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Jack Kerwick
Jack Kerwick received his doctoral degree in philosophy from Temple University. His area of specialization is ethics and political philosophy. He is a professor of philosophy at several colleges and universities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Charlottesville: Fact Vs. Fiction

As everyone who cares now knows, the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that was held last Saturday “turned violent.” It “turned violent” just as did so many of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, the “free speech” rallies that have been held over the last seven or so months, and Trump’s inauguration. Of course, it is only within the fantasy land of the Fake News media that any of these rightist (or pseudo-rightist) events “turned violent.” The latter is one of the many stock phrases that Fake Media trots out whenever it is leftist “counter-demonstrators”—another of its terms of choice—crash the events in question with every intention of stopping them by whichever means they deem necessary. The happenings that unfolded in Charlottesville on Saturday fall all too neatly into a pattern stretching back for the better part of two years, a pattern that has become nearly an ironclad law. Listening to the coverage of Charlottesville, one could be forgiven for thinking that those in Big Media, whether “liberal” or… Keep Reading


John McCain: A Good Man & Good Public Servant?

As soon as John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, a bipartisan chorus of praise for the career politician emerged. Whether McCain is the good man and good “public servant” that he is now being made out to be are empirical questions. The evidence with respect to both is overwhelmingly in the negative. Since a disastrous public servant is and must be a person with bad character, i.e. not a good person, we needn’t even look at McCain’s private life in order to see that he is neither a good man nor a good public servant. Let’s take his foreign policy “achievements” alone. No one, including McCain himself, denies that he is a war “hawk.” Indeed, as can be gotten readily enough by sites like Geopolitics Alert, one would be hard pressed to find an American military conflict or potential conflict on behalf of which McCain did not advocate vigorously. Whether it was in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya or Iran; Nigeria, Sudan, or Mali; Bosnia, Kosovo, or Ukraine; Russia,… Keep Reading


Fake News Sure Didn’t Start With Trump

Contrary to the narrative of Donald Trump’s friends and foes alike, the phenomenon of “fake news” long precedes the 2016 presidential election, even if the moniker is of a fairly recent vintage. To deem an item reported by journalists a piece of “fake news” is not necessarily to say that it is patently false. Of course, fake news does not preclude outright lying on the part of “fake journalists”—those who are motivated not by a desire to inform the public as much as they are driven by political, financial, and/or professional considerations. What makes a fake journalist fake is their desire to advance their own agenda, or the agenda of the corporation or political party that signs their paychecks. Yet more often than not, fake news contains some truth. It is precisely this kernel of truth that it contains that makes it as effective as it is. In other words, fake news derives its identity more by what it veils than by what it unveils. Take, for example, the… Keep Reading


Trump’s First 100 Days: The Good, The Bad, And Culture

President Trump’s first 100 days have certainly had their share of pitfalls and disappointments (at least for many of his supporters). This being said, they have not been nearly as bad as either the Democrats’ media propagandists or even some of his supporters would have us think: (1) Corporations that would have otherwise relocated operations in other countries—Bayer and Monsanto; Walmart; Amazon; General Motors; Hyundai; Sprint/Softbank; and Carrier, to name but a handful—have been motivated by Trump’s election to remain in the United States. They have also pledged to create thousands of new jobs. (2) Consumer-confidence has “soared” under Trump to a high that it hadn’t reached in 17 years. Even the penultimate of “fake news,” CNN, perhaps the one network that despises the President more than any other, had to acknowledge this. In typical CNN fashion, however, it wasted no time in immediately qualifying this fact by noting that consumers’ “track record when it comes to predicting the financial future” is checkered. Keep Reading


The Battle Of Berkeley 4: Peace And Another Victory For The Deplorables

In February, the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party, the so-called “Antifa” (“antifascist”), rioted at University of California at Berkeley in order to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos from delivering a speech. The anti-American leftist thugs randomly assaulted innocents, threw Molotov cocktails, clashed with police, and smashed windows. By the time it was all said and done, they had caused well over $100,000 worth of property damage. This is now being regarded as the first Battle for Berkeley. And the left won. Keep Reading


Ann Coulter Backs Out From Berkeley: For Patriots, It’s Still On

After a highly publicized ordeal involving UC Berkeley and Ann Coulter, and after the latter insisted as recently as just a few hours before the time of this writing that she would speak at Berkeley irrespectively of the fact that administrators had done all that they could to prevent her from being heard, Ann has decided to…cancel her event. “There will be no speech,” she wrote in an email to Reuters. Two groups that originally planned on sponsoring her had backed out. “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team.” Ann added: “I have no sponsor, no lawyer, no court order. I can’t vindicate constitutional rights on my own. I was just supposed to give the speech.” Keep Reading


The Battle Of Berkeley: When Patriots Beat The Anti-American Left

The tide is turning. It is nothing less than an unmitigated disgrace that hate-consumed leftist ideologues have been permitted to unleash violence upon their political opponents for at least as long as Donald Trump has been a serious contender for the presidency. There’s been an explosion of political violence in America, and it is all courtesy of leftist thugs, or “protesters,” as their sophistic ideological ilk in the media routinely describe them. It is thugs, not lawful protesters, who have spared no occasion to assault those who, in labeling them as “fascists,” “racists,” and “neo-Nazis,” they have rendered non-persons. The latest incarnation of militant leftist hatred is the so-called “black bloc,” the “antifa” (short for “anti-fascists”). These are the vermin that conceal their faces with bandanas while dressing in black. These domestic terrorists roam in packs of considerable numbers. Loud, abrasive, and obnoxious, they can be counted upon to destroy property and attack both civilians and police officers by way of a range of weaponry, from bear mace, pepper… Keep Reading


Christophobia And Islamophobia

“Islamophobia” is a real problem. Or so we’re led to believe by the usual suspects in the grievance industry par excellence, the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC). It’s a problem because, it is tirelessly declared, “Islamophobia” is only going to create more Islamic “extremists.” An article from a December 2015 edition of The Independent represents this all too common view. The title of the piece reads: “Want to create more extremists? Ignore the Islamophobia people like me face every day.” The author is Shehab Khan, a Muslim who lives in England. Keep Reading


Higher Education: No Safe Spaces For Conservatives

It would appear that higher education has become a Politically Correct caricature of itself. Yet for an increasing number of students, this is no laughing matter, for academia’s ceaseless drift toward the abyss of far-left ideology has been accompanied by an increase in threats of violence. College campuses in many places have become dangerous for certain kinds of students. Specifically, they have become dangerous for conservative students. The College Fix (TCF) is a student-run publication. It is also a national treasure. Its writers deserve praise for drawing the public’s attention to the outrages that pass for higher education today. Parents should be particularly appreciative to learn that those of their children who they plan on sending to university could be harassed and threatened with violence for not endorsing the ideological groupthink that substitutes for education in the contemporary academic world. Keep Reading


Revisiting The Christian Past: No Political “Progressivism” Here

In the Western world today, particularly in America, there persists this idea among both Christians and non-Christians alike that, to be a Christian, one must endorse a specific kind of vision of how societies should be organized politically. While it is true that few if any contemporary Christians endorse a theocracy, and while it is true that few advocate on behalf of anything approximating a utopian politics, it is no less true that a good number, and possibly most, Western Christians are political perfectionists. Keep Reading


The Violent Left: What Would The Founders Do?

Nationally syndicated “conservative” talk radio host Michael Savage and his poodle, “Teddy,” were recently assaulted while they exited a restaurant in San Francisco. A man followed them from the eatery and mocked Savage for his real surname (“Weiner”) before kicking Teddy and throwing Mike to the ground. Neither master nor dog, fortunately, sustained any serious injuries—though Savage was “bloodied and shaken.” According to his lawyer, Dan Horowitz, criminal charges will be filed. They are also going to pursue the possibility of having the assailant charged for committing a hate crime on the grounds that Savage was attacked because of his political views. Keep Reading


“Climate Change” And Fake Science

A left-leaning colleague of mine recently sent me a link to an article that he found “encouraging.” Evidently, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, believes that “climate change” is both “real” and, according to the article, “a threat to American interests abroad and the Pentagon’s assets everywhere [.]” In unpublished written testimony that he gave during his confirmation hearing, Mattis remarked: “Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today.” “Climate change,” then, is an issue of national security. Contrary to what those like my colleague think, that the President has within his administration people who pay lip service to “climate change” is wholly unsurprising to many of us on this side of the political divide. This, however, makes it no less discouraging. And when it comes from a distinguished General and the Secretary of Defense, it is not only discouraging, but concerning. Keep Reading


The Surveillance Of Trump By Obama’s Government: Fact Vs Hype

Unfortunately, the roll out of the controversial Republican replacement of Obamacare relegated to the margins the much more important topic of the “Deep State” and the uses to which its resources were deployed during the Obama administration. After months of baseless allegations that he had colluded with the Russian government to steal the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, President Trump had reached his limit. With just a few tweets, Trump flipped the script on his detractors by doing what no Republican had ever had the guts to do: He called out President Obama directly and accused his predecessor of having “wire tapped” his home. At first, the usual suspects—i.e. those who never tire of grossly underestimating Trump, irrespectively of the frequency with which he owns them—laughed off his charge, claiming that he presented no evidence for it. Yet within no time this began to change as those of the President’s critics in the media were reminded that it is they who had been presenting evidence for his claims not… Keep Reading


The Importance Of Language: Leftist Thugs Are Terrorists, Not “Protesters,” “Snowflakes”

While violence has always had a home on the political left, and while the Left in America has been engaging in violence from at least the time of the late 1960’s, forces on the thuggish left became emboldened during Obama’s tenure in the White House. Within the last year or so, they have become especially brash and merciless toward Trump supporters. This came to a head at Berkeley a few nights ago when “protesters” prevented provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos from delivering a planned speech. Mobs of anti-Milo and anti-Trump demonstrators were on the scene. No small number were self-described “anti-fascists” (or “antifa”) clad in black with masks concealing their faces. Things turned feral as fires were lit, Molotov cocktails were thrown, property was destroyed, officers were assaulted, and innocents were tear-gassed and beaten up with various weapons. And the police arrested…no one. While it’s true that most of those on the Left do not physically engage in violence, for two reasons this is neither here nor there. Keep Reading


Responding To Leftist “Protesters:” Self-Protection, Self-Defense, And Going Feral

On Inauguration Day, January 20, a mob of howling leftists arrived at the campus of the University of Washington to prevent Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos from delivering a scheduled speech. Milo is a foreigner, a particularly flamboyant homosexual Jew who is a provocateur par excellence. The consummate troll, Milo delights in shattering such Politically Correct icons as feminism, Black Lives Matter, Islam, gay activism, and the like while gabbing about his black boyfriends. He is also an unabashed Trump supporter who affectionately refers to the President as “Daddy.” In other words, despite his membership in more than one of the Left’s protected classes, Milo’s political background has made him an object of the Left’s hatred. Keep Reading


Secession Or Civil War? Considering Options With The Left In a Post-Trump World

What’s come to be called “Calexit,” the movement among some Californians to secede from the United States, is gaining momentum. Let’s hope that it is ultimately successful. First of all, despite the postbellum, i.e. Lincolnian, conventional wisdom that states are not morally and legally entitled to secede from the Union, the historical truth is that secession is as American as the proverbial apple pie. These United States were founded in secession. Had the original 13 colonies not seceded from the Motherland of England, there would have been no independent country that we now recognize as America. Californians have a right to secede. Keep Reading


The Case Of The Pregnant Childless Woman: Remembering Roe v Wade

On Friday, January 27, 2017, masses of people converged on Washington D.C. to repudiate Roe v Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that endowed upon American women a Constitutional “right” to “abortion.” With respect to most of the issues of the day, I can understand and appreciate, even if I do not accept, the reasons that my opponents give for the erroneous positions that they hold. The so-called issue of “abortion,” however, is decidedly not one of them. There are few topics that are framed from the outset in so many deceptive terms as is the topic of “abortion.” Even its name, the label that both its proponents and opponents use when addressing this issue, is designed to veil the hideous reality that occurs when women exercise this “right” that a handful of lawyers on the Supreme Court created for them 44 years ago. For the purpose of convenience, I too will defer to common usage and refer to the topic under discussion as “abortion.” That being said, an… Keep Reading


Colin Flaherty: “Racial Inflamer” Or Bold Truth Teller?

My colleague, a white man of the left, sympathizes with Black Lives Matter and could typically be counted upon to presume the guilt of police officers in those highly publicized instances of alleged “police brutality” like, say, those involving Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray, cases that BLM has exploited. In the vast majority of these alleged instances of “systemic racism” and/or “police brutality,” and in all of the aforementioned cases, the besmirched officers were ultimately cleared of all wrongdoing—yet only after much damage had been done. My colleague—a good guy with whom I can ordinarily engage in congenial conversation over race and the plethora of other issues on which we disagree—has frequently sent me links to articles about unpleasant instances of interracial encounters involving white aggressors and black victims. They almost always have involved white antagonists are said to have subjected their black targets to hurtful words. Though he never overtly says it, my colleague clearly expects to prove through these stories that white “racism” is alive… Keep Reading


Why Trump Won: MSNBC And Other Leftists Too Logical?!

According to the left-leaning linguist George Lakoff, Donald J. Trump routed the Democrats because, in part, “progressive” Democrats rely on facts, reason, and logic while “conservative” Republicans appeal to peoples’ “frames and metaphors and narratives and images and emotions [.]” Lakoff laments that “progressives” on (of all places) MSNBC make the “mistake every day” of “think[ing] in terms of logic [!]” when covering Trump and Republican politics. The problem, as he sees it, is that the Republicans advance a “frame”—a constellation of “values” unconsciously or subconsciously held by those to whom they’re appealing—that has little to nothing to do with anything in which they actually believe. “Progressive” Democrats, though, continually attempt to use “logic” against these “frames” that, ultimately, have nothing to do with logic. Democrats “try to follow the polls,” Lakoff says, while Republicans “try to change the polls [.]” This is “a big difference” between them. Keep Reading


“It’s a Wonderful Life” In Lieu Of The Nativity Scene

That there is some sense in which Christmas can be said to have become “secularized” over the years is undoubtedly true. Nevertheless, this judgment may be overwrought. Perhaps Christ is more present in “secularized” expressions of Christmas than either Christian or non-Christian is willing to acknowledge. This is borne out by close examination of such “secular” Christmas cinematic classics as A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street. None explicitly mentions Christ, but neither is it a coincidence that of the 365 days and multiple holidays from which Dickens could have chosen to make the backdrop of his tale, he chose this day and this holiday. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old man who, in the early morning hours of the day that the Christian world reserves to celebrate the birth of God, discovers the reasons for the despair to which he long ago succumbed. Courtesy of his encounter with its “spirits,” Scrooge experiences the miracle of Christmas as he undergoes a radical conversion, a rebirth… Keep Reading


The Russians Made Us Do It

Whenever it came to anything that he knew he shouldn’t have done, the comedian Flip Wilson used to say: “The Devil made me do it.” For the Democrats, it is the Russians who made us do it. More exactly, it is the Russians who made the Democrats lose on November 8. For a variety of reasons, it is particularly odd that the left, of all people, would take to peddling this notion that Donald J. Trump won, or was helped to win, by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.  In short, far from serving as an indictment of Trump, this narrative reflects poorly on the Democrats. First, if the Russians hacked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, as the Democrats swear, it is because they were able to do so.  By now, everyone knows that Clinton—again, while Secretary of State—dispatched tens of thousands of emails, including and especially some that had been marked “classified,” over an unsecured, private server. Clinton compromised the security of every American man, woman, and… Keep Reading


A Return To Liberal Learning: The Examined Life IS Worth Living

Not all news coming from academia these days is necessarily bad news. In my own little corner of this world, some of it is actually quite good, and it’s all that much sweeter when it is considered within the larger context of contemporary events. At a time when universities and colleges around the country are creating “safe spaces,” hosting “cry ins” and “walk outs,” and distributing coloring books and the like for students and faculty who have been traumatized by the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency; when institutions of higher learning have betrayed their traditional mission by substituting training in political ideology for education of the heads and hearts of their pupils—I’m happy to report that the members of the community of my little college in Southern New Jersey are busy attending to the sorts of matters for the sake of which the liberal arts had historically been prized. Keep Reading


Keep Calling Your Opponents “Racists” And You Will Keep Losing!

Just moments before I proceeded to write this article, a colleague of mine sent me a link to the Facebook wall of Tim Wise, a white self-avowed “anti-racist.”  I will not bother relaying Wise’s tirade of a post.  Rather, it is the article to which he links that is of interest. The latest edition of The Atlantic refers to the National Policy Institute (NPI), a small think tank that met in Washington D.C. this past weekend for its annual conference.  NPI describes itself as “an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.” Wise, a white man who has made a fortune from finding “white racism” and “white privilege” in every nook and cranny of the Western world, a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) who has been a tireless defender of Black Lives Matter, describes NPI members as “white nationalists and racists, at best, Nazis at worst.” According to The Atlantic—a fiercely anti-Trump outfit—more than “200… Keep Reading


PC University

Parents who plan on refinancing their homes in order to send their children off to college should instead consider encouraging them to specialize in a trade. Speaking as a Ph.D. in philosophy who has spent the last 17 years teaching at the college level, I’m perhaps the last person from whom advice of this sort is expected. But it is precisely because of my familiarity with academia that I beseech the college bound and their enablers—I mean their supporters—to revisit their plans. Whether one regards a post-secondary institution as a means to either a remunerative profession or a genuine education, the tragic fact of the matter is that the contemporary academic world is about as politicized a cultural institution as any. More specifically, it is a bastion of Political Correctness, a decidedly leftist ideology that tolerates no competition. For the last 11 years, Professor Duke Pesta, who is currently an associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has taught literature at a range of colleges. At… Keep Reading


The Trump Tape And The Rise Of Fake Outrage

On October 7, Wikileaks released more hacked DNC emails. The latter confirm what many Republicans, independents, and Democrats have long known: Hillary Clinton, who billionaires back 20-to-one over Donald Trump, is the Bankster’s candidate, the candidate of Wall Street. Between 2013 and 2015, Clinton raked in $20 million for speeches that she delivered to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. Clinton admits that she needs the support of the banks to get elected to office. She also acknowledges that she is a proponent of open borders and precisely the sort of “free trade” arrangements that many working-class Americans blame for the economic misfortunes that they’ve suffered. The middle class, Clinton conceded, consists of people from whom she was “kind of far removed.” While Big Media is scandalously apologetic on Clinton’s behalf, there’s at least a slight possibility that we would’ve been talking more about these revelations in the hours leading up to the second presidential debate had it not been for the leaked Trump audio from 2005. Here, in… Keep Reading


Alt-Left: “Racism,” “Supremacy,” And “Extremism”

Not long ago, National Review writer Jonah Goldberg discussed the “alt-right” with Hugh Hewitt on the latter’s talk radio show.  They agreed that, at bottom, the movement upon which Hillary Clinton bestowed national recognition last month was “racist” and “supremacist.”  As such, it deserved to be purged from the GOP and the conservative movement. The notion that there is an alt-right is highly suspect, for there can be an alt-right only if there is a right.  But, contrary to what Democrats and Republicans alike would have us think, there is no genuine right in contemporary American politics.  So, there is no alternative on the right to it. As I argued in a recent essay, there is, rather, an alt-left that has been passed off by the political Establishment and its media apologists as the right.  And Hewitt and Goldberg are among those who belong to it. Alt-leftists decry the so-called alt-right as being nothing more or less than a white supremacist, racist movement.  Goldberg, for example, referred to Jared… Keep Reading


Why Trump?

It’s true that on some of the most pressing of issues—immigration, trade, and foreign policy—Donald Trump’s “America First” positions are more aligned with traditional conservatism than are those of any other candidate. That is, they clash with the neoconservatism, the faux “conservatism,” that the GOP Establishment and its media apologists have promoted for decades as the genuine article. Yet this being said, in Trump’s nearly 70 years, until very recently, he has done little to nothing to indicate that he has so much as an awareness of the classical conservative tradition, much less a commitment to it. Even if he really believes all that he is now saying, the inability of one person, even if he is the President, to accomplish what Trump vows to achieve supplies grounds for skepticism. Nor is the Supreme Court, as so many Republicans would have us think, necessarily a sufficient reason to vote for Trump. Republicans play the Democrats’ game when they attempt to scare voters into thinking that, unless the latter reward… Keep Reading


The Non Sequitur Of Khazir Khan

 Donald Trump is doomed. This, at any rate, is what we are expected to believe given his latest skirmish, a media-created dustup with Khazir Khan.  The latter is a Muslim transplant to America, a lawyer who specializes in Islamic immigration, and the father of a son who was killed while on a combat mission in Iraq back in 2004. Khan initiated this altercation with Trump when, while speaking at the Democratic National Convention last week, he accused Trump of both ignorance of the Constitution as well as a lack of patriotism, a life-long unwillingness to make “sacrifices.” Trump, daring to come to his own defense, noted that he has indeed sacrificed much in risking his resources to both create tens of thousands of jobs as well as a comparable number of services for people both here and around the world. Yet he also insinuated that Khan’s wife—who stood silently by his side in Philly adorned in a head scarf—typified the female oppression that so many Westerners associate with Islam.… Keep Reading


An Honest Discussion Of Race, Can We Handle It?

“What a Truly Honest Discussion of Race Would Look Like” and which Obama and the Left would like to avoid On Thursday, July 14, Barack Obama held a nationally televised “town hall” meeting on American race relations—and, unsurprisingly, punted on that “honest” discussion of race that he and his ilk accuse the rest of us of deferring. A truly honest discussion of race, you see, threatens the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) or, alternately, Big Racism. A truly honest discussion of race would mention that for virtually every kind of crime, blacks are perpetrators in numbers wildly out of proportion to their number in the national population.  For instance, young black males constitute no more than one to three percent of all Americans, yet they are responsible for over 50 percent of all murders. A truly honest discussion of race would mention that police officers generally are more likely to shoot unarmed white suspects than blacks, while black and Hispanic officers are more likely than their white counterparts to shoot unarmed black… Keep Reading


Incorrect Facts Regarding Race And Slavery

As was recently shown, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, with its central claim that police around the country are hunting and killing innocent black men, is a lie. Yet the BLM myth is enmeshed within a larger narrative, a narrative of eternal White Racism. And couched within this tale are distortions and outright crucially false ideas of slavery. In the interest of that “honest discussion” of race that the Eric Holders and Barack Obamas of the world claim to want, I submit considerations without which no such discussion can be had. One glaringly inconvenient truth that, odds are, few folks of any race are aware is that the very first legal slave owner in America was one Anthony Johnson—a black man.  More specifically, Johnson was an Angolan who himself had been an indentured servant in the colony of Virginia before he became a tobacco planter himself.  One of the African indentured servants who worked Johnson’s 300 acre plot of land was John Casor. When Casor had completed his… Keep Reading


“The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed”:

A Review of the Libertarian Case for the Trump Process” Ann Coulter just released her book on Donald Trump.  I haven’t yet read it, and though Coulter has been outstanding in what she’s been saying for the last year or so on such issues as immigration, Trump, and the treacherousness of the GOP, the truth of the matter is that for decades, Coulter has been a GOP-booster. Recall, it was during just the last presidential election cycle that Coulter not only supported, but enthusiastically supported, Mitt Romney: Coulter actually wrote an article in which she called for “three cheers for Romneycare!” Romney’s socialization of Massachusetts’ medical industry Coulter declared “a massive triumph for conservative free market principles.” Coulter also described Romney as “our strongest candidate” in 2008.  But in 2011, Ann was positively giddy over Chris Christie.  In fact, one year before she resurrected her love affair with Mitt, Coulter implored Christie to save us from…Romney! Republicans “need” to run Christie or else Romney will be the candidate, she said,… Keep Reading


Black Lives Matter, Or Black Lies Matter?

Just as FBI Director James Comey confirmed for the world that Hillary Clinton chronically lied about having compromised national security, the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) crowd stole the media spotlight from the disgraced Democratic presidential nominee. The shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota by police have resurrected with a vengeance the narrative of Racist Police vs. Innocent Black Victims: In cities around the country, so goes this tale, police officers are busy “huntingand killing” black men. On July 7, the logic of this rhetoric culminated in the shooting of a dozen Dallas police officers, of whom five died, and two civilians. Speaking candidly, I believe that the black Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke, had it right when he renamed Black Lives Matter “Black Lies Matter.”  Clarke also called on Americans of all races, but particularly white Americans who have been intimidated by threats of “racism” for far too long, to stand up to these racial arsonists. I accept the challenge. Black Criminality For starters,… Keep Reading


The GOP Has Always Been The Racist Party—According To The Left

Trump is just the latest to be branded with the “R”-word. “Behind Trump, the GOP Really is Becoming the Racist Party” is the title of an article that appeared last year in The Daily Beast. It may as well have been written today, for the implication of the author—a self-described Muslim-American—represents that of Donald Trump’s opponents on both the left and right. Dean Obeidallah purports to be offering “some friendly advice to the Republican Party” when he warns that it doesn’t “want to be defined by” its “most extreme members.” In remaining “silent” while Trump “garners increasing support from white supremacist organizations,” Obeidallah assures Republicans, “the more likely” it is that “the GOP will become known as the party of racists.” Get it? This author, not unlike every other enemy of Trump, would have us think that the last 40-50 years or so haven’t occurred, that it is only now, courtesy of Trump, that the GOP exposes itself to the charge of “racism.” According to the left, the Republican… Keep Reading


Can The “Very Liberal” Celebrate Independence Day?

The week of Independence Day, Gersh Kuntzman of the Daily News, called for Major League baseball to permanently ban the playing of “God Bless America.” While conceding some of its virtues, Kuntzman laments that the classic jingle “embodies” some of “our worst things,” vices like “self-righteousness, forced piety,” and “earnest self-reverence.” Kuntzman approvingly alludes to a 2013 poll conducted by the author of a book on “God Bless America.” The poll found that 61% or so of those asked share Kuntzman’s judgment that the song should go the way of the dinosaur.  The real story here, though, is to be found in how those numbers break down: While only 20.5% of those who wish to see the song banned from major league baseball self-describe as “very conservative,” a whopping 84% who want the same regard themselves as “very liberal.” The “very liberal” stand side-by-side with “foreigners,” like Kuntzman’s British friend, who find “the self-righteousness” and “patriotism” of the song “exactly what [to] expect from Americans.” This is telling. Setting… Keep Reading


Trump Supporters: Beware Of Misleading Polls

Dear Trump supporters, A recent ABC/Washington Post poll of “registered voters” purports to show that Donald Trump lags 12 points behind Hillary Clinton in a national head-to-head contest. In case you’re inclined to accept this at face value—don’t. First, this poll does indeed purport to gauge preferences nationally. Ultimately, what’s going to matter is how the candidates fare in the battleground states. For example, a Pew Poll from just last week showed Trump beating Clinton by two points in North Carolina (a state that Barack Obama won in 2008). Secondly, it is June. The election isn’t until November. Thirdly, this poll focuses on how “registered voters,” not likely voters, say they would vote if the election was held today. There are lots more registered voters than there are people who will actually come out to vote. Fourthly, as the pollsters themselves admit, this poll is heavily stacked in favor of Democrats: the latter constitute 37% of registered voters while only 27% of Republicans count for the same. Fifthly, ABC… Keep Reading

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