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Drew Armstrong
Drew Armstrong is a 2015 graduate of California State University in Fullerton and a contributor at Red Alert Politics. He currently resides in Orange County, California.

The FCC’s Assault On Low-Income Americans

It seems that President Obama cannot even go a week without using his “executive authority” to circumvent the laws of the United States. It has become almost routine for the executive branch to use its power to target and harass any business that does not align with the president’s extreme leftist ideology. Through the use of programs like Operation Choke-Point, Obama has found ways to bypass and dilute the Second Amendment by executive fiat. Today, the administration is now moving on to exploiting the power of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to shut down businesses that specifically serve immigrants and low-income Americans. Operation Choke-Point unfairly targeted legitimate businesses. Critics of the operation have asserted that the federal banking regulators abused their authority under the program. Banks were pressured to close the accounts of entire industries including firearms and ammunition sellers, pawn shops, tobacco distributors, dating services, and payday lenders. They were closed solely because the Obama administration didn’t like them. Under the direction of Travis LeBlanc, Chief of the… Keep Reading


Obamacare Continues To Flounder

July was a tough month for the Obamacare co-ops, of which three more closed due to running out of money. A few weeks ago, Illinois’ Land of Lincoln Health announced that they would be closing their doors due to financial losses. July 31st was the deadline for Oregon’s Health co-op’s 23,000 members to find new coverage, while Connecticut’s HealthyCT has given its 54,000 members until December 31 to find new insurance. In all, 17 of the 23 original Obamacare exchanges have already been shut down. The seven co-ops that are still afloat are seeing negative profit margins, and it is doubtful that all of them will make it through the end of the year. The total amount of federal loans given to the failed non-profit insurers has reached over $1.7 billion. That’s a high price to pay for a government-run program that was doomed to fail right from the start. Obamacare established 23 co-ops by pouring in $2.4 billion dollars of start-up loans and solvency grants. Taxpayers had been… Keep Reading

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