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Beth Johnson
Beth Johnson is a freelance political journalist and a contributor to The Liberty Conservative.

Dear Thomas Sowell — Thank You

Earlier this week, shockwaves were sent through the liberty movement. At age 86, Thomas Sowell, one of the most gifted and influential libertarian economists of our lifetime, announced that he is finally putting the brakes on his weekly column. This came as sad news to many. Over the past 25 years, Sowell has guided countless youngsters to the path of liberty for the first time. One of them was me. I was a liberal, both economically and socially, until I began reading Sowell’s column in school. I’ve always believed that, as president-elect Donald Trump frequently says, the system is rigged. While there is some validity to this claim, I, like most liberals, took it to the extreme. Keep Reading

Rep. Mick Mulvaney

Rep. Mulvaney: Say NO To Special Interest Giveaways In December Spending Bill

After spending tens of millions of dollars to elect a Republican Congress, Las Vegas casino titan Sheldon Adelson is looking for some payback. Sources on Capitol Hill fear that members of the House and Senate Republican leadership might be willing to throw the Tenth Amendment to the wayside and outlaw Adelson’s online competition as a way of saying thank you. Adelson, whose net worth has been estimated to be $33 billion, has waged a two-year jihad against New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada state laws that afford residents of those states to participate in online gambling. Rather than lobbying those states to repeal their laws, Adelson has turned to Washington to have those laws unconstitutionally overturned. Adelson’s lobbyist drafted legislation, often referred to as “RAWA” (Restore America’s Wire Act), which was quickly introduced by long-time Adelson ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).  Adelson returned the favor by hosting a fundraiser for Graham’s ridiculous presidential campaign.   Although three congressional hearings were held to jump-start the legislation, the bill has failed to… Keep Reading


Why IPAB Repeal Is Trump’s Perfect Opening Move

Following eight years of Obama, it will take some doing for Republicans in Washington to learn how to most effectively wield the power they just won in the election. The results of Republicans’ control of Congress were certainly not stellar, but they were limited by Obama. Now there are no excuses: they must make significant gains. For replacing the president’s health care law, that means walking before you run. Full repeal of Obamacare absolutely must be achieved, but for a variety of reasons the path will be more arduous than you might expect. Keep Reading


Jeremy Rifkin: A True Snake Oil Salesman

Throughout the 1800s, as Americans spread across the continent, so too did “snake oil salesman” — charlatans peddling the latest medicinal cures that could “fix” everything from chronic pain to kidney problems. Snake oil salesmen are still with us today, but some are now peddling more than physical cures.  The lucky ones get the big bucks to peddle economic theories that lack a fundamental understanding of basic economic principles.  Politicians, business leaders, and even Prime Ministers listen to these quacks declare the “end of capitalism,” the “end of work,” the coming “worker-less society.” Perhaps the biggest and, unfortunately, most influential of these sophists is Jeremy Rifkin, the American economic and social theorist, who had advised the European Union and a host of European leaders, including Angela Merkel of Germany.  But Rifkin is more than an economist.  He is an evangelical against the market arguing that the world must shift to a “low-carbon economy” for its very survival.  After listening to Rifkin for fifteen minutes, one can understand why the British… Keep Reading

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