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Troy Worden
Troy Worden is an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. He is actively involved in the California College Republicans and especially interested in philosophical justifications for conservatism and traditionalism.

Make Cities Great Again: How And Why Conservatives Should Embrace The Metropolis, Not Abandon It

In the wake of Donald Trump’s win, you might have noticed a new swamp spring up–one that Trump certainly wouldn’t want to drain. You were likely swamped with the same meme ad nauseum, comparing maps of “Trump’s America” and “Hillary’s America.” The meme-making quality: Trump’s America is far larger than Hillary’s precisely because it consists of those counties in which he won the majority of the vote, namely, rural areas. In contrast, Hillary Clinton won mostly the coastal US, especially the country’s largest cities, by wide margins. We can laugh at the radical different geographic spreads of each tally, but they underscore a deeper demographic problem. Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes, even though his geographic spread was far greater than Clinton’s. This is only possible because Clinton won the most populous areas of the US–the biggest cities. Trump was wildly unpopular in most of California (whose population centers are located in San Francisco and Los Angeles) and even his home state, New York (New… Keep Reading


Generation Identity And The Alt-Right: A Comparison

Most observers on this side of the pond have probably never heard of Generation Identity or the Identitarian movement in Europe until Lauren Southern’s harrowing exploit on the Mediterranean. In blocking an empty Doctors Without Borders-operated ship from prowling the waters for refugee boats, she earned herself the ire of the Left and wider recognition for the budding Identitarian movement on the continent. But what is the group exactly? What are their real influences and motivations? And how do they compare to the nationalist-populist movement in the United States? We have our own peculiar far-right phenomenon here in the States, most notably the “Alt-Right.” Although that term encompasses Nathan Damigo’s Identity Evropa, which models itself aesthetically if not ideologically on the European Identity movement, Americans do not have a solid analogue to Generation Identity. At most, Richard Spencer of and Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing associate themselves with some of the European New Right thinkers such as Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye, who have exercised a certain… Keep Reading


The European Migrant Crisis And Historical Amnesia: A Personal Testament From Austria

The migrant crisis has, like an uncontrolled blaze tumbling through a dense forest, left few parts of Europe untouched. Stories of refugees abounded even in the part of Austria known as Burgenland, where I resided for a week during my travels on the Continent back in January. I was staying with the great-granddaughter of my great-great-grandmother’s sister, who happened to live in the small town of Breitenbrunn. This was the same town from which my great-great-grandparents emigrated in the later half of the nineteenth century to the United States in search of a better life. Burgenland, as with much of Austria and Bavaria, is quaint and idyllic. Neuseidl Lake, a popular tourist attraction in the summer, lies not far from Brietenbrunn. The region is known for its wine, and the birthplaces and residences of many a famous composer and their patrons – Haydn, Liszt, Hummel, and the Esterhazy family foremost among them – dot the countryside. Burgenland is well-connected to the hubs of central Europe: Vienna and Bratislava are… Keep Reading


The Utility Of Pessimism

We are often told, in this happiness-obsessed age of ours, to be happy. “Be happy,” they say, “Be optimistic.” The Panglossian phrase, “the best of all possible worlds” is on the tongue of every life-coach, every politician, every celebrity, every advertiser. It is almost a crime to be a nay-sayer to the idol of Happiness, though the happiness of which they speak is not the eudaimonia, the human flourishing described by Aristotle in his Ethics. No, it is the in-the-moment animal enjoyment of mindless consumption and the attendant, toothy smile plastered on the mindless consumer’s face. Pessimism has had a bad name for the past sixty years of so, but it is now coming back into vogue, especially among the far-right in Europe and America. Suddenly we detect shades of the past, shades from the entre deux guerre era and the fin de siècle. And it is not just on the tongues of those inclined to authoritarianism – liberals in the time of Trump decry “fascism” at every turn… Keep Reading


The Figure Of The Hindu As a Model For Political Tolerance In a Politically Intolerant Age

(This article is the result of a collaboration between Troy Worden and Harsh Tiwari.) 2016 was the age of intolerance par excellence. No, not because of fringe elements energized by Donald Trump’s rise. Rather, the kind of intolerance I speak of is more widespread – namely, the liberal intolerance of Donald Trump and his conservative backers. I do not need to conjure up the hateful headlines and malicious monologues attacking the white working class and encouraging the social ostracization of Trump supporters; I would rather heed Francis Bacon’s sage observation that “a man that studieth revenge, keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal, and do well,” and instead look for a solution to a problem deeply-ingrained in universities, the media, and the psychology of the élite that populate them. Can’t we make tolerance our New Year’s resolution? Can’t we all get along, to paraphrase one Rodney King. Humans find goals or ways of being more achievable if they are exampled by someone else; we naturally crave a… Keep Reading


The Uses And Abuses Of Nietzsche By The Left

The phrases “will to power” and “Übermensch” carry around with them the stench of Nazism and other forms of fascism; that is, most people associate the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1944-1900) with the Right rather than the Left. In the public imagination, the mustachioed madman is an anti-Semite and racial supremacist. On one hand this reputation is deserved because some of his ideas and prejudices do conform to fascist ideology; on the other hand, it is undeserved, because his thought was thoroughly misread and cherry-picked by fascists for their own end. (For this we have Nietzsche’s sister – who promoted her brother’s writings to the Nazis after he went insane – to thank.) But again, Nietzsche’s troubling affair with the Right is not his only association. Often overlooked is his influence on thinkers such as Michel Foucault (1926-1984) and the Frankfurt school of Marxism, most noticeably Theodor Adorno (1903-1969). These thinkers together performed a massive critique of capitalism and social institutions in general, allowing subsequent generations to go on deconstructing… Keep Reading


Liberal Intolerance: A Story Of The 2016 US Presidential Election

It is easy to dismiss claims by the far-right or fringes of society that the Left is intolerant. To the average politically-minded individual, the word “intolerance” conjures up a host of imagery indelibly associated with rightist movements. Intolerance is the European or white American who despises immigrants due to their own irrational prejudices; intolerance is the questioning of human rights as inherent and inviolable; but intolerance is never seen as the ostracization of other persons solely because of their views rather than their character. For some reason a liberal homosexual is entitled to spew hate against a conservative Christian for disagreeing with the concept of gay marriage, but a conservative Christian is intolerant if he lays out religious dogma repudiating the union of two persons of the same gender. And what occurs when love itself is rent like some gossamer veil, when politics so incenses one person that they dissociate from someone they once considered warmly. That is the cruelest trick the universe plays on us – setting up… Keep Reading

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