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Ron Capshaw is a Senior Contributor to The Liberty Conservative from Midlothian, Va. His work has appeared in National Review, The Weekly Standard, and the American Spectator.

Paul Johnson: The Double-Edged Sword Of Character Mattering

I was once startled to hear the late Christopher Hitchens support the view of President Bill Clinton-era conservatives that “character matters.” As with everything else, Hitchens used impeccable logic in defending its application to those either campaigning for or already in power. Because the candidate’s “personality” was literally created based on what characteristics played best with voters (this method most recently and perhaps the most energetically thus far to create a “human” personality for the robotic Hillary Clinton), the only means available for voters to see the person behind the spin was through the unscripted behavior of said persons evident in scandal and corruption. But there is a yin to this yang, especially if such standards are applied to those not in power, but those who traffic in political theories. Character matters so much to those who examine the personal traits of intellectuals that whatever flaws uncovered affect the validity of the thinkers’ ideological conclusions. Keep Reading


University Employs Private Eye To Dig Up Prosecutable Dirt On Conservative Student

When college campus leftists use visual displays, no matter how offensive, to make political points, the administration files this under “protected free speech.” As usual though, a double standard is at work when conservative college students engage in, no matter how mild the presentation, their own form of performance art. With the usual politically correct justification of protecting the feelings of any who might be offended at such displays, college administrations act swiftly and decisively, and more often than not, conservative students are forced to pack up their displays. In the case of Regis University, these efforts to “silence” such visual statements have become so desperate that it is now revealed that the administration secretly employed those whose job description usually centers around digging up dirt on adulterous husbands or wives. Initially, Regis tried official means to prove that a “Social Justice Bake Sale” designed by a conservative student in March to show how the left prioritizes one race and gender over another via a menu charging Asians and… Keep Reading


Joseph Goebbels: Hitler’s PHD

From its beginnings, academics abroad, and for a time within Germany, attacked the Nazi regime’s appeal to the uneducated, ignorant, and mindless as a reflection of those who peopled Hitler’s dictatorship in general and his inner circle in particular. This had a basis in reality, for among Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Herman Goering, it was only the former who had some type of post-secondary education. But Himmler’s was the equivalent of what is called today “a trade school,” as his chief focus was on agronomy, which he did not receive a degree for. Apart from Albert Speer, who attended graduate school to continue his architectural studies, the one PhD among the lot was Joseph Goebbels. As both an undergraduate and graduate school student, he attended four universities where he focused on history and literature. It was at the University of Heidelberg that Goebbels received his doctorate. There, he wrote his PhD thesis on a low-level 19th century romantic writer and playwright named Wilhelm von Schutz. Ironically, given his later… Keep Reading


Christopher Hitchens: Premature Anti-Castroite

Nearing the end of his life, Christopher Hitchens no longer considered himself a Trotskyite, or even a socialist. But he never repudiated his Vietnam-era politics, and to his dying day praised the “heroic” Vietcong, despite Ho Chi Minh’s obvious Stalinist-style politics and how said politics were murderously applied after Saigon fell (Hitchens, like others in the New Left, blamed Minh and Pol Pot’s savagery on America’s relentless bombing campaign). But Hitchens departed from the New Left from the very beginning by criticizing one of their sacred cows: Fidel Castro. Like Lee Harvey Oswald (who, as a gun-brandishing Marxist-spouting deadbeat, would have fit easily into the Weathermen), the New Left lauded the Cuban dictator for his scrappy opposition against “fascist” American imperialism and for his “purer” form of Marxism over the Soviet syetem. For them, Castro was worthy to stand beside their other idols, Ho Chi Minh (many of the violence-practicing New Left proclaimed themselves “America’s Vietcong”) and Mao. But Hitchens kept his head about Castro. Like many of his… Keep Reading


Spain At The Brink

Time has not been kind to the Spanish Civil War, which, among the Left at least, ranks up there with World War II as “the good war.” Russian declassified documents show that Stalin was trying to import his horrific Purge Trials into Loyalist Spain by attempting to execute en masse his Spanish opposition in the form of non-Stalinist but authentically anti-fascist frontline military units on trumped-up charges of being “fascist spies.” On his orders, his plaything, the Stalinist-dominated Loyalist government used their secret police to hunt down and execute these “fascists.” Unfortunately for those who defended the necessity of these repressions (among them, the supposedly politically astute Ernest Hemingway), the sturdily honest George Orwell was fighting in Spain alongside those targeted by Stalin. He would set the records of event straight. The legendary writer knew his fellow soldiers as brave and authentic anti-fascists whose only “crime” was to belong to a non-Stalinist military unit (even those in the Communist-dominated one, members of the International Brigade “disappeared” when they mildly… Keep Reading


George Orwell: More Astute Than Edmund Wilson

Biographers of literary critic Edmund Wilson have asserted that the writer who bears the closest resemblance to Wilson, who reigned as America’s premier man of letters from the 1920s—1960s, is George Orwell. Writing of his subject, Lewis Dabney sought to validate this trans-Atlantic connection by stating that, like Wilson, Orwell was “a social critic who’d digested Marxism, a satirist and autobiographer until 1984 better known as a man of letters than for his fiction.” Dabney noted that both men, rarely praiseworthy of their contemporaries (although Orwell inexplicably lauded Henry Miller), were so toward each other. Orwell lauded Wilson’s essay on Charles Dickens, and Wilson praised Animal Farm even more, calling it “absolutely first-rate” and Orwell worthy to stand beside “Swift and Voltaire.” With this review, Wilson, stingy with praise, made Orwell’s reputation in America, and, according to Dabney “helped sell many thousands of [Animal Farm] copies in United States.” During a largely cordial meeting, Wilson, nevertheless, was angrily critical of the British author for blaming the damage done to… Keep Reading


Helen Gahagan Douglas: The Hillary Clinton Of The 1940s

As Hillary Clinton continues her “excuse” tour regarding her decisive loss to Trump, ranging from the now well-worn Russian collusion thesis to weak support from Obama during the campaign to an ineffective and shattered DNC, many Democrats have sought to acquaint her with the painful reality that she was simply a bad candidate. Such frankness, however, has not attached itself to a cherished liberal history lesson regarding an eerily similar 1950 California Senate race between Republican Congressman Richard Nixon and Democratic Congresswoman Helen Gahagan Douglas. For liberals then and now, Nixon’s victory was achieved by his métier of red-baiting and character assassination, with a heavy dose of misogyny thrown into the mix. To encapsulate all of Nixon’s admittedly thuggish attacks on Gahagan, liberals have cited his infamous mixture of anti-feminism with anti-communism, when he bellowed about Gahagan’s politics, that “she is pink right down to her underwear” (a statement the Nixon campaign borrowed verbatim from Gahagan’s Democratic primary opponent, Sheldon Boddy). Although Nixon’s dodgy at best character, ruthlessly dishonest… Keep Reading


Robert Merriman Was Brave, But Apologized For Soviet Tyranny

It is said, cold-bloodedly, that JFK died in the most romantic and, based on what was to come for the remainder of the 1960s, fortunate way possible. For his death bathed his image in golden lights that did not cling to him while he lived, and allowed him to miss the consequences of many of his actions, particularly with regard to his hawkish stance on Vietnam. Had Oswald missed or Kennedy dodged the fatal head shot, it could have been JFK who was the subject of the New Left chant directed toward his successor–“Hey, Hey, LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?” The same fortunate circumstances applied to Bob Merriman, an American Communist killed while serving as a brigade commander on the Loyalist side during the Spanish Civil War in 1938. Fortunately for his martyred reputation, the pro-Stalinist Merriman died a year before the embarrassment and betrayal inflicted on his comrades by Josef Stalin in 1939 the when the dictator signed a military partnership with the leader of… Keep Reading


Like Trump, Nixon Also Wanted Allies To Supply Their Own Protection

Once upon a time, a Republican president formulated a doctrine that had little to do with regime change, and demanded that countries previously protected by the US military look to their own defense. Quickly into his first term, then-President Richard Nixon in 1969 announced “the Nixon Doctrine” which asserted that the nation’s Cold War allies in Asia would have to provide for their own protection. This policy, which reversed the thrust of US foreign policy for the last 20 years, was linked to the president’s campaign promise for “peace with honor” regarding US forces in Vietnam. By 1968, even some Cold War hawks regarded the conflict as a costly quagmire in terms of American lives (by 1968, more than 250,000 American soldiers had died), and Nixon sought a way to keep the American commitment to resist communist aggression in Asia while at the same time getting American soldiers out of the conflict. Announced as Nixon’s “Vietnamization” plan in 1969, the doctrine involved a phased withdrawal of American soldiers from… Keep Reading


Former CIA Official Under Obama Implies Possible Need For Coup Against Trump

Before Congressional exposure and curtailment of CIA operations into the domestic affairs of foreign countries, in the form of the Church Committee hearings in 1975, the Agency in the Eisenhower and Kennedy eras specialized in engineering and/or directing coups that toppled Soviet-friendly governments. With a mere radio station, the CIA was able to topple Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, and with directed and trained troops rid the country of Muhammad Mossadegh in Iran; both of these figures were seeking or had established relations with the Soviet Union. With a few cables, the Kennedy administration green-lit a coup of Vietnamese military officials to remove South Vietnamese president Ngo Diem from power (it was successful and resulted in Diem’s murder by his captors) out of administration fears that the leader was conducting back-channel negotiations with the Communist North. All of these operations were predicated on plausible deniability of presidents and Agency refusals to go public with these operations. Today, there is nothing private about how former CIA Director John Brennan is taking… Keep Reading


Graham Greene: Catholic Communist

One of the more transparently manipulative and hypocritical slogans used by Western Communist Parties in the mid 1930s to recruit allies for Stalin was specifically designed for Catholics: “You can still take Communion and love the Soviet Union.” Graham Greene, novelist, pundit, and above all, Catholic, embodied this slogan. Indeed, Greene’s attempts to link Catholicism with a Soviet Union that persecuted priests from the get-go predated this slogan. Since the 1920s, Greene had sought to merge his Catholic faith with his Communist one, which prompted George Orwell, a foe of both organized religion and communism, to label Green the first “Catholic fellow traveler.” But even today, an argument is made that Greene was hostile to Communism in whatever form it took until his death in 1991. This school of thought relies on criticisms Greene made toward the ideology throughout his life. Keep Reading


Claud Cockburn: Pioneer Of The Mainstream Media

Conservatives today locate the origins of the “mainstream media” in the Watergate and Vietnam era; when every reporter since has wanted to have the presidency-toppling effect of a Woodward and Bernstein. But from Watergate on, the presidencies that reporters have wanted toppled have been exclusively Republican ones. Much of this partisanship had to do with the inclusion of New Leftist ideologues, ironically once anti-establishment toward the press, burrowing into the profession and the academia that trains future journalists. Conservatives are certainly correct that the profession today is dominated by leftists who never left the late sixties, where objectivity was an obstacle to their political goals and thus jettisoned; and these propaganda techniques continue today by the journalists who leftist academics indoctrinate as college students. Keep Reading


Drexel University Professor Bucks Hate Speech

Once upon a time when professors, no matter how homicidal their statements, or writings, or today, their tweets, could always avoid career trouble by hiding behind the tried-and-true protection of claiming their comments were “satirical.” And college administrations, composed of former professors, often closed ranks behind one of their own, particularly if the professor was a leftist, and was expressing politically correct sentiments, no matter how homicidal the content. But bring money into the mix in the form of donors and prospective students, and sometimes such protection only goes so far. Such is the case with Drexel University. Back in December, when George Ciccariello-Maher, an associate professor of history and politics, tweeted “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide,” the professor claimed that the Drexel administration supported his right to “vigorous public debate.” And such was the impression, as, although the University denounced the tweet as “utterly reprehensible” and “deeply disturbing,” nothing else was done. Maher took the familiar route of claiming the tweet was simply engaging in… Keep Reading


The Conflicting Ideology Of Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess’ disturbing dystopia, A Clockwork Orange, has been lauded by liberals as exhibit A in how society is to blame for criminals. His thrill-seeking murderer Alex, upon being “cured” of his homicidal tendencies is abused by society when he re-surfaces into the real world. For him to “cope” with this criminal society, the process that cured him is reversed, and the reader is left with the impression that criminal tendencies are the only way to survive in society. But the writer behind this “we’re all to blame” novel was in fact a social conservative. Burgess desired a Catholic monarchy running the British government. According to him, these views affected his writing: ‘The novels I’ve written are really medieval Catholic in their thinking, and people don’t want that today.” Although claiming that Jesus used heaven as simply a “metaphor,” Burgess did note its possibilities as an actual place: “If it was suddenly revealed to me that the eschatology of my childhood was true, that there was a hell and… Keep Reading


Award-Winning Playwright Finds Trump Worse Than His Play’s Villain

Roy Marcus Cohn was the chief hatchet man for Senator Joseph McCarthy, and he went even further than the Senator in practicing thuggish and unprincipled tactics. Because of such behavior, Cohn had drawn the wrath of both right and left. For conservatives, Cohn, with his bullying and baseless methods, damaged the cause of anti-Communism for decades. For liberals, Cohn was a Bill of Rights-shredding hypocrite; who, despite being gay, hunted down and purged the government of homosexuals. Since his death in the 1980s, Cohn has since had a considerable after-life in popular culture. James Woods portrayed Cohn as a hyperactive fascist who used his powers to secure more romantic time with fellow staffer David Schine, then in the Army; which assured the Army-McCarthy hearings that took both he and McCarthy down. By far the most famous depiction, however, has been his deathbed appearance in playwright Tony Kushner’s Angels in America; a Reagan-era play about the AIDS epidemic. In the play, Kushner depicted Cohn as a hate-spouting homophobe who at… Keep Reading


The Duchess Of Atholl: Nobility For Stalin

In the film version of George Orwell’s book Keep The Aspidistra Flying, the main character, a struggling writer, assumes correctly that because a benefactor of writers is wealthy, said benefactor is therefore a communist. This assumption was very much a reality in the upper class intellectual world of 1930s Britain. For it was not only the expensively educated like Stephen Spender and W.H. Auden–and on a more sinister level, Kim Philby–who were pro-Stalin, but also Nancy Cunard, the daughter of a shipping magnate. This zeitgeist was so pervasive, that this pampered faction had a titled conservative in their ranks; who, ironically, defended Stalinism out of British imperialist motives. This figure was the Duchess of Atholl aka Katherine Marjory Stewart-Murray, who despite representing the Conservative Party member in Parliament clashed with her fellow conservatives because of their support for appeasing Hitler. Very much a “premature anti-fascist,” she expressed her disgust at the government’s deal-cutting with and outright support of fascist dictators by frequently resigning; first as Conservative Whip in 1937… Keep Reading


Despite Threats Of Violence, Ben Shapiro Will Speak At Berkeley

A form of leftist tyranny in the age of Trump is to adopt and practice the popular slogan of African-American activists, “no justice no peace,” by so-called anti-Fascist groups organized against Trump’s “fascism.” To their credit, African-American activists usually, but not always, organize around this slogan to protest actual events, frequently involving alleged wrongdoing committed against blacks by the police. “Justice” means the police officer, if proclaimed innocent of such “crimes” by juries, must go to jail. The “no peace” part of the slogan carries with it the threat of violence if such a demand is not met. It is inevitable that the self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” groups, always playing fast and loose with the fascist label, would carry out such tactics. The crucial difference is that these groups, unlike their African-American counterparts, aren’t attacking actual “crimes,” but the very ideas of those who don’t share their leftist ideology. For them, the “no peace” is used to pressure universities into bowing before their demands. Keep Reading


Democrat Peddles Conspiracy Theory Regarding Suicide Of Republican

Conspiracy theory provides comfort for those who cannot accept that real life is uncontrollable, and supplies them with the notion that evil, powerful people assassinate those who threaten their power. It also allows them ready-made defenses when investigations provide no hard evidence for their scenarios; they claim that the very absence of corroborating truth for their assertions show that the conspiracy is alive and well in the government and, thus is covering-up evidence that implicates them. This example of unsubstantiated accusations practically owned by the Grassy Knoll School of history is being practiced by Democrats hoping that some of the mud they are continuously throwing at Republicans will stick. Keep Reading


The Struggle To Publish Animal Farm

George Orwell’s devastating satire on Stalinism, Animal Farm remains even 72 years later, along with Nineteen Eighty-Four, the gold standard for totalitarian literature. But Orwell’s classic novel which established the phrase “Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others” nearly didn’t secure a publisher, who based their rejections not on the quality of the book, but because of its unwelcome politics. Written and submitted during the height of Soviet popularity in 1943-1945, who, as a war-time ally pushed Hitler all the way back to Berlin, the fable was rejected not only by pro-Stalinists and at least one KGB agent, but by conservatives as well. Copies were even burned at one point in protest. Keep Reading


Virginia Woman Gives Voice For North Korean Refugees To Speak Out Against Tyranny

While Democrats expend all of their firepower in trying to establish collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, a Virginia woman has been quietly performing the “duty” Democrats claim they organize for–giving voice to the repressed. The duty in question concerns a Virginia woman’s efforts in finding defectors from Stalinist North Korea and giving them a microphone in which to expose the horror of living in the infamously repressive regime. But for Suzanne Scholte, who heads the Defense Forum Foundation, the goal is not just to show the liberty-crushing methods of the North Korea regime; her mission is also to provide hope and inspiration to those who suffer under the blood-thirsty dictator, Kim Jung Un. For over ten years, Scholte has helped finance a South Korean-based radio program headed by North Korean defectors designed to provide their former countrymen with the very news censored by the regime–the truth about the United States–and to provide much-needed hope to Un’s subjects. Keep Reading


Democrats Continue Peddling False Information Deliberately

While Democrats feverishly attempt to link the Trump campaign with Russia, there is actual proof that the Clinton campaign had its own unsavory ties to Russia by peddling disinformation planted by Moscow. The disinformation in question concerns sources in Russia telling a former British spy named Christopher Steele that the Trump campaign aided the effort of Russia to hack Clinton campaign computers. Steele had his own ties to the Clinton campaign when researching the charges via “information” given to him by Russian sources. A Clinton donor paid for Steele’s researches via Fusion GPS, a company that gathers partisan information for Democrats to use against the GOP. After receiving the dossier, Fusion handed it immediately over to Democrats and the mainstream media. The Clinton campaign and Democrats peddled the supposed criminal activities their opponents engaged in with help from the Kremlin that resulted in Trump’s victory. Keep Reading


Professor Has Had Enough Of Political Correctness

A Columbia professor is castigating one of the academic left’s most cherished concepts: that of “white privilege,” according to The Atlantic. In a period where professors and minority students wield this term–designed to create guilt for the so-called “privileged,” to shut down debate–Columbia Professor and African-American John McWhorter appeared at the Aspen Ideas Conference on Thursday to deny the common leftist trope that campuses are repositories of racism; indeed, according to him, “college campuses are perhaps the least racist spots on earth.” Thus “the idea that any [minority] student is undergoing a constant litany of constant racist abuse is… not true.” Keep Reading


The Catholic Church Still Believes In Exorcisms, Blames Rise In Demonic Possession On The Internet

Exorcisms, claimed by its practitioners to save the lives of those inhabited by “demons,” are causing the deaths of those seeking psychological help via religion. Nevertheless, the Vatican is taking possession seriously. The métier of the exorcism ceremony does not confine itself to sprinkling holy water on the “possessed,” or shouting Bible verses at them, but instead uses potentially lethal means in its current modern-day form. Kyong-A Ha, who sought religious means to deal with his insomnia via the Jesus-Amen Ministries, was murdered by exorcists during a six hour ceremony involving physical abuse in 1995. The leader of the California church whose members beat Ha to death was unapologetic. Jean Park, who heads the congregation, said to the police that the physical “damage to Ha was done by demons.” Exorcists and church leaders regularly justify their procedures because of the never-ending battle between God and these supposed demons. Keep Reading


Dan Rather Refuses To Go Away

Like his beloved Clintons, Dan Rather refuses to go away in shame. This venerable dean of the mainstream media clearly has no shame or awareness of his liberal bias (he once told then-employee Peggy Noonan that he was a centrist), evidenced by his recent return to his familiar role of bashing Republicans and carrying water for Democrats. It was this very liberal bias that caused Rather to resign from CBS for feverishly peddling documents revealed to have been false purportedly showing that former President George W. Bush received preferential treatment while in the Texas National Guard during the Vietnam War. Perhaps Rather was heartened by a recent film about the incident, “Truth,” starring uber-liberal Robert Redford as the anchor, which promoted the idea that the documents were genuine. The former news anchor has not only appeared on television to bash Trump and Republicans in general and support Democrats, but he has also expressed his bias on social media. In a positively Leninist note, Rather wrote during the campaign that… Keep Reading


“The Necessary Murder”

Omitted from leftist narratives as to why those of their own defected to the anti-Communist side is how a single murder provoked the defection. Instead pro-Communists and “anti-anti-Communists” assign base motives to these supposedly mentally unstable drunks such as a desire for the latter to line their pockets and for a new appreciation of fascism. Ernest Hemingway, who sought a relationship with the Soviet secret police, used the greed argument against his one-time friend John Dos Passos for publicly accusing Communists during the Spanish Civil War of murdering Dos Passos’ friend, Jose Robles. Hemingway with help from the Soviet-directed loyalist government justified the murder because Robles was “a fascist spy” for Franco. Disgusted, Dos Passos became a fervent anti-Communist who later voted for Barry Goldwater. Keep Reading


Reporter Gets Demoted For Accurately Depicting Anti-Semitism At LGBTQ March

Political correctness is so rampant and inconsistent that its issues frequently clash, and progressive groups are forced to choose between which issue to champion and which one to betray. For members who do not agree with their group’s prioritizing one cause over another and choose defend the cause their comrades have left in the dust instead, the result is often expulsion. A case in point concerns a journalist whose expose of Jewish women being kicked out of a LGBTQ march in Chicago last month resulted in disciplinary action from her employer. For her accurate work, she was removed from the journalism department and parked in the sales division of The Windy City Times. Despite winning several journalism awards and laudably donating her kidney to a sick individual, reporter Gretchen Rachel Hammond was still humiliated by the transfer. Although not admitted by her employer, the clear reason for this humiliation was her article exposing how three Jewish women who waved Israel flags during the Dyke March Collective were forced to… Keep Reading


Even In Texas, Diversity Warriors Hurl Racist Accusations At Conservatives

Even the reliably red-state Texas is being subjected to insane diversity battles at its colleges. A case in point occurred at Texas A&M University, with the focus of the debate concerning a retreat designed to provide a “support system” for incoming freshmen. The location of the retreat, Fish Camp, has since time immemorial been organized “to welcome freshmen into the Aggie family by sharing the traditions and values of Texas A&M University and creating a universally accepting support system that allows them to build relationships and embody the Aggie spirit.” But despite this laudable purpose, Hispanic student Cynthia Mendiola has attacked the Camp for its lack of diversity based on its group photos. In a tweet drenched with sarcasm, Mendiola posted photos of those at the event, and claimed that Fish Camp is “mainly white,” and as such, repels minorities from attending the retreat because of being outnumbered by Caucasians. The victim canard was, yet again, in plat. Keep Reading


Sanders Challenged By Democrat Who Blames The Senator For Trump’s Win

Disgruntled Democrats have blamed Hillary Clinton’s decisive election loss to Russian hacking, and, among other reasons, on FBI Director James Comey. But Jon Svitavsky blames Clinton’s Democratic challenger during the primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for Trump’s victory. “I hold him absolutely, centrally responsible for Donald Trump being president,” Svitavsky said. Svitavsky, a Clinton supporter whose energies are usually devoted to championing the homeless, is channeling his anger against Sanders by entering politics for the first time and running against him–even though Sanders has not yet made his campaign for re-election official. Svitavsky also blames Democrats for allowing the self-described Independent into the fold. He said, “I believe that Bernie Sanders’ entire involvement with the Democratic party has been devastating. I think it was a big mistake for the Democratic Party to let him in in the first place.” Despite Sanders overwhelmingly winning the Vermont Democratic primary last year by carrying 85 percent of Democratic voters, Svitavsky smells blood in the water, and believes that grassroots Democrats want Sanders out… Keep Reading


The Doomsday Clock Just Moved Closer

True to form, North Korea yet again used July 4 to fire a missile, but this time it was more alarming and effective than merely sputtering and dropping into the ocean. This week, the missile test showed that the communist regime can, as threatened, hit the US mainland with a nuclear bomb. David Wright, a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, calculated the launch and ascertained had the missile followed a “normal trajectory,” it could have hit Alaska. In response, the US and South fired missiles into the sea, demonstrating the capability of the missiles to strike deep within the North with precision. The Trump administration has also responded by stating that North Korea has exhausted America’s “strategic patience,” and that military strikes against the Stalinist regime are now a possibility. Despite the country’s belligerence, military commanders state that only restraint by the U.S. keeps a war between America and North Korea from occurring. But U.S. and South Korean strategy, as demonstrated by their retaliatory missile response, can… Keep Reading


Paul Ryan Makes a Mockery Of Jefferson’s Legacy By Limiting Town Hall Meetings

One of the key components, perhaps the paramount one, for Jeffersonians advocating for power to reside in state and local governments rather than the federal one, was that the former was within the protesting reach of citizens; and thus could be subjected to popular pressure when said citizens felt their elected officials were not representing them. But when the power of the federal government was made greater than state and local governments, the former entity was protectively distanced from such protests, and thus, according to Jeffersonian theory, could govern against the wishes of those who elected them (increased federal power and its remoteness was championed by Jefferson’s big government bete noir, Alexander Hamilton, who asserted that the government should be impervious to a public he denigrated as “a great beast”). Today, although he preaches the need for small government, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is behaving in an un-Jeffersonian manner by excluding the public from town hall meetings, and limiting audience members down to what he calls his “constituents.” Keep Reading


Professor Wants An Academic Study To Examine Trump’s Constituents

Rather than seeking to understand the constituency behind Donald Trump’s popularity, then-candidate Hillary Clinton instead dismissed them as the “deplorables.” But her husband, who–whatever one says about Bill Clinton–is probably the most astute politician today, was not so dismissive, and blamed Obama for ignoring the “white working class for eight years.” Amazingly, given academia’s far left reputation, a professor wants to understand rather than castigate the white voters without college degrees who put Trump into office. John Banzhaf, a professor at George Washington University Law School, wants to add a new program to college studies that will examine the “white middle class.” This proposed discipline, which Banzhaf calls “blue collar studies,” would be designed to “understand the very strong feelings of despair and hopelessness which caused so many of them to vote for Trump.” Keep Reading


In Canada, Being a Terrorist Can Really Pay Off

Canadian-born Omar Khadr was captured in 2002 while fighting American soldiers with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and later plead guilty to murdering Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer with a grenade before an American military court in 2010. For his crimes, he was enriched by the Canadian government on Jul. 5 in the form of $10.5 million dollars. In addition, the Canadian government is going to apologize to Khadr, but both the reasons for the money and for the apology have not been disclosed, according to The Canadian Press. Not only did Khadr, by his own admission, murder an American soldier as well as blind another, but he also helped the Taliban develop weapons with explosive capabilities to be used against American forces. Khadr served ten-years in the Guantanamo Bay prison facility, and was handed over to the Canadian government in 2012. Because he was 16 at the time of his capture, and that he served time in the left’s bête noir, Guantanamo Bay, leftists and Muslims claimed that American… Keep Reading


Culture Wars Within The Heart Of Texas

When I was growing up in probably the reddest of red states, Texas, it was as easy to spot someone from Austin as it was to spot an NRA member, whose concealed handguns forced one to rely on their conversation rather than whether they were packing or not. Within one minute, it was apparent where the latter stood, courtesy of their hyper-aggressive views. Equally quick and equally aggressive was the unrequested political stances bellowed by Austin residents, whose home city was a leftist stronghold in a state of reliably rock-ribbed Republicans. A common example of such instant identification occurred when a student at the University of Texas, headquartered in Austin, bragged of how his city was a place where “liberalism is loud and proud” before telling me his name. Hence, with only a meager middle, Texas has always contained within itself the starkest example of the blue state-red state political and culture wars that are usually expressed on state versus state basis. Keep Reading


Indoctrinating And Organizing At “Socialism 2017”

Once upon a time, far-left professors responded to those who called them “Marxists” with the dread charge of McCarthyism; a buzzword whose encoded meaning was that the charges against said professors were baseless. Meanwhile, these same academics openly advocated for the very collectivism they were accused of promoting. But that was then. Today, leftist academics are up front about their Marxism, a frank admission almost exclusive to the age of Trump. A case in point is the upcoming conference entitled “Socialism 2017,” which will be held on July 6-9 in Chicago. The advertisement for this conference, which is organized and will be attended by tenured radicals, is clearly to ground non-academic and un-indoctrinated audiences in socialist theory and tactics, in essence, to “build the left” and “fight the right.” Keep Reading


On Our Soil: The Liquidation Of Juliet Poyntz

To this day, anti-anti-communists from the Cold War period and their tenured academic counterparts scoff at the idea that Soviet communists liquidated their American agents on US soil. While grudgingly admitting that Stalin did carry out wet work against those who dared to oppose him (I’ve heard professors actually defend it), they argue that such actions were exclusively conducted overseas–i.e, Leon Trotsky pickaxed in Mexico or the death-by-torture of loyalist soldier Bob Simile in Spain. But on at least one instance, Stalin used a Soviet assassination squad to undoubtedly kidnap and murder an American agent in New York City for the “crime” of defecting from the spy ring. The victim was Juliet Stuart Poyntz, who spied for the Soviets, but later defected because of Stalin’s Purge Trials. While in Russia, she witnessed firsthand the frame-up and subsequent murder of those she knew to be innocent, and refused to engage in any more espionage work for the Soviets after returning to the United States. On June 3, 1937, a year… Keep Reading


Vietnamese Repression Cannot Keep Pace With The Internet

In an example confirming why conservatives and libertarians fight back against Democratic attempts to control the Internet, the communist dictatorship of Vietnam is cracking down on and even jailing those who use social media. The reason is that dissidents in the Stalinist-style country are using the Internet as a meeting place of sorts to organize resistance to the regime’s policies. Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch said the Internet is a considerable threat to the power of the Vietnamese government because it gives individuals a medium to expose its repressive behavior: “Facebook is being used as an organizing tool, as a self-publishing platform, as a monitoring device for people when they are being detained and when they get released.” Robertson adds that Facebook is providing a support network to “to connect communities that otherwise would not be connected.” This awareness of a swelling number of dissident Internet users has provided encouragement to those who in the past felt like they were fighting a lonely battle. Pro-Democracy advocate Nguyen Anh… Keep Reading


Why Socialism Works?

Conservatives routinely attack millennial leftists for getting their political knowledge from twitter or the Daily Show rather than actually reading a book. This perception is validated with the “reviews” of Harrison Lievesley’s book “Why Socialism Works,” posted on Amazon. Obvious lefties have praised the work in gushing terms. One called it a “gripping account of this complex ideology” and awarded it “5 stars.” Another reader praised the research involved: “A perfect introduction to the crux of the matter without any messing around. In depth research backs up the argument presented. Top notch.” Another reviewer by the name of Conor Burn complimented the readability of the work by saying, “I’m sure this will go down as one of the greatest texts ever written on the subject. I found myself furiously consuming the words on each page, totally engrossed in the text. It seemed I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!” But the problem is that the book is not a warm and researched endorsement of collectivism; on the contrary, it… Keep Reading


Democratic Governor Stands Against Campus Free Speech, Vetoes Key Legislation

In yet another example of Democrats’ troubling views toward free speech, the governor of a traditionally red state killed a Republican-sponsored bill designed to deal with First Amendment violations on college campuses by anti-Trump protesters. Amazingly, the Democratic Governor of Louisiana, John Bell Edwards, vetoed the bill protecting free speech on campuses because he said it was not needed. Edwards wrote that the bill was an “unnecessary and overly burdensome to our colleges and universities as the freedoms this bill attempts to protect are already well-established by the bedrock principles declared in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.” Bell is clearly, at best, in the throes of denial about what is happening on college campuses around the country–at UC Berkeley, for example, anti-Trump students as well as the off-campus masked terrorist group, ANTIFA, succeeded in shutting down conservative icon Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus by firebombing cars and generators. Keep Reading


Anti-Trump Leftists More Big Brother Than Trump

Back in January, a two-word phrase uttered by Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway gave George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four its biggest sales boost in years. In response to White House secretary Sean Spicer’s assertion that, contrary to the mainstream media’s head-count, citizens who attended the Trump swearing-in represented the “largest audience” ever to appear at an inauguration, Conway defended his claim, stating that he was merely giving out “alternative facts.” For many on the anti-Trump left, this phrase was evidence that Big Brother had arrived in the White House, and, perhaps to understand the nature of the “beast” in the oval office, (one purchaser called Nineteen Eighty-Four the “Perfect Primer for Potus 45”) purchased en masse copies of Orwell’s 68-year-old novel, making it a best-seller on Amazon. Pundits went further in the comparison than merely Trump abusing language. For mainstream media journalists, the administration was trying control information rather than sharing it. Keep Reading


Carlson Says Griffin’s Victimhood Attempt Is Symptomatic Of The Left As A Whole

Despite condemnations from liberals, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson asserted on his program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, on Friday, that liberal comedian Kathy Griffin represents “the perfect embodiment of what the modern left believes.” Griffin recently came under fire for posing in a picture in which she held up a replica of the bloodied severed head of President Donald Trump. Keep Reading


Glenn Frankel’s High Noon

In the film The Contender, a liberal female politician who is undergoing a bruising confirmation hearing for a position in the president’s cabinet, uses the blacklist as an example as to why she won’t answer questions from Congress about her sex life. In true Atticus Finch fashion, she instructs a young hothead who wants her to answer the questions that, had the first witness before HUAC refused to name names, then other witnesses would have done likewise and the whole nightmare of the blacklist would have been stopped in its tracks. Thus the point of her “history lesson” is that she must refuse, otherwise blacklist part two will occur. This is a prime example of the navel-watching that Left Coast Hollywood indulges in when they need an event to show America betraying its democratic ideals. In these sweepstakes, the more horrific event of the Japanese Internment cannot compete with their almost continuing citation of the blacklist–always the blacklist. For it happened to “them”: tinsel-town liberals, whose, more often than not,… Keep Reading


Wonder Woman Banned In Lebanon

A Middle Eastern country is banning the new film Wonder Woman, but not because the film is about a feminist icon who battles criminals like her male counterparts, Superman and Batman. The ban from Lebanon, which was put in place a mere two hours before the film was to appear on movie screens in the country, has to do with the background of the actress portraying the superhero. Keep Reading


Chucking The Constitution

During his time as a Nation columnist, Christopher Hitchens reported noticing that some staff members considered Joe McCarthy a bigger menace than Josef Stalin. Such views implied a support of purges and murders if committed by the “right side” as opposed to mere Congressional inquiries, that, however brow-beating, did not kill anyone. But the politically correct violence implied to Hitchens has now been unequivocally championed by Leftists, justifying and cheering the most thuggish manner of street violence because of the election of the “fascist” Donald Trump. Keep Reading


The Yiannopolous-Hitchens Comparison

Last month liberal talk show host Bill Maher, during an interview with Milo Yiannopolous, compared the controversial right-winger to a “young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens.” But such a comparison of Maher’s is false and does dirt to the much more thoughtful—and libertarian—Hitchens. On sexuality alone, the two differ. Although Hitchens admitted to gay relationships in the past (some of whom were with Hitchens’ hated Tories who later served in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet), he never engaged in bashing homosexuals as does Yiannopoulos. It’s not just Hitchens’ public stances on homosexuality, endorsing gay marriage as a “form of love,” and attacking anti-sodomy laws, that frustrates any comparison with Yiannopoulos. It is that Hitchens in his time battled the kind of far right gay bashers of the Yiannopolous sort. He even argued that homosexuality was often the province of the right: “the sexual outlaw world may be anarchic, but it is also servile and deferential. It is, to put it crudely, generally right-wing.” Keep Reading


Yiannopolous’ Tent Show

In an example of stubbornness, courage, or suicidal tendencies, right-wing lightning rod Milo Yiannopoulos is announcing a return to the lion’s den of UC Berkeley, where previously his appearance resulted in violence by leftist students. His plan is to hold “Milo’s Free Speech Week,” which he calls a weeklong event of rallies and speeches attacking such “enemies of free speech,” as feminists, Black Lives Matter members, and the Islam religion. Keep Reading


Free College Tuition For Black Students: Whites Must Pay For Racial Oppression

For those non-minority parents who struggle to pay their children’s college tuition, things may get worse. On Tuesday, the student government at Western Kentucky University voted, 19-10, in support of free tuition for black students as a means to apologize for slavery. The “reparation” bill’s co-author, Andre Ambam, said that it will level the economic playing field for black students who cannot afford to go to WKU as well as be a symbolic apology by the current generation of white students for racial oppression: “If you really care about diversity, if you really care about inclusion, if you really care about making this campus safe and accessible to everybody, having the student government’s support of reparation[s] for black students would be amazing,” Ambam said. Keep Reading


No Free Speech For Fascists: The Selective Civil Liberties Of The Pomona College Left

In a legal powwow with their lawyers, Hollywood Communists, forever known as “The Hollywood Ten,” who were summoned by Congress to testify about their political affiliations in 1947, were given the hypothetical question about freedom of expression for all by their attorneys. When asked if they believed in freedom of speech for Communists, the immediate answer from all was a resounding “yes.” Some of the group even supported the next hypothetical question of whether “fascists” were eligible for the same free speech protections. But John Howard Lawson, the uber-sectarian head of the Hollywood Party, advised otherwise, saying, “The answer is that you do not believe in freedom of expression for fascists,” only Communists because what we “say is true,” and what the fascists say “is a lie.” And off Lawson went to testify before Congress in which he defended freedom of expression for all. Keep Reading


Teaching The Americans Democratic Procedure: Russian Dissident Masha Gessen

Russian dissidents are usually proponents of American-style libertarianism. Lech Walesa loved Ronald Reagan, as did prisoners in Gulags, who would risk it all and cheer whenever the guards would counter-productively broadcast Reagan speeches. Having been subjected to big government run amok in Russia, dissidents who immigrate to the United States appreciate what is exceptional about American society. The same can be said of Masha Gessen, a former Russian dissident and writer-in-residence at Oberlin College. In a period where other anti-Trump activists refuse to consider the arguments of the other side and seek to deny those “fascists” the right to express pro-Trump sentiments, Gessen has a libertarian tinge. Keep Reading


The Selective Pacifism Of Dalton Trumbo

Probably the most mocked of anti-Communist claims by anti-anti-Communists was that the American Communist Party of the 1930s and 40s was dedicated to the violent overthrow of the American government. Former Communist and blacklisted screenwriter Ring Lardner Jr. said that even though Communism had “taken a violent form in the Soviet Union” it did not mean the American Communist Party wanted to use the same Leninist methods of seizing the government. Rather, he asserted, the CPUSA sought to bring socialism about through democratic gradualism. But a generation later, in the 1960s, the New Left was committed to that very goal the Old Left was accused of. They didn’t want the U.S. to withdraw from Vietnam; they wanted the Vietcong to defeat “fascist America.” They didn’t want to make the U.S live up to its democratic principles; they wanted it overthrown a la the methods of Castro, Mao, and Ho Chi Minh, who many modeled their units after (New Leftist Tom Hayden called his violent Weathermen faction an “American Vietcong”). Keep Reading


Angela Davis: Still Bashing The U.S. And Israel

A quality lauded by today’s Left is for those of their ranks to never abandon their principles. The immediate riposte to this is that Hitler did also. And such adherence can violate the cardinal rule of being an intellectual: the ability to entertain the possibility that one might be wrong. An excellent example of leftists never engaging in second thoughts is Angela Davis, who despite claiming to be a former member of the American Communist Party and the Black Panthers, has retained her anti-Semitism and hatred of America. Invited to speak at George Washington University last month, Davis devoted the bulk of her speech to bashing both America and Israel. She denounced the latter as an occupier nation in Palestine and guilty of “ethnic cleansing.” And like the U.S. promoted itself as a “paragon of democracy,” when in reality it is homophobic toward “queer Palestinians who call for justice for their people.” Keep Reading

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