The Price Of Free Speech

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As a nation we must realize that our words are powerful and have consequences far beyond our control. While we have the freedom of speech to say anything, we must calculate the unintended cost of the words we use.

It is easy to blame the access to guns for tragedies, but that is simply a false narrative, used by those that promote divisiveness in order to deflect responsibility away from themselves and their words.

As Americans we’ve always understood that that the greatest freedoms came with the greatest restraint. Liberty was never about unfettered freedom to do as we please without any regard to our conscience. Instead, it referred to the ability to live without oppression, guided solely by our conscience.

As a nation, we have bought the misguided philosophy of “it’s all about me,” and that being an American is being a “tough guy” who shouts down those who oppose you. Our words are used for the purpose of personal destruction and self-promotion, instead of advocacy for common causes and national unity.

From the bully that steals your milk money to the presidential candidates (on both sides) that spew words of anger and resentment, we are witnessing the manifestation of the words they choose.

America is teetering toward anarchy and self-destruction, and the people who started the fire are gladly purchasing more gasoline. This is not about right or left, because there are those on both sides who abuse their freedom.

Politicians, presidential candidates and leaders in our communities have used their words without regard to the cost of those words to promote their agendas and campaigns. Their interest of self-promotion has been igniting the embers of anger and hate for years. They exploit your emotion with words that are designed not to solve, but to deepen the divide and fan the embers of hate.

As with schoolyard bully, those who stroke the embers of anger must be defeated. We must take away the power of their words by rejecting not only the speech, but all those who abuse their freedom. Dr. Lee Roberson would always say “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. If America is to be kept from falling into anarchy, we need a leader who will understand that his/her words may be free to say, but could cost America’s destruction from within.

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