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An aspiring filmmaker with a passion for liberty-minded politics, Charles Barr resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey and graduated Montclair State University with a double major in communication and political science. Charles has volunteered for various campaigns including Ron Paul for President in 2012, Steve Lonegan for US Senate, and Brian Goldberg for US Senate. In addition to politics, Charles was the assistant director for the feature length film, My Brother’s Girlfriend that was accepted to the 2015 New York Film Festival. He previously interned for Congressman Tom MacArthur and volunteered for Q Rim for State Assembly.

Drug Legalization: The Answer America Deserved From Gary Johnson

Last night, CNN hosted Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in the first Libertarian Presidential Town Hall. Most questions that came from the audience allowed the two running mates to explain their views and talk about issues ranging from foreign intervention to taxes and the economy. In a Presidential election that has turned into a debate about who is better at calling each other names, and then persistently calling each other frauds, it was incredibly refreshing to witness a serious conversation about issues- regardless if I disagreed with them or not. One question really stuck out to me: Maureen Morella of West Milford, New Jersey explained that her son, when 16, did a line of heroin, which adversely affected him to the point where he remains paralyzed and his parents are 100% responsible for taking care of him. Morella asked Johnson why he believes that drug legalization would help in situations like these, to which Johnson denied advocating the legalization of drugs and pinpointed only marijuana as capable of… Keep Reading


Where Donald Trump Went Wrong

“Donald Trump has no chance at being the next President of the United States.” That was the consensus when Donald Trump started his campaign exactly one year ago, when he was polling around 2% nationally. Today, Trump has outwitted, outlasted, and outmarketed (that’s the most important one) every other contestant in this year’s Presidential race. All but one of course: Hillary Clinton. When polling began against Hillary Clinton, Trump was at 33%; Clinton at 53%. Today, Trump is at 38% and Clinton is at 44%. These numbers aren’t too important, especially when looking at the race a handful of months out. However, Trump’s 38% is noteworthy. In the past 12 months, Trump has never gone below 38% in a national poll against Hillary Clinton, except at the height of Ted Cruz’s challenge to Trump in the Republican primary this past April. Take out Ted Cruz, and Trump hasn’t fallen below 38% nationally at all. This might be a bit opinionated, but listen to the division in everything Donald Trump… Keep Reading


The Day America Died

The Orlando, Florida shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida this past weekend saw a influx of political response from numerous candidates running for office. While each offered their own unique way of coming to terms with the tragedy, every response seemed to offer a divisional characteristic inherently present in our political system. It is important to remember the victims of the Orlando shooting for not only being victim to the horrendous acts of worthless ISIS supporters and sympathizers around the world, but also because they have become victim to the dilemma of governmental action to prevent future tragedies from occurring. As recent as today, democrats in Congress staged a filibuster to advocate stricter gun control, while the Republican Presidential frontrunner and presumptive nominee considered the expansion of governmental surveillance lists. This is what tragedies have become now: tools of the political elite to advocate an expansion of government power that it doesn’t have the authority to hold. So when is enough, enough? We’ve witnessed what happens when the… Keep Reading


Gary Johnson Who?

Quite frankly, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two easiest candidates to beat in a Presidential election cycle in quite some time. Opportunities to change the course of history don’t come up too often like this. And yet, the one credible candidate running against Trump and Clinton is blowing it. Where is Gary Johnson’s campaign? Anyone inclined about any detail in politics knows that elections are won by the boots on the ground and the campaign working the hardest to get out the vote. Of course, this is in collaboration with media, social media, events, town halls, fundraisers, etc.   Gary Johnson only has the media part down pretty well. He’s been on numerous talk shows within the past week, and more are definitely on their way. Johnson has promoted the party well; his collaborative effort with Bill Weld is a sign that the two are in this election to win it. But that’s all there is. Where are the boots on the ground? Where are the organizational… Keep Reading


A Time For Choosing

This past weekend, Former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico was officially awarded the Libertarian Party nomination after an increasingly heated Primary fight between a handful of other candidates. Former Governor William Weld of Massachusetts was also awarded the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nomination. The response was muddled: the media roared, and Liberty activists snored. The idea that government is beholden to the people, that it has no other source of power except the sovereign people, is still the newest and most unique idea in all of man’s relation to man. Like Reagan once said, the issue of this election is the same that it has been throughout our short history as a country on this planet. Do we believe in our capacity for self-government, or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far distant capitol can plan our lives better than we can ourselves? Their intellectual capacities might often be challenged, but do you really want Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton… Keep Reading


Liberty Can Still Win In November: Just Don’t Vote For Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton

Imagine a scenario on November 8, 2016: Donald Trump receives 59 million votes; Hillary Clinton receives 57 million votes. Donald Trump gets 253 electoral college votes; Hillary Clinton receives 267 electoral college votes.  Both major parties fail to meet the electoral college’s requirement of 270 votes. The catch? The Libertarian Party’s candidate receives 11 million votes and 18 electoral college votes. The Green Party receives 3 million votes and no electoral college votes. In this scenario, the United States Congress would vote and select the next President of the United States, essentially forcing the United States Congress to act as an essential check on the people. The top three candidates with electoral college votes will be eligible to collect any votes in the House of Representatives, as stated by the twelfth amendment. “The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the… Keep Reading


New Jersey Gubernatorial Hopeful Stephen Sweeney And Governor Chris Christie: The Bi-Partisan Agreement On Illegal Marijuana

Everyone in New Jersey can agree that Chris Christie is a complete prohibitionist when it comes to any form – medical or recreational – of marijuana. Unfortunately, this has lead to a stigma that only ostracizes him and numerous other Republicans in the state. Yes, they are part of the problem. But they don’t deserve all of the blame. This isn’t an attempt to cite all of these rather pointless statistics about health, or arrests, or anything of that nature. Facts are facts, and you the reader, already likely have an idea of whether you believe one side or not. This is an attempt to highlight how even with a nearly veto-proof legislature, the New Jersey Democrats have failed to act on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey. Legalization of marijuana or even the expansion of the medical marijuana program requires the legislature to act. Luckily, State Senator Nicholas Scutari introduced legislation in 2014 to regulate marijuana like alcohol. In November 2015, there was a public hearing on… Keep Reading


#LegalizeItNJ: A Movement Needing Traction

This past Monday, pot enthusiasts swarmed the statehouse in Trenton, New Jersey – Chris Christie’s second home after some Town Hall venue in New Hampshire – with a simple message: legalize marijuana. In March 2014, Democratic State Senator Nicholas Scutari introduced a bill that would legalize and treat marijuana like alcohol for any adult over the age of 21. Finally, after all the hard work of the past two years that consisted of implementing new baby car seat rules ‘and’ somehow getting more money out of our pockets, it was finally time for the bill to get some forward traction. A hearing took place. Yes, a hearing. Basically it was a orgy of people wanting to legalize a plant to some small degree – or large depending on who you were – to which some people on the judiciary committee were a bit upset that the only opinions that were heard were of people wanting to legalize this plant. Sounds like a dandy, good old time. See, this concept… Keep Reading


The Real Race Of 2016

The Internet is all abuzz with the 2016 Presidential election. While the race is really important, the likelihood that a serious candidate who proposes limiting government will come out of the election with a win is slim to none. Especially with the idea that the two front runners of one party are a progressive and socialist and the front runner of other is a progressive hiding in the “small-government party.” But I digress. 2016 will likely be an election where a big government advocate takes the White House once again (hooray!). This means that, theoretically, the two other bodies of government can stop government from becoming really big, or even help it along. And I stress theoretically because it really hasn’t been able to stop the growth of government for many of the past 30+ years. This is why the races for the Senate and House become really important, almost as important as the media-driven Presidential race. Essentially, should the democrats become the leading party in the Senate (which… Keep Reading


Donald Trump Comments Cause Political Uproar: Nearly 70% Disagree

In an ongoing unscientific poll by Liberty Guy, nearly 70% of respondents believed that Donald Trump’s comments on Saturday afternoon about Senator John McCain weren’t in good taste. Donald Trump explained to an audience that McCain, “[Is] not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” The response was a mixture of clapping, gasps, and boos. To which Trump immediately said, “I guess he’s a hero.” Political stars within the Republican party, especially Presidential candidates, jumped to John McCain’s defence. United States Senator Rand Paul explained that while he might not always see eye to eye with John McCain, he appreciates “his service and the sacrifices he made for our country.” Neurosurgeon Ben Carson refused to side with either McCain or Trump, explaining, “I believe Sen. McCain has done some wonderful things.” Ted Cruz refused to bash Donald Trump but tweeted, “John McCain is an American hero. Although we have some policy disagreements, I’m proud to serve alongside him.” Others were… Keep Reading


Bush, Cruz & Paul Cling To Hope In Long, Grueling Primary Battle

Let’s face it: 2016 is a year where America can embrace Liberty or completely blow it, succumbing to the progressive rhetoric that has been lacking lately from Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. It’s without a doubt that the clear Republican frontrunner is Jeb Bush- thanks in large part to the constant media bias toward his name. For one, if 2016 does boil down to Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush, history will yet again be made no matter the final outcome. The first woman President versus the third Bush: such a great media narrative that is sure to drive the twenty-four hour news cycle to the point where political nerds will actually have to stop watching. Jeb Bush ultimately is rivaled closely by Scott Walker, who, as any political wonk will explain to you, is loaded up on cash. Again, his emergence was in large part due to the media coverage of a “campaign” stop in Iowa toward the beginning of the year. Weeks after and the media is still trying… Keep Reading


Matt Bevin, The Game Changer

On May 19, Kentucky will get to decide which Republican and which Democrat will face off in the general election for Governor of the commonwealth. Four Republicans are on the ballot while two Democrats are on the ballot. The current incumbent, who is a Democrat, has been in office since 2008, which was the last time the state of Kentucky had a Republican Governor. Let’s face it: Republican governors now a days aren’t all that successful and are seemingly easily corrupt (see Scott Walker and Chris Christie). They are backed by the political elite and, like most politicians today, vote based on the companies, lobbyists, or PACs contributing to their campaigns rather than out of principal and constituent interest. Matt Bevin has made mistakes in the past and I’m sure if you want to go ahead and get a list of his tarnished “liberal record” you can go to his opponents website or Mitch McConnell’s campaign site from last years Senate primary. The truth is that Matt is a… Keep Reading


What Is Liberty?

Essentially, Republicans and Democrats both have an idea of what “liberty” is. The difference between the Libertarian philosophy (not the party) and the philosophy behind Republicans are issues such as gay marriage, marijuana/drug legalization, and immigration. Similarly, Democrats differ in economical issues, such as the importance of capitalism, and with healthcare. Of course this is a small list, and other areas of interest do present many differences in beliefs and philosophies. I’ve had the idea of forming a political page ever since I saw Libertarian Girl on Facebook. A few months ago, amid her advocacy of Rand Paul, she jokingly said something about changing her name to Republican Girl. Well, that got me thinking. Is the term “libertarian” really that bad where philosophical beliefs need to be boiled down to a Republican or a Democrat? Libertarian purists, who somehow advocate the death penalty and superior moral consciousness at the same time, are worried about how a single person influences Republican political leanings- yet can’t even gain ground on a… Keep Reading


Marco Rubio To Endorse Democrat By Running For President In 2016

According to his (lame) social media and website promotion, Marco Rubio is planning on making a “big” announcement on April 13. If you or I had any hope to “reclaim America,” (really guys, we need some other catch phrase this election cycle – please) we’d best hope that Marco Rubio is smart enough to not run for President. It’s not because that he is a ‘terrible’ candidate. He would be a formidable person for the job – one that we all probably disagree with on many things, but one that has some experience and knowledge to make thorough decisions. Marco Rubio is part of the “Tea Party” wing of the Republicans currently in the Senate. They ‘tend’ (key word here) to leen more libertarian/liberty-like in their voting patterns than their other GOP counterparts. That’s where the problem lies. Well… That and Rubio is certainly not going to win the nomination for Presidency. Marco Rubio has previously stated that he will only run for one office – Senate, or President… Keep Reading


Senator Menendez Loses Public Trust

New Jersey has a long history of electing politicians who don’t hold the state’s or the country’s best interest to a high standard. Unsurprisingly, Bob Menendez is the latest politician to join numerous others, such as Woodrow Wilson, Jon Corzine, Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Jim McGreevey as a politician from New Jersey who clearly puts personal interests before Constitutional oaths. As CNN first reported on March 6, the Justice Department is considering bringing federal criminal charges against Senator Bob Menendez, the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. It was said that Menendez used his political influence to secure government contracts with the Dominican Republic for a Florida eye surgeon who happened to donate more than $33,000 to Menendez’s political campaigns since 2004. As a constituent, I am deeply concerned that Bob Menendez would use his office to further personal gains over profoundly defending and standing up for the Constitution. Senator, I respect your Constitutional rights, and presuming you are innocent, your actions nonetheless embody the prevailing stereotype… Keep Reading


Run Ben Run! (For Senate)

There is concern within the liberty movement over Ben Carson’s credentials in embracing liberty and promoting the Constitution. His comments about gun control and views about free speech are just a few of the main issues that put him at odds with liberty minded conservatives and libertarians. To be fair, Carson hasn’t held any elected office and is a retired neurosurgeon. He hasn’t been too influential in politics, except for recently where the movement to draft him for President secured him a fourth place finish in the 2015 CPAC straw poll. In other words, Ben Carson’s heart might be in the right place, but the political atmosphere for a person who claims to understand liberty one day but changes his views consistently, is not ripe for a Carson Presidential run. The chance to change politics, however, is right at Ben Carson’s doorstep – almost literally. This past weekend, Barbara Mikuski a five-term Senator from Maryland, announced that she will not be seeking re-election in 2016. Terry Giles, a top… Keep Reading

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