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James Allsup is a campaign manager and analyst from Seattle, Washington. He is a member of The Liberty Conservative's editorial board, a YouTube content creator, podcast host, and student at Washington State University.

Crybaby Professors Call For End Of “Free Speech”

College campuses are known to be bastions of leftist “thought”. The main backers of this ideology tend not to be students, but professors and faculty themselves. Even on campuses with fairly moderate or conservative student bodies, leftist professors routinely feel the need to publicly virtue signal to their equally far-left colleagues. There may be no better example of this than a recent letter signed by 25 professors at Washington State University that calls for the university to institute policies to combat that dangerous menace known as, in their words, “free speech”. The tear-stained letter begins: “We have witnessed an increase of exclusionary language based on race, citizenship status and religious affiliation in recent months; here on campus, with the erection of a wall and several other incidents on/off campus and in social media.” Is that so? If we’re truly living in such an awful, racist world, where is the documentation of these incidents? Surely, these professors would not be lying about fictitious incidents of hate – not even real… Keep Reading


If You Call The Alt-Right “Nazi White Supremacists,” You’re Wrong

Thanks to President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon and the actions of some attendees at the National Policy Institute (NPI) annual conference, media scrutiny of the alt-right is at an all time high. Within the veritable tornado of stories “exposing” the alt-right coming out seemingly on a daily basis, three phrases are re-occurring: “white nationalism,” “white supremacy,” and “race realism.” Many journalists, pundits, and misinformed social media users are treating these three very different concepts as if they are one and the same. Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and every writer or personality considered to be “alt-right” is being labeled automatically by the media as a racist, Nazi, white nationalist, white supremacist, and race realist. This is irresponsible reporting at best, and purposeful obfuscation at worst. Race realism, white nationalism, and white supremacy are separate concepts – much to the chagrin and confusion of the mainstream media. To understand the alt-right, it is necessary to understand each of these distinct concepts. Keep Reading


No Exceptions: All Illegal Aliens Must Be Physically Removed

After every presidential election, the idea of the president’s “electoral mandate” becomes a hot topic of discussion. The newly elected president, by virtue of his election, is thought to have received a “mandate” from the American people to pursue his policy agenda. On November 8, the American people elected Donald Trump and gave him a clear mandate to address the following issues: trade, Obamacare, and most importantly, immigration. Keep Reading


Hispanic Trump Voter Called “Race Traitor” By Nasty Women

At a pro-Trump demonstration that took place at Washington State University on November 9, a group of anti-Trump protesters arrived to articulate their opposition to Donald Trump’s landslide victory in the November 8 election. M.J. Vega, a member of WSU College Republicans, was present at the event. At one point in the event, a group of largely Hispanic and black agitators told Vega that because of his support for Trump, he was a “traitor” to his race, did not love his family, and that he was going to be deported – despite being in the United States legally. White students were called “gringos,” as chants of “f*** that gringo” were directed at white students demonstrating. View the footage of leftist racism on display below. Keep Reading


Young Americans For Liberty Exec: All Trump Supporters Are Racist

On November 1, a largely-black church in Mississippi was set on fire, and allegedly spray painted with the words “vote Trump.” The police have not determined if the arson and spray painting were done by the same suspects, or if any of those suspects are actually Trump supporters. However, this did not stop Young Americans for Liberty’s National Field Director, Ty Hicks, from immediately using the attack as a way to condemn all- yes, all- people voting for Trump as racists. In a Facebook post that linked to the article, Hicks wrote the following: “I do not see how anyone could consciously vote for Donald Trump without some level of serious racial prejudice in their world view.” Hicks is stating, in no uncertain terms, that he believes all Trump voters are plagued by racial bias and prejudice. In his capacity as National Field Director for YAL, he supervises hundreds of chapters across the country. Many of these chapters, including those at Washington State University, Georgia Southern University, and others,… Keep Reading


Hillary’s Hail Mary: Alicia Machado (Again)

With exactly one week left before the 2016 presidential election, the wheels are coming off the Hillary Clinton campaign. The FBI has renewed their investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified documents, top Clinton aide Huma Abedin may have perjured herself in prior testimony, Donna Brazile has been fired from CNN for leaking debate questions to Clinton, and the FBI has announced- contrary to the Clinton campaign’s narrative- that they do not believe Donald Trump has ties to Russia. This high-speed car wreck of a week on the campaign trail is having a massive impact in the polls: Trump has surged to a 4 point lead in the LA Times/USC tracking poll. The ABC tracking poll has seen a massive 13 point swing in Trump’s favor in the past week.’ The Clinton camp is in trouble and they know it. In response to this complete momentum swing, conventional wisdom held that the Clinton campaign would release their final piece of opposition research on Trump to reclaim the media narrative. A new… Keep Reading


BREAKING: White House Sides With Comey, FBI Over Clinton Emails

During the morning briefing at the White House on October 31, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced that the Obama administration would back FBI Director James Comey in his handling of the Clinton email investigation. Earnest stated that the White House would not “defend nor criticize” Comey and his handling of the newest development in Clinton’s email scandal. With regard to Comey’s intentions, Earnest stated that the White House “doesn’t believe that Director Comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election,” and that he is taking the proper steps to seek justice. There has been much talk about the divisions between different sects of Obama’s executive branch. According to reports, the Department of Justice and FBI were at odds with each other about how the investigation of the Clinton Foundation was proceed, with Loretta Lynch’s DOJ pushing for the investigation to slowed or halted. Keep Reading


Gary Johnson Has Failed His One Job

It looks like the Libertarian Party will end the 2016 election cycle will end the way it has ended nearly every other presidential cycle: embarrassed, having failed to get any significant share of the vote, and on its way back to the drawing board. That prediction was back in July, in my first piece for The Liberty Conservative. As it turns out, this prediction is coming true. In a campaign that has become known less for spreading the message of small government and more for Nazi cakes, humiliating ignorance on foreign policy, and mentally unhinged rants at reporters, Gary Johnson is about to fail at the only goal even his biggest skeptics expected him to reach: getting 5% of the vote nationally. According to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average, the Aleppo-challenged governor is polling at only 4.7% in national four-way polls. This is devastating for Johnson, who was flirting with 9.2% support as late as mid-September. As the trail of tears of negative polling continues for Johnson, it is… Keep Reading


BREAKING: FBI Reviewing 650,000 Weiner Emails

On Sunday afternoon it was reported that the FBI has begun reviewing approximately 650,000 emails stored on a laptop computer owned by Anthony Weiner, husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, “metadata on the device suggests there may be thousands sent to or from the private server that the Democratic nominee used while she was secretary of state,” an estimate much higher than the “three emails” that were originally reported by some outlets on Friday. This new inquiry, which began 11 days before the presidential election, “will take weeks at a minimum,” per the Journal. The FBI will be tasked with determining how many of the emails concerned Clinton’s campaign and foundation, how many were about State Department work, how many have already been turned over to the FBI on other devices, and finally, whether or not they contain “either classified information or important new evidence in the Clinton email probe.” Abedin has claimed that she does not know how her… Keep Reading


THUGS: Homeless, Elderly, Black Trump Supporter Assaulted By Mob

On Friday, a homeless woman who had been guarding Donald Trump’s vandalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was assaulted by a group of anti-Trump thugs. The video, posted by Facebook page Daily Reminder, is disturbing, and can be viewed here. In the video, a large Hispanic man can be seen pulling signs from the homeless African American woman’s hand, and proceeding to rip them up. “Get your ass outta here, bitch,” someone yells at the elderly woman. As the woman packs up her things to leave, the same Hispanic man begins pulling out the contents of her cart and throwing them to the ground. Jeers of “bitch” and “get your ass outta here, bitch” can be heard from the racially diverse group of people watching. “Didn’t I tell you, didn’t I tell you?”, a black man repeats. At approximately the 1:06 mark in the video, an African American hand can be seen coming in the top right side of the frame and grabbing the woman by the… Keep Reading


BREAKING: FBI Reopens Investigation Of Hillary’s Email Server

According to a multitude of reports early Friday afternoon, the FBI has announced that it will be reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s potentially illegal private email server. In a statement to the Senate judiciary committee, FBI director James Comey wrote the following: “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation … I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.” The announcement comes at the first week of early voting in many states. If the investigation is not concluded by November 8, Clinton will be the first presidential candidate in history to finish an election under an FBI investigation. There was significant movement in the prediction markets on the news of the FBI’s decision: the odds of Donald Trump winning the presidency had shot up from 23% to… Keep Reading


#DraftOurDaughters: Hillary’s Wars Need Women, Too!

Hillary Clinton is, in her words, a “progressive.” In fact, she is so progressive that she has drawn in millions in contributions from Wall Street bankers, takes a “public and private” stance on every issue, and wants to pursue a policy of aggression towards nuclear-armed Russia that makes Donald Rumsfeld look like Ron Paul in comparison. Much has been made this election cycle about Hillary’s cracking of the “glass ceiling” and becoming the first major party presidential nominee. And now, Hillary wants to extend the opportunity to crack the glass ceiling to every woman in America by forcing them to register to be drafted into combat. In June 2016, Hillary Clinton, along with fellow neoconservatives Lindsay Graham and Claire McCaskill, expressed support for requiring our nation’s young women to register for Selective Service. At the time, Hillary’s support for women registering for the draft seemed like a benign overture to the feminist left- a legislative virtue signal in lockstep with the radical egalitarian idea that “anything men can do, women can… Keep Reading


RIGGED: Leaked Emails Reveal How Media Is Rigging Polls For Hillary

Included in a new batch of John Podesta emails released by Wikileaks on October 23 is a 2008 correspondence between Tom Matzzie, a Democratic campaign operative, and analysts from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, a political research agency. The email, sent by Matzzie, has a document attached that outlines the state-by-state strategy developed in 2008 and currently being employed by polling agencies to oversample Democrats, undersample Republicans, and skew the polls in favor of Hillary Clinton ahead of the November 8 election. “Hey Guys, See attached from Atlas,” the first email reads. The Atlas Project, which Matzzie is referring to, “provides an interactive platform for political research and data that helps the progressive community make smart, effective, and cost-efficient decisions on electoral and issue advocacy campaigns,” with the mission of “[arming] campaigns and progressive organizations with the insight, analysis and tools to help avoid costly missteps and make better strategic decisions.” The attachment being referred to is the “Selected Polling & Media Recommendations” report, which describes in intimate detail the… Keep Reading


College Republicans Host “Hillary For Prison” Event

On Monday, October 18, the College Republicans at the University of Washington hosted a “Hillary for Prison” event in the campus’ Red Square commons area. The event included a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton placed in a jail cell made of PVC pipe, and Chevy Swanson, the chapter’s Presidential Election Coordinator, dressed up as Donald Trump. According to Jessie Gamble, president of the UW College Republicans, the goal of the event was to get students “engaged in discussion…about the latest Wikileaks or the Benghazi scandal.” The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive: “People from [across the] political spectrum actually showed up and took selfies with the event, one of which was actually a Gary Johnson supporter but agrees with us and the cause that Hillary is not above the law.” College Repubublicans at the University of Washington have been involved in several controversial demonstrations over the course of this election cycle, the most prominent of which was the construction of the “Trump Wall” in the middle of campus… Keep Reading


EXCLUSIVE: Is Austin Petersen Running a “Nonprofit” Slush Fund?

One of the strengths of the liberty movement has always been the web of libertarian think tanks, institutes, and foundations that work to create content and spread the message of small government. From the Mises Institute to the Foundation for Economic Education to the Cato Institute, there are plenty of libertarian organizations that have done good, honest work. And then there is the Stonegait Institute. The project of The Libertarian Republic founder and former Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen, the Stonegait Institute presents itself as a “nonprofit” organization that aims to “empower activists and advocates to challenge abuses of authority through reporting, training, and advocacy.” The institute apparently operates with a small staff – only six employees are listed on their website, including Petersen himself. On every page on the site, there is a large “donate” prompt, so it is clear that the organization is looking for funding. Should liberty-minded donors open up their pocketbooks for Austin’s new project? What does Stonegait do, exactly? That is a good question.… Keep Reading


CROOKED: Hillary Clinton Campaign Breaks Washington State Election Law

Fewer college students have jobs while in college than ever before. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been harnessing thousands of these thumb-twiddling millennials and putting them to work for her campaign, using them for phone banking and door knocking. There’s only one problem- some of it is illegal. In many states, using public resources- buildings, wifi, etc.- for organized campaign purposes is a violation of the law. The Clinton campaign has repeatedly used facilities owned and operated by the state of Washington for the benefit of the campaign. On October 13th, the Clinton campaign held a “Huskies for Hillary” phone bank at the University of Washington’s Allen Library. In Washington, this type of activity is explicitly against the law. RCW 42.52.180 reads, in part: “(1) No state officer or state employee may use or authorize the use of facilities of an agency, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of a person to an office or for the promotion of or opposition to a ballot proposition…Facilities… Keep Reading


BREAKING: Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over “Libelous” New York Times Hit Piece

According to a letter released by ABC reporter Candace Smith, lawyers for Donald Trump have sued the New York Times over their report published on October 12 titled “Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately.” The piece includes testimony from two women who allege that sometime “thirty years ago,” Trump assaulted them. One of the women claims that Trump assaulted her publicly on a plane- that his hands were like “an octopus”- and that somehow nobody on the plane saw. It is also suspicious, given Trump’s more than 40 years in the public eye and past 20 years as an extremely prominent reality TV star, that these allegations just happen to show up a month before the presidential election. In a letter to the Times, Trump’s lawyers write: “Your article is reckless, defamatory, and constitutes libel per se. It is apparent from, among other things, the timing of the article, that it is nothing more than a politically motivated effort to defeat Mr. Trump’s candidacy.” The lawyers continue… Keep Reading


“SICK HILLARY”: Is Clinton Suffering Post-Debate Seizure During Press Conference?

In the aftermath of her debate loss to Donald Trump on Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton spoke to reporters on board her campaign plane. At one point during the press conference, Hillary’s eyes began to roll around in her head, her neck began bobbling, and there was a rapid pulse and contraction visible in one of her neck muscles. The video is posted on Twitter by Mike Cernovich, and is also available below:   Of course, this is not the first time. There is extensive speculation that her much-memed reaction to the balloon drop at the end of the Democratic National Convention was another instance of her seizure disorder.  Hillary has been observed on camera having a seizure. Paul Joseph Watson has done extensive investigation into the topic, including speaking to neurology experts and doctors about what might be medically wrong with Hillary. That video can be seen below:   Is Hillary seriously ill, suffering from a neurological disorder or disease- or is this another “vast right wing conspiracy”? Keep Reading


BUSTED: CNN Caught Feeding Clinton Talking Points To “focus Group”

Following the presidential debate on Sunday night, which was widely perceived as being a win for Trump, CNN conducted a “focus group” with the audience members in attendance who they claimed were undecided. At one point in the focus group, CNN plays a video of Hillary Clinton delivering her prepared line, “America is great because we are good,” before cutting back to the studio audience for their reaction. In the split second before the video cuts back to the studio, the hostess’ microphone is turned on and being broadcast. She can be heard clearly whispering that line to one of the “undecided” voters in the audience. “America is great because we’re good,” the host quickly whispers, clearly trying to hurriedly deliver the talking point to the audience member before she went back on television. Watch the video below and decide- was CNN, which many have described as the “Clinton News Network,” faking their own “unbiased” focus group and encouraging them to repeat Clinton’s talking points? Did they also fake… Keep Reading


HuffPo Slams Trump For Believing Genes Are Real

According to The Huffington Post, this may be the most “dangerous part of Trump’s campaign.” Is it his support for peace with Russia? Is it his hiring of Steve Bannon, who has been made out to be the mastermind of the troublemaking alt right movement? None of the above. In the eyes of The Huffington Post, the most dangerous part of Donald Trump’s campaign is that he agrees with mainstream theories of genetics. In a video intended to spook and scare people, The Huffington Post – an organization that Trump has accurately lambasted as being “very dishonest” – compiles various comments from Trump where he discusses genetics and intelligence. “All men are created equal – well, it’s not true, because some are smart and some aren’t,” Trump says in the video. Does that mean Trump hates the Constitution, and thinks that rights should be determined based on genetics or skin color? Well, no – only a regular Huffington Post reader could be brought to believe that. The sense of equality being… Keep Reading


BREAKING: Former Ron Paul Staffers Sentenced On Corruption Charges

Former Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton has been sentenced to two years probation and six months home confinement for his participation in a 2012 bribery case, according to the Courier-Journal. He will also be required to pay a $10,000 fine. The charges stem from an investigation into a secret $73,000 payment from Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign that was funneled through a third-party video production company and ended up in the account of a limited liability company owned by former Iowa senator Ken Sorenson. The payment was allegedly sent by the Paul campaign in exchange for Sorenson’s endorsement on the eve of the 2012 Iowa caucus. Prosecutors originally sought 27 months imprisonment for Benton. Former campaign manager John Tate will be sentenced later today. This recent development adds a new level of perspective to what Benton may have meant when he said that Donald Trump will use “clever financing tricks” to pay for the border wall. UPDATE 1:25 PST: Tate has received the same sentence as Benton: 2 years probation,… Keep Reading


Donald Trump Would Win An Election Held Today

Remember back in August when Politico authors were gleefully reporting that Donald Trump’s campaign was so hopeless that “insiders” were pressuring him to drop out? Well, the times – and the polls – have changed. As the drip, drip, drip of stories about Hillary Clinton’s corruption continues, and in the wake of the Clinton camp’s botching of the “pneumonia” story (a story that some, present author included, have called into question), the esteemed former first lady has been collapsing precipitously in the polls. A month ago, when “analysts” were scrambling to call the race “over,” Hillary was schlonging Trump in the national polls by a margin of 6%- 47.2 % to 41.2%. One of the concerns for Trump’s candidacy has been his ability to break his perceived ceiling of 43%. Before September 11, Trump had only hit 43% twice – once in late May, and once during the post-convention surge where he temporarily flirted with 47% (according to RealClearPolitics). However, as Hillary continues to falter, Trump has slowly been gaining ground.… Keep Reading


The NCAA’s “Civil Rights” Hypocrisy

On September 12, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced that due to North Carolina’s controversial HB2 act, which requires individuals to use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on their driver’s’ license, the conference would be pulling all athletic championship events from the state in protest. In a statement issued on the NCAA’s website, the conference cited a “commitment to fairness and inclusion”, as well as concerns about “civil rights” as the rationale behind their decision to pull events from the state. This is nothing more than the NCAA virtue signalling to the powers that be in politics and the media. A further review of the organization’s business practices reveals that they historically have no problem doing business in places where civil rights are routinely – and more severely – violated. Look, for example, at the shining city on a hill, the paragon of liberal virtue, the apotheosis of acceptance and tolerance: the nation of Cuba. Regularly ranked as one of the freest societies in the world, the… Keep Reading


Illegal Immigrants: If America Is So Bad, Go Home

It is a phrase that has become prominently featured in the debate over illegal immigration – some illegal immigrant students across the country have even begun referring to themselves as “undocumented and unafraid,” demonstrating that they are here both here illegally and do not fear punishment for their violation of federal law. The idea of taking a public stand and being proud of violating United States immigration law is only possible as a result of direct actions by President Barack Obama. Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and executive action Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) executive actions sent a strong message to Americans and illegals alike: our borders, our laws, and our sovereignty do not matter. “Undocumented and unafraid” As a result of the Bush and Obama administrations’ lenient enforcement of our deportation laws, illegals in our country have developed a sense of security. Some of them – particularly young illegals on college campuses – have extrapolated on this sense of… Keep Reading


No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Pneumonia

The discussion of Hillary Clinton’s health was resurrected on Sunday as a video was released that showed her briefly losing consciousness before being pushed into the back of a security van. This incident took place less than a week after the massive coughing fit she suffered at an event in Ohio. What is the cause of Clinton’s recent medical problems? It depends on who – and when – you ask. Questions about Clinton’s health have been circulating since her 2012 fall and 2013 blood clot hospitalization, but they were notably revived this election cycle in early August when Paul Joseph Watson posted a video asking questions about Hillary’s strange behavior – which subsequently went viral. Mainstream outlets at first dismissed the claims, with Clinton actually taking to Jimmy Kimmel’s show to “prove” that she was in good health by opening a pickle jar, which was later proven to be staged. The pickle jar incident took place in late August. In the first week of September was Clinton’s coughing fit, and then… Keep Reading


College Republicans And Reagan’s “Big Tent”

Unlike many conservative college students, the first political college club I joined was not my school’s College Republicans chapter. Instead, at the beginning of my sophomore year, I was recruited to head up a Students for Rand chapter on my campus, and thus my involvement with politics began. Compared to candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, Rand was definitely an outsider, but when I joined my school’s CR chapter at the start of the year, I did not feel like an outsider at all. In fact, contrary to preconceived notions I had about CRs, I was pleasantly surprised: everyone in my CR chapter had positive things to say about the Kentucky senator, and in our chapter’s straw poll held that September, he placed second. As I met with more CRs across my state and across the country, it became clear to me that despite our minor differences in ideology and differences in choices of candidates, we were all more or less on the same page: we are the… Keep Reading


Why 2016 Has Been The Worst Year Ever For Libertarians

This election cycle was supposed to be “the” cycle for libertarian Republicans. Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012 had brought in a swath of pocket Constitution-wielding activists, Rand Paul had freshly been coined the “most interesting man in politics,” and acute electoral observers were predicting that 2016 may finally be the year libertarians found success at the ballot box. Yet as politics giveth, politics taketh away: like Clubber Lang in the first fight in Rocky III, reality has been landing body blows on libertarians throughout this election cycle – and the knockout came on August 30th when Kelli Ward, Mary Thomas, and Rebekah Bydlak all lost their primary challenges. Now, as some libertarians turn their attention towards engaging in Simone Biles-tier mental gymnastics to argue that Gary Johnson is an ideologically pure libertarian candidate, it is not at all hyperbolic to designate this year as the worst year modern libertarians have ever had. How did we get here? Grab your cake and let’s climb this mountain of history together. The… Keep Reading


Sweden Democrats And The “Race Against Time”

Author’s note: In doing preliminary research for my piece on European nationalism earlier this month, I reached out to Henrik Vinge, the press secretary for the nationalist Sweden Democrat party that is currently in first place in national polling. Below is the full text of our interview. TLC: Your party is attracting great support in the polls and looks to do well in the next elections. What has been responsible for the increase in membership? HV: I believe the single most important factor is that we openly express what people are actually thinking. A newer party is not weighed down by old loyalties to the existing establishment and need not take responsibility or in any way defend old, failed efforts and decisions. Our efforts in creating credibility have been decisive in us going from challenger status to competing for the spot as the largest party in Sweden. Historically, we have had in our ranks certain querulant representatives, and to succeed as a reformist, parliamentary, governmental party, we need to be diligent against… Keep Reading


Nationalist Parties Surge As Europeans Take Their Countries Back

With the success of Donald Trump’s campaign in the United States and the passage of Brexit in the United Kingdom, Americans who watch politics are seeing debates framed in a way that is entirely new to some. This new debate framework does not pit Republicans and Democrats against each other, nor does it concern itself with liberals and conservatives. The battle that is brewing – nationally, and inside both major political parties – is between the forces of globalism and the forces of nationalism. Modern Americans, before Trump’s candidacy, have never encountered a viable, strong nationalist candidate. The only exception was the presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan, who – interestingly enough – defeated Donald Trump to win the Reform Party’s nomination in 2000, and ran a campaign with the slogan “America First!”. “Nationalism” has been, since the 1940s at least, a sort of dirty word in American politics. University professors link nationalism and the Holocaust. Esteemed political commentators like Daniel Radcliffe warn us that nationalism is “scary as shit.” In… Keep Reading


Libertarians Go All In On “electability”, Lose Big

Anyone who participated in the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential primary had to answer the three following internal questions: “which candidate best reflects my values, which candidate could actually succeed electorally, and which of those two answers is more important when I cast my vote?” The answer to the first question varies. Given the fact that the Libertarian Party is made up of everyone from anarcho-capitalists to disaffected moderate Democrats to hundreds of ideological groups in between, it should be no surprise that the final candidates for the presidential nomination included a pro-life media entrepreneur, a software pioneer advocating the end of the TSA, and a former Republican governor opposed to “religious freedom” laws, among others. However, even many of the staunchest ideological libertarians would concede that the candidate with the best chance of doing well electorally was Gary Johnson. He was, as Johnson supporters argued, the only candidate with elected experience to rival Hillary Clinton’s- this was true. He has successful business experience, like Donald Trump. He had also, as… Keep Reading

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