Michael Pycher

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Michael is a commercial/documentary filmmaker and start-up entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles. He is weary of "group identity politics."

The Ideological Bigotry Of The “Left”

After an election that brought the rhetoric of major news networks to that of reality television, followed by the most unlikely upset in US political history, emotions are high and understandably raw. While many prematurely admonished the presumptive loser Donald Trump for his lack of willingness to outright concede the election results should they not be in his favor, few of his detractors considered their own sentiments if the roles were reversed. Well, The Donald was elected the 45th president of the United States, and that reality has come to pass. Many of his critics have voiced their discontent openly, as is to be expected. Let’s review the dignified eloquence that followed (all will remain anonymous): Keep Reading

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