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Daniel Pakkala
Daniel Pakkala is Senior Analyst at an M&A investment bank in the greater Atlanta area. Prior to his role, he served as Chairman of Georgia for the Young Americans for Liberty, managing director of the KSU Investment Fund, and supply chain analyst for Koch Industries' subsidiary, INVISTA. Daniel Pakkala is founder and editor of and host of The Daniel Pakkala Show.

Here’s Why I Attack Hillary More Than Trump

A close friend of mine has been busting my balls lately with comments that look something like this, “I see you’ve been defending Trump and attacking Hillary quite a bit lately. Can we assume you’re backing Trump now?” It’s not the first time I’ve received a comment like this. In a political climate so polarizing and a social climate that shoves the “vote or die” mantra down our throats, I can understand why someone would come to this conclusion. We have a false range of choices, and people quickly look to the faintest hint of support or dissent as an… Keep Reading

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