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Elizabeth Ploshay
Account Manager for BitPay, member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors, former Director of Operations and Outreach for Bitcoin Magazine and former Scheduler and Policy Assistant for a US Member of Congress.

Bitcoin: Catalyst For Financial Freedom And Responsibility

What is Bitcoin? To some Bitcoin is just another currency or something equivalent of digital gold. I beg to differ. Bitcoin is not just a currency and payment gateway but a social, political and economic game changer. Bitcoin is fueling a movement towards common sense economic principles and most importantly global financial inclusion. In October of 2008, an individual with the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, published the first white paper on Bitcoin entitled, “Bitcoin: a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System”. Satoshi highlighted a new technology he was developing as an open source project. What he may not have realized was the extent of the freedom promoting nature of Bitcoin. As a digital payment gateway, Bitcoin is a tool to send money to anyone around the world with internet connection. Bitcoin also has many promising features to promote financial independence, security, and expediency in transactions. What many continue to ignore is that the current economic infrastructure is simply not working. How is it, that we have a global financial… Keep Reading

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