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Nathan Edwards is a native of Kansas with a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies, with a minor in Geography, from Kansas State University and an M.A. in International Relations from University College Dublin. He is a Young Voices advocate.

The EU’s Decision On Apple Raises Questions For Americans

On August 30, the European Commission ruled that Apple would have to pay €13 million ($14.5 billion) in back taxes to the government of Ireland because it believes the country gave the company special tax treatment. The European Union (EU) says Apple paid taxes at a one percent rate between 2003 and 2014, well below Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax rate. That rate, and even Ireland’s 12.5% tax rates, pales in comparison to the United States’ 39% tax on corporations. As Americans, we should ask ourselves why we are taxing corporations at among the highest rates in the world —a rate… Keep Reading

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