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Joseph McBirnie
Joseph McBirnie is a poet, professor and translator. His work has appeared in such publications as The Daily Caller, Taki's Magazine and Form Quarterly.

All That Glisters: What The Media Miss In Trump’s Golden Reign

In Ovid’s account of Perseus’ rather maculate conception, King Acrisius, on learning that his grandson was destined to kill him, imprisons his daughter in a brazen tower. And just like every mythological figure who doesn’t understand that oracles are oracular, the king obliviously underestimates the weather as Jupiter impregnates the captive princess in a shower of gold. Besides teaching to never google “golden showers,” the myth reminds us of how the many in the media haven’t caught on to Trump’s look-over-here MO. Drapes and dimensions (be they inaugural or otherwise) serve as the trivial and alt-factitious glitter that engenders the results the President wants: a discredited press and a blackout of substance. In fact, to borrow from the myth of King Midas, the press often gilds otherwise useless material and starves themselves of actual substance. Trump often deploys the distraction pre-emptively. I was never a Twitter truther, believing that the then-candidate would purposefully plant grammatical errors in his tweets to increase circulation. But the great bigly v. big league debate of… Keep Reading

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