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Caitlin Grimes
Caitlin is a senior political science student at Marshall University. She currently serves as the student government associations chief of staff for the executive branch. Outside of school she is a field associate for Americans for Prosperity and enjoys working with groups such as Young Americans for Liberty.

Midterm Election Messaging Towards Millennials Turns Shirtless

The mid-term elections are less than a week away, and as the big day draws closer, the means employed to attract the youth to the polls are garnering extreme controversy. This was first seen with the release of the College Republican National Committee’s “Say Yes to the Candidate” ads, which were widely derided by the liberal media as sexist. It has since then, evolved from music videos containing popular celebrities to physically trying to get millennials to the polls. The most outrageous case of this attempt is set to take place at North Carolina State University this Election Day, thanks… Keep Reading

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