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Michael Sean Erickson
Michael Sean Erickson is a political consultant, film producer, an essayist, an Anglican Catholic Priest, a stage actor, and a husband, He is also the author of The Lost Sombrero, Beautiful Catrina, and Dream Time. Originally from San Jose, California, he had lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, before moving more recently to Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their Shih Tzu, Shansi.

The Fall Of Paul Ryan

“Paul Ryan” are “fightin’ words” to nationalist patriots like myself and others on the Trump Train. Ryan will be DOA should he put his hat in the ring in the 2020 GOP primaries. We nationalist patriots simply are too numerous within the ranks of GOP primary and caucus voters. The globalists (open borders, free trade, gradual loss of sovereignty through various multinational treaty arrangements) will transition over to the Democrat Party as they become more comfortable with the globalist policies of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Some globalist libertarians may run third party, but that will fail when it is clear that it has little electoral appeal outside of a few oligarch strongholds like Alexandria and parts of Manhattan. The main weakness for the globalist scumbags in Davos and The Hague is that they will not be able to vote for their guys in USA elections. It is true that Ryan could win the GOP nomination if oligarchic insiders are able to veto the clear will of the people with… Keep Reading


Barbarians And Pitchforks And Blood, Oh My!

Should Hillary win, the Ryan Republicans are not going to pursue any frontal assault on a Democrat President. They are going to hold their ammo, presumably for some future nirvana event after which it will be politically feasible to fight back in a meaningful away. If that is the case, then we may have a Democrat in the White House and a Republican majority in both Houses of Congress, but we shall not have any real semblance of “divided government.” If the GOP is capitulating without firing a shot, then they are not getting a half a loaf, not even a tenth of a loaf. Moreover, the Democrat President will get whatever she wants in terms of policy largely by executive orders or administrative regulations that are then funded by continuing resolutions. She will not need Congressional legislation for most of what she will want to accomplish, so your phony “divided government” in fact will not hold her in check at all. The good news is that Ryan’s self-serving… Keep Reading


Who Will Eat Crow On November 8th?

I actually look forward to seeing #NeverTrumpers eat crow on Election Night. As you may know, I have had my moments of doubt aboard the Trump Train; and at one weak moment, I even started to leave the First Class Car for the Caboose. I can assure you, by the way, that at that time I never ventured further than the Observation Car. Nevertheless, since Trump’s strong performance in the second debate, and since he really started to implement his scorched earth campaign against Bill and Hillary’s many transgressions, I am hopeful again. The reason is that I am convinced that the real numbers are closer than the skewed polls would suggest. I say “skewed” because the polls presume a much greater Democrat turnout in proportion to Republicans than is likely. The polls do not acknowledge Republican gains in party registration percentage in Florida and in Ohio in the last couple of years. The polls presume that minorities and millennials will turn out for the Clinton Crime Syndicate as… Keep Reading


The Establishment, The Real Deplorables

To those who say that Trump is going to lose this election: conventional wisdom agrees with you, as do the various betting pools out there. Of course, Brexit reminds us that the anti-establishment, populist vote in this election cycle is probably larger than the polls would indicate. Still, is it likely that lightning will strike the same place twice and give us two Brexits in the same year? Again, conventional wisdom would say no, which is why you have history, most current polls, and common sense on your side when you say that the election is lost. My sense is that we shall know on Sunday evening if Trump can come back from his present deficit in the polls. Either Trump acts like a president and manifests a greater command of the issues than he did in the first debate, or he looks like an amateur out of his league. None of this will matter to avid fans like myself who are motivated either by populist anger against elites or,… Keep Reading


Those Pesky Conservative Principles

Being pragmatic in the application of one’s principles does not manifest a lack of principle. I recall that some admired Paul Ryan and put down the Tea Party – in part because of Ryan’s willingness to accommodate, versus the Tea Party insistence on ideological purity. They made a point about how Ryan’s pursuit of the half loaf is preferable to the Tea Party’s willingness to throw out the loaf altogether. Perhaps we are quibbling on definitions here. For me, the pragmatic approach (or the “what works” approach) is similar to incrementalism: see what is possible and advisable under current conditions and then go that far. An example is the Pro-Life Movement. In principle, they oppose all abortion as the act of taking an innocent life. As pragmatists, though, they have come to realize that by focusing on late-term abortions (infanticide) they are making greater inroads than by focusing on all abortions, per se. Of course, the real question is whether the pragmatic approach is in pursuit of the principle. That,… Keep Reading


The Russian Game Vs. Trump

The idea that we must include Russia in any redrawing of national boundaries derives from two dubious assumptions, in my opinion. First, it smacks of a “great powers” approach to global management, which reached its zenith just after the Second World War (UN Security Council and Bretton Woods), and which since then has been shown to be a poor mechanism for global peace and security. Seldom has the UN Security Council cooperated effectively to prevent or to end a war in some part of the world; and when it does, such as when they condemned Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait prior to Desert Storm, it is because of the diplomatic leadership of the world’s superpower. Take USA leadership out of the equation and the UN Security Council is a paper tiger. Still, the dream persists that global management, such as the action of redrawing national boundaries, somehow will work better – not because the USA maintains its leadership position on such matters, but because the “Big Five” sign off on… Keep Reading


Hillary Lovers, Wake Up!

To all the Romney/Ryan fans (i.e. “Hillary Lovers”)  exhibiting the intellectual dishonesty of people motivated more by fear than truth, I ask this question: Why  don’t you fear losing the Supreme Court for a generation to a bunch of radical leftist totalitarian justices? They apparently do not fear the out-of-control regulatory state that we know Hillary will expand. They apparently do not fear the gross excesses of the national security apparatus that we can expect from a Clinton Crime Syndicate that will make Nixon’s misuse of the IRS look like child’s play. They apparently care not a whit about corruption, since there is nothing in Trump’s dubious “Trump University” shenanigans or corporate bankruptcies that come close to the “pay for play” behavior we have substantiated with the Clinton Foundation.   No, the only thing these folks fear is Main Street America rising up with pitchforks and demanding that someone in the Washington-Wall Street Axis at least throw them a few morsels. It is the Tea Party that these people hate,… Keep Reading


Vanishing Labor

You may have read the piece in the Wall Street Journal: “America’s Unworking Men”. I agree with the comments that the Democrat Party benefits from increasing joblessness. It makes sense when we consider the Democrat model for expanding their political power: 1.) Strengthening control from the top through the regulatory and tax power of the Washington-Wall Street Axis. This is the “corporate socialism” (a.k.a. Fascism) that makes the Clinton Crime Syndicate the preferred political puppets of the lobbyist class, the bureaucrat class, and the “too big to fail” money firms. The money side of this Axis replenishes the Democrat Party coffers, and the political side of this Axis maintains laws and regulations that diminish competition from the little guys (i.e. Dodd-Frank adding cost to regional and small banks that put them out of business, thus increasing the relative power of the big banks). 2.) Increasing the ranks of the dependency class, which is the bottom-up manner of creating and maintaining a New Democrat Majority. Importing waves of unassimilated illegal aliens creates… Keep Reading


The Trump Effect On The Establishment

From Michael Lieber, the former GOP city captain for Bay Village, Ohio, who resigned that post last month to protest Donald Trump’s nomination as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party: “We have thrown away the White House and a golden opportunity to save the country from Hillary Clinton. We have to save other GOP candidates in the short term by abandoning Trump. In the long term, we have to make sure we never repeat a catastrophic mistake like Trump. The 45 percent of GOP voters who allowed themselves to be conned need to do some soul-searching and become better informed and less gullible, and GOP leaders need to communicate better.” Interestingly, almost all of the clarion calls to derail the Trump Train (Choo Choo) come from individuals who are in or want to be associated with the official conservative establishment in Washington D.C. Publications like the Weekly Standard and the American Spectator were just as skeptical of the Tea Party during the first few years of its existence… Keep Reading


Following In The Footsteps Of The Founding Fathers

Frankly, unless one is an anti-government anarchist at one end of the great ideological divide, or a totalitarian fascist on the other, it is always a matter of degree as to how much we have in common. Moreover, most persons’ rhetoric is more purist and extremist than where they stand in reality. There is a theory that says that rhetoric and semantics trends toward extremism, so that the great irony of pulling away from philosophical absolutes (embracing a relativist culture that puts opinion over truth) is that we veer away from diversity and pluralism and closer to divisive demagoguery on the left and the right in our civic politics. Part of the difficulty in comparing the Founding Fathers’ positions with our own is the fact that we differ so much from them on a wide variety of religious, political, and cultural matters. Of course, “the Law of Nature and of Nature’s God,” as Jefferson very carefully wrote in the Declaration of Independence, is by definition an unchanging absolute. Today,… Keep Reading


“Say Wally, What’s a Redneck?”

I take offense to those “Gary Johnson” libertarians who make obnoxious comments about Republican volunteers passing out pamphlets to NASCAR and WWF fans.  Those of us with Trump-Pence signs in our yards are not interested in setting up some “redneck” scene.   Can we tone it down? Moreover, they paint with a broad brush when it comes to the motivations of people, like myself, who oppose illegal immigration. They try to dance around it by saying that though we may not be racist, we are acting in association with those who are and therefore we are tainted accordingly. Furthermore, they make the unsourced claims that opposition to illegal immigration is really motivated by a desire to return America to some sort of “Leave It to Beaver” alternate  universe. Talk about making broad and unfounded assumptions. I am not denying that there are David Dukes out there who, in their hearts, want to return to the lily white, segregated, and moralistic America of the 1950s (though, in fact, even that “America” had been largely confined to… Keep Reading


Dennis Prager: Pope Francis And The Decline Of The West

In this short commentary written by Dennis Prager, I agree with his overall assessment that the left influences Christianity and Judaism today much more so than vice versa. It is the left that dictates our cultural, moral, and ethical norms. Dennis Prager does not discuss the deeper reason for this development, though I have no doubt from his other writings that he would agree that Gnosticism ultimately explains what has happened. In essence, the Western Man has divorced theology from ontology and epistemology. In terms of ontology, this methodological and substantial divorce means that our understanding of “being-ness” must end in materialism. Man is no longer spiritual in his essence. He is physiological and psychological. The religious experience is no longer revelatory of what it means to be a man. Rather, it is merely therapeutic; a poor man’s therapist for one hour per week. In terms of epistemology, this methodological and substantial divorce means that faith no longer has any connection to knowledge. Thus, we hear often the modern… Keep Reading


Politics Is Personal: How Then Should a Christian Vote?

I have learned from my years as a GOP campaign manager and county chairman that people indeed are willing to vote for someone that they loathe in proportion to the personal negative impact of the policies pursued by the other side. Tip O’Neill said famously that all politics is local. I would add that all politics is personal. As a case in point, I remember when I worked as a campaign manager for state legislative races in Silicon Valley. Since I worked for Republicans in a 2 to 1 Democrat majority area, my candidates for partisan offices always lost. They also tended not to be the most qualified. In Silicon Valley, the most qualified in terms of education, experience, and just plain poise gravitated toward the party that actually could win elections. When you truly have talent, why squander it on a losing bid for office? On my side were the misfits, the extremists, and the perennial losers. One of the perennial losers was a large, loud, boorish contractor… Keep Reading


Cruz And His Rockefeller Cow Palace Moment

Cruz has his hardcore supporters. They will march in lockstep with him over the edge and into that special hell pit reserved for Republicans who are more willing to hand the Supreme Court to Hillary Clinton than to stomach a showman populist. The real question is how much appeal he retains beyond his core supporters. When Rockefeller refused to endorse Goldwater in 1964, he still received a friendly welcome in our nation’s more prestigious country clubs, but he had no more traction outside of his core base of support. I am inclined to think that the same will be true for the windbag Senator from Texas, especially if he gets some of the blame for a Trump defeat and then a leftist Supreme Court that eradicated our rights. Political parties exist in part to allow factions to overcome their differences for shared objectives. Now, I cannot blame Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump given what Trump implied about his wife and said about his father. Nevertheless, he could have… Keep Reading


America First! Vs. The Establishment

I am not so sure that the Republican Party is the “Trump Party.” Frankly, I hope that you are right, and that I am wrong, and that the GOP really has adopted the economic and political worldview identified as “America First.” Nevertheless, apart from Trump, a handful of GOP Senators (i.e. Alabama Senator Sessions), and a handful of GOP Congressmen, the vast majority of GOP elected officials have not deviated too far from the Ronald Reagan agenda. It is a mistake to think that the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives reflects an “America First” agenda. Yes, these Tea Party folks are very critical of the K Street Establishment. Yes, they regard McConnell and Ryan as wishy washy compromisers. Nevertheless, on issues like trade, foreign alliances, military projection, etc., they are much more in sync with the post-Goldwater GOP than with the 1930s Old Right known as “America First.” One way to separate “America First” Republicans from Reagan Republicans is how they voted on the TPA (trade pact negotiation… Keep Reading


Who Inherits The Crown?

I do not believe that Trump has any interest in maintaining a political coalition if he loses in November. He is not a career political activist concerned about building a movement that may survive his retirement. I saw much the same phenomenon with Ross Perot after he lost in 1992. He had put a lot of his own money in converting the United We Stand grassroots operation (predecessor of the Tea Party in many ways) into a political party (Reform Party), but he largely abandoned the party once it became clear he would never be President. The Reform Party limped along for several election cycles before withering on the vine. Nevertheless, I believe that a third party is possible, whether or not Trump wins in November, because of the sheer number of disaffected Independents and Republicans who have given up on the McConnells and the Ryans of the world. From their perspective, incrementalism is treason; and they will gravitate to a new party that promises to be uncompromising. Another… Keep Reading


Paul Ryan And His Multinationals Vs The Trump Train

Do you think that China’s currency manipulation is so inconsequential that we should continue the Bush and the Obama “no stick” replies to their repeated currency provocations? I understand that getting tough with China is not good news for USA retailers that make millions off of selling artificially cheap Chinese knockoffs. Nevertheless, for people like myself who put the well-being of the nation as a whole above the profit margins of multinational corporations, the loss of millions of American jobs outweighs the profit margins for corporations that have no particular loyalty to our own nation. Paul Ryan thinks of America as an “idea.” For Paul Ryan, “America” is as much the entrepreneur in China taking advantage of his government’s currency manipulation as it is the entrepreneur in Detroit taking advantage of whatever benefit he may get from being in the USA. For Paul Ryan, the USA should do nothing that might restrict the flow of labor and of commerce because restricting the economy anywhere is restricting “the Idea of America,”… Keep Reading


Trump’s New Nationalism And The Defeat Of The Cronies

Regarding the defeat of the insurgents at the RNC, it should be noted that they were defeated fair and square. There was no denial of the process afforded any member of the Rules Committee. The fact that the insurgents did not have enough votes to force a change in the rules does not suggest anti-democratic tyranny. It would be a different story if the RNC arbitrarily suspended the meeting of the Rules Committee, or gave the insurgents the wrong time and place (both tactics I have seen happen at California State GOP Conventions in the past), but nothing like that happened here. Moreover, let us be honest here. If a conservative insurgency had tried to change the rules at the last minute to deny the nomination to Mitt Romney, the Outsourcer in Chief, then I doubt we would have heard John and the WSJ defend the insurgents. The fact is that movement conservatives were never fond of Romney, and he had to mollify them by putting Ryan on his… Keep Reading


Laws Are For The Proletariat, Not The Elite

FBI Director James Comey demonstrated that he can take the dance floor and do the Texas Two-Step better than anyone out there. His performance will be heralded for his intellectual ability to build a case that goes in one clear direction, and then swings suddenly and inexplicably the other way.   I am a writer of novels and screenplays. Some of my work will be judged better than others, but at the very least I have avoided the writing sin known as the deus ex machina. This is a device where the writer inserts a totally arbitrary plot development that has nothing to do with what has happened before in order to resolve the story. The inexorable logic of the plot points in one direction, but the storyteller does not want it to end there for one reason or another. Therefore, he just concludes his tale in a way that does not flow from the material.   Readers feel cheated, when they stumble upon a deus ex machina; and… Keep Reading


Hillary, Neocon Hawk Or Sensible Leader?

One of the myths we hear all the time is that Clinton would make a tough and intelligent wartime President. It is true that within the Obama White House Clinton often joined with Panetta and others to advance a more hawkish position. Nevertheless, in almost every instance, she would show herself to be a hawk in the context of a crisis situation. In essence, when the shit hit the fan, she would counsel firing back hard, rather than waiting to see what happens. It can be argued here that Obama’s “wait and see” approach to crisis management actually stopped the terrorists from achieving the larger objective of inciting an overreaction by the “Great Satan.” This may or may not be true, but the relevant point is that Clinton’s hawkishness almost always can be characterized as reactive and crisis specific.   The better question is what approach she would take strategically; or even, for that matter, if she has a determined geopolitical strategy that says where she wants USA policy… Keep Reading


Make Britain Great Again

I am pleasantly surprised that the “Leave” side won in the UK today. As a nationalist, I generally support other nations putting their independence above the interest of global governance and multinational corporate/banking elitism. In the short to medium term, the prospect of the UK leaving the EU will cripple the Pound Sterling and, likely, dip the country into recession. Nevertheless, if they had stayed in the EU, then they would have lost their country soon enough to the Islamization imposed upon them by Brussels. I am not just referring to the Syrian refugee crisis. Rather, I am referring to the long term EU policy of importing cheap labor from North Africa and the Middle East – labor that will not assimilate to the West and, if unimpeded, will turn Europe into a majority Islamic region in about fifty years. Chairman Mao had been correct when he said that the capitalist would sell to his executioner the rope used to hang him. I would include in the definition of… Keep Reading

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