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Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

America’s Inconsistent Relationship With James Comey

One of the most controversial figures in American politics over the last year didn’t run for President. Now former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey has repeatedly drawn the ire of either side of the political spectrum. Undoubtedly, given the stakes in a presidential election, his position was a no-win scenario. He was faced with allegations of mishandling classified information involving one candidate and improper foreign connections involving another candidate. At what point does the F.B.I. intervene with its progress and when does it decide to stand back from potentially influencing the election? For Comey, these questions likely weighed heavily. Yet, for many observers across America, it was more about Comey’s relationship to their respective candidate or political party. Over the course of several months, he went from being loved to hated and back again. One moment, Comey was a shill for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and another moment he was protecting President Donald Trump. Keep Reading


The Hypocrisy Of Hillary Clinton Supporters Against Marine Le Pen

In 2016, politics was at a critical crossroads for the United States. After eight years of Barack Obama, both sides of the political spectrum viewed it as a major moment in history. Former President Obama had advanced the liberal agenda and electing a Democrat would help stabilize his progress. Conservatives viewed this election as a critical moment to reverse the perceived damage of the Obama legacy. In short, the hyperbole and rhetoric were running high. Clinton supporters took on the cause of electing the first female President. The case for American progress was clear. The American electorate could make history by electing their first female President in history. For her supporters, the reasons for supporting the career politician were simple. She has a long career in politics, ranging from being a First Lady to former President Bill Clinton to being a United States Senator. She has been active on the scene for decades in a number of roles, being active in her political party and government itself. Keep Reading


Democrats Were Warned About Excessive Executive Power

Democrats and prominent liberals have engaged in alarmist fear-mongering for months in response to the agenda of President Donald Trump. Whether it is his targeting of illegal immigrants here in America or his using the presidency to interfere with other processes, Democrats have sounded the alarm about what they claim is unprecedented tyranny in the Oval Office. The problem is we have seen all of this before, and we have seen even worse. Is President Trump hurting people’s feelings worse than Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt deciding that race and heritage alone was reason enough to force Japanese Americans into concentration camps during World War II? Is President Trump deporting criminals currently in America illegally any different than his Democratic predecessor using executive power for immigration policy? Keep Reading


What Sounds More Radical: “Tea Party” Or “The Resistance”?

Given the rhetoric of conservative activists and Republican officials during the 2008 presidential campaign, it was clear that the opposition to President Barack Obama would be strong. At the time, the rhetoric often spoke of unprecedented socialism and the idea that America would be forever changed. Obama was seen as more than just a liberal or a progressive, he was a devout socialist with numerous ties to dangerous radicals to his opponents. After Obama took office, a movement of conservatives and libertarians would rise from the ashes of a defeated cause. Despite failing to stop Obama in 2008, these activists and concerned Americans would not give up. The result was a movement of people known as the “Tea Party.” The name is derived from the original Boston Tea Party during the American Revolutionary period, where demonstrators dressed up as Native Americans and dumped tea into Boston Harbor. Keep Reading


Is It Knowledge Or Government Approval That Defines An Engineer?

Certification requirements are sometimes logical constructs. When it comes to the medical field, one would like to know that a surgeon who is operating on their bodies knows what they’re doing. Of course, certification does not necessarily mean one will not make mistakes or make bad decisions. Then there are more absurd licensing requirements for professions that shouldn’t even require government certification. For example, in Washington state to become a certified manicurist, one must perform 600 training hours and pay $150 to take a test, costs that could amount to several thousand dollars. Why is this necessary if someone knows how to perform the job and shows an obvious understanding for the job? This is the case a self-described engineer made by Mats Järlström in Portland, Oregon. He was fined by the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying for practicing engineering without a license. The offense was pitching a new mathematical formula for intersection traffic cameras. Keep Reading


Middle School Student Suspended For Liking An Instagram Airsoft Gun Picture

In recent years, schools have placed a greater emphasis on safety and security. Given the occurrence of school shootings, bomb threats, and other acts of violence, their need to protect students has grown more difficult. Strengthened protocols and heightened security have been an obvious result, as to ensure students cannot be harmed easily and unauthorized individuals cannot simply enter an education facility. While these developments occur, some schools are taking safety and security to extraordinary levels. Instead of protecting the building, their students and administrators, and ensuring a safe environment, they’re seeking to sanitize the thoughts of their students. Recently, a Middle School student was suspended for his activity on Instagram. Now in terms of credible threats, law enforcement has a responsibility to investigate to ensure that any risk can be properly dealt with. If someone threatens to bring a gun to a school and shoot up the student body, there is a responsibility to respond. If an individual threatens harm against an educator, administrator, student or any other individual, there… Keep Reading


Between a Pregnant Woman And Unborn Female, Who Claims “women’s Rights”?

Abortion has become a heated topic in society, often polarizing ordinary people and being a heavy source of contention between the two main political parties. Should a pregnant woman have a right to abort her child? If so, what does that mean for the unborn child within her? Alternatively, is the fetus within a pregnant woman truly a human being and at what point does it gain rights? Science often takes a backseat in the issue with politics taking the forefront. Liberals claim this is an issue of women’s rights. The argument is that a woman’s body is her own, thus making the decision hers. It’s not wrong to state that we should have final control over our own bodies. What is freedom if we have the government or other human beings controlling our body? Keep Reading


Congressman Raul Labrador To Run For Idaho Governor

Republican Congressman Raul Labrador has announced that he will be running for Idaho Governor in 2018. The conservative lawmaker and member of the House Freedom Caucus filed paperwork today for his candidacy. Rep. Labrador has been involved in politics for the last decade, establishing his name as a conservative leader and sometimes a voice against his own party’s leadership. Prior to winning his first election, he practiced immigration law in Idaho. He won his first election in 2006 to the Idaho House of Representatives with 65.55% of the vote and won in 2008 with a larger percentage at 69.1%. Keep Reading


House Passing Obamacare Lite Reminds Us Why Federal Politics Is A Lost Cause

Among libertarians, limited government conservatives and nullification activists known as “Tenthers”, there is a commonly held belief that all politics are local. Central to this belief is the fact that liberty cannot be achieved at a national level. History has reminded us of this fact time and time again. When the federal government maintained slavery and mandated the return of runaway slaves, everyone from individuals to government officials at the state and local levels stood up to nullify the slavery machine. More recent examples include the tug-o-war over healthcare policy in America. Several years ago, former President Barack Obama signed his hallmark legislation, the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act. Better known as “Obamacare”, this new entitlement would become a target of conservative ire over the years ahead and a common campaign target of Republicans. Thus, with the sweeping victory of Republicans last year, conservatives found hope that the legislation would finally be killed. Unfortunately, Republicans caved on their promise and decided to go soft on their ideas. Instead of… Keep Reading


Former Director Of National Intelligence James Clapper Again Lies To Congress

There’s a common assumption in American politics that once you reach a certain status, justice is below you. It was a point frequently made about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she ran against then-candidate Donald Trump. Despite lower level leaks receiving harsh punishments for their actions, her recklessness and poor handling of classified information went unpunished. Given Clinton’s status in American political culture, many people were not overly surprised. Then there is the case of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who again appeared before Congress today. This time it was alongside former acting Attorney General Sally Yates to discuss the issue of alleged Russian interference in last year’s presidential election. Keep Reading


Genuine Political Revolutions Won’t Succeed Within Political Parties

American politics is essentially captive to the two major political parties and have been for centuries now. The Democratic Party is largely seen as representative of liberals just as Republicans are seen as synonymous with conservatism. Libertarianism tends to be grouped with Republicans despite having the Libertarian Party and progressivism with Democrats despite having the Socialist Party. But despite the ideological identification of each political party, each one lacks the consistency to be a genuine representation of their respective ideology. Democrats saw the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders last year, a progressive politician and admirer of socialism. Despite him arguably being a better representation of liberalism, the party nominated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President. This occurred despite Clinton being a polar opposite of what many liberals favor. She was close to Wall Street, supported the invasion of Iraq, and is otherwise a career politician aligned with a deeply entrenched establishment. Keep Reading


Was President Trump’s Ryancare Support a Power Play Against Speaker Ryan?

Since before the legislation known as “Obamacare” was even passed, Republicans have vowed to oppose the Democratic Party’s legislative attempts to take on healthcare. Since passage, it has been one of the few topics most Republicans could agree on to some degree. When opposing former President Barack Obama’s re-election and then-former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Republicans pushed the message of repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Given all the fiery and loud rhetoric that has remained consistent over the years, many expected more out of a Republican Party that controls both chambers of Congress and the White House. With control of Congress, the party has the votes to put forth an ambitious plan to restore the free markets and back the government out of the healthcare industry. It is something that President Trump would undoubtedly sign. Keep Reading


Steve Bannon Reportedly Opposed Syrian Airstrike

The tension and conflict within the White House has been well-documented since President Donald Trump took office a few months ago. Various groups and spheres of influence have sought to gain the attention of the President, with power struggles resulting in an internal mess for the Trump administration. It largely comes down to two groups: the more politically mainstream types like Jared Kushner and the America First nationalists such as Steve Bannon. These conflicts have been magnified by Thursday’s missile strike in Syria, where President Trump ordered an air base be targeted for attack. While the America First grassroots have largely stood against the airstrike for various reasons, the Trump administration has seemingly remained unified behind the decision. Except for Steve Bannon. Keep Reading


Senator Rand Paul Denounces Syrian Airstrikes

When news broke Thursday night that President Donald Trump had launched airstrikes in war torn Syria, the response from across America was swift. President Trump, a longtime critic of Syrian intervention, had gone against his own word after chemical attacks were allegedly carried out by the Syrian government under President Bashir al-Assad. Senator Rand Paul denounced the airstrikes in a series of tweets. Keep Reading


How Pro-vaccination Fearmongers Hurt The Case For Vaccinations

Politics has its reputation as being extremely polarizing and many everyday Americans avoid it as a result. For some, it’s a simple game of partisan politics. For many, it’s a matter of life and death, with policy proposals and enacted plans affecting their everyday lives. Because of this, many issues are taken seriously and sometimes to a point of extreme intensity. One of those topics is vaccination. At first glance, many would be caught off guard with this fact. Why is guarding against disease such a controversial topic? Most humans agree better health is a good thing. Keep Reading


Mitch McConnell Joins Calls To Investigate Susan Rice Over Unmasking Trump Officials

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has thrown his support behind investigating Susan Rice, the National Security Adviser to former Democratic President Barack Obama. Rice has found herself in the middle of controversy after allegations that she sought to unmask members of President Donald Trump’s transition team. Eli Lake of Bloomberg initially reported the news regarding Rice. The information was allegedly found when the National Security Council’s senior director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick was conducting a review of government policy on unmasking. It was then a trend was found of requests to unmask officials on or related to President Trump’s transition team. Keep Reading


Senator Elizabeth Warren Implies Neil Gorsuch Is Apart Of Russian Conspiracy

The nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch by President Donald Trump has put Democrats in a difficult position. After Republicans successfully blocked Obama nominee Merrick Garland, Democrats are prepared to return the favor for Republicans. The threat of the nuclear option still lingers and Democratic opposition to Gorsuch could trigger Republicans to use it, resulting in a greater headache over time. But Senator Elizabeth Warren, the progressive hero who backed Wall Street favorite Hillary Clinton, has other concerns: the Russians. Keep Reading


Can Eric Brakey Defeat An Entrenched Liberal Independent U.S. Senator Angus King?

United States Senator Angus King is a popular politician in Maine and has become an important figure in Senate politics. As an Independent, he has successfully portrayed himself as standing above the partisan fray. Despite his liberal leanings, establishment Democrats have a troubled relationship with liberal Independents in Maine. In 1993, Senator King abandoned his lifelong Democratic Party registration and ran as an Independent, edging the Democratic candidate a year later by a percentage point. Four years later, he would easily win re-election 59-19% over Republican James Longley, Jr. Keep Reading


Is It Too Little, Too Late For Establishment Republicans’ Outreach Attempt To Conservatives?

The Obamacare repeal was supposed to be a bigger moment for the Trump Administration and Republican majorities. Since passage of the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, conservative Republicans have used it as a rallying point for the right. The federal overreach in the healthcare market has been detrimental and thus should be repealed, with either a Republican replacement or the free market altogether. Instead, the Republicans failed. Speaker Paul Ryan tried to rule with an iron fist like his predecessor John Boehner and failed miserably. The package advanced by party leadership was labeled “Obamacare Lite” by conservatives and libertarians who felt the legislation didn’t actually repeal Obamacare. When concerns were raised and objections made, the response was to simply get in line. Keep Reading


Senator Rand Paul’s Trumpcare Gamble

Senator Rand Paul has had an interesting relationship with President Donald Trump, dating back to the days of being a longshot candidate to now. When both men were both candidates vying for the Republican nomination, Senator Paul was a vocal critic of a man viewed by many others to be an inconsistent conservative with dangerous potential. When the longshot candidate became the party nominee, Senator Paul softened his tone and walked carefully. While President Trump had secured the party nomination, he was still quite the controversial topic in the party. As a result, taking a position on the candidate was complicated and risky even within the Republican Party. Keep Reading


Independent Senator Angus King Announces Opposition To Neil Gorsuch

Independent United States Senator Angus King has announced his position on President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. As Democrats mount their opposition to Gorsuch, Senator King remained a key undecided member. Although Independent, he typically caucuses with the Democratic Party and ideologically aligns with the Left. This move comes as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced he has the votes to filibuster Gorsuch. The showdown over the Supreme Court vacancy has been an ongoing storyline since Republicans successfully blocked Obama nominee Merrick Garland last year. Now Democrats are preparing to filibuster, even with Republicans floating the nuclear option as a response. Keep Reading


Edward Snowden’s Simple Solution To Stop Government Whistleblowers

In the modern era of technology and digital communications, the issue of leaks has become more prominent. Hackers can access internal documentation and communication that, in the past, would have been unavailable. This point was on full display last year, when whistleblower website Wikileaks released a series of dumps containing e-mails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The contents of these e-mails ranged from questionable campaign tactics to revealing actions by politicians and media figures alike, but overall provided an intimate glimpse of the inside. Other times, it can reveal activities of questionable legality and constitutionality. Perhaps the most prominent example is Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who revealed massive secrets about the United States surveillance programs. Since his disclosures, the intelligence community and the United States Government as a whole have struggled to prevent further leaks. How can the government prevent leaks from occurring? Keep Reading


Why Congress Would Be Wise To Reject Ryancare

Since it’s passage several years ago, The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare”, has been a controversial piece of legislation. It’s widely considered the greatest accomplishment of former Democratic President Barack Obama, but it’s also been a political target of the Republican Party since its introduction. Obamacare features a series of debates ranging from politics to philosophy. Touching upon the latter: does government truly have the right to govern healthcare? Even more at the heart of the debate: is healthcare a right? This has been a major point of libertarians, who believe in free market capitalism and subscribe to the notion that healthcare is a service, not a right. Conservatives, in general, agree, while both also point to cost concerns. Keep Reading


Judd Apatow Compares Election Of Donald Trump To Getting Raped

It’s no big secret that Hollywood is dominantly liberal. When it was clear that President Donald Trump was a viable force in the political mainstream, the celebrity elite entered a state of total meltdown. Although it has yet to occur, many liberal celebrities even pledged to flee the country to Canada if the controversial businessman ever found his way to the White House. Now that he’s President and able to enact his agenda, Hollywood’s cries have grown worse with stronger meltdowns. The extremes those within the celebrity mainstream will go to know no lows. Keep Reading


Senator Rand Paul Says America Is Lucky Warmonger John McCain Isn’t President

Throughout the election cycle, Donald Trump often clashed with members of his own political party over policy and tactics. A number of proposals by the controversial then-candidate were unsettling, and the tactics would put career politicians in uncomfortable positions. When Trump was a candidate, it was easier for politicians to disavow him. Believing he was never going to win made it easy to keep him at a distance. Now that he’s President, Republican politicians have been forced to come up to bat and play ball for Team Trump. Some, like failed presidential candidate Senator John McCain, refuse to work with President Trump. What is Senator McCain’s issue with the President? President Trump himself has earned a great deal of criticism for attacking critical news outlets and labeling them as being enemies of the American people. Journalists, anchors, and politicians all lined up to parrot shallow lines about the First Amendment being under attack and how a free, independent press is critical to democracy. There has been no shortage in… Keep Reading


Is The Mainstream Media The Enemy Of The American People?

Since he first declared his candidacy for President of the United States, Donald Trump has been no stranger to controversy. Time and time again, throughout the campaign cycle and even now as President, he is unafraid to shake the foundations of the political establishment. One ongoing conversation that has sparked, thanks to the rise of Trump, is the role of the mainstream media. While conservatives have generally labeled the mainstream media as a left-leaning propaganda machine, there has been a renewed reevaluation of the networks and the journalists that the country relies on to bring us the news. Keep Reading


Disabled Lawmaker Speaks Out Against Aborting Babies Because Of Disabilities

Abortion continues to be a controversial topic in society. For progressive extremists and liberal feminists, the practice is seen as a woman’s rights issue. But for many others, it is an issue about life and the right of an unborn child to live. The reasons why women get abortions vary. Some do it because of the child being doomed to death or because their own life is in danger. Others choose abortion because they simply do not want a child and, rather than at least give the child a chance at life through adoption, they opt for the inhumane medical procedure. Then there are some who get abortions because of disabilities and not wanting the burden of a child who may be different. British lawmaker Lord Kevin Shinkwin, a Conservative member of the House of Lords, recently gave a speech against abortion and the fear that disabled individuals, such as himself, are facing extinction. His concern is that disabled unborn children are being targeted for abortion. Keep Reading


Why Tulsi Gabbard’s Visit To Syria Was The Right Thing To Do

When news broke that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard had personally and secretly visited Syria, outcry erupted in Washington D.C. almost immediately. The political establishment greeted the news with outrage, with many taking issue with her meeting with Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. The main problem at hand was the claim that her meeting legitimized the embattled leader. But is this trip to Syria as bad as her critics make it sound? Keep Reading


Why The Mainstream Media Is Shifting Away From Print Towards Digital

It’s no big secret that technology is taking over a lot of things in our lives. Instead of telephone calls and e-mails, we have Facebook and text messages. Instead of playing board games and going outside, we have digital video games to play with each other. Physical books are also being rendered obsolete by eReaders. This trend is also affecting our news sources, as many publications are shifting resources away from print towards digital. Because of this, many suggest print is either dying or dead. Is this true? And if it is true, what does it say about the mainstream media? Keep Reading


The American Left’s Abandonment Of Diplomacy

In history, there has been both diplomacy and war. At times, diplomacy saves the world and other times it provides false hope we’ve averted chaos. War can be successful in defeating an enemy, in other times it can be a demoralizing failure. The various events in history teach us there is a time and place for fighting and the same for talking. In modern politics, the same can be said. In recent years, war has escalated. In the aftermath of the tragic terrorist attack of September 11th, the United States has become a global leader in a war against terrorism. While presented as a noble quest against evil, it is actually a complicated web of global politics. Keep Reading


Milo Yiannopoulos Continues To Shatter Liberal Stereotypes

Politics in America is often quite shallow and full of stereotypes. Conservatives are often portrayed as working class citizens sometimes bordering on redneck, while establishment Republicans are big business people who have little regard for the common citizen. Liberals are fun and loving people who are sexual deviants and flamboyantly obnoxious people. In terms of the LGBT community, it is often seen as a leftwing movement and both sides of the spectrum are to blame. Largely due to social conservatives, the potential support of the LGBT community is turned away over religious stances and negative prejudice. Because of this, it is easy for liberals to take political ownership of the community. Remember when Caitlyn Jenner, the former Bruce Jenner who became a transwoman, came out against Hillary Clinton while defiantly supporting Senator Ted Cruz for President? Liberals came unhinged and with a vengeance. All of a sudden the lines about not being a real woman were no longer social conservative lines, but now were ammunition for intolerant liberals. How… Keep Reading


Associated Press Spreads Fake News Story About Trump Threatening To Invade Mexico

Fake News was a hot issue during the presidential election. As President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continued to escalate tension, the threat of fraudulent news sources only worsened the partisan divide. As has been shown time and time again, the fake news threat isn’t in the so-called “alt-right” movement or a product of conservatives. Fake News is actually on the rise in the mainstream media, the most trusted source of news for many Americans. The dishonesty among propagandists disguised as journalists is a betrayal of American trust. When people turn on the television or open their web browser, they seek these news sources as a means of becoming informed about current events. Instead of learning about the issues of our day through an objective lens, they’re given biased and misrepresented information that is selectively presented. It’s disgraceful, but it is the rule instead of the exception. Keep Reading


What The House’s Rescission Of Obama Gun Rule Means For The Bill Of Rights

As the Republican Party prepared to again reclaim power of Washington D.C., it became increasingly clear that the legacy of former President Barack Obama was in danger. In the final days of the Obama presidency, Obama sought to salvage his legacy by pushing through a series of regulations. The House of Representatives pointed to the Congressional Review Act, which gives them the power to take down regulations before they take effect. The process has already begun, but the gun control battle has been ignited when a background check rule was rescinded. A last minute rule passed in December gave permission to the Social Security Administration to share information with the national background check database regarding those receiving disability payments. The logic behind this move was that by identifying those with mental impairments, the government could potentially prevent gun crime by monitoring potential threats. The problem with this rule is it is more than just about guns. This is about the Bill of Rights as a whole and the foundation of… Keep Reading


Intolerant Left Bullies Uber CEO Into Dropping Out Of Trump Business Council

Once upon a time, the left wing of American politics favored the practice of diplomacy. Whereas Republicans had invaded Afghanistan and Iraq while favoring aggression against Iran, the Democratic Party sought to speak with Iran instead. While a questionable move with a dangerous foe, Democrats knew escalating tensions could trigger worse results. During the most recent presidential election, President Donald Trump represented an aggressive change to politics. Many in the mainstream media and political left noted how he allegedly endorsed violence, spoke with fiery rhetoric, and otherwise embraced a more assertive brand of politics. Democrats, as the narrative went, would represent a more rational alternative. We now know this is not the case. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has met the wrath of the Left’s anti-President Trump rampage for a couple reasons. First, when the controversial immigration executive order was passed, Uber was the only taxi service that still served customers. Other taxi companies were aiming to leave innocent travelers stranded as retaliation for a government action. Keep Reading


How Donald Trump Put Democrats On The Hypocritical Defensive

Rewind back to the months prior to the stunning presidential election and the picture we find is much different from today. The defeated and divided Democratic Party stood in an arrogant position of superiority. As countless polls seemed to paint a picture of imminent success, the Democrats positioned themselves to stomp the Republican Party. Assuming the polls were right, there was an offensive against the Republican Party. A common storyline throughout the election cycle was the balance of the Supreme Court, which former President Barack Obama sought to tilt to the left to complete his legacy. Merrick Garland was his nominee and, while not as progressive as some had hoped, still sufficiently liberal enough to make conservatives uncomfortable. Republicans gambled on an improbable presidential victory and blocked Garland, insisting the next President should pick the nominee. Democrats, at the time, reacted furiously with strong hyperbole. The refusal to act was viewed as obstructing the processes of government, something many liberals even labeled as unconstitutional. Everything changed. Keep Reading


USA Today Attacks Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady For Being Friends With Trump

It wasn’t long into President Donald Trump’s Administration before an uproar was caused. Throughout his campaign, President Trump made terrorism and radical Islam a focus of his presidential campaign, both in the Republican primary and general election. Now he’s following through on his promise to be firm on the foreign threat, but has he gone too far? This is the debate raging across America. After the President temporarily halted immigration from seven nations via executive order, chaos at airports ensued and outrage resulted. Allegations of racism are renewed as opponents allege this is not a seven nation ban, but really a Muslim ban. Now the supporters of President Trump must prepare for the intolerance of their political views. It would appear that, as opponents escalate hateful rhetoric, their allies in the mainstream media are going to look for celebrity targets. One of these big name friends of President Trump is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is preparing to face off against the Atlanta Falcons in the Super… Keep Reading


President Trump To Sign Executive Order Restricting Refugees From Seven Countries

Republican President Donald Trump has been active since he took office last Friday. Wasting no time on priorities and fulfilling campaign promises, he has followed through on slamming the brakes on Obamacare enforcement and stepping up against abortion. If there was any doubt as to what kind of President he would be, these doubts are quickly being erased. Another topic appears to be getting addressed now as well, which is immigration and terrorism. According to reports, President Trump is preparing to sign executive orders restricting immigration from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This undoubtedly will cause shockwaves among the political environment, which is already heated in Washington D.C. Since his inauguration, President Trump has faced ongoing protests including a massive Women’s March. Immigration caused a lot of controversy for him during the election cycle and will likely reignite criticism again. The immigration restrictions make sense, however. Keep Reading


The Women’s March And Sexist Assumptions About Abortion Views

The Women’s March has been an enormous moment in politics and likely will be remembered by history as a prominent moment in political resistance. Across the country and in the nation’s capital, concerned citizens and angered activists are swarming to allow their voices to be heard. Americans are utilizing their right to assemble and speak freely to protest issues that are important to them. With that said, just because they have the right to free speech doesn’t mean there’s a moral justification to what is being spoken. The women’s march is presented as a moment of defiance against Republican President Donald Trump, who some perceive as opposed to women’s rights and women in general. This is a claim advanced by a number of factors. The Access Hollywood recording that leaked towards the end of the election cycle is a big part of the reason, in which President Trump can be heard making some crude remarks. Then there is President Trump’s support of an unborn child’s right to life, which… Keep Reading


President Trump Reinstates Ban On Federal Money For International Abortion Groups

Abortion continues to be a heated topic in American political discourse. Especially now as the Women’s March continues in Washington D.C. and across the country, a woman’s supposed right to abort their children is a hot topic. Though the Supreme Court legalized abortion through the controversial Roe v. Wade decision, conservatives have long fought the procedure they claim is murder. As the Administration of Republican President Donald Trump begins the process of rolling out its agenda, conservatives can find some hope in the abortion procedure being stopped. President Trump has reinstated a policy known as the Mexico City policy. First created by Republican Ronald Reagan, it has become a game of political football among presidential administrations. Democrats will shut down the proposal and Republicans will reinstate it. Democrat Bill Clinton rescinded the policy, claiming it was too broad and prevented family planning abroad. When Republican George W. Bush took office, he reinstated the proposal stating a belief that federal money should not be used to provide or promote abortions. Keep Reading


The Selective Outrage Over Foreign Influence In American Politics

It almost feels as if the Red Scare is back from the distant pages of history. The dead and gone period has come back for the modern era, with fresh fear of the Russian menace. This time, the nation is gripped with the fear that our presidential election was tampered with. Is President Donald Trump a Russian plant? Was his rise to power aided by a foreign influence, such as the Russian government? The possibilities may very well be there and for many that is a cause for fear. Is this fear justified? Absolutely. American politics should be dictated by Americans, especially when it comes to the presidency. The President of the United States essentially represents the country abroad while serving as the chief executive and Commander-in-chief. Having the power through these various points is significant, to say the least. We should guard our political processes from such foreign influence. Keep Reading


Nancy Sinatra Rips CNN For Lying About Her Position On Trump Using Her Father’s Music

CNN has made a name for itself promoting fake news and being an obvious promoter of the left. While the network and others in the mainstream media have long been labeled as liberal-leaning in their bias, the preference for Hillary Clinton was painfully obvious in last year’s presidential election cycle. Now the propaganda machine is targeting Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the late music legend Frank Sinatra. It was announced prior to the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump that he would be using Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way.” It’s not unusual for politicians to use songs and have a musician object. While Frank Sinatra is no longer with us, his daughter is alive and active. On Twitter, Nancy Sinatra was asked about the song use. She replied to the question “just remember the first line of the song”, which is “And now, the end is near.” CNN picked up the tweet and ran with a story that she was unhappy about her father’s song being used. The problem is the… Keep Reading


President Trump Has Formally Begun The Process Of Withdrawing From Trans-Pacific Partnership

Throughout the campaign cycle, Republican President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked trade deals and pledged to get the United States out of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. The trade agreement has been a constant political focus for months, with conservatives and libertarians joining President Trump in opposition. Interestingly enough, it was also opposed by progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders. Opposition to the agreement provides a unique opportunity for various grassroots movements to unite against the political spectrum. Until now, the only thing left was for the President to follow through on one of his biggest campaign promises. Targeting the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a part of a bigger agenda to put the United States of America first and take a stand against the globalist agenda. It has now been confirmed that President Trump will be using an executive order to begin the process of withdrawing from Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as renegotiate NAFTA. NAFTA, which stands for North American Free Trade Agreement, has been another constant target as part of President Trump’s… Keep Reading


Madonna Tells Women’s March Protesters She Thought About Blowing Up The White House

The outrage against President Donald Trump continues to boil over. The controversial businessman who recently took over the executive branch has triggered liberals and Never Trump Republicans for a year now, but things have recently escalated. Protesters have been in Washington D.C. for the last few days causing property damage and other violent tactics, resulting in numerous arrests. The violent side of the crowds has been reduced to a mere line in the stories as headlines read like peaceful protests. Celebrities and political figures have flocked to these events to seize the opportunity to further divide the country. Amidst all the violence, singer Madonna spoke to the unruly crowds. Given the massive podium before the crowds, she used her star status to make terrorist threats against the White House. In her Women’s March speech, Madonna said that she had thought an “awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Keep Reading


Is Curt Schilling Being Punished By Baseball Hall Of Fame Voters For His Conservative Politics?

In Major League Baseball, the World Series is the big stage and getting there is an incredible feat. Many baseball players have made it, both winning and losing it. While legends have been made by their performances in the Fall Classic, others have been in the events leading up to it. New England and New York sports fans will never forget the 2004 American League Championship series when the Boston Red Sox came back from a 3-0 series deficit to win against the New York Yankees. An unprecedented baseball feat, it has only been accomplished three times in all of the major North American sports. Among the notable performances was by pitcher Curt Schilling, who pitched with an injured ankle. His critical Game Six victory to tie the series was notable for his bloody sock, as his injury was visible to all watching. As Schilling pitched seven strong innings allowing only one run, his bloody sock performance would forever become a memorable moment in postseason and sports history. He would later retire… Keep Reading


NBC Has Yet To Respond To Saturday Night Live Writer’s Vicious Attack On Barron Trump

The rise of businessman Donald Trump from improbable candidate to President of the United States has triggered an entire movement of political paranoia. His style threatens the emotions of those accustomed to standard politics. Instead of being a cheap plastic face with slick hair and manufactured sound bites, he’s an imperfect image and unregulated personality. For many who require the assurance of uneventful normalcy, this is devastating. The result has been relentless attacks. While it is fair to criticize an individual who enters the arena prepared to take heat, there are boundaries. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes spouses get roped into the mix. First Lady Melania Trump has been attacked by bitter Democrats and former First Lady Michelle Obama was often the target of conservative criticism. It happens and it’s something those close to a prominent figure must prepare for. Is there a boundary, though? Many Trump critics have now moved past President Trump and the First Lady, setting their sights on others in their family. Specifically, the next… Keep Reading


Is Barack Obama The Worst President In United States History?

For years now, the story of Barack Obama’s presidency, according to conservatives, has been extreme. While it’s clear he’s been a terrible President for a multitude of reasons, many would lead us to believe that Obama is the worst President in United States history. This is an extreme assertion and one that is difficult for anyone knowledgeable about history to support. Even for conservative students of history, this is a point that deserves additional review. Is Barack Obama indeed the worst President of United States history? Let’s explore other candidates for the title. Woodrow Wilson is perhaps the father of modern interventionism. The man who won an election campaigning against involving ourselves in World War 1 would later drag us there. He advanced the predecessor of the United Nations, the League of Nations. Perhaps the worst part of his legacy is the Federal Reserve system, which has been wrecking the American economy for decades. It’s understandable that many overlook Wilson for the title. The economics of the Federal Reserve system… Keep Reading


The President Donald Trump Era Begins

After a year and a half, the longest long shot in American politics has been inaugurated as President of the United States. Republican businessman Donald Trump has officially inherited the White House and the executive branch from Barack Obama, a two-term President and former United States Senator. The months and years ahead will be a rough ride for America in some ways. Democrats appear unwilling to give the President a chance and Republicans are ready for change. Regardless of political affiliation, most can admit that the Trump Administration will bring a new course to American politics. Keep Reading


The Liberty Conservative Associate Editor Attacked By Anti-Trump Protesters

For many, the thought of Donald Trump triggers a bitter and intense reaction. Though many of the Never Trump activists claim to be opposed to the vitriolic and violent rhetoric, there seems to be a growing use of the tactic in their own movement. This has been on full display again in Washington D.C., where the inauguration is mere hours away. Reports have noted numerous arrests have occurred as protesters storm the streets. Protesters are starting fires in the street, shouting obscenities, and otherwise projecting an aggressive and negative presence upon the nation’s capital as the transition of power wraps up. Keep Reading


Contrary To Popular Hyperbole, Donald Trump Is Not The End Of America

The inauguration is finally near. After a long year of dragged out politics that got nastier than usual, the next President is preparing to inherit the White House. The transition of power is different in some ways, because the incoming top executive lacks the established political background that most politicians have. But as popular narratives said throughout the election from start to finish, Donald Trump was never going to win. But here we are. Commentary from liberal sources and other Never Trump people would lead us to believe that the world is in fact ending. Everyone has their own victim mentality in progress and can explain how they will be oppressed under a Trump Presidency because of the mean things he’s said. His proposals have struck fear with some, leading many to suggest the America we’ve always known and loved is disappearing. Free speech is going to be dead and our freedom to assemble will come under fire as various groups of people are oppressed. The LGBT community stands… Keep Reading

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