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David Serenda

A conservative father and husband who has grown more Libertarian over the years.


How I’m Beating My Opiod Addiction Without Government Help

There is no greater power in the natural world, than man’s desire to be free, for it is our desire that creates within us the will to succeed. Desire and self-will are the Achilles heel of adversity and affliction. While we will never rid the world of tragedy, pain and disappointment, we have within each of us the power to not only live with them but to eventually prevail over them. It was this strong desire for freedom and self-determination that guided me through the greatest adversity I have ever faced in my life. In the spring of 2011, I… Keep Reading


The Price Of Free Speech

As a nation we must realize that our words are powerful and have consequences far beyond our control. While we have the freedom of speech to say anything, we must calculate the unintended cost of the words we use. It is easy to blame the access to guns for tragedies, but that is simply a false narrative, used by those that promote divisiveness in order to deflect responsibility away from themselves and their words. As Americans we’ve always understood that that the greatest freedoms came with the greatest restraint. Liberty was never about unfettered freedom to do as we please… Keep Reading


Reclaim And Rescind – Returning Power To The People

Our great nation was founded by men filled with integrity and honor who were willing to sacrifice not only their fortune but their lives.  They were compelled to leave their homes and careers to help guide our new nation into a direction that would demand restraints upon the government’s role in the lives of the people.  They fought to establish a republic that would grant limited power to a federal government, because they understand that any government with central power is a corrupt government.  These great patriots understood that absolute power corrupts and a best form of government was best left to… Keep Reading

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