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D. W. McAliley
Mr. McAliley grew up in a small farming community in central North Carolina. After completing a degree in Laser Optics and Optical Physics, he studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Mr. McAliley has written for numerous websites and has authored several books, including an ongoing dystopian series about the aftermath of a massive EMP attack. Mr. McAliley now lives in Charlotte with his wife, three children, and three dogs.

Declaration Of Freedom: How a Sixty Year Old Book Can Help The Conservative Movement Find Its Way

“The crucial feature of our troubled world is its tragic division.” That is the opening statement of Elton Trueblood’s book titled Declaration of Freedom, and those words are just as true now as they were sixty some odd years ago when he first penned them. If there is anything that this past year has made abundantly clear it is that our nation is tragically divided along lines of race, economics, political affiliation, and a host of other issues. We have seen the animosity of Bernie vs. Hillary, Hillary vs. Trump, and Trump vs. pretty much everyone else play out over the past year or more in the press as the Presidential election raged. We have seen the divide between the police and communities of color personified by the Black Lives Matter movement, which quickly devolved into an all out anti-cop hate group. The Occupy movement has stood against the wealthy. The Oregon Occupiers (completely separate movement) stood against the Federal Government and the Bureau of Land Management, the conservative… Keep Reading


Work Force Participation Down Along With Unemployment

The latest jobs report is out for November 2016 and the media is in a frenzy over the fact that the unemployment rate has fallen to a nine year low at 4.6%. However, as anyone who has a passing familiarity with the voodoo science of statistics will tell you, numbers can be made to dance to any tune you wish and, contrary to popular opinion, they often lie. And while a 4.6% unemployment rate seems at face value to be great news for the economy, it is unwise to take anything from the government at face value and that holds doubly true for statistics. When you dig a little deeper into the actual numbers, though, a much more complex and much less vehemently optimistic picture of the US labor market emerges. For instance, the work for participation rate which gauges the overall percentage of the population that is actively engaged in the work force either through employment, the search for employment, or the application for unemployment benefits fell yet… Keep Reading


When Protecting Free Speech Isn’t Easy, It’s Still Right

The Constitution of the United States is one of the most truly revolutionary documents of political theory ever penned by mankind. It grants an enormous amount of power, authority, and autonomy to the individual citizen and makes each American a sovereign power unto themselves. A big part of this empowerment comes from the recognition in the Bill of Rights that there are certain powers, rights, and privileges that are beyond the power of the government. The BoR does not “grant” citizens these rights, it merely recognizes them and places them off-limits to the interference and control of the government. It’s worth pointing out that in the First Amendment several of these rights are laid out, including the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to assemble and protest the government. These rights were placed first on the list, grouped together under the umbrellas of the First Amendment, because they were considered to be among the most important and necessary to the preservation of freedom and… Keep Reading

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