ANTIFA And The Oath Keepers: Cowardly Allies In The War Against Free Speech

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Near the beginning of the Ron Paul revolution, few activist organizations seemed as promising as the Oath Keepers. Founded by former Ron Paul staffer Stewart Rhodes, this organization aimed to wake up military and law enforcement to the Paulian message of peace, prosperity and liberty. The group’s work would theoretically increase the odds that the police and military would be on the side of We the People in the unfortunate case of civil unrest.

The organization got off on the right foot, but eventually went off the rails. A startling recent example of the Oath Keepers losing focus of their mission comes from a patriotic rally in Houston, TX. On Jun. 10, the Oath Keepers used ANTIFA-style tactics to choke out a peaceful individual for merely demonstrating their free speech. The cowardly Oath Keepers turned their backs on the Bill of Rights, and the shameful display was caught on video.

This was no mere aberration, but rather the stated policy of the organization. Rhodes, who still leads the Oath Keepers, personally condoned the use of aggressive violence toward anyone his group of paramilitary thugs deem as too offensive. Rhodes was caught boasting on video after a rally where he made it clear that his Oath Keepers are being instructed to meet free speech with violence.

What these clowns are doing is attempting to co-opt an authentic grassroots phenomenon with the hopes of redirecting it toward their own ends. And what are those ends? They certainly aren’t constitutional, as this group of cowards pissed on the Constitution with their violent and cowardly mob display. There is no coherent or credible message coming out of this group, which is why they are getting replaced by more relevant and interesting organizations.

Let’s face facts. The Oath Keepers aren’t responsible for any of these grassroots rallies that are happening across the country. They have contributed nothing to the new right. They are not responsible for any of the anti-leftist fervor that’s going on around the country. The Oath Keepers are coattail riders. They are wannabes. They like to play dress up and act like they are saving the Republic when they are the first to grovel beneath government agents when the rubber hits the road.

The Oath Keepers may claim their goal is to “wake up” police, but look at the fruits of their endeavors. They assaulted a man for merely expressing himself. Anti-communist and anti-war signs were enough–in the eyes of the Oath Keepers–for a man to be brutally choked by a Mexican thug, who was shielded from lawful prosecution by his brothers. Fresh off choking the kid, the Oath Keepers were feeling their oats and attempted to intimidate a group of actual white nationalists. When the white nationalists refused to back down, the Oath Keepers tucked their tails and ran away. They were not so tough in a fair fight.

Keep in mind, the Oath Keepers are a group that was kicked out of the federal standoff at Bundy Ranch after they were hoaxed by a phony bomb threat. The folks who stood and fought at Bundy Ranch established themselves as heroes in the same vein of the Founding Fathers. They were the three percenters who put their lives on the line to stand for freedom when it counted. These were the folks who gallantly lived up to their oath in the midst of a life-or-death conflict. This why it is so instructive that the Bundy family told Rhodes and the Oath Keepers to get the hell out of dodge. It was time for real patriots to fight, not time for a bunch of out-of-shape blowhards on the wrong side of 50 to live out their revolutionary delusions.

This criticism of the Oath Keepers group is far from an indictment of every patriot and three percenter out there. There are many patriotic individuals throughout America who understand exactly what is going on. These patriots realize that the left is targeting white people for systematic destruction. They realize that any white person with a semblance of self-respect and decency is considered to be a racist by the left and their sympathizers. Therefore, they are not concerned with policing their ranks of alleged racists to appease their disingenuous political opposition. Taking cues from Trump, these smart patriots understand that being bold, unapologetic, and unwavering is the only way to push back against the left and achieve success.

These obvious political realities have been lost on the clueless Oath Keepers. What else would you expect from the contemptible losers who waved their flags, ignored their civic responsibilities, and never got off the couch while the greatest country in the history of mankind was stolen right out from under them? These are the types of folks who cheered on the war in Iraq during the Bush years only to show up at rallies to demand that the government get its hands off their Medicare during the Tea Party era. During the Trump age, these parasites are back yet again to poison a new generation of right-wingers who are actually gaining momentum in a culture war that was widely believed to be a lost cause. These Oath-cucked boomers are sabotaging the cause of freedom with their wholly unearned, delusional bravado and poor instincts learned from decades of futile conservative activism.

After the rally where the Oath Keeper choked a peaceful protester, the organization predictably refused to take responsibility for actions that their own leader had publicly championed. A couple weeks later, they published a grammatical abortion of an article filled with factual errors and utter nonsense solely to virtue signal against white nationalists. In the article, Navy Jack wrote, “The Antifa has been able to grow exponentially over the past year supported by the rise of the “White Nationalists” and recruiting campaigns like #ProjectSiege sponsored by Identity Evropa.” Of course, his assertion was offered without so much as a shred of actual evidence.

Navy Jack even went as far as sympathizing with ANTIFA, excusing them for their actions by insinuating that their extremism is a justifiable reaction to right-wing racism. He wrote, “To some extent, the violence instigated by the Antifa organizations around the nation are a direct reaction to the racism promoted by the organizations [National Policy Institute, Identity Evropa, and Vanguard America.]” This is a unique glimpse into the cucked boomer mindset of the typical Oath Keeper. Propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center worked so well on these simpletons that they are implementing thought control on themselves! This is the sad and inevitable fate of an organization stocked with the same people who let America fall to pieces on their watch.

Here is a reality check that the Oath Keepers really ought to take into consideration: You have already done enough damage to this country. Go have your little civil war reenactments on your own time. Go play dress up far away from any important rallies that are taking place. We don’t need your sanctimonious bullsh*t. We don’t need your hypocrisy. We don’t need your baggage. And most of all, we don’t need your stale ideas. You slept at the wheel while the Republic was lost, and you now make complete laughingstocks of yourselves as society comes apart at the seams. Just quit while you’re behind, and set yourselves back in front of your television sets where you belong. FOX News is about all your pea brains can handle anyway. Do not expect any common sense to ever get through the thick skulls of these boomers though. They are truly a lost cause.

For those reasons and many others, the Oath Keepers simply cannot be trusted as an organization any longer. The Ron Paul era is over, and the fall of the Oath Keepers is very symbolic of the “libertarian moment” being completely squandered. It is time for the new right to disavow dinosaur organizations like the Oath Keepers, and let the next generation lead the way.

  • This writer wants us to be nice little boys! Hell no. Keep going Oath Keepers!

  • Rob Cantrall

    Click bait hit piece. I find your lack of journalism disturbing

    • Shane

      You seem confused. This is an opinion piece supported by facts. Happy to set you straight.

    • BigGaySteve

      Here I used to think the OathCUCKERS were edgy. Now I wonder how many will bake me a cake because of MUH CONSTITUTION

  • By definition, not a single Oath Keeper has kept their oaths. They were never an ally, and probably were part of a PR campaign to rally support for the Feds, while simultaneously promoting inaction by giving the appearance of the problem being solved. “Hello fellow patriots. We are an organization almost exclusively of spooks, but you can trust us. We are the good spooks. Yes, we have not gotten fired or enacted any change whatsoever, but we have awesome memes! Here, take these “thin blue line” stickers for free! We’re on your side! Just obey us and we’ll solve all your problems!”

  • This article is such horse shit! That guy was waving a white power nazi flag so they escorted him out. Freedom of speech or not, the ideals of Antifa, socialists, and communist are directly against the constitution and our republic. This author has no idea who the Oath Keepers really are and the work they’ve done in Oregon as well as many other places around the country where Tyranny has taken hold. Are they perfect, no. Are there bad apples, yes. BUT! This author is completely out of touch and chary picking. This is classic big L libertarian and jumping to conclusions to victimize those who seek to harm this republic.

    • Shane

      You must be hoping that nobody took the time to watch the video.

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