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Julie Zayon is a homeschooling mother of three and a Republican city committeewoman from Philadelphia, PA. She holds an M.A. in American History with a specialization in Cultural Studies.

The GOP’s Rainbow Connection Just Won’t Work

It’s a hunch I have, a feeling from growing up in a deep blue urban area which has seen a parade of different majority-minorities dominate the area, that the GOP’s attempt to “diversify” by running candidates of color just might not do what they want it to do.  As a child, it was a  deep blue and liberal professional lower middle class Jewish neighborhood. Our teachers lived in the same neighborhood as we did back in elementary school. There were also the Catholic kids (we didn’t know them because they went to Catholic school) who were from blue collar union… Keep Reading


Mudslinging, Hysteria, And Accusation: No, Relax, Rand Paul Really Is Pro-life

Perhaps the terms mudslinging and hysteria are too strong, but not after some of what I’ve seen on facebook and in comment sections since part of Rand Paul’s interview from the National Convention Center was made public. There’s been a little bit of upset on the part of some of his supporters, and a lot of gleeful salivating from the mouths of his detractors in social conservative wing of the GOP who support other candidates. It’s all because of about five minutes, if that, of his comments to Philadelphia radio talk show host Dom Giordano. It’s all in relation to… Keep Reading

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