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Chief Editor of LLPH Second Revolution. Lover of Liberty in Georgia.

Considering Foreign Policy Issues: Sanctions & Statements!

Too often, Liberty-minded conservatives make the mistake of claiming certain leaders to be neocons without truly understanding what this means. Obvious answers on who are neocons can be agreed upon by all: John McCain. Lindsey Graham. Eric Cantor. But the Liberty Movement must rethink certain issues and consider having allies. That does not mean compromising our values but being willing to consider certain issues from a different perspective. First, we need to stop calling anybody who supports sanctions on certain countries neocons. While some may argue justifiably that sanctions are unnecessary and costly to the United States, they are a more peaceful alternative to going to war. Consider sanctions liked dealing with a schoolyard bully by refusing to make any interactions with him. That is a preferred action to punching him which is the equivalent of going to war. Does that mean that if you oppose sanctions you should support them? By no means. But do think carefully before you begin calling anybody who supports sanctions a neocon. They… Keep Reading


Jack Kingston For Senate In Georgia!

Liberty Conservatives is  honored to announce our endorsement of Rep. Jack Kingston to be the next senator to represent Georgia. Throughout his career, he has a consistent record of cutting spending, passing bills to stop radical government encroachments, and defending our civil liberties. His runoff opponent is a liberal RINO who proudly supports “fixing” Dodd-Frank instead of repealing it, raising taxes (2), and defending Common Core. We cannot afford this radical leftist in Georgia. Jack Kingston has not been perfect, and we have squabbled with him on some appropriation bills. But on the Appropriations committee, he was recognized as one of the most conservative members, with RedState even endorsing him for the chairmanship. And we are confident with a review of Kingston’s record that he will protect the sanctity of life, defend the 2nd Amendment (unlike his runoff opponent), oppose the Patriot Act and the NSA, fight tax increases, and cut spending. First, Rep. Jack Kingston has always been a favorite of Conservatives and Tea Partiers throughout the country. In 2010, tea partiers supported Kingston’s… Keep Reading

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