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A lifelong student of history and politics, Richard is a former President of the Arizona State University College Republicans and a Fellow at the Center for Political Thought and Leadership.

Libertarian Party Chairman Slams Mises Institute, Links Holocaust Survivor To Nazism

In case any question remained as to whether non-leftist and paleolibertarian voices were welcomed in the Libertarian Party, LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark made it clear in a recent Twitter battle with liberty movement voices associated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. The institute’s President, Jeff Deist, was singled out in particular for ridicule. Attempting to deflect from his critics’ accusations of the LP being nothing more than a gargantuan black hole defined by a puerile obsession with marijuana, Sarwark shamefully accused the Mises Institute of “being the preferred choice of actual Nazis.“ Sarwark’s sensationalist accusation is distasteful not only for its inaccurate characterization of the Mises Institute as an institution, but it’s particularly insulting to the intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises himself, a spirit Murray Rothbard sought to preserve and maintain when he founded the Mises Institute along with Lew Rockwell in the memory of his mentor back in 1982. The Mises Institute is literally an organization founded by a Jew to preserve the legacy of primarily Jewish Austrian… Keep Reading


UnWashington PAC Launches Principled Stand Against Austin Petersen At YALCON

Liberty activists associated with the anti-establishment political action committee, UnWashington PAC dropped a rhetorical bomb on the senatorial aspirations of Missouri clickbait artist and 2016 Libertarian Presidential wannabe Austin Petersen at the first night of YALCon last week. This organization circulated literature shining suspicion upon Petersen’s longstanding claims of being pro-life and profiled a documented trend of cringe-worthy behavior on social media. The literature was distributed as Petersen attempts a shift from the Libertarian to Republican Party, seeking to project a conservative and wholesome image in his efforts to win over Missouri’s Republican Primary voters. In spite of serving as the de facto “conservative” challenger for the 2016 Libertarian Presidential nominee–in which he was defeated handily by Gov. Gary Johnson. Johnson would go on to wage a disastrous campaign in which his own Vice Presidential Candidate endorsed Hillary Clinton while Johnson was still in the race presumably to win it. Petersen’s credibility remains far from established among conservative and right-wing figures within the Liberty Movement, much less the GOP as a whole.… Keep Reading


Uncuckable: Tucker Carlson Takes Down Russia Sensationalist And Neocon Shill In Back-to-Back Shows

Fox News host and ratings kingpin Tucker Carlson orchestrated a stunning takedown of two neoconservative pundits on back-to-back nights over the topic of Russia. He debated FOX News contributor Ralph Peters and Council on Foreign Relations fellow Max Boot this week. Both Tucker Carlson Tonight guests argued successively that Russia represented an existential national security threat to the United States–one even more dangerous than that of the Islamic State–with Boot attesting the leftist conspiracy theory that Russia had stolen the 2016 US Election. Peters in particular proved beholden to grandiose moral equivocations. He informed Carlson that he “sounded like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying Hitler hasn’t attacked us” for proposing that the United States cooperate with the world’s second strongest military power to destroy ISIS. While perhaps Peters’ Hitler equivocation would resonate with the Trump-era left–with its frequent proclivities for using Hitler and Nazi comparisons at the slightest of whims–this tired and intellectually unoriginal accusation increasingly rings dry and hollow with right-leaning Americans. In this confused day and age dominated by… Keep Reading


ANTIFA Unmasked: Bike Lock ‘Professor’ Allegedly Caught Violating Bail At Communist Meet-Up

A recent video released on Youtube focused upon the presence of a figure resembling former Diablo Valley Community college professor Eric Clanton at a Oakland anarchist meet-up. Clanton is currently facing assault charges stemming from a brutal attack on Free Speech demonstrators in Berkeley. He is accused of striking a Trump supporter with a bike lock. If the individual caught at the Anarchist meet-up in a public park is verified by Alameda County Judge Thomas Nixon to be Clanton himself, it’s likely that he will be found in violation of his own pretrial bail terms, and a warrant will be issued for his arrest. The anarchist meet-up was approached by an unknown sleuth, who was presumably seeking to document and investigate the group on the basis of the “International Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners” banner being openly demonstrated. Despite being in a public park where any law-abiding citizen is free to photograph and record video as a concerned citizen, several members of the anarchist group demanded that the investigator cease filming… Keep Reading


Roving Band Of Bat-Wielding Protestors Spotted At The Evergreen State College

Reports emerged on Monday that packs of student protestors at the infamous Evergreen State College had been spotted “patrolling” campus armed with baseball bats. These reports – corroborated in the attached image – come as the Washington liberal arts institution faces increased scrutiny in response to a series of videos exposing a pattern of shocking and hateful behavior from Evergreen students. Keep Reading


#AntifaUnmasked: ‘Professor’ Eric Clanton Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges

Eric Clanton, a former adjunct philosophy professor at Diablo Valley College-a Bay Area Community College- pleaded not guilty to felony assault charges on Friday at an Alameda County Court. Clanton is accused of assaulting Trump supporters with a bike U-lock at an April Free Speech rally at University of California-Berkeley. Clanton has been identified as an individual striking a pro-Trump demonstrator on the head with the bike lock, drawing blood (the assault can be seen at 0:16 in the linked video). In addition to the assault charges, Clanton faces the misdemeanor charge of wearing a mask during the commissioning of a crime. The college confirmed in a Facebook Statement that Clanton was in fact an employee of the institution. The masked Clanton was identified publicly through the results of a ‘crowdfunded’ investigation into the incident; stemming from a viral and widely viewed clip of the brutal assault occurring at the April pro-Trump demonstration. It came as a ironic surprise to the internet sleuths responsible for identifying Clanton that the perp was… Keep Reading


Family Private Investigator: Seth Rich Contacted Wikileaks

Fox 5 DC has revealed surprising and concerning information regarding Seth Rich, the former Democrat National Committee staffer who was found murdered in Washington, DC in July 2016. Questions regarding responsibility and potential motive for the murder have remained unanswered to this point, with police unable to locate and arrest a suspect for Rich’s shooting. Suspicion circulated throughout social and alternative media after Rich’s killing, with journalists and commentators such as Mike Cernovich questioning whether Rich’s murder was carried out in order to silence him from leaking potentially politically damaging information about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the run-up to the November 8th Presidential Election. However, Fox 5’s correspondence with a private investigator has revealed some suspicious details, that could be said to give credence to theories that Rich’s murder was politically motivated. Rod Wheeler- a private investigator hired to research the case by the Rich family after local authorities failed to crack the case-  gave an earnestly shocking answer when asked if Rich had any connections to Wikileaks,… Keep Reading


White House Nationalists Strike Back Against Suspected Globalist Plant H.R. McMaster

Reports of President Trump’s disillusionment with White House national security advisor H.R McMaster have led nationalists and populists within the administration to push to reclaim lost influence over foreign affairs, unnamed White House sources claimed this week. President Trump’s frustrations with his national security advisor–the replacement of the iconoclastic Michael Flynn–were said to have reached a boiling point yesterday morning, with the President screaming at McMaster over his attempts to override President Trump and conduct diplomacy as if he were the Commander-in-Chief. McMaster supposedly guaranteed South Korea that the United States would pay for a complicated missile defense system for the Pacific nation. Trump himself had raised that prospect into question at an earlier date, as he appeared skeptical over the idea of giving billions of dollars to one of the world’s most highly developed and richest countries. McMaster earlier sought to neutralize the influence of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon by arranging his removal from the National Security Council. This accomplished a well-known objective of neoconservatives and other… Keep Reading


#MacronLeaks: French Presidential Candidate Targeted By Mass Leaks

Earlier today, a treasure trove of leaked emails and documents pertaining to centrist French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron was released on the internet. “The En Marche! Movement has been the victim of a massive and co-ordinated hack this evening which has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information,” stated Macron’s political party En Marche! in a press release. At this time it remains unclear who was responsible for the hack and what exact documents have been released. Wikileaks has begun publicizing the leaks on Twitter; however, it appears the leak originated from a different source. The nine gigabytes of files were uploaded to Pastebin by an anonymous user named “EMLEAKS,” and later featured on 4chan’s infamous /pol/ imageboard. Currently, the treasure trove of files are being reviewed for documents relevant to the public interest. The massive leak follows recent accusations and earlier leaked documents suggesting that Macron was implicated in money laundering in the Cayman Islands. A review of financial disclosure forms linked to Macron… Keep Reading


Presidents Trump & Putin Discuss Syria: Seeking Common Ground, Cooperation

President Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin via phone today about potential solutions to the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The world leaders agreed that the time has come for the destructive and brutal conflict to come to a peaceful conclusion. In the official White House readout of the phone call, the conversation was described as a “very good one, and included the discussion of safe, or de-escalation, zones to achieve lasting peace for humanitarian and many other reasons.” Ongoing cooperation between Russia and the United States with regards to the conflict would represent a break from traditional U.S foreign policy. As a candidate Trump shocked the Republican Party’s foreign policy establishment by resolving to work with Putin on the situation, even referring to anti-Russia hawks as “stupid people.” President Trump resolved to send an official U.S Representative to peace talks between the Syrian government and rebels in Kazakhstan occurring May 3-4. Keep Reading

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