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Fernando Reyes, Jr.
Fernando D. Reyes, Jr. is a conservative activist, pundit, and campaign operative based out of New Orleans, LA. He has worked to elect principled Republican candidates in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia, and Nevada. Within the non-profit sector, he has worked for the Leadership Institute, a training organization specializing in media, campaign, and development methods within the civic process, as well as for Young Americans for Liberty as the former State Chair of Oregon.

Wei Qi In The Persian Gulf

Amidst increasingly heinous accusations of Russian election interference, growing dissidence amongst the domestic United States, and the ever-enduring Rodman-Kim romance saga hailed as soft diplomacy, President Trump finds himself beset on all sides by both danger and opportunity. None are more apparent than the growing regional tensions in the Persian Gulf. To achieve an early-term masterstroke of foreign policy acumen, Trump will not find success in playing the conventional role, but in playing wei qi. Let’s rewind a bit: On June 5, 2017, a joint action was issued by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and the Maldives to sever diplomatic ties with the small gulf-state of Qatar. The move was, at surface level, taken with shock considering the active role that the Qatari military played in Saudi Arabia’s coalition intervening in the Yemeni Civil War. Most would view this as the first piece on the board. However, Qatar had begun encirclement far before the Saudi’s could have caught on. Keep Reading


Make CRNC Great Again

2016 has truly been the Year of the Outsider. From Matteo Renzi’s defeat in the Italian referendum, the historic “Brexit” rally against globalism and European collectivism, and, closer to home, Donald Trump’s ascendance to dominance over the American political landscape, unconventional and courageous candidates and causes have ridden a wave of populist support on a single promise: to deliver change. That same desire for change is apparent to me on another level, our level as young adults: within the College Republicans’ national leadership. We want to see the same effectiveness, the same courage, the same attention and dedication to winning the hearts and minds of voters and citizens that we see in our candidate. That change can be found in James Allsup. To describe James as a colleague would be an understatement. As a friend, fellow patriot, and dedicated activist, we’ve shared a life mission and dedication to conservatism, and have together spread that message across America. When James hosted the largest pro-Trump wall event at Washington State University,… Keep Reading

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