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Jacob Deaville is currently a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he is majoring in history and studying writing. He is a chairman for the Millennials Against Question 1 in Nevada and volunteers for the NRA. Jacob also works in structural steel and coaches football at the middle school level.

Officer Down: Law-Enforcement Deaths Continue As a Result Of Weak, Divisive Leadership

Americans have been shaken by an unprecedented series of executions of law- enforcement officers in communities around the country. We’ve been shattered by the new reality of terrorism’s capacity to strike at any moment. These tragic events have been mishandled, even exacerbated, by our leadership in Washington, D.C. Moreover, dangerous misconceptions continue to be pushed by the media every day. As the U.S. faces these serious challenges, there’s a growing demand for decisive, unifying leadership to prevent the deepening spiral of the civil society. People hunger for a leader such as Abraham Lincoln who brought unity after the most divisive period of American history, “with malice toward none, with charity for all.” Such a call for unification hasn’t been demonstrated in the highest office of the land. Indeed, an absence of leadership lays the groundwork of further uncertainty, fostering a real vulnerability in America today. I ask you to consider tragedies in recent history and to review the false narratives and poor leadership that will, undoubtedly, produce more loss… Keep Reading

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