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John Pierce
John "JD" Pierce, Esq. is a property law attorney in the State of Florida, adjunct professor of writing and legal research at a Tampa Bay law school, and libertarian reactivist. On the Liberty Conservative and at his Facebook home at the Constitution Caucus he takes a lighthearted but unwavering look at government and culture today in light of the minarchist, libertarian nature of the U.S. Constitution.

The Paleolibertarian Case For Gary Johnson

Most of the doors were closed, most of the faces were blank. A handful of liberty activists were lobbying the state capitol in Tallahassee, Florida.  Very few people with power were giving them time, and fewer still were listening.  Their arguments, those of the Liberty First Network, were for less government and more freedom, less law and more liberty.  The state capitol, though, is not really a place for the discussion of ideas and ideals.  It is more primal than that, really about two things: the carrot and the stick. Both were in short supply.  Who had even heard of a “libertarian” anyhow? In 2014, Adrian Wyllie ran for governor of Florida. He introduced many to new ideas, offered different policies to consider, and brought energy to a campaign with two unpopular offerings by the old parties.  People did not need to pick between what the Democrats and Republicans served up to them, they had a different choice, and it was a good one that stood for something.  But… Keep Reading

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