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Quite frankly, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two easiest candidates to beat in a Presidential election cycle in quite some time. Opportunities to change the course of history don’t come up too often like this.

And yet, the one credible candidate running against Trump and Clinton is blowing it.

Where is Gary Johnson’s campaign?

Anyone inclined about any detail in politics knows that elections are won by the boots on the ground and the campaign working the hardest to get out the vote. Of course, this is in collaboration with media, social media, events, town halls, fundraisers, etc.


Bill Weld in MA
Bill Weld in MA

Gary Johnson only has the media part down pretty well. He’s been on numerous talk shows within the past week, and more are definitely on their way. Johnson has promoted the party well; his collaborative effort with Bill Weld is a sign that the two are in this election to win it. But that’s all there is.

Where are the boots on the ground? Where are the organizational and analytical factors that are desperately needed at this point in the campaign?

To put Gary Johnson’s campaign in perspective, let’s take a look at Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally.
Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally.

Bernie started at nothing in the polls. He started organizing on the ground. He had a consistent message that invited people to talk and exchange opinions about ideas that matter to them. He then used this to his advantage: he started rising in the polls. He engaged with his supporters, and he followed up and made sure that they showed up in the polls. He then used this engagement to invite others into his campaign; he went on talk shows and started delivering high-quality ads and encouraged others to join his campaign. He targeted the right people, the right states, and effectively used the money that he was able to raise while effectively spreading a message that resonated with these voters.

Gary Johnson is barely at anything in the polls (RCP average of 7.5%). And he’s been on the occasional television news show. That’s it.

Gary Johnson in New Mexico.
Gary Johnson in New Mexico.

The election is five months away. We need to knock on every single American’s door and tell them that there is another option on the ballot in November; that the Constitution isn’t going to be trampled on by two authoritarian candidates found in the two major parties that the media loves.

Where are the boots on the ground doing this? Who is making this happen? More importantly, WHEN will this happen?

This is meant to be a motivational piece: the movement for liberty in this country is well on its way. Gary Johnson presents a breath of fresh air when looking at the two people who desperately want to have the power of the world in their hands. In order to make ‘anything’ come of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party’s moment, something needs to happen really soon.

Gary Johnson’s campaign may have just begun, but it is going nowhere really quickly. Could the campaign turn itself around really quickly? Sure. Is it likely? Doubt it. Could this all be a different strategy? Sure. But it isn’t a good one.

An aspiring filmmaker with a passion for liberty-minded politics, Charles Barr resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey and graduated Montclair State University with a double major in communication and political science. Charles has volunteered for various campaigns including Ron Paul for President in 2012, Steve Lonegan for US Senate, and Brian Goldberg for US Senate. In addition to politics, Charles was the assistant director for the feature length film, My Brother’s Girlfriend that was accepted to the 2015 New York Film Festival. He previously interned for Congressman Tom MacArthur and volunteered for Q Rim for State Assembly.

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