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Colin Compton
I'm Colin Compton. I'm a 20 year old Junior at Eastern Kentucky University, and I'm a journalism major. I'm also the Vice President for the EKU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), and I have to say I love what I do, because what I do pertains to freedom, and freedom is awesome.

Kids Want Big Gov’s Fingers Out Of Their Food

In 2010 the Healthy-Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) was passed by Congress with the ambition of fighting childhood obesity, a battle Michelle Obama has vowed to fight head on.  The act addresses the unhealthy eating habits of public school students and planned to make their lunches healthier with more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, with lean protein and low-fat dairy while  cutting back on sugar, fat and sodium, according to the Fact Sheet on the USDA’s website for the HHFKA.  A seeming act of nobility passed in a bipartisan manner by congress, what could go wrong, besides the fact that students are literally throwing the food away, complaining about the healthier choices of food, and in some cases boycotting the lunches in general? The USDA’s fact sheet states that a Harvard study has found that kids are eating more fruits and vegetables, 23 percent and 16 percent respectively.  This same source reports that over 90 percent of schools in the country are meeting updated health standards, with further information stating… Keep Reading

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