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The Biggest Winners And Sorriest Losers In The Liberty Movement For 2016

It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times for the liberty movement. The political system is in utter chaos, and a vast realignment is taking place. Some liberty activists are finding themselves in good graces because of this realignment, while others are down in the dumps. We are going to examine the biggest winners within the liberty movement due to this year’s the political realignment, and what they did correctly to shine so brightly. Conversely, we will look at the people who blew it big time in 2016 and let destiny slip through their fingertips. Keep Reading


CNN Spreads Anti-Russian Fake Story About Moscow School Closure

There has been a lot of discussion this year about fake news. The concern among many in society and across numerous political circles is how it will negatively affect our country. Polarization is growing worse and social media is feeding the intense dissension. The Internet is also breathing new life into fake news and giving it legs. Many were alarmed after the alleged Pizzagate story led to a gunman storming a pizza restaurant. Pizzagate involves an alleged child sex trafficking ring that operates out of Comet Ping Pong and Washington D.C. According to the popular Internet theory, it involves top political operatives close to the Clinton Administration including John Podesta, who was also the target of repeated hacks and leaks this election cycle. There has never been a conclusive investigation or any official determination proving that the Pizzagate theory is real, but it has had real life consequences. It casts a dark cloud over various figures and the restaurant, and led to a gunman storming a restaurant. Keep Reading


Matt Drudge Speculates The U.S. Government Is Attacking Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is a popular conservative news website and has been among the right’s most popular Internet sites for decades. Founded by Matt Drudge, it has in the past rattled the Democrats by breaking stories such as Newsweek covering up a story about then-President Bill Clinton having an affair with an intern. Since this time, it has only further cemented itself as one of the biggest conservative news sites on the Internet. Now it has experienced the biggest DDoS attack in its history, according to site founder Matt Drudge. A Denial-of-Service attack occurs when the website servers are overwhelmed with requests that it temporarily overloads the website and even brings it down. This is often done in retaliation or to make a website unavailable to its target audience. Keep Reading


“It’s a Wonderful Life” In Lieu Of The Nativity Scene

That there is some sense in which Christmas can be said to have become “secularized” over the years is undoubtedly true. Nevertheless, this judgment may be overwrought. Perhaps Christ is more present in “secularized” expressions of Christmas than either Christian or non-Christian is willing to acknowledge. This is borne out by close examination of such “secular” Christmas cinematic classics as A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street. None explicitly mentions Christ, but neither is it a coincidence that of the 365 days and multiple holidays from which Dickens could have chosen to make the backdrop of his tale, he chose this day and this holiday. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old man who, in the early morning hours of the day that the Christian world reserves to celebrate the birth of God, discovers the reasons for the despair to which he long ago succumbed. Courtesy of his encounter with its “spirits,” Scrooge experiences the miracle of Christmas as he undergoes a radical conversion, a rebirth… Keep Reading


Secret Law Enforcement Cell-Phone Surveillance System Can Jam Innocent Calls

A secret device used by law enforcement agencies and numerous federal agencies to track an individual’s cellphone in real time can also block innocent calls, according to privacy activists. The Stingray, a suitcase-sized device, mimics a cellphone tower, allowing law enforcement to track individual cellphones in real time. Cell-tower simulators were originally designed for use on the battlefield, allowing military units to track their enemy’ movements. Typically mounted in vans, the device mimics a cellphone tower and picks up the signal of every cellphone in the area. While some devices allow calls for 911 to go through to a legitimate tower, most regular calls are dropping or jammed. “Even if there is a 911 pass-through feature, there are still plenty of other calls that people might want to make,” said Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union. “You might want to call your children’s school. You might want to call your wife or husband.” Law enforcement agencies that use the Stingray are required by the FBI… Keep Reading


2016: Republicans Won The Battle But Will They Win The War?

2016 was a great year for the Republican party. Donald Trump won the presidency, they control the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, most governor’s offices, and most state legislatures. They have truly won the battle, but have they won the war? Properly Provisioning the Troops Results in Military Victory In 1846, the United States and Mexico found themselves in a bitter battle over the boundary between these two countries. General Scott was sent to Mexico to lead the American Army. General Winfield Scott eventually led his army all the way to Mexico City. General Scott received a lot of recognition for was his ability to ensure that the Army always had the supplies it needed to prosecute the war. Scott always anticipated the Army’s needs months in advance and had the supplies at hand when they were needed. It was through his superior handling of logistics that the United States was able to negotiate the borders that were most advantageous for us. Keep Reading


Top Dems Denounce Alleged Bigot Bannon, Endorse Proven Bigot Ellison

When President-elect Donald J. Trump appointed Stephen Bannon, alleged anti-Semite, as White House chief strategist, Democrats and some Republicans were outraged. Now, those very same Democrats are voicing support for Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), verifiable anti-Semite, to become DNC Chair. In November, Bannon was selected to fill the role of White House chief strategist and senior counselor to Trump. Bannon previously served as a Naval officer, investment banker for Goldman Sachs, and movie producer before becoming head of Breitbart News, a self-declared ‘platform for the alt-right’, in 2012. Under Bannon’s leadership, Breitbart has actively promoted Trump and published several allegedly racist and anti-Semitic stories. In August, Bannon left Breitbart to join the Trump campaign as its CEO. The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have condemned Bannon’s selection because of his perceived bigotry and anti-semitism. Though these left-leaning groups castigated Bannon, the Zionist Organization of America as well as former Breitbart Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, came to his defense against the claims of anti-semitism. Shapiro,… Keep Reading


The New York Daily News Supports The Assassination Of a Russian Diplomat

The world reacted with shock after Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov was gunned down recently. The assassination shook the diplomatic world as it represents an escalation of violence and perhaps a departure from diplomacy itself. Are ambassadors no longer safe from the violence? It’s no secret here in the United States that the Russians are becoming less popular. As the mainstream media and partisan Democrats continue to advance conspiracy theories about sinister interference with our electoral process, simple dislike becomes burning hatred. But does hatred of another country’s policies justify acts of violence against their diplomats? The New York Daily News votes “yes.” Keep Reading


The Proof Is Not In The Putin

President-elect Donald Trump made another great stride for America—maybe even for mankind, given the CIA’s global reach. Mr. Trump slapped the Central Intelligence Agency down. And hard. The flurry over the Russia-related misinformation released by the CIA is reminiscent of the ramp-up to war in Iraq, except that, in Bushspeak: “Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me … You can’t get fooled again!” The CIA has been asserting, sans proof, that Vladimir Putin had, essentially, elected Donald Trump. This, the Russian ruler is alleged to have done by hacking the emails of the Democratic National Congress and those of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. WikiLeaks, the source of October’s epic “data dump,” has denied Russian complicity in enlightening and educating the American people. Why enlightening and educating? Wonderful WikiLeaks provided definitive proof that the mass media are lapdogs, not watchdogs. Democratic lapdogs. The colluding quislings of the major networks and newspapers had actively worked to elect Mrs. Clinton. Thanks to WikiLeaks, Americans also learned of the… Keep Reading

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Pretense Of Knowledge: The Democrats’ Fatal Conceit

Accepting the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences, late Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek admitted that, as a profession, economists “have made a mess of things.” He was referring to the modern economist’s reliance on a pretense of knowledge. Believing economics is a physical science and that outcomes can be predicted with precision, these economists often bet on false or spotty information. The results are seldom what’s expected, and the ramifications of these policies are often destructive. Recently, the Daily Mail reported, Democrats were caught leading the effort to swing Electoral College voters away from President-elect Donald Trump in a very personal way. “Internal calls and emails reveal leaders of last-ditch effort to swing Electoral College [voters] … communicated with [Hillary] Clinton campaign officials,” the publication claimed, all while Democratic leaders like campaign chair John Podesta “didn’t explicitly endorse efforts.” Some of these Democratic leaders included senior Clinton advisors such as Jennifer Palmieri, the communications director for the Clinton campaign. Despite the hard work, Clinton ended up losing more Electoral College votes… Keep Reading


Senator Rand Paul’s 2016 Festivus Airing Of Grievances Humorously Hits More Government Waste

For Seinfeld fans everywhere, December 23rd is a special holiday known as Festivus. Festivus is a holiday that was created by George Costanza’s father Frank as a holiday alternate to Christmas. It features a number of traditions that essentially parody Christmas and has lived on in popular culture far beyond the show’s conclusion. Senator Rand Paul has made an annual tradition of the Airing of Grievances on Twitter. In the show, the Airing of Grievances involves Frank Costanza literally listing his problems with his family and lashing out with his year’s worth of issues. Senator Paul has turned this into a humor-filled political soapbox that pokes funs at various political figures and events. This year was especially fun. Keep Reading


The Uses And Abuses Of Nietzsche By The Left

The phrases “will to power” and “Übermensch” carry around with them the stench of Nazism and other forms of fascism; that is, most people associate the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1944-1900) with the Right rather than the Left. In the public imagination, the mustachioed madman is an anti-Semite and racial supremacist. On one hand this reputation is deserved because some of his ideas and prejudices do conform to fascist ideology; on the other hand, it is undeserved, because his thought was thoroughly misread and cherry-picked by fascists for their own end. (For this we have Nietzsche’s sister – who promoted her brother’s writings to the Nazis after he went insane – to thank.) But again, Nietzsche’s troubling affair with the Right is not his only association. Often overlooked is his influence on thinkers such as Michel Foucault (1926-1984) and the Frankfurt school of Marxism, most noticeably Theodor Adorno (1903-1969). These thinkers together performed a massive critique of capitalism and social institutions in general, allowing subsequent generations to go on deconstructing… Keep Reading

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Buried In Paperwork, Doctors Have No Time For Patients

As the saying goes, one stitch in time saves nine. But while physicians know this to be true, they often run out of time — and patience — to focus on their patients. Unfortunately, that’s frequently due to bureaucracy. At least that’s what this new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has taught us. Despite having long complained about the bureaucratization of their craft, physicians seem to be losing their war against the regulatory machine. Spending so much time doing paperwork is leaving the doctor very little time to focus on what matters: The patient’s health. Instead of helping individuals recover from their ailments, these doctors feel their hands are tied. After all, if the doctor is unable to meet the demand imposed by government requirements, he’ll be kept from work. Hoping to remain in the profession, he chooses to accept his burden. But as more regulations are passed, the cost of both doing business and having access to care continues to increase. Keep Reading


How The “Russians Hacked Us” Narrative Hurts President Obama’s Legacy

As the transition of power from President Barack Obama to President-Elect Donald Trump continues, two storylines remain prominent. First, is the issue of the incoming Trump Administration and its apparent ties to the Russian government. There has been a narrative advanced in the political mainstream that claims the Russians influenced the presidential election and undermined the Democratic Party to help President-elect Trump get elected. The other storyline is the legacy of President Barack Obama. Keep Reading


Podcaster Jason Stapleton Issues Ultimatum To Loyal Listeners, Declares War Against Principled Libertarians

Podcaster Jason Stapleton recently took his loyal listeners to task in an unhinged rant released on his group’s Facebook page this past weekend. In his screed, Stapleton issued a simple ultimatum for the individuals in his group: bow to the state or face his wrath. “Some of you are nothing but agitators,” Stapleton proclaimed. “Arrogant, adult children who have nothing of value to add to this group or the liberty movement… Take caution in your posts and comments because any of the benefit of the doubt you might have received prior to today is gone.” Anyone who deals with libertarians on a regular basis on social media or elsewhere can understand Stapleton’s frustrations. If this rant were merely a release valve after a stressful day, that would be one thing. Unfortunately, Stapleton’s rant is little more than a thinly-veiled cover for an aggressive policy of censorship against differing viewpoints. In spite of Stapleton mentioning that he had respect for libertarian anarchists such as Tom Woods and Bob Murphy in… Keep Reading


How Hillary Clinton Admitted Bernie Sanders Was The More Viable Democrat

Since the stunning loss to Republican Donald Trump in November, Democrats have been left in a state of shock and turmoil. The blame game has resulted in bitter infighting and launching of stones at outside factors. External blame is typically aimed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Director James Comey individually, as well as the supposed Russian involvement in leaking their own questionable conduct. Internally, many establishment Democrats and bitter Hillary Clinton supporters are laying blame at the rise of the progressive left as led by Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders himself did throw his support behind her, but the bulk of his base refused to accept her as a candidate. Keep Reading


If Officials Can Leak Intelligence To The Media, Why Can’t Snowden Come Home?

After a tumultuous and heated election cycle, many longed for November simply to bring an end to the hate and vitriol that haunted the contest. Unfortunately, the election came and went with little decrease in the conflict. If anything, the conflict between the two major political parties and dueling mainstream ideologies has grown worse. During the election, a major point of contention was the source of various leaks exposing Democratic organizations and politicians. Primarily through Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0, these hacked files showed us the inner workings of the Democratic Party. Democrats, in response, accused the Russians of being the hacks. Most Republicans, primarily Donald Trump supporters, remained skeptical. But the debate raged on and has grown worse after the election, especially as we draw closer to the Electoral College vote. Was it really the Russian government who was behind these hacks? Multiple media outlets are now indicating this is the case and in each instance referring to anonymous and unnamed sources within the intelligence community. Central Intelligence Agency officials… Keep Reading


The Anti-Communist In The Closet

Of all the literary critics, Leslie Fiedler might be the one with the most labels attached to him. He has been portrayed as a post-modernist (on the strength of him being the first to utter the word); as a Queer Theorists–his 1948 breakthrough essay–“Come Back To The Raft A’gin Huck Honey”–argued that the relationship between Huck Finn and “Nigger” Jim was homoerotic as were many male bonding relationships in American literature; a New Leftist, despite his age–he was in his 50s during the 1960s– based on police raiding his house and finding marijuana, and his view of Vietnam as the latest instance of America destroying non-whites, traceable all the way back to America’s founding. But the real Fiedler did not fit any of these labels. Despite his joining the Young Communist League while in college during the 1930s, he was a trenchant critic of old shoe Stalinism. He found the Old Left condescending” to “the working class,” its literature, classified as proletarian, as worthless, and its predictions that capitalism… Keep Reading

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Progressives As The New Puritans

In Puritan America, only church members were allowed to vote in political elections. In progressive America, talking heads want the executive branch represented only by Democrats. To those willing to participate in the political aspect of their communities at the time, adhering to pure doctrine was the only way in. And candidates were only accepted into the congregation once the minister and elders were satisfied with their conduct. Even after being made a part of the church, members would still be subject to expulsion over any conduct deviations, forcing residents to live in fear and under only one doctrine. To Puritans, their philosophy and the state was one, the same approach embraced by modern progressives. Having a way with words often helps progressives to persuade their prey. By calling everything they support “progressive” and everything they do not support “reactionary” or antidemocratic, progressives are able to persuade a great number of gullible voters. As loyalists vote to have their liberties taken away, they are led to believe they made… Keep Reading

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The Slippery Slope Of Progressivism

In the lexicon of modern American politics, there are few pieces of rhetoric more likely to elicit an eye roll from the Left than the slippery slope argument. Whether it’s in response to gun control measures or gay marriage legalization, progressives never tire of castigating conservatives for their hysteria in the face of progress and equality. This argument has recently found reincarnation in the form of debates surrounding the use of gender pronouns and fake news. Those against any legislative attempts at regulation of these issues assert that such laws would pave the way to the restriction of the First Amendment and freedom of speech. While those in favor of such legislation contend that it is necessary for the improvement of society. Setting aside for a moment the irony of progressives criticizing emotional rhetoric, it is the nature of the progressive ideology that creates the slippery slope. Progressivism feeds on the correction of perceived injustices and inequalities. It is also an ideology that is incredibly absolutist in its views. It doesn’t merely try… Keep Reading


Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald Has On-air Meltdown After Asked About Trump Fake News

It’s no surprise that American people have lost faith in the mainstream media. For years, they’ve sung praises for their own partisan allies and refused to be impartial reporters of the news. In this election cycle alone, they’ve told us repeatedly about how President-elect Donald Trump was going to lose and this was Hillary Clinton’s election to win. Among these people is Kurt Eichenwald, a senior writer with Newsweek and contributing editor to Vanity Fair, who has made a name for himself attacking Trump relentlessly this past election cycle. Recently, Tucker Carlson had Eichenwald on Fox News for an on-air interview. Generally in interviews, even among partisan opponents and disagreeable people have a certain standard of respect. This interview within moments went the other direction. Keep Reading


The Beast From Beyond Reality

The following thought is certainly not original with me, but regardless of who expressed it first, it bears repeating: Conservatives craft policy based on the world as it is, and liberals craft policy based on how they believe the world should be. Said another way, the former seeks to adapt to the confines of reality, the latter is completely out of touch with it. This dichotomy can be traced back to the early twentieth century when the nascent progressive movement was in the wicked thrall of the eugenics craze. Lead by villains such as Margaret Sanger, these genetic elitists believed the human condition could be purged of its undesirable elements and inclinations through selective breeding and abortion on demand. But the elitism didn’t stop at merely tinkering with reproduction. The minimum wage has at its root a distinct effort to exclude from the labor force those members of society who the progressives believed would be a hindrance to the successful propagation of a master race. It wasn’t enough to… Keep Reading

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‘Hate Spaces’: The Need For Real Choice In Education

During a book-signing event, English author and self-styled atheist Philip Pullman was asked to comment on the “shocking” title of his then-new book: “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.” “Yes,” Pullman answered, “it’s a shocking thing to say. But no one has the right to live without being shocked. No one has the right to spend their life without being offended,” he concluded. The sentiment shared by Pullman is correct because government-sponsored protection from offensive speech should be seen as nothing but an immoral act. But in this case, the offended party could choose not to buy his book, thus avoiding the triggering event. What the offended party cannot do, however, is to keep Pullman or the publisher from writing and publishing offensive material. They are, after all, private entities, and individuals have a right to live life as they see fit, using private property as their means. Living in isolation, away from others who do not share the same convictions or other particular traits, is a choice.… Keep Reading


Sole Republican Faithless Elector Chris Suprun Lied About 9/11 Service

The election of Republican businessman Donald Trump as President has ignited a great deal of controversy. Not many outside of the Trump support base expected it, but all the pundits and politicians were proven wrong. The outrage over Hillary Clinton’s defeat and the panic over the future of the United States of America has led people to look to the Electoral College. While the Electoral College tally was compiled after the popular vote occurred, the entity itself has not actually voted yet. As a result, many concerned Never Trump conservatives and bitter liberals are turning to them to reverse course. Can the Electoral College really stop Donald Trump? Democratic electors have predictably stood up to voice their opposition. Partisan politics generally leads Democrats to stand up to Republicans and Republicans to Democrats. It was only predictable. While many Republicans were on the Never Trump bandwagon, there was initially a question of whether any Republican Electors would stand up against the controversial President-Elect. Keep Reading


Working Class Conservatives: The Only Path Forward

One of the great unsolved mysteries that has routinely perplexed the pseudo-intellectual bubbles among academic socialists of the chair has been why the great majority of America’s working class have refused to embrace socialism to the same extent as their European and Latin American brethren. In the typical fashion of the ivory tower intelligentsia, scapegoats were conceived. They claim the proletariat revolution never spread to these shores, not least because of the economic and political destitution of socialism, but rather that the great mass of the American working class bought into a great and evil capitalist lie. What is this lie? Well, it can be best explained by the famous quote from American author and noted communist sympathizer, John Steinbeck: “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” The quote perfectly fits into the patronizing progressive mindset that the working class are simply “too stupid to know what’s good for them” and thus they must be… Keep Reading


Arrogance, a Trademark Of The Clinton Camp

Politico’s dossier on how Hillary Clinton lost Michigan to President-elect Donald Trump is complete with anecdotes from the grassroots, who often felt that the top Democrat and her minions couldn’t care less about them. Arrogance, it seems, was a trademark of the Clinton campaign. And the consequence of this flagrant disregard for the base was the best outcome the presidential campaign of an imperious candidate could get: Defeat. Leaving aside the attention this now widely known factor has received due to Politico’s coverage, it’s incredible to think that, to many, the Clinton camp’s arrogant streak was never noticeable. And even if it had been, it wouldn’t have made a difference. The odds — they would hit back — are in her favor. After all, she’s a Clinton. A career politician. A well-established Democrat. Who’s Trump? Just a TV loudmouth. Keep Reading


Suzanne La Follette: Libertarian Feminist

Every March, celebrators of Women’s History Month trot out all the usual names to be praised for their iconoclasm: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinham, Hillary Clinton. But forgotten in this old medley is one who was every bit as feminist. Consider the career of the never-celebrated Susan La Follette. She had the same swashbuckling iconoclasm that Gloria Stenhem is celebrated for: she was an author of one of the first books to examine feminism from an economic perspective, an editor on an all-male magazine, and a member of the feminist group The League of Equal Opportunity. Like other feminists, she was pro-Choice, viewed marriage as a form of slavery for women, and praised unwed mothers as the ultimate gesture against male domination. Keep Reading


Goldwater On Homosexuality

In his excellent book on the 1964 Presidential campaign, Rick Perlstein located what we today call social conservatism with candidate Barry Goldwater. Bemoaning the “slipping away” of “traditional values of individual responsibility,” and the rising “moral decay,” Goldwater, at first glance, would seem to have supported the Defense of Marriage Act were he alive today. But Goldwater was also a fervent libertarian, and this superseded all else; during the campaign, he only gave one speech about moral decay, while every other one concerned the threat big government as personified by LBJ posed to individual liberty: “Do you want a President who will twist arms, manipulate power, and take more and more control over your lives…You want no worries? He’ll worry for you. Relax and don’t worry. The great leader and his curious crew will do for you all those things you find unpleasant to for yourselves. And all he asks if that you give him more and more power over your lives. More and more without end…Put all the… Keep Reading


Fake News: The Alibi Of Tyrants

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton gave a speech on Capitol Hill to pay homage to outgoing Senator Harry Reid. It should have been a happy occasion; Senator Reid’s tenure in congress has been a blight on our nation for decades, we should celebrate his departure from government. But instead, Mrs. Clinton took it as an opportunity to condemn an outbreak of “fake news” sweeping the nation and she was careful to characterize her concerns as being solely humanitarian. Lives are at risk, she says. Admonitions about humanity aside, Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party are, in truth, particularly outraged by fake news for having allegedly cost her the presidency. She and many others claim that the Russian government is directly responsible for the dissemination of fictitious stories that resulted in an undue benefit for Donald Trump. The sources of this bad information are a number of hastily thrown together websites, often with URLs that imitate existing sites, such as Drudge or ABC News. The fake stories produced by… Keep Reading


The Russians Made Us Do It

Whenever it came to anything that he knew he shouldn’t have done, the comedian Flip Wilson used to say: “The Devil made me do it.” For the Democrats, it is the Russians who made us do it. More exactly, it is the Russians who made the Democrats lose on November 8. For a variety of reasons, it is particularly odd that the left, of all people, would take to peddling this notion that Donald J. Trump won, or was helped to win, by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.  In short, far from serving as an indictment of Trump, this narrative reflects poorly on the Democrats. First, if the Russians hacked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, as the Democrats swear, it is because they were able to do so.  By now, everyone knows that Clinton—again, while Secretary of State—dispatched tens of thousands of emails, including and especially some that had been marked “classified,” over an unsecured, private server. Clinton compromised the security of every American man, woman, and… Keep Reading


Defend Our President From The Warfare State

Old habits die hard in the CIA.  Overthrowing democratically elected governments is one of those bad habits, but this time it’s our government. Through anonymous sources in the Deep State, it is alleged in the George Soros affiliated Washington Post, that Russian hackers handed the White House to Donald Trump: “The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.” The Trump team hit back hard, pointing out that this is the same group that misled us with false stories of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, so why should we believe them now when they are trying to blatantly interfere in our electoral process?    Julian Assange, who is in a position to know the facts, has categorically denied that there was any Russian involvement, and instead has stated that he did not receive hacked emails but leaked emails from insiders in… Keep Reading


How Donald Trump Can Neuter The Obama Administration

Regulations violate the checks and balances of a representative republic. While Obama is not the only president to use regulations to skirt Congress, he is the biggest culprit. Obama has used Federal Regulations to impose his socialistic agenda upon America. In fact, by May 2016, Obama had passed over 20,000 regulations during his presidency. Obama’s reign of terror is finally coming to an end. The good news is that Donald Trump has a tool to reduce the impact of the Obama administration. Keep Reading


Disagree? No, You’re Just An Ignoramus.

The Left’s totalitarian ideology doesn’t lend much credence to diversity of thought, viewpoint, or opinion. While leftists on college campuses are gunning for diversity of skin color and ethnicity, they decry opposing views as physically harmful. Both students and faculty retreat to the cocoon of so-called ‘safe spaces’ to shield themselves from the scourge of dissent. What’s more, those with minority opinions can’t just disagree with the Left. They clearly must be liars or deniers. From the lack of free speech on college campuses to the media condemning ‘fake news’, there is no room for opposition to the leftist narrative. Those who oppose gun-control are indicted as ignorant, bigoted, and bitter gun-clingers. Anyone who questions ‘progressive solutions’ to the ‘catastrophe’ of climate change is labeled a denier of science. Those who contest the morality of a social welfare state are called racist liars. In fact, any individual who dares object to the Left’s narratives is not simply incorrect. They don’t just disagree. They are purposely rejecting reality or maliciously… Keep Reading


Another Court Falsely Cites a Constitutional Right To Abort Unborn Children

The relationship the American court system has with the Constitution is hit or miss. Sometimes they do get things right, but often times, things go wrong. Unfortunately, the court often gets things wrong when America needs them the most. Consider the case of Korematsu v. United States, when an American citizen of Japanese descent was told he had no constitutional protections. Due to wartime hysteria, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had ordered all Americans of Japanese descent to be rounded up and placed in internment camps. Keep Reading


Jack London: When Socialism Was Racist

It is difficult to recall in our era of Bernie Saunders that once upon a time socialism was macho, even racist. Writer Jack London, born 140 years ago this week, typified what would today be condemned by leftists as “political incorrectness.” Economically, London would have been more palatable to today’s left. He championed workers’ rights, even their right to overthrow what he saw as corruption powered by representative government. Instead, he favored “people power,” in which the worker class, having overthrown representative government, abolished such things as child labor, class exploitation, and war for profits. London made these hopes known in his novel of class warfare, the dystopian Iron Heel (1908). Called by George Orwell the best prediction of fascism in political literature, this novel depicted the rise of an oligarchy composed of robber barons, who, threatened by the rise of socialism in Europe and a budding labor movement at home, take over the government. To ensure their power they reduce farmers down to serf level and destroy small… Keep Reading


Donald Trump’s Humiliation Of Mitt Romney Is Complete

President-elect Donald Trump has been a lot of things this election cycle. The longshot candidate-turned-incoming President has turned American politics upside down. Among the number of things he’s done to upset the political establishment is his ability to relentlessly troll the status quo. While not everything he suggests, advocates, or does is right, his ability to drive the norm insane is undeniable. Perhaps the most incredible upset is against the Republican establishment. He wasn’t ever going to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. He was never supposed to win. From early on, this was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s coronation parade and the House of Bush was supposed to reign again. Then for pundits and politicians, everything went wrong. Keep Reading


How Would Reagan Have Responded To Putin

There are many reasons to wish Ronald Reagan was still President. We would need him to combat government intrusion into every area of our life, including healthcare and our privacy; to steer us out of a mindless foreign policy and call to account a complacent media. Now we can add to our nostalgic wishes how he would’ve countered Vladmir Putin’s rebuke to America for considering itself “exceptional.” We are certainly not getting a principled rebuttal from our current President, who’s previous mention of American exceptionalism was that all countries consider themselves “exceptional,” which is the same as saying none of them are. But consider if Reagan were alive. He would certainly correct the definition of our exceptionalism presented by a former KGB agent whose op-ed appeared in the king of the mainstream media, the New York Times. Keep Reading


How To Grow Your Grassroots Organization In Five Easy Steps

Are you tired of yelling at your TV or computer when some idiot spouts off with a downright stupid opinion? Do you want to graduate from being a keyboard warrior and become a real activist – you know, the kind that actually makes a difference? Or do you already run or volunteer for a liberty organization whose membership is dwindling and needs new people – but you have no idea where to find these new liberty-minded individuals? Well, then, look no further – presented below is my incredibly powerful yet outrageously simple five-step formula for creating and growing your very own grassroots organization. Using this formula as a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute I recruited over 1,500 people in two months – many of whom stuck around and created their own liberty-minded organizations. Keep Reading


The Anti-Semitism Of Joe Sobran

When William F. Buckley launched National Review, he announced as his goal the purging of the Right from its anti-semitic elements. Indeed, before 1955, the conservative movement was marred by those who called themselves anticommunists but were in reality fascist sympathizers such as radio priest Father Coughlin and Huey Long protege and member of the Silver Shirts (an American movement modeled on the Nazis) Gerald L.K Smith. Buckley’s refusal to grant these elements a platform held fast until Joseph Sobran joined the magazine in 1972. Sobran, a former Shakespeare lecturer at Eastern Michigan University, would stay 21 years with the magazine, 18 as senior editor. He was able to more or less keep his controversial sentiments under wraps until 1993. In a number of columns which Buckley would upbraid in his editorials in the magazine, Sobran attacked Israel as a “tiny, faraway, socialist ethnocracy,” and worse, “a treacherous and costly ‘ally’ of the United States”, whose support by America would eventually result in 9-11. Keep Reading

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Turning Health Into a ‘Right’ Makes Open Access Impossible

Unlike popular belief, direct democracy started long before politicians associated with the military wing of Brazilian politics lost its battle over the hearts and souls of locals. But in the late 1980’s, the last vestiges of military rule had been wiped out. But not their policies of hyperinflation. But as a new constitution was drafted, certain positive rights were added to the final document, prompting “public health” to play an important role in the building of a new nation. “Health is a right of all and an obligation of the State,” the documented guaranteed. By late 1990, a law had been added to the books, prompting the launch of Brazil’s “Unique Health System,” or SUS in Portuguese. As a child born into a family of doctors and healthcare providers, I remember the conversations around the dinner table. The worried tones and the discussion revolving around the growing demand for health service providers and the government’s chronic lack of understanding of the medical profession. In the beginning of his career,… Keep Reading


John Milius: Swashbuckling Conservative

John Milius is less well known today than his contemporaries Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. He’s only noticed when conservatives require a public face for the NRA or need an example of how right-wingers are blacklisted in Hollywood (Milius hasn’t worked steady since the 1990s). But once upon a time Milius was the hottest screenwriter in 1970s Hollywood. He penned the first two Dirty Harry films (1971 and 1974), and Apocalypse Now (1979), which earned him an Academy Award nomination. Moreover, he has created phrases that are part of our cultural history, such as Dirty Harry’s “Do you feel lucky, punk?” and “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Called by Spielberg the “best storyteller” of his group, he has also been the go-to writer for many directors; when Spielberg was stymied on how to begin and end Saving Private Ryan, it was Milius who suggested the older Ryan visiting the grave of the soldier who saved him. In interviews, Milius comes off every bit as colorful… Keep Reading

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Why Rex Tillerson Gives Neocons Heartburn

Donald Trump announced this morning that he will nominate ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. But Trump can’t expect to get Tillerson’s nomination through the Senate without a fight. In the days leading up to Trump’s official announcement, the Senate’s leading neocons – Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, and John McCain – all expressed opposition to Rex Tillerson. Tillerson also received critical coverage from leading neoconservative publications including the National Review and the Weekly Standard. So what is behind neoconservatives’ opposition to Tillerson? Keep Reading


Trumbo Review

In conjunction with the release of Trumbo starring Bryan Cranston as the blacklisted screenwriter, Grand Central Publishing is re-releasing Bruce Cook’s 1977 biography of him. With this as the source material, it is understandable that the film was such a whitewash. Cook helpfully alerts the reader to his bias early on. He announces himself as an “advocate” for Trumbo. The set-up of the book, based on interviews from those who knew Trumbo, ranging from his wife to his comrades in the Party to such fellow travelers as Nation editor Cary McWilliams, is rigged for such advocacy. There are no opposite views from those such as Ronald Reagan who went head to head with Trumbo during the fight for communist control of a Hollywood Union in 1946; Reagan recalled Trumbo defending the Soviet constitution as more democratic than the American one. Cook tiptoes so much around Trumbo that the screenwriter has to bring up the question of his Communist membership. He accepts en masse Trumbo’s explanation for joining in 1943,… Keep Reading


The Party That Rigs Primaries Feigns Outrage Over Election Rigging

This election cycle has been bizarre, to say the least. A year and a half ago, it was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s nomination to lose. Hillary Clinton was always the constant, but nobody predicted that Senator Bernie Sanders would mount such a strong challenge against the former Secretary of State. When all was said and done, Bush was left behind early in the primaries and Donald Trump is going to be President. How did this happen? The Democratic Party suggests that it was the Russians. During the 2016 election cycle, the party has reinvented itself as the party of paranoid red-baiting alarmists. Wikileaks, once an ally of the Left, now has become the bane of their existence. All because of transparency. Let’s suppose that the Russians did rig the election. Through some dark plot, the conspiracy theories of the Left are all true. The election was indeed compromised. Do the Democrats have a leg to stand on with their criticism of it? Ironically, through the hacked e-mails and… Keep Reading


Congress Of Cultural Freedom

Nearly 70 years ago, a breed of Democrat sadly lacking in today’s lineup with the quasi-socialist Barack Obama on one side and the admitted socialist Bernie Saunders on the other, formed an uncompromising anti-communist organization called The Congress of Cultural Freedom. Unlike today’s era of NSA intrusions into privacy, in which Nancy Pelosi declared that Americans supported the curtailing of civil liberties in exchange of being “protected” by government surveillance programs, this organization had a civil liberties, even libertarian bent. One of it founders, Arthur Schlesinger Jr, attacked Communism as a totalitarian government which made the individual “the creature of the state;” he also attacked Lenin from a libertarian angle denouncing the Bolshevik leader for exposing “Marxist socialism to the play of…influences which divested it of its libertarian elements.” Although peopled with conservatives, the actual makeup of the organization was liberal, even socialist. Against those like Schlesinger Jr. who never bought into communism, many were burned by it and brought their knowledge of how it works into the organization,… Keep Reading


Philip K. Dick: Conservative?

Science Fiction writer Philip K. Dick is suddenly fashionable again. I say suddenly because in the past his works have been a favorite source material for filmmakers. In 1982, his short story, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep was the basis for the cult classic Blade Runner. At the turn of the century, Steven Spielberg adapted Minority Report (2003) into a film starring Tom Cruise. Both movies expressed a political theme; the world of Blade Runner was an environmentalist nightmare, with pollution literally clinging to citizens’ clothes. With Minority Report, Spielberg used the police unit tasked with jailing those who merely thought about committing a crime as a means to criticize then-Attorney General John Ashcroft’s policy toward suspected terrorists. Last year, Amazon Prime adapted his Hugo-Award-winning novel, The Man in the High Castle, an alternative history tale of the Nazis and Imperial Japan winning World War II and carving up America. It proved popular enough to warrant a second season, which will air on December 16. Despite this set-up… Keep Reading


Libertarians And The Alt-Right: Brothers In Arms Toward Leftist Destruction

Lately, there has been a great deal of petty bickering going on between libertarians and members of the alt-right. This turf war is being waged primarily through social media, and much of the time, it is centered around disputes on contentious issues such as multiculturalism and open borders. Instead of arguing about the specifics of these nuanced issues and further dividing the two factions, libertarians and members of the alt-right should find common cause against on their extremely dangerous, increasingly deranged, and virulently statist enemies of the political left. The Impact of the Alt-Right At the current moment, the alt-right is emboldened by their perceived success. Whether true or not, they have given themselves credit for memeing Donald Trump into the White House. Based on the media coverage of their exploits, it is hard to disagree with this assessment. Hillary Clinton read Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories and ridiculous headlines penned by Milo Yiannopoulos at live events during the height of campaign season. Her campaign actually released an online resource… Keep Reading


Prominent Academic Systems Are Adopting Gender Neutrality

For some growing up, education meant learning how to read, write, and make friends. You developed your math and art skills, built connections, and organized schedules. Fortunately, for some this still more or less describes their academic experience. However, an alarming trend has been emerging in recent years where the traditional problems of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood like learning arithmetic and taking standardized tests are being replaced with neo-Marxist demoralization tactics. Many university age students are now struggling to even identify their own gender. Keep Reading


Warren Commission Revisited

Historians have argued that an event should be studied fifty years after the fact. Only then can it be looked at objectively, as all the evidence should have come in, and those with an axe to grind have died off. At fifty-two years, the Warren Commission looms less large today than it did in 1964. Much of this has to do with Sept. 11th supplanting the Kennedy assassination as the event that provokes among the populace the question “where were you when.” Those who have attacked the Warren Commission back when it was noticed have split into two camps. Both agree it was a snow job but the motives they assign to it differ. For the Oliver Stone crowd, it was the propaganda arm of the military-industrial complex that murdered the “‘dovish” Kennedy. For the more reasonable of this school of thought, they argue that the Commission only pursued that Oswald did it alone to steer the citizenry away from believing it was a communist plot, and thus thwart… Keep Reading


The Arms Industry War On America

Recently, the film Man Down premiered in theaters across the United States. The film showcases the negative effects that war has both on the people who serve in them and their families back home. The film has the viewer immersed in the story, and I couldn’t help but leave the film thinking about the problems resulting from American militarism. How is it that we have 200,000 veterans who are homeless? Why do we have one in five veterans ending up with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? And why are 20 veterans committing suicide a day?   This depressing state of affairs has resulted from a country and a culture that glorifies war from the time a child is young to the time he is of age to join. The men that go to war are praised for being patriotic, yet when they come home from the war effort, they are forgotten and often spit upon by society. Ask any veteran who has tried to get their government-run health care from the… Keep Reading

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