Christopher Cantwell: Modern-Day Civil Rights Icon?

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Ready or not, libertarian-turned-fascist shock jock Christopher Cantwell received his close-up following the “Unite the Right” fiasco. Cantwell’s blubbering face was plastered all over the mainstream media. He has been made into a convenient punching bag, and everyone is seemingly lining up to kick this easy target while he is down.

Cantwell did himself no favors by flaming out of the libertarian movement, making many enemies along the way, before emerging as a figure in the alt-right. Going out of his way to inflame and enrage people, while an amusing shtick at times, has ultimately backfired on Cantwell (at least for the time being). Adding injury to insult, the lachrymose lout was charged with various felonies and refused bail for merely defending himself in Charlottesville when police refused to do their jobs.

This is where Cantwell may go from a reviled pariah to a potential civil rights hero. After Cantwell heard he was wanted in Virginia, he did everything in his power to comply with law enforcement. Despite offering extremely hostile opinions regarding the police in the past, he surrendered himself anyway–realizing that resisting would only make this already nightmarish situation that much worse. This is not the behavior of someone who is a flight risk. The judge only wanted to make an example of Cantwell, likely violating his 8th Amendment rights in doing so.

This is where opponents of Cantwell and the extreme right that he represents need to be careful. Making fringe figures like Cantwell into martyrs will only make them more formidable and hardened in their militant stances. Look at what happened during the “Unite the Right” fallout. The entire political establishment immediately united around ANTIFA and the totalitarian left, with even Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) justifying leftist terrorist violence in the streets. This seemingly coordinated reaction has only reinforced the dark, conspiratorial narratives about globalists and elites that have fueled extremist sentiment in recent years.

Alt-right individuals are beginning to call themselves the “White Civil Rights Movement.” As ridiculous and twisted as that may sound, their hostile, belligerent, and hypocritical critics are certainly helping them out. Cantwell is being spat upon and denied his basic rights. Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman is being railroaded on bogus charges as well. Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer has been made into an Orwellian “unperson” due to his extremist beliefs. The establishment will not stop with just these figures. The scarlet letter will inevitably be extended to anyone with basic conservative or libertarian beliefs. As fun as joining a digital witch hunt may seem right now, keep in mind that you will likely be at the receiving end of it before long.

This growing persecution will help the extremists recruit. So next time, it won’t be 1,000 rabid maniacs in the streets marching alongside Cantwell. It will be 10,000, and then 100,000, and so on. In a bizarre and counter-intuitive way, “Unite the Right” may end up ultimately being a success for the alt-right if this pattern continues. The tensions escalated dramatically in an instant, and this clearly benefits the extremists. After all, Hitler didn’t rise to power in a vacuum. He rose because there was a growing communist threat, and his militant group was willing to face them head on. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past by being timid. If the moderates amongst us refuse to stand against the leftist threat when it matters, there will be far more radical and dangerous individuals who fill that void.

  • tz1

    Cantwell may be many things but he isn’t a fascist by any definition I can think of except some general meaningless insult. In the economic definition, Cantwell is still against State control of business, only moderating his anarcho-capitalism to allow that when the state exists, cronies must be controlled. Politically he is still for minimal government. He isn’t a National Socialist either so he isn’t a Nazi. He isn’t in the KKK.
    He is a “race realist” along the lines of Stefan Molyneux (and a Gender realist along the lines of Damore). Either “The Bell Curve” is true or false, lets talk instead of calling names.

    But the greater point is that you can’t remain and write scholarly articles on abstract libertarian topics. Either Cantwell is a prime example of the State tyranny – denying bail (even Mike Cernovich who hates him admits) it is a gross violation.

    Either the dividing line is between liberty and tyranny, OR it is between “racism” and diversity.

    For me, I’m on the liberty side. We will see how many libertarians are fine with tyranny and will refuse to denounce what is happening with Cantwell.

    Christians have the formula of loving the sinner and hating the sin. Attributed to Voltaire was I may disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it.

    It is a civil war and there are only two sides. But that is the stubborn fact, the truth.

    Perhaps the libertarians of some stripe will create a third way, but time is short and they can’t do so while enjoying their pleasant lives doing podcasts, writing articles, and being noncontroversial. The dogs of war have been unleashed. And Havoc is proceeding. We need a militant liberty NOW if you don’t want it to be a wing within the alt-right. But considering the Libertarian Party, the lefty virtue signallers and where debauchery rather than letting churches and tradition rule gives me little hope.

  • What a steaming load of BS.

  • This page sucks.

  • Looks like two dumb mother fuckers didnt read past the headline

  • Have to dig out actual racist and make it seem like the shit is rampid and out of control so they can use a movement since Russia didn’t pan out for them so well

  • churchofentropy

    have you noticed that many media outlets are saying there will be an upcoming civil war, almost as if it was a done deal? i think this is because they know they cannot defend their position in debate, thus are faced with the options of either folding or censorship. since they are not self-aware enough to do the former, they have resigned themselves to the latter. since most in the West will not accept their censorship, they are essentially forcing a civil war.

  • Tyler

    The ACLU didn’t defend people during the Red Scare either. They succumb to moral panic, which really makes them worthless at the end of the day.

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