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Adrienne Carrier
Adrienne Carrier, a junior at Hillsdale College where she is studying Politics and Economics. She enjoys writing and researching on the administrative state and cronyism.

US Should Look To New Zealand When It Comes To Postal Service

Whether it be the mailwoman accused of stealing $2,000 in gift cards from undelivered mail or the 25 bags of mail discarded in a sewer this May, it is clear that the United States Postal Service (USPS), is riddled with problems. Service is slow, mail becomes damaged during shipment, and delivery estimates are never quite accurate. Everyone seems to have a complaint when it comes to how things operate down at their local post office. It doesn’t have to be this way. The United States should look to New Zealand for guidance. In the 1980s, New Zealand took their first steps to privatize their postal service, and in 1998 the New Zealand Post (NZP) was stripped of its final monopoly power. Now, NZP still delivers mail to all New Zealanders three days of the week while the private sector has stepped in to provide other services. In contrast, USPS is continually losing revenue as letters are increasingly replaced by electronic methods of communication. Since 2007, USPS has lost more… Keep Reading

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