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Robert Enders
Robert is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County, Indiana. He has worked in the private security industry since before 9/11. His new novel, A Long Way From Tipperary, is now available on Amazon.

Rendering Onto Caesar: Why Trump Supporters Should Allow Leftists To Watch The Play

William Shakespeare lived in a time and place where writing about politics could get him into serious trouble. Queen Elizabeth was his biggest fan and patron so he was careful never to anything bad about her. The Bard had to walk a fine line when it came to contemporary politics, but he had more creative freedom when he wrote about the distant past. His play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, was a story about Marcus Brutus, a friend of Julius Caesar who ultimately would betray him. Cassius Longinus, a Roman senator, convinces Brutus that Caesar is becoming too powerful. Brutus ultimately comes to the decision that murdering Caesar would be in Rome′s best interests. However, this was not the case. Civil war broke out after the death of Caesar, and Cassius and Brutus were forced to kill themselves. Keep Reading


Conservatives Should Rethink The Death Penalty

Liberals typically do a horrible job of trying to turn conservatives against the death penalty. Here are some examples of largely refuted arguments that need to be put to rest: Argument a): ″If you are pro-life, shouldn′t you be against the death penalty?″ The distinction is pro-innocent-life. Argument b): ″If killing is wrong, why is it okay when the state does it?″ Murder is wrong, but not all killing is murder. Go look up the definition of murder if you have trouble with this. Sometimes, the government has to kill bad people. Did we win World War II by being assertive and understanding with Nazis? Argument c): ″France and Germany don′t have the death penalty, and they have a lower murder rate than the US.” Singapore and Japan have the death penalty, and they also have a lower murder rate than the US. America has a higher violent crime rate than other industrialized countries for a whole lot of reasons that have nothing to do with gun control or… Keep Reading


Compassion Is Not a Cause For War

President Trump ordered airstrikes against Syrian airfields after claiming that Assad′s military was responsible for sarin gas attacks against civilian targets. Even if Assad gave the order, compassion for Syrian civilians is a poor reason to bomb Syria. The only time the US should use military force is to protect the US or to protect an ally. Often in spite of the President′s best intentions and the military′s best efforts, bad things happen with our missiles. Targets are often chosen based on faulty intel and missiles stray off course because of faulty guidance systems. Even though the Russians were told in advance of the missile strikes, and even though the Russians probably warned Assad′s men of the attack, at least seven people died as a result of the strikes. Future attacks will likely yield even more fatalities. Keep Reading


End Public Financing Of Pro Sports Stadiums

If you love sports, you need to read this article. Everyone across the political spectrum should be opposed to publicly financed stadiums. The Oakland Raiders have recently announced that they are moving to Las Vegas. Their new stadium will be partly paid for with $750 million in public financing. If you hate sports, you will love this article. Show this to everyone you know, because your tax dollars shouldn′t be used to pay for other people′s entertainment. Unless you spend all of your free time in the library or at the park, your fun is either paid for by corporate sponsors or out of your own pocket. Major league sports are a huge business that makes millionaires out of the players and billionaires out of the owners. Pro sports teams can easily support themselves through ticket sales, sponsorships, and licensed merchandise. Keep Reading


An Open Letter To Protesters Who Block Traffic

Dear Protesters, I totally get why you are blocking traffic. You want everyone else to be as mad as you are. You accept the risk that you might be run over or physically attacked because you believe in your cause. People might be late for work, but this draws attention to your grievances. Blocking traffic might be illegal, but at least nobody is getting hurt, right? Would you still stand in the way if you saw an ambulance with its lights and siren on? I hope you would at least let traffic through in a life or death situation. But here are a couple of things you need to know about ambulances. When an ambulance is transporting a patient to the ER, most of the time it does so with the siren turned off. The patient still needs to get to the hospital quickly, but high speeds, flashing lights, and loud noises can be traumatizing. Sirens are mostly only used when the ambulance is en route to a scene,… Keep Reading


Hillary’s “Get Out Of Jail Free” Cards

Donald Trump openly talked about sending Hillary to prison while on stage with her during a debate. Many of us would like to see Hillary Clinton held accountable for her past actions. And yet a lot of leftists who wanted George W. Bush tried for war crimes have suddenly decided that arresting former government officials isn’t always pragmatic. The former Secretary of State and presidential candidate still has a number of options left to stay out of Club Fed. Obama could pardon her.  A pardon would end all discussion of Mrs. Clinton serving time for Emailgate, and Obama has until January 20th to decide if that’s what he wants to do. Like Richard Nixon, Hillary doesn’t even need to be indicted in order to receive a blanket pardon for anything she did or may have done while serving as Secretary of State. The drawback is that accepting the pardon could be seen as an admission of guilt, and therefore tarnish her legacy. Yet there are many historical figures who have… Keep Reading


If You Support Trump, It’s Not Too Late To Change Your Mind.

Racism is a very real problem in this country. False accusations of racism are also a problem. Criticize one of Obama′s policies, and you run the risk of being labeled a racist by his supporters. Insist that you have black friends, and they will cite your denial as further proof that you are a bigot. It us quite frustrating to deal with people like this. But the best defense against being accused of racism is to acknowledge it when you see it. First of all, let′s acknowledge that progressives who mock Donald Trump and John Boehner for being ″orange″ are racist themselves. Making fun of someone for their skin color is racist. While both Trump and Boehner have led lives of privilege and leisure, I still expect better from members of a movement that prides itself on tolerance. So of course you have cause for doubt when progressives slam Trump with the ″racist″ label. It′s sounds just like more election year mudslinging. But pay attention to what Trump says… Keep Reading


Read This Before Rioting At a Political Rally

First of all, never punch anyone in the mouth. If their teeth nick your hand, that could lead to an infection. You will have to take an antibiotic if this happens. And if you punch a person wearing dentures, they could accidentally choke on them and die. So just one punch to the mouth can lead to a manslaughter charge. You are expecting to go to jail, right? There will be police and hundreds of witnesses with cell phones. And don′t think that a mask is enough to keep you out of legal trouble. America′s prisons are filled with people who didn′t think that they would get caught. You clearly believe in your cause enough to be arrested for it, and to risk being punched or pepper sprayed by the people you attack. But you probably should check your state′s laws to see if you will still be allowed to vote in November while incarcerated. Of course this isn′t about your one vote. This is about showing those lazy,… Keep Reading

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