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If you hadn’t heard of him before last week, you’ve probably heard of him by now.

Christopher Cantwell, an alleged “neo-Nazi white supremacist” who was scheduled to speak at the now infamous “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, has been making national headlines this week for his role in the rally and subsequent appearance in an inflammatory and heavily-edited VICE smear piece intended to impugn the organizers of the aforementioned event.

In reality, Chris isn’t a Nazi at all. It’s not unfair to say that Chris doesn’t disavow Nazis, but Chris himself takes issue with their economic policies. Chris is a self-described libertarian and anarcho-capitalist, and he’s extremely well versed in Austrian economics. He also describes himself as a racist but defines the term to include anyone who acknowledges the existence of biological differences between people of different races (which describes literally everyone). He likewise describes himself as a fascist but defines the term to include those who use the state against communist provocateurs who reject the private property norms upon which libertarianism is basedfreedom of association being chief among them.

Cantwell wasn’t smeared on HBO and banned from Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and a slew of other platforms because of hate speech or a violation of community standards. It wasn’t because he’s a racist, anarcho-capitalist leader of the Alt-Right. It happened because the left hates and wants to silence voices of opposition. It happened because Chris is an intelligent and well-spoken white male who refuses to be cucked by leftist narratives. It happened because the modern left wants a political outcome which is antithetical to the existence of white people, and because Chris constitutes a serious threat to that goal.

Demographic displacement is real. The state, led by post-modernists and cultural Marxists acting under auspices of social justice, is facilitating this phenomenon. The proof is in the birth rates. The proof is in every bit of content published by the fake news media. The proof is in the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. The proof is in the public school curricula. As children, we are taught to hate ourselves and our heritage. We are taught to believe that our existence is a threat to humanity and breeding would be bad for the environment, the disadvantaged, etc.

“Unite the Right” was intended to be a peaceful event for people to come together and demonstrate their opposition to the censorship of Southern history. That’s all there was to it. A bunch of white people in Polo shirts and a few of their black friends in Trump hats wanted to have a show of support for the continued existence of our civilization. Despite having secured permits, the event organizers were forced by police to end the event early because the communist terror organization Antifa arrived. According to Antifa, supporting the continued existence of white people makes you a target to be assaulted, hit with sticks and metal pipes, doused in piss and sh-t, struck with bottles full of cement, hit in the head with hammers and bike locks, and doused with chemical weapons.

According to “Unite the Right” attendees, that’s exactly what happened and much of the video evidence backs up their side of the story. Instead of adhering to the pre-planned strategy of keeping Antifa separate from the rally, police allowed Antifa to surround the rally and then forced the attendees to disperse through the crowd of Antifa inciters. That’s why violence broke out, it’s why Christopher Cantwell may have been singled out for arrest over the use of self-defense, and it’s why Heather Heyer is dead. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy hate white people so much that they’d rather have police stand down and create a riot than let people protest in defense of their history. Let that sink in a bit once you’re done pearl clutching and virtue signaling your feigned outrage over Nazis.

Chris is a good man who is extremely passionate about liberty, private property, free speech, and freedom of association. When Chris read Hoppe’s book Democracy: The God That Failed, he changed his position and conformed to the implications of the information. When Stefan Molyneux covered the demographic displacement of western civilization and gave Charles Murray a platform to discuss the Bell Curve (the subject of which should be common knowledge), Chris changed his position and conformed to the implications of the information. That is what an astute thinker should do, rather than clinging to dogma and refusing to reevaluate your preconceived notions. 

I underwent a similar progression recently, and have endured a lot of verbal abuse for talking about it, most of which came from libertarians and anarchists who previously praised my work; some of which came from people I thought were my friends. That’s why I know where Chris is coming from, and it’s why I once appeared on an episode of his podcast to discuss these issues with him. I was even fired from Being Libertarian for discussing these issuesmuch like Chris was fired from Free Talk Live.  Leftists can object and appeal to the baseless conspiracy theory of white privilege and censor people all day long, but at the end of that day, the truth will ultimately prevail.

Jared is an Austro-libertarian social commentator and content creator who has worked with Being Libertarian, Liberty Hangout, Radical Capitalist, and The Liberty Conservative.

Jared also runs his own site at

  • Oh yeah so he thinks he can redfine racist amd fascist and its gonna work? Gtfo of here with that stupid fucking tactic. You will get nowhere.

    • Triggered?

    • No, I’m just sick of you fucking idiots who have given up on appearing to be normal and prefer an escalation of division to a resolution.

    • ask a normal person what “countersignaling” means, seriously. get the fuck off the internet and out of political advocacy groups and talk to real people. real people is what got trump elected, not all your LARPers

    • so guess the answer to my question is in fact “yes.” you are definitely triggered. probably literally shaking right now. best wishes getting a handle on those emotions of yours, young man.

    • see? you’re just some fucking reddit nerd loser who is totally ineffective. piss off.

    • Aaron Robert there you go that’s Trumpism at its best.

    • Sooo yes. Triggered. lol


    • Whatever dude, you are usually correct in your analysis but you are tactically inept and stuck in your bubble.

    • at this point your jargon is too infected with virtue signalling the altright to be effective on any level. you’re effectivley a circle jerk

    • Racism

    • Racism explained.

    • To the simple-minded “wrong” means “it’s something harsh that hurts my feelings”. Grow up.

    • If you oppose an escalation of division, YOU might actually be the collectivist. Foh

    • None of this is an argument

    • Who didn’t bring an argument Jerry?

    • Aaron

    • I got the two of you confused for a second

    • My argument is that you need to stop using circle-jerk jargon like the word countersignaling Etc and learn how to talk to real people instead of your political friends

    • I agree with all of your analysis in general however tactically I find you to be a bit lacking

    • Charlie rationality wins everytime! Just remember that there is only one race.

      Racism biologically is a myth and only exists as a social construct.

      The reason any conflict in our country has continued to exist is because people collectively through academic indoctrination have been duped to believe in racism.

      • Woodsman

        “Race is only a social construct” is a nothing but a semantic argument. Or do haplogroups not exist other than in the world of racist scientists? There is no reason to adopt this silly dogmatic nonsense. It is perfectly reasonable to accept that “race” does exist, and then challenge the assumed valuation of the differences, if that is your cup of tea, but regurgitating childish bullshit is a dead end.

    • That’s not an argument, Aaron. It’s actually a performative contradiction given how much of a prick you are and the fact that you’re hiding behind a sock

  • What defines agression?

  • Excellent article. I didn’t know who Cantwell was but I can’t disagree with anything written here.

  • The article said he was a good man, apparently because he holds some libertarian views on property and liberty for SOME. But the article admits he is a racist and fascist! It also admits he wants to use the state to forcibly remove people! He’s not a good man, at best, he is disturbed, at worst, he is a hatemonger. Is this page sympathetic to white nationalism?

    • This is an opinion piece by a specific writer. We had other writers put out different takes on this as well. To answer your question, no, The Liberty Conservative is not sympathetic to white nationalism.

      • Cheryl Justice

        Guess again. You guys are just like Trump. Lie between the lies. Funny.

    • Fair enough Rocco, but you are known by the company you keep. Would you allow pro antifa people to write for you, they are self professed anarchists which many libertarians are anarchists.

    • I’m going to start a blog for only libertarian-minded writers but let people post featured articles who think white supremacists are good libertarians. Wait, The Liberty Conservative already did that. Darn, and it was such a great idea too!

    • This is pretty unbelievable, Rocco. It doesn’t matter if you have other writers who put out different takes on this. A website called “The Liberty Conservative” shouldn’t allow people to write articles who support white supremacists.

  • This is your good man

  • It is not necessary to agree with a Nazi mentality to agree that he and his group when about their “protest” the right way in this nation. Even they have a RIGHT to peacefully protest and make their voices heard. The problem came from officials who made sure a counter protest was held and that the groups were pushed together. We can state that some of Mr. Cantwell’s opinions and views are anti-American. What we cannot allow ANYONE to do is to excuse the behavior of the Communist AntiFa and BLM while condemning “white” nationalists and Nazis. They ALL are contrary to the founding and foundation of this nation. At least up until 0-bama fulfilled his PROMISE to “fundamentally” transform this land. Hate is hate, no matter the color. But “white” people do not have to be ashamed of being “white” or accused of being all kinds of evil because we believe we (most of us) are not “privileged” or a burden to the rest of the “colors” in the human race. Truly, ALL lives matter. And that is not a “racist” proclamation. No matter how forcefully and violently BLM and AntiFa try to compel the world to believe it.

    • Cheryl Justice

      But, I bet you’re a racist:)

  • Ima write a click bait article too. It’s going to be called “The Liberty Conservative Doesn’t actually Stand For Liberty, and They Are Trash”

    • Read the disclaimer, moron. We also literally published a hit piece on Cantwell yesterday. He has also publicly referred to us as “cucks”.
      “All contributed content represents the view of the contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of The Liberty Conservative.”

    • Read the disclaimer. We also literally published a hit piece on Cantwell yesterday. He has also publicly referred to us as “cucks”.
      “All contributed content represents the view of the contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of The Liberty Conservative.”

    • Why give shit like this a platform at all?

    • Guess you don’t like free speech!

    • Hahaha. “Free speech” doesn’t have a damn thing to do with whether or not it is appropriate to call white supremacists, “good” libertarians.

      • Cheryl Justice

        Libertarians accept anyone:)

    • William Yarbrough

      yeah, read the disclaimer. It’s like a get-out-of-jail free card for our authors posting racist garbage and still being considered liberty or conservative.

    • I love free speech. But let’s be a little more selective about who and what gets published.

  • You gotta be kidding me with this article

  • I listened to Cantwell’s 3 hour unedited Vice interview. He certainly wasn’t smeared by them. In fact the HBO show didn’t go far enough to portray this man as the despicable monster that he is

  • This is not a “good man,” and a “liberty conservative” would never praise someone who feels it appropriate that the law of the land treat other human beings as second class citizens. Un-freaking-believable.

  • He did nothing “wrong” other than to bring into view the new tactic of the left, based on neo marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse

    “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”

    • Cheryl Justice

      NAZI…but you love Nazis. Funny.

  • Riiiiiight. Written by Jared Howe. He’s a known white nationalist and is always screeching about (((Jews)))

    • Joe

      He used to screech about how chemtrails and how the earth was hollow and giants live inside it – when he wasn’t sleeping on my friend’s couch. Classic bipolar schizophrenic.


  • While I’m a firm believe in free speech, elevating the scum of the earth because it helps you at the moment is a rather Trumpian thing to do.

    Anyone listening to the drivel of pseudo tough-guy Christopher Cantwell should also take a look at THIS video, which shows what he’s like when confronted by ACTUAL tough guys. 3:14 is my favorite part. 😉

  • Paul Keller

    Living in a free society means assholes get freedom too. I have no idea why this conversation is even about what kind of person Cantwell is. Yea, he says outrageous shit. Yea, he’s an asshole. Wow, what a revelation. He describes himself as an asshole, so no real shocker there. What matters is he either committed a crime, or he didn’t. That’s it. You are either for Free Speech, or you’re not. There is no such thing as “I support Free Speech unless I’m really, super-duper cereal, pissed off!!”

    • William Yarbrough

      You missed the point. There’s free speech and then there’s calling him a good libertarian for thinking Blacks and Jews are lesser human beings. I haven’t heard anyone say he shouldn’t be allowed to say any crap he wants. I see a lot of people thinking The Liberty Conservative has no freaking liberty or conservative principles

    • Robert Enders

      He actually may have committed a crime. There was a warrant for his arrest because he peppersprayed someone in Charlottesville. He claims it was in self-defense. He said he would turn himself in today.

  • Anddd that’s an unfollow.

    • Bobby Casey


  • Of course Jared Howe would write this

    • Bobby Casey

      Praise Howe

    • Joe

      I remember when he got out of the psych treatment facility, living on my buddy’s couch raving about how the hearth is hollow.

  • Chris Cantwell disagrees with Nazi’s economic policy! Hahahha what a joke of an article.

  • Hahaha, you think he’s worth defending? The guy is a tool who went there looking for a fight and ended up in a room crying to the internet about how the police are after him.

  • mcnabbdm

    There can be no liberty, for any group of people however you want to divide them, without first disqualifying leftist ideology from the use of state power. Cantwell has gotten closer than anyone else I can think of at spelling that out, even giving us a practical example of what we are up against when we start vocalizing those realities.

  • Make Cantwell Free to Speak Again

  • What in the name of all that is good o.O this is horrible

    • You’re not the one getting hate mail!

      • Robert Enders

        Imagine how the Chris Cantwell who makes Halt And Catch Fire feels right now.

  • Jim Alexander IV

    Meth: Not even once.

  • Robert Enders

    Most people define fascism as an ideology that advocates an authoritarian state. You don’t have to be a fascist to oppose Communism. The United States successfully opposed Communism after fascists tried and failed.

    Cantwell is smart enough to know what the real definition of a fascist is. He is trying to confuse other people on the definition.

  • OH FFS

  • tz1

    Good summary. Kudos. I don’t like some of what Cantwell says, or how he says it, but if we don’t defend him, all we are going to be left with is nonwhite LGBTQs.
    And this was the strange thing. What did he DO that was wrong – not mere speech. Oh, the police didn’t clear the antifa at the torch march, so one or two are attacking him so he just pepper sprays one once (where he himself was maced several times and none of those attackers are charged to my knowledge because they are antifa).
    Or is Cantwell a witch that can cause helicopter crashes like the one that killed the two troopers?

  • Alejandro Sobieski

    Cantwell should go to jail for crying like a pussy

  • So he’s a racist and a fascist, but not a nazi because he doesn’t like “some” of their economic policies?
    You’re an idiot, Jared Howe.

    • Cheryl Justice

      Jared is a Nazi:)?

  • Brandon Ahlgrim

    I think this site should drop the “Liberty” that precedes Conservative, if this is an example of the type of writing they support.

    Cantwell is a goose-stepping white nationalist now- he actually wants to violently expel anyone that isn’t white through the formation of an ethno-state.

  • Nothing illegal perhaps, but “nothing wrong” is hard to go with.

  • Cheryl Justice

    And then the little baby Nazi weeps, just like you racists who support him. Funny.

  • Kel Thuz

    Cantwell is too Jew-hating to be taken seriously

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