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Michael Davis
Michael Davis is a contributor to The Liberty Conservative.

The Libertarian Vote Was Not Lost: It Did Not Exist In The First Place

Donald Trump has officially reached a majority of delegates in the Republican Party presidential primary, meaning that a man with authoritarian tendencies is the presumptive GOP nominee. It did not always have to be this way. As recently as June 2014, libertarian-leaning U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was leading the Republican field.Paul staked his Presidential campaign on the notion that he could expand the base of his father, former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX). This premise, however, was not viable from the start. It lead to the junior Senator’s disappointing fifth place finish inthe 2016 Iowa Caucus. To get an idea of how this occurred, let’s look at the data. In 2012, Ron Paul performed well with young voters, the poor, moderates, independents, first time caucus goers, voters who said their biggest issue was the budget deficit, voters who want a true conservative, and voters who decided who to support over one month before the caucus. This provides an interesting window into the minds of Ron Paul voters. How, though, could… Keep Reading

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