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Paul Meekin
Paul Meekin is a writer, editor, and critic of all things media. He'd prefer the government stay out of his wallet and out of his entertainment. He can be reached at @MeekinOnMovies for bookings and inquiries.

No Strike!? You’re Out – Online Wagering Is Your Right.

Microaggression – Noun A comment or action that is subtly and often unintentionally hostile or demeaning to a member of a minority or marginalized group It was with much gusto that I discovered “Strike! Real Money Bowling” over the Holidays in Boston. An iOS app that allows the user to play an online bowling game for cash. I deposited 10 dollars and had a blast. Then I returned to Chicago, Illinois. “Real Money is Not Allowed in Your Area,” said the app. Excuse me? Who would think this game, with its tiny stakes and skill-based gameplay, could be a danger to the American populous? The Government, of course. After much research, I discovered their rationale. Just last year, Senator Lindsay Graham was rallying to ban all online gambling, allegedly at the behest of wealthy donors from Las Vegas who believe their profits would dwindle if online gambling was officially legalized.  This should offend you. Death of liberty comes via a thousand tiny cuts; micro-aggressions. It all comes down to a fundamental question: Is it the government’s responsibility to… Keep Reading


Hands Off My Healthcare: Opposition To Obamacare, Explained.

Unless you’re Bill Belichick, you may have heard a thing or two about the impending repeal of The Affordable Care Act on Snapface or Instachat. Actually, you’ve probably heard quite a lot. From Esquire stating 30 million people lost their healthcare overnight, to countless pithy tweets and Facebook quotes about the evils of the Republicans for wanting to deny coverage to the American people. The problem is that this isn’t true. The Affordable Care Act has NOT been repealed. Nor have any provisions been dismantled. The infamous late-night vote you surely read about was to authorize congress to modify Obamacare’s funding down the line – setting the path for a repeal. Democrats attempted to attach various amendments, locking the republicans into keeping certain provisions during this process, which were shot down. That does not mean they won’t be kept. It means they didn’t lock themselves in before they had a chance to modify the bill. Not a single thing about Obamacare has been changed. Any source that fails to mention this information is… Keep Reading

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