Male Taxpayers Are Literally Rape Survivors

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As always, we should begin by defining our terms: What is rape, and why is it bad?

There is nothing inherently traumatic about a foreign object being inserted in the vagina. Women insert tampons in there several times a month. Moreover, a large majority of rapes are not forceful, so the concept of rape is not related to physical pain or mere penetration. Rapes can even occur without the victim being aware of it. Yet, rape is punished as severely as aggravated assault, such as breaking someone’s legs. Why is that?

We punish rape for psychological reasons. Women who experience rape experience a loss of perceived autonomy over their reproductive outcomes. Our instincts have changed little since our hunter/gatherer times, so we often experience vestigial feelings originating from our past as tribesmen and tribeswomen. A woman inseminated by a man she did not choose prevents her from passing on the best quality genes. That is unless the man is more attractive than her, of course.

Women are particularly vulnerable to rape because mating with the wrong person is extremely costly. They can only have a child every few years. Mating with a man of suboptimal market value is especially damaging for women, because their primary mating strategy is focusing on the quality, not the number of offspring.

As a result of differential mating strategies in men and women, the rape of men will not be defined by penetration. Instead, rape is hereby defined based on the justification of its severe punishment, and of its distal evolutionary meaning. Rape is the action that leads to the perception of losing autonomy over one’s reproductive outcomes.

Unlike women, men’s reproductive strategies are primarily oriented towards the number, rather than quality, of offspring. The universal determinant of reproductive outcomes for men is social status, usually estimated by a man’s financial resources. Hence, men are raped, or are denied autonomy over their reproductive outcomes, when their ability to reach a high status is impeded.

As a matter of fact, men have a strong physiological reaction to a perceived loss of status, such as an acute drop in testosterone levels, elevation of cortisol levels, and a heightened heart rate reactivity. Importantly, this pattern is only seen in men. In essence, men also experience vestigial neuroendocrine reactions to evolution-related challenges.

In modern times, one’s status is defined by money. A man needs money to provide for his children. Money is therefore the determinant of status in Western society. Charisma and assertiveness may contribute to reaching a high status, but these alone won’t suffice to have a roof over your head or to start a business.

What does this mean? When money is taken away from men, they feel demoted. Their status is lowered. Their opportunities are restricted, and their market value decreases. Through taxation, men are being raped because they are losing autonomy over their reproductive outcomes.

In conclusion, by taking a chunk of men’s market value, the government rapes men. Men’s reproductive success is ultimately dependent on their ability to provide resources for women and children. Sadly, taxation heavily impedes the ability of men to do so.

Why is the government transgressing upon men’s reproductive integrity? A woman has no obligation to share her evolutionary contribution with the public, so why is everyone entitled to men’s reproductive worth? Why is it only men that need to share their assets for social harmony? Men who have few sexual partners are commonly depressed, which can transform them into serial killers. Why won’t politicians acknowledge this?

That being said, I’m not necessarily against taxation, but only if prostitution is free!

  • “Women who experience rape experience a loss of perceived autonomy over their reproductive outcomes.” I take issue with that. They also can experience a loss of personal security and integrity. It also makes you feel shameful and weak, which can take a long time to repair. It can disrupt your ability to trust people, and it can profoundly impact your world view and personal interactions.
    I think you’re over symplifying it

  • I’d say mugged… but rape?? … are you just trolling these days?

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