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The Betrayal Of The American Right

Published in 1979, the famous free-market economist Murray Rothbard wrote this masterpiece on how the Republican Party lost its way, betraying principle. In order to revive the principles of limited government and a non-aggressive foreign policy, conservatives such as Senator Taft, Goldwater, and President Reagan led coalitions against the establishment. Now, the Tea Party attempts to do the same with a coalition among Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians. However, we have consistently failed to garner solidarity which leads another victory for the status quo. Congressman John Boehner was easily elected again even after suffering the biggest battle for Speaker of the House in the past 100 years. Here we stand, again with another betrayal. Why? For what reason? Even after many Congressmen openly campaigned and said they would oppose Boehner, garnering grassroots support, they still ended up betraying their constituents today. Even after many Congressmen had praiseworthy voting records last session, taking more conservative votes than the majority of the Liberty Caucus, they ended up voting for Speaker Boehner. Here is… Keep Reading


Voting Republican Advances The Liberty Movement Better Than Voting Libertarian

You only have one vote every two years.  A liberty-leaning voter only has two options. Which party in 2014 would best advance a self-governing society? Would voting and supporting Libertarian candidates, at the expense of Constitutional and Libertarian-leaning Republicans, help advance a minimal state more efficiently? Has it ever even been successful? Did former Congressman Ron Paul stick with the Libertarian Party because it achieved the goals of  producing a limited government? Last year, former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, narrowly lost the governor’s race in Virginia. The Libertarian candidate, Robert Sarvis, who is now running for Senate gained 6.6% of the vote even after being criticized by Ron Paul for supporting more taxes. Sarvis had his liberty credentials tested on multiple occasions and ultimately, at best, was a small government social liberal.  Meanwhile, Ken, although not claiming to be a Libertarian, still did a decent job at advancing a variety of our goals. On fiscal issues, Ken leaned closer to the Austrian School than Sarvis by far. If the… Keep Reading


President Obama Is No “isolationist”

Former President George W. Bush has been getting a majority of the blame for the instability within the Middle East. Two costly wars drastically plagued America throughout the Bush era. The estimated costs for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are estimated to total somewhere between 4 to 6 trillion dollars. By 2012, the cost was about 2 trillion dollars and 20 percent of the debt accumulated in the past decade was due to these two wars. However, should the American public only blame President Bush for the two wars? Should he take full responsibility and his successor takes none? President Obama campaigned on ending the War in Iraq during the 2008 election. After giving an impressive anti-war speech in 2002, Obama continued to oppose the war and wanted a quick withdrawal in 2007 stating “I have a plan that will bring our combat troops home by March of 2008. Letting the Iraqis know that we will not be there forever is our last, best hope to pressure the… Keep Reading


Rand Paul And The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

With Rand Paul being the current front runner in the 2016 GOP Presidential race, while also being the face of the anti-establishment wing in politics, it is perfectly understandable for the media to try and discredit him by any means necessary. Even if it means distorting the truth and further discrediting mainstream journalism. For the past four years, MSNBC has had a track record of discussing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with Rand Paul. First, it was when he was running for US Senate in Kentucky. Rand Paul and MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow clashed over whether private businesses had the right to discriminate against others on the basis of their skin color. Paul specifically stated he was not in favor of any discrimination, but respected the rights of private business owners due to his strong convictions in private ownership and freedom. The debate was intended to spark a philosophical discussion about private property, but sadly, it turned into another debate about racism in America. There was serious controversy over… Keep Reading

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