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Steve Dickson has a 20+ year history of political activism and ranting. His background includes experience in multiple levels of government, from the city level to the Congressional. He was a National Delegate to the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, where he voted for Ron Paul. Currently, he is serving as both a Precinct Chairman, member of the Oklahoma County GOP Executive Committee and co-Chairman of its Grassroots Subcommittee.


The Case For a Caucus

Primary elections (and a runoff election of note) were held on June 24th in numerous states. Candidates for office were chosen to represent various political parties. The voters spoke one way or another. Millions of dollars were spent. The airwaves were clogged with advertisements, the mailboxes with literature, and the streets with signs. All of this should be changed, and here is why. The purpose of a primary election is to select candidates for the general election. In many states, such as Oklahoma, the primary is “closed”, meaning only those who are registered to vote Republican by a certain date… Keep Reading

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