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On May 19, Kentucky will get to decide which Republican and which Democrat will face off in the general election for Governor of the commonwealth. Four Republicans are on the ballot while two Democrats are on the ballot. The current incumbent, who is a Democrat, has been in office since 2008, which was the last time the state of Kentucky had a Republican Governor.

Let’s face it: Republican governors now a days aren’t all that successful and are seemingly easily corrupt (see Scott Walker and Chris Christie). They are backed by the political elite and, like most politicians today, vote based on the companies, lobbyists, or PACs contributing to their campaigns rather than out of principal and constituent interest.

Matt Bevin has made mistakes in the past and I’m sure if you want to go ahead and get a list of his tarnished “liberal record” you can go to his opponents website or Mitch McConnell’s campaign site from last years Senate primary.

The truth is that Matt is a genuine guy who has successfully embraced the American Dream. He has a record of success outside of politics in one of the most important sectors: the financial sector. He makes money because he knows the market he is targeting and has the experience and knowledge to drive business and sales.

On top of his financial and business experiences and success, Matt chose a path of leadership and courage. He served honorably in the United States Army and rose to the rank of a captain. If Matt is lucky enough to read this article, and to all our veterans and servicemembers: thank you for your service and sacrifice in protecting Liberty and Justice for all.

Matt is the type of politician that America needs in every corner of America: one understanding of the mistakes he has made, one with the success and leadership necessary to represent millions of people, and one humble enough to acknowledge the principle of Liberty isn’t bestowed upon the people by the government.

Kentucky might not have the best voting record when it comes to Liberty, but if you want to give more chances to the establishment party systems who are responsible for the Mitch McConnell’s, the John McCains, the Chris Christie’s, the Scott Walkers; the Elizabeth Warrens, the Harry Reid’s, the Hillary Clinton’s, then a vote for one of Matt’s five other opponents is more suitable for you.

If you want to challenge that establishment system by having a representative of your state in Frankfort standing up for Liberty, then tell everyone you know in Kentucky and around the country about Matt Bevin. The more people read about this man, the better chance he has.

I don’t live in Kentucky and despite my differences in opinion on some issues, I would be honored to have someone as experienced and humble as Matt Bevin receive my vote for office.

An aspiring filmmaker with a passion for liberty-minded politics, Charles Barr resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey and graduated Montclair State University with a double major in communication and political science. Charles has volunteered for various campaigns including Ron Paul for President in 2012, Steve Lonegan for US Senate, and Brian Goldberg for US Senate. In addition to politics, Charles was the assistant director for the feature length film, My Brother’s Girlfriend that was accepted to the 2015 New York Film Festival. He previously interned for Congressman Tom MacArthur and volunteered for Q Rim for State Assembly.

  • Michael Brown

    I so appreciate Matt, who I call a friend and I worked every spare moment I could for in 2014. Matt put himself out there in a man vs tank-like showdown to discipline Mitch McConnell and that was epic. Matt and I sat down earlier this year and he laid out his case to me and asked me to help him be the governor. Emotionally I wanted SO much to just go back and fight beside so many friends again for a man I really believe in. But my rational side said that we have a very rare and capably ally of the new direction in the party who has sacrificed a lot. He busted some major rackets in Frankfort, is our hemp industry advocate, and has close contacts with many of our people all over the state. That man is Jamie Comer, and long before Matt entered the race, the shadowy fingers of the Establishment setting up the smears and traps for him just like they had for Matt. And taking the same voters and splitting between two will without a doubt help Heiner/Crosbie, the dyed in the wool Establishment team that includes our RNC national committeewoman. I would respectfully request liberty folks in Kentucky carefully consider our longtime ally Jamie Comer, who broke ranks and was the one of just a couple elected official to dare to endorse Rand for Senate in the primary.

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