ANTIFA Terror Threats Cause Venue To Drop Libertarian Festival; Event Now In Jeopardy

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Terror threats from ANTIFA leftists have put next weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival in jeopardy. After left-libertarians released a call to arms vowing resistance, bomb threats were allegedly called in to the Hilton in Harrisburg, who were forced to cancel the event.

“To me, it is horrifying that in the United States a fringe group can get away with its threats of violence, but such is the world in which we live,” event organizer Steve Scheetz said in a public Facebook post explaining the situation.

The entire controversy arose after a debate was scheduled between former Libertarian Party Senate hopeful Augustus Invictus and Will Coley of Muslims for Liberty on the issue of border security. ANTIFA-aligned left-libertarians took umbrage with the fact that Invictus, who they allege to be a fascist without any clear evidence, was allowed to speak at the event. Instead of finding a like-minded group that doesn’t respect the values of free speech and free expression, they declared war against the event instead.

But not every libertarian is outraged at these leftist terror threats. Some have even applauded or excused these leftist terror tactics because of their disdain for Invictus.

“Maybe you guys can feature Isis next time. You can have a ‘peaceful exchange of ideas’ about crucifying children for not fasting during Ramadan,” left-libertarian Brandon Bitros stated in an apparent open justification of the terrorist threats committed by ANTIFA.

“Invite fascists, deal with Antifa,” left-libertarian Leslee Ann Petersen said in a smug response. Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark chimed in with no condemnation of the terrorist threats, only to echo Petersen’s sentiments in an apparent indication that ANTIFA’s threats were justified or at least understandable.

Event organizers are scrambling to find another venue right now. With only seven days before the event is scheduled, it remains to be seen if it will be postponed or canceled.

  • Jim

    Technically an act of terrorism by definition. Apprehend, then prosecute those involved.

  • If this is how the libertarian party is going to choose to act now.

    I don’t think I’ll be able to support them and certainly won’t call myself one anymore.

    • GeorgeDance

      That’s called the fallacy of False Antecedent – since there’s no reason to think the idea that the Libertarian Party was behind the threats to the hotel is anything but false.

      • Rosen Otter

        Because, no right-wingers have ever phoned in a bomb threat. #operationrescue On the other hand, why assume it was the LP that phoned them in?

  • Brandon Lyon

    You can hate Austin Gillespie “Invictus” without condoning bomb threats. One does not equal the other.

  • The claims of “threats of violence” and more specifically “bomb threats” are completely unsubstantiated at this time.

    There is nothing to back up these claims other than the statements made my organizers Steve Scheetz and Greg Faust.

    If anyone has any substantiating evidence I would be very appreciative if you could send a copy.

    • Shane

      So you’re saying they ARE substantiated by the event organizers. Why the double-speak?

      And don’t expect this website to ever publish spin from leftists who have used threats and violence again and again against free speech.

      • GeorgeDance

        Yet, Shane, you’re not adverse to publishing out-of context snippets from those libertarians you call leftists, with your own spin.

        For those who don’t know what I mean by the above: Here’s what “left libertarian Leslee Ann Petersen” actually wrote to Scheetz: “Invite fascists, deal with Antifa. I’m sorry that you are now in a dilemma and I hope it gets worked out, I was looking forward to presenting and enjoying the event!” – to which Scheetz replied “I hope I can still see you present and enjoy the event”. Obviously Sarwark’s comment, which consisted of 3 words (“What she said”) referred to *what she said*, not just the out-of-context snippet that Trejo saw fit to quote.

        • Shane

          I included the relevant context, but omitted the double-speak.

        • Gadfly156

          It’s still smug horse shit. There are no actual “fascists” being invited so there is no need to have to “deal with antifa”. Antifa is horse shit. Anyone who buys their crap is stupid. End of subject.

  • Keith Brown

    You can’t be Libertarian and against free speech.

  • LtSurge659

    Cowards. Do not call yourselves Libertarian if you cannot stand in the face of forces which seek to remove your freedom.

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