“Proud Boys” Abandon Western Culture To Promote Alcoholism And Degeneracy

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Canadian Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has become a case study in what not to do when attacked by the totalitarian left. After being profiled by the Anti-Defamation League as an extremist and racist, McInnes has bent over backwards at every turn to prove his anti-racism to the liberal media to no avail. In a particularly embarrassing display of cucked servitude, McInnes had the nerve to impose PC orthodoxy on his Proud Boys yesterday.

“We used to say it was all right to check out various events as long as you weren’t there as a Proud Boy,” McInnes said in an article on the Official Proud Boys website. “That is no longer the case. Proud Boys may not attend Alt-Right events in ANY capacity. Not even as a journalist.”

Previously, McInnes boasted that all of his Proud Boys chapters had local autonomy. That is no more, as Dear Leader Gavin made it abundantly clear that all chapters are to bow to his top-down orders. Insulting his membership even further, McInnes made the point that the Proud Boys are no longer really about saving Western Civilization, and that their true focus is pounding brews with the guys every now and again.

“We are a men’s club that meets about once a month to drink beer,” McInnes said. “We have attended rallies where we felt our friends were in danger but that’s not what we’re about. We’re not political activists.”

If it wasn’t obvious enough that McInnes was capitulating to leftist pressure, he announced today that he would no longer have his show broadcast on Compound Media, a media outlet that hosts offensive shock jocks Artie Lange and Anthony Cumia. Additionally, he is leaving Rebel Media and Takimag, two alternative media sites known for their provocative content.

McInnes claims that he will have a new show debuting in mid-September. It remains to be seen if he will be able to maintain any sort of following for that new show following his switch. His followers may be well-served to follow other personalities who actually have the fortitude to exhibit courage under the gun.

  • Heh…”Proud”

  • That’s really sad.

  • You somehow turned disavowing 2 groups of what boils down to terrorist groups, into a bad thing?

    People are getting stabbed by Antifa for having “white supremacist hair cuts”. People are speeding cars into groups.

    I don’t see this is passing PC law or bowing down to anything. It’s about keeping mostly college age kids out of 2 violent groups.

    I find this to be a pretty off base assessment of things.

  • tz1

    Proud Boys? Pride goeth before a fall.
    Mr. McInnes Neighborhood… Will you be my neighbor – in my (segre-)gated community, assuming you can qualify for a mortgage.

  • Wow. Unbelievable that this bs was published here.

    • “Ironically, McInnes’ kowtowing to race-obsessed liberals only empowers more extremist groups such as Identity Evropa or the National Policy Institute to flourish. By wavering under the pressure, McInnes quite directly drives people into the camp of the white nationalists.” Complete retardation.

  • Conservatives sure have a hard time with unity.

    • Because we’re libertarians at heart. Which is funny that a liberty site is talking shit about Gavin for not wanting to be in a group. For many libertarians it goes beyond government and we don’t like being associated with things that don’t represent us, including the word “libertarian”.

    • Everyone is so busy being an individual that they neglect to realize that strength comes from numbers. We can see from the “Libertarian Party” that they have no power because no one bands together even though most conservatives I know identify as libertarian, not Republican.

    • and that’s won them so much, huh?

      Still have deficit spending, several unnecessary wars, Obamacare, and they’ve pretty much lost the culture war. But, God damn, do they get out and line up to vote for people that continually do the opposite of what they say, or are completely milquetoast to begin with. But hey, at least there’s unity there!

    • It’s won them more than libertarians, yes. Call them all the names in the books, fact is, they are in power. Weather they use the power effectively is irrelevant given the question “and that’s won them so much, huh?”

  • And for the record the Alt-right is not the alt-right of a few years ago.

    It’s been hijacked by the white nationalist movements and what remains of the white supremacist movement.

    They’ve taken over the alt-right and made that their platform.

    McInnes is right to disavow the alt-right and cut any ties to it as well as encourage anyone under him to do the same.

    Anyone who still thinks the alt-right is just a bunch a meme happy people who are fighting for free speech are about a year and a half behind the times.

    • The alt right started in 2008, when the term was coined by a white nationalist.

      The political movement attracted many people because the anti PC rhetoric and hilarious shit posting. Once people realized the alt right was in fact a white nationalist group, they broke free an are now known as the alt light.

      I’ve watched Spencer’s speeches from 2009 and it’s quite apparent what the aim of the alt right was.

    • The alt-right has always been a white and European idenitarian movement.

    • Bore off cuck

  • Cringe inducing frat boys.

  • I’m down

  • Jordan Gafford sad.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    OY VEY!

  • Jason

    lol gavin mcinness is an idiot

  • joelhfx

    Thank God for the Proud Boys.

  • Dan

    It’s clear to me McInnes’ wife has gotten to him and is the only reason Gavin would be doing this.
    “Get out of this Gavin or I’ll divorce you”.

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