problem we have is career politicians like Scott Walker.”

“Has he ever had a job outside of politics? He was running for office when he was in college. I’m not going to be lectured by a career politician, that’s for sure,” Paul continued.

This marks the first time in the presidential campaign that Senator Paul has attacked Governor Walker, and Walker is expected to respond in the coming days.

While Paul, a physician, had performed eye surgery at his own practice for over 18 years before going into politics, many of his 2016 rivals, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, have served as politicians throughout their working lives.

Matthew Tsien is the former Director of President Reagan's Citizens For America. His writing has appeared in The American Conservative, Los Angeles Metro Magazine and Dallas Voice.

  • Tom R

    Been in politics your whole life? better not ask for my vote. that’s the main problem in this country.

    • Thomas Dunlop

      Walker has my vote as he has accomplilshed much and has good successes which is better than Rand Paul has done. It would be good to get a governor that can actually say what he has done and mean it.

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