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Tyler graduated from Penn State in 2016. He majored in print journalism and minored in political science. He is a contributor at The Liberty Conservative; he previously wrote for The Daily Collegian and has been published on The USA TODAY, The Washington Free Beacon and Lions of Liberty. He was active in Penn State's Young Americans for Liberty chapter and he will be interning in Washington D.C. with the Leadership Institute in the Fall.Tyler is a libertarian conservative and a devout Roman Catholic. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

An Open Letter To Libertarian Delegates: Do Not Vote For Gary Johnson

Libertarians will be the first to tell someone, “Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils,” but when it comes to Gary Johnson, some of them will be perfectly fine getting behind the lesser of three evils. Don’t do it. The 2016 election is a historic and wild election that has already garnered media attention for the Libertarian Party. For distraught individuals who can’t back Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, they see an alternative. You represent the Libertarian Party. The least you could do is give them a libertarian alternative. The Libertarian Party is meant to buck the party politics… Keep Reading

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