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Riley Keaton
Conservative Republican studying economics at West Virginia University. Lover of America. Proud West Virginian.

Wretches Like Us

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see. ‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved. How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed.” On the eve of the Inauguration, an editor and writer for The Liberty Conservative, James Allsup, was assaulted by a mob of anarchists, radicals, criminals, and various other protesters. Allsup is also a candidate for Chairman of the College Republicans and former leader of the Students for Trump movement. According to the Fox News story, he was struck in the back of the head by a flag pole for wearing the iconic Make America Great Again hat. His head was gushing blood. I’m writing by my hotel window, watching Washington move down below, and this story has me thinking. I’ll admit that it’s a bit worrisome that this guy is an activist and campaign professional like me. However, I… Keep Reading


The Trump Rally: Stocks Fly High As Confidence Surges

The election of President-elect Donald Trump last month has awakened, what some people are calling, the “animal spirits” of capitalism. Anyone with a 401k or money in the stock market could tell you that things are going very well at the moment. The election of President-elect Trump and conservative, pro-market Republican majorities in the House and Senate represents a turning of the page from eight years of growing tax burden, government spending, and red tape. The Trump Rally, as some pundits are calling it, has resulted in the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumping 1,600 points since 2016’s election day. Such a large jump — well up into the nineteen thousands — has many market watchers discussing the prospect of the Dow breaking 20,000 points. The result has been nearly two trillion dollars in wealth generated for the tens of millions of Americans with money in the stock market. Keep Reading


Did The Free Market Kill Coal?

Would you like to know my secret to turning my environmentalist friends into stalwart defenders of the marketplace? The answer is simple: coal. You would be amazed by the reversal in rhetoric witnessed right before your eyes, typically accompanied by a big dose of schadenfreude aimed at Appalachian people. The “free market killed coal” adage apparently qualifies as ironic humor in leftist circles. Never mind the tens of thousands of families, hundreds of communities, a plethora of near-bankrupt school districts, and so many others left behind in the wreckage of coal’s decline. They’ll laugh as states who have endured generation after generation of poverty face choppy fiscal seas, forcing indelicate, hammer-doing-a-scalpel’s-job reductions in infrastructure, education, and health spending. None of these things seem to matter when it isn’t their political constituency on the destructive end of creative destruction. My instinctual reaction to this “meme-ification” of my home state’s suffering was anger. I wanted to show everyone how truly uncompassionate the left is about these sorts of things. But now… Keep Reading


House GOP’s Plan To Flesh Out Trump Agenda

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has long staked his claim in Washington as a top-tier policy wonk. The young Congressman, driven to public service by conservative giants like Jack Kemp, would have never expected to be Speaker. He got his start pushing his visionary, albeit outside of the time’s mainstream, budget proposals. At the time, the two major parties’ only difference on fiscal policy was whether we ought to go over the cliff at 70 miles per hour rather than 80. The Referendum Party The political debate was fundamentally transformed by the election of a charismatic, ideological progressive President. In the wake of an economic meltdown, conservative Republicans finally found their voice. They stood in opposition to overreach, first by President Bush and then by President Obama. The newly elected President’s left-wing agenda consisted of a bloated, poorly engineered stimulus, an onslaught of new regulations for American companies to follow, and a large expansion of already-expansive government power in the healthcare system. Conservative Republicans had a perfect foil. In… Keep Reading


A War Not Lost: The Conservative Plan To Defeat Poverty

In his far-reaching effort, known as “A Better Way”, to define a coherent, conservative legislative agenda, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan brought together the talent and put in the time to chart a path forward in the War on Poverty. For too long, conservatives have allowed the War on Poverty to be waged by leftists, bureaucracy, and those whose favorite part of the Constitution is the taxing and spending clause. The product of these misguided technocrats couldn’t signal a more resounding defeat. They’ve waged a battle in which success was measured by inputs rather than outcomes. Rather than focusing on helping people, they’ve chosen to pride themselves on the financial commitment, upwards a trillion dollars, that they’ve made to do so. When you take a step back from the trench warfare of politicized headlines and poll-tested talking points, conservative principles provide the ideal framework for combating poverty and lifting people up. American conservatism is built on the belief that every person is granted inalienable rights from God, a… Keep Reading


Immigration And Conservatism– The Economy

Conservatism is the philosophy of a predictable, healthy society. No issue brings our various beliefs together like immigration, particularly the proposition of open borders and an immigration policy grounded outside of the national interest. Conservatives have rightly objected to an ill-conceived agenda of mass migration into the United States with no additional effort to assimilate or filter immigrants. While the media will attempt to characterize and demonize conservative opposition to limitless immigration as racist or counterproductive, it’s our duty as a movement to remember where we’re coming from, what we’re conserving, and why the Left is wrong. Economic and Political Attitudes The promise of America is simple: no matter who you are, where you start doesn’t determine where you’ll end up. You can start without two dimes to rub together and, in the end, look back on a life of comfort, financial security, and personal fulfillment. For generations, we’ve maintained this promise with a distinctive American culture. The norm, in segments of American society free from the extenuating circumstances… Keep Reading

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