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November 2016


Are Term Limits A Solution?

In an American society increasingly polarized over politics, one uniting belief is that there is something very wrong with our government. While this is true, there is an unfortunate tendency — on both sides — to try to identify simple, easy to recite reforms to fix our woes. On the left, for example, the cries are usually for “getting money out of politics,” with various organizations pushing to “repeal” the Citizens United ruling. On the right, it is common to see calls for a Federal balanced-budget amendment and term limits. While there’s certainly no harm in preventing the Federal government from running up deficits — though the issue is more complicated than many realize — the call for term limits is every bit as misguided as the left’s call for restricting campaign funds. It misidentifies the underlying issue, and would actually manage to make the Federal government even more immune from voter accountability. One point in the favor of term limits is that they are popular. Polling in recent… Keep Reading


Obama’s Audacity On Dope: A Primer On Cowardice

President Barack Obama might be on his way out, but the media’s relentless favoritism remains unchecked. In a recent interview for Rolling Stone, exiting Commander in Chief Obama told reporters he believes current federal marijuana laws are “untenable.” Adding that, while he has always stood by the notion that substance abuse should always be discouraged, he also believes that “treating this as a public-health issue, the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol, is the much smarter way to deal with it.” Despite the friendly veneer and the positive response, news outlets have, for the most part, ignored the obvious problem with Obama’s friendly comments on marijuana legalization. Despite his frequent pro-legalization remarks, President Obama’s own administration turned down the opportunity to reschedule the substance in recent months. At the time, the Drug Enforcement Administration justified its position by claiming that it does not see a medical value in any strains of marijuana and yet, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the assignee in… Keep Reading


Lessons For Losers – You Don’t Win Them All

Earlier this year, there was a lot of noise from Texas individuals who wanted to secede from the Union. They were fed up with how they perceived the direction of the country. Now that Donald Trump has won, an effort has started in California to secede from the Union. I just have one question: will the people in California and Texas grow up? As far as that goes, will the fans of Hillary Clinton who are funding Dr. Jill Stein’s recount grow up, also? I do not blame Dr. Stein for ordering these recounts. In fact, I must tip my cap to her because she is being a very shrewd politician. She lost, but she has a vision for America and she needs to get that message out. In order to get that message out, she needs to increase her name ID. Dr. Stein is demonstrating that she is a fighter and she is gaining new recruits as she preaches hope to those who just faced a humiliating defeat.… Keep Reading


Is Steve Mnuchin Just Another Wall Street Banker?

After weeks of speculation, Donald Trump has announced Steve Mnuchin as his nominee for Treasury Secretary. Though Mnuchin can currently be seen in movie theaters playing a banker in Warren Beatty’s new film Rules Don’t Apply, he has a lower profile than most tapped to head the Treasury department. Probably to his credit, he has no experience with public policy and has made relatively few public statements on policy. Perhaps his best qualification for the position was that he was an early supporter of Trump’s campaign, serving as its fundraising director. Though Mnuchin himself has said little, his resume does seem to contrast sharply with Trump’s populist campaign. Mnuchin, like his father before him, was a partner at Goldman Sachs before joining the world of hedge funds, including working as a portfolio manager for George Soros. He went on to start his own hedge fund, Dune Capital Management, and become a prominent Hollywood financier serving as executive producer for such hits as Avatar, Lego Movie, Mad Max: Fury Road… Keep Reading


The Real Reason To Oppose The Dakota Access Pipeline

The ongoing protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline near Standing Rock Indian Reservation makes for some good theater, but the protesters have as yet been unable to demonstrate that the pipeline actually trespasses on Indian lands or that it will likely lead to groundwater pollution. Both trespassing and water pollution are serious issues that would rightly open up the owners — in this case, Energy Transfer Partners — to crippling lawsuits. In North Dakota, however, the pipeline passes through private property and a likelihood of groundwater pollution has not been established. Defenders of the pipeline like to point all this out. But, those same defenders also conveniently ignore that other parts of the pipeline, including parts that pass through Iowa, rely on eminent domain to secure land rights for the pipeline owners. Keep Reading


Transportation Secretary Pick: Elaine Chao

On Tuesday, Elaine Chao was chosen to serve as the Transportation Secretary under President-elect Donald J. Trump. Chao has previously served as the Secretary of Labor for the administration of George W. Bush and is married to Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). A formal announcement of the pick is expected in the afternoon. This is a good pick for several reasons. Primarily, Chao is the first Asian-American woman in American history to serve in a cabinet position. Her family moved from China to Taiwan, where she was born, to escape the communist regime. She immigrated at age eight to the United States. This pick may help to curb media concerns that Trump is filling up his cabinet extensively with white men. Along with Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. Nikki Haley, Chao will diversify Trump’s cabinet. Also, Trump plans to spend $1 billion on infrastructure as a major priority once he is inaugurated. Chao would be intensively involved in any transportation infrastructure improvements during the stimulus. Her husband, Senator McConnell, would… Keep Reading


When Protecting Free Speech Isn’t Easy, It’s Still Right

The Constitution of the United States is one of the most truly revolutionary documents of political theory ever penned by mankind. It grants an enormous amount of power, authority, and autonomy to the individual citizen and makes each American a sovereign power unto themselves. A big part of this empowerment comes from the recognition in the Bill of Rights that there are certain powers, rights, and privileges that are beyond the power of the government. The BoR does not “grant” citizens these rights, it merely recognizes them and places them off-limits to the interference and control of the government. It’s worth pointing out that in the First Amendment several of these rights are laid out, including the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the freedom to assemble and protest the government. These rights were placed first on the list, grouped together under the umbrellas of the First Amendment, because they were considered to be among the most important and necessary to the preservation of freedom and… Keep Reading


Trump’s HHS Pick: Obamacare Critic Tom Price

On Tuesday morning, Tea Party conservative Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) was officially chosen as Secretary of Health and Human Services for the administration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. Trump announced, “Chairman Price, a renowned physician, has earned a reputation for being a tireless problem solver and the go-to expert on healthcare policy, making him the ideal choice to serve in this capacity.” This pick reflects Trump’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, as Price has been a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act and the Obama administration generally. On Obamacare, Price said, “While President Obama and Democrats have the audacity to tout Obamacare’s ‘success,’ the cold hard facts and figures prove the opposite is true.” In The House of Representatives, Price sponsored the Empowering Patients First Act, a potential replacement for Obamacare. The EPFA creates and expands tax credits for purchasing health insurance and permits interstate health insurance markets. This pick may quell some of the Republican concerns that Trump will not make repealing and replacing Obamacare a… Keep Reading


Chickens And Windmills

Much has happened in the news since Thanksgiving, and there are several items that deserve attention. First: At long last, Fidel Castro is finally dead. It is unfortunate so many people on the left glorify this despicable human being and, by extension, the decades of repression and violence he inflicted upon the inmates of the island prison otherwise known as Cuba. His avid fan base might be quick to proclaim that he provided his people with free healthcare. Those who know better should be quick to reply that at that price it was worth every penny. The quality of Cuban healthcare is stellar if you’re a party elitist or a tourist visiting long enough to get Botox injections or breast implants. Conversely, Cubans on the outside of party favoritism find themselves languishing in crumbling hospitals and clinics with sparse access to competent doctors and medicine. Castro fans might be equally quick to inform us that education in Cuba is provided universally and they have an excellent literacy rate, but… Keep Reading


If You Call The Alt-Right “Nazi White Supremacists,” You’re Wrong

Thanks to President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon and the actions of some attendees at the National Policy Institute (NPI) annual conference, media scrutiny of the alt-right is at an all time high. Within the veritable tornado of stories “exposing” the alt-right coming out seemingly on a daily basis, three phrases are re-occurring: “white nationalism,” “white supremacy,” and “race realism.” Many journalists, pundits, and misinformed social media users are treating these three very different concepts as if they are one and the same. Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and every writer or personality considered to be “alt-right” is being labeled automatically by the media as a racist, Nazi, white nationalist, white supremacist, and race realist. This is irresponsible reporting at best, and purposeful obfuscation at worst. Race realism, white nationalism, and white supremacy are separate concepts – much to the chagrin and confusion of the mainstream media. To understand the alt-right, it is necessary to understand each of these distinct concepts. Keep Reading


The Fight Against Communism Is Far From Over

The world is a better place now that  former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has died.  One more dirty commie has been physically removed from the earth, so to speak. Unfortunately for the world, communism is still lurking and waiting for yet another chance to strike the evil capitalist pigs (such as libertarians) of the world and the United States specifically. We live in a country today that has prominent athletes wearing shirts with the likes of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, for crying out loud!   This one fact shows us that the world has not learned from the sheer magnitude of communism’s  massive death count. Communists have killed 94 million people collectively. It is the most murderous political philosophy known to man and yet, for some odd reason, millennials and their college professors alike still rock communism like a washed up  football star rocks his  high school jersey at 45 years old, yearning for that lost feeling. The only difference is that the old high school star actually… Keep Reading


Congressman Rohrabacher, One Of Donald Trump’s Most Loyal Supporters, Should Become The Next Secretary Of State

Over the last week, there has been considerable debate over who Donald Trump will nominate as his Secretary of State. Several names have been floated around. The floated names include powerhouses of Republican politics like Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. The list also includes former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, David Petraeus. I highly doubt that Donald Trump will select Mitt Romney because Donald Trump likes to surround himself with people who are loyal to him. Mitt Romney proved throughout the 2016 presidential campaign that he was not loyal to Donald Trump and, in fact, Romney did many things that were harmful to Trump’s election efforts. Instead, I believe Romney is the trial balloon that is being floated before Trump selects someone who is loyal to him. I also highly doubt that Trump will select David Petraeus. David Petraeus already demonstrated a complete failure in protocol while serving under the Obama administration. There is a saying that goes “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame… Keep Reading


Mr. Trump, Don’t Let Obama And Clinton Off

After the contentious and bruising 2000 election and it’s aftermath, President Bush refused to go after President Clinton for his misdeeds while president. From Chinagate to Travelgate to using the IRS to target their political opponents, the Clinton crime family needed to be investigated more fully. Our next president must go after the corruption and misconduct of the Obama administration in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Last week, President-elect Donald J. Trump revealed that he would not pursue legal action against his former opponent Hillary Clinton for her private email server scandal and the Clinton Foundation scandal. Trump promised, in the presidential debates, to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s misconduct were he elected President. On Tuesday, in an interview with the New York Times, President-elect Trump responded to a question about what he would do about investigating Hillary Clinton by saying,”It’s just not something I feel very strongly about.” He added, “I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t…She went through… Keep Reading

libertarian populism

Populism Always Wins: Why Libertarians Must Take Notice

Populism, the Austrian economist and academic vice president of the Mises Institute Joseph Salerno wrote, is nothing by a strategy. It may be applied by individuals advancing both left- and right-wing ideologies, but it is seldom used by those with the right ideas. Due to its historic connection to ideologies that led to war, mass murder, and economic collapse, however, populism has been erroneously associated with bad politics. Regardless of political preferences, one thing is true: Whenever embraced by charismatic leaders, the populist approach is often the winner, whether it’s used to sell radical left-wing causes under leaders like Hugo Chávez or Republican candidates such as President-elect Donald Trump. But when it comes to libertarian populism — another breed of populism that has also managed to obtain a great deal of attention in recent history — those who could actually benefit from the popular approach often shrug. Keep Reading


SOURCE: Thomas Massie Being Considered For Trump Administration Post

A confidential source on the Trump transition team has told The Liberty Conservative that Rep. Thomas Massie, an award-winning, MIT-educated engineer, elected to Congress in 2012, is under consideration for the job of Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, a role commonly known as Science Advisor to the President. Massie currently serves as Chairman for the Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation in the House of Representatives. Massie’s office did not respond to our requests for comment. Keep Reading


Cuban Leader Fidel Castro, Authoritarian Communist, And Staunch Opponent Of U.S. Hegemony, Dead At 90

Long-time Communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, is dead at the age of 90. It is believed that the cause of death was complications related to diverticulitis, a debilitating stomach condition he suffered from since 2006. Although Castro is dead, his legacy of authoritarian government will live on far beyond his death in Cuba. Castro was supplanted by his brother, Raul, who was instilled as President of Cuba in 2008 after Fidel’s health was waning. For many, Castro represented a brutal dictator who fully embodied the evils of totalitarian Communism. To others, he was seen as a Renaissance Man who stood strongly against American dominion and conquest for a great many decades. Fidel Castro came into power officially when he was installed as Prime Minister in 1959. After successfully disposing the despised US-backed leadership in a bloody revolution, Castro was able to stay in power despite a tremendous amount of intervention from the military-industrial complex. This earned Castro legendary stature in the minds of millions of individuals around the… Keep Reading


Keep Calling Your Opponents “Racists” And You Will Keep Losing!

Just moments before I proceeded to write this article, a colleague of mine sent me a link to the Facebook wall of Tim Wise, a white self-avowed “anti-racist.”  I will not bother relaying Wise’s tirade of a post.  Rather, it is the article to which he links that is of interest. The latest edition of The Atlantic refers to the National Policy Institute (NPI), a small think tank that met in Washington D.C. this past weekend for its annual conference.  NPI describes itself as “an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States, and around the world.” Wise, a white man who has made a fortune from finding “white racism” and “white privilege” in every nook and cranny of the Western world, a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) who has been a tireless defender of Black Lives Matter, describes NPI members as “white nationalists and racists, at best, Nazis at worst.” According to The Atlantic—a fiercely anti-Trump outfit—more than “200… Keep Reading


Scrounging For Respect In Soviet America

In his Netflix special, famed comedian Dana Carvey uses a simple analogy to explain the main difference between free market capitalism and socialism. “To me,” the former Saturday Night Live star launched, “capitalism is an Apple store.” But socialism, he continues, “is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) … [where] sweaty, pissed off workers … can’t get fired.” What’s worse, Carvey added, is that “they laugh at you … ha, ha, ha ha … ‘you got the wrong line you f***ing idiot’.” Perhaps unbeknownst to the comedian, this analogy may also help to describe a sentiment shared by any American or resident whose life was forever changed by the hand of government. Respect for the individual and his needs and desires, Carvey’s bit seems to suggest, is an ideal that may only exist in an environment unblemished by bureaucracy. And he’s right. The idea the individual is sovereign and retains the sole ownership of his life is a farfetched fantasy to the bureaucrat. Instead, the average faithful and inept… Keep Reading

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Don’t Want a ‘Muslim Registry?’ Abolish The Census

People on the Internet have lost all but one of their collective screws this past week. Again. As President-elect Donald Trump met with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach — a potential pick for the head Department of Homeland Security — the Internet lit up with the leaked contents of their meeting, triggering another round of talks concerning a possible “national registry” of Americans or immigrants who subscribe to Islam. While Kobach’s plan involves the George W. Bush-era National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) — a system that remained in place under President Barack Obama until 2011 (only to be replaced with a more comprehensive program) — few caught up to the fact NSEERS only involves the collection and crosschecking of data pertaining to immigrants coming to the United States from Muslim-majority countries. But as news sources ran with the story that Trump could eventually turn this into a registry of American Muslims and immigrants already living in the country, the President-elect’s spokesman Jason Miller reassured the public that no,… Keep Reading


Ravens Of Disaster

When mentioned today, Whittaker Chambers is known solely for his testimony outing former State Department Official Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy. Because this occurred during, arguably the height of the Cold War, 1948-1950, Chambers seems a dated figure, having little to tell us in an era where the enemy is not situated in one country. One could argue for his relevance in that he, in his reduction of the Cold War down to a contest between those who have “faith in Man” (communists) and those who possess “faith in God,” was one of the founding members of social conservatism. But it is in his role as a canny strategist who advised then-Vice President Richard Nixon (who was the chief hunter of Hiss during the hearings), and William F. Buckley that he is relevant for the age of Trump. Keep Reading


Exorcising Jefferson

When I was a graduate student at a New York university, Thomas Jefferson was detested by the faculty, while his bête noire Alexander Hamilton was not. Given their animus to anything Southern, and their heresy hunts for “racism,” I was not surprised. As expected, his slave-holding was a target. But what really rankled “conservative” professors were his attempts to stymie big government capitalism as represented by Alexander Hamilton. His insistence on individual liberty was attacked by said professors–“rhetorical finery” as one put it–as an obstacle to the establishment of a federal government organized for profit. This smoothly running operation was not just for the ordinary citizen to increase their means, but it was also intended for politicians. What is today attacked as “special interest” politicians, who governed on behalf of the businesses they had investments in, was lauded by these academics. In point of fact, they were correct about Jefferson as an impediment, as he denounced such selective representation as violating the idea of politicians selflessly representing everyone. Keep Reading


Crybaby Culture

Over the past several years, those of us on the right have watched in semi-stupefied horror as the traditions and morals that serve as the bedrock of our culture have been eroded under an incessant bombardment of cultural Marxism. Those values that built this nation (not to mention much of western civilization) are under open attack by an army of social justice warriors whose main obsessions are political correctness and the obliteration of anything resembling traditional America: Conventional gender roles, the family unit, modesty and humility, strength – both physical and mental, veneration of our elders, self-respect, gravitas, hard work, etc. Perhaps the most in-your-face example of the erosion of our traditions and values is the collective liberal tantrum toward the election of Donald Trump. Keep Reading


A Skeptic In The Foxhole

It is said there are no atheists in foxholes. In the case of literary critic and bloodied World War II vet Paul Fussell, the politically correct don’t inhabit the trenches, either. For him, a lifelong skepticism and refusal of sloganeering was born the moment he, a 20 year old infantry soldier, engaged in combat and was subsequently wounded in France in 1944. From then on, he fought a new war, not one of bullets, but one of words against formula merchants who eschewed complexity and irony. Professor Fussell is perhaps best known for his National Book Award winning The Great War and Modern Memory. It was highly praised by such literary heavyweights as Lionel Trilling. By 1975, attacking the Great War was a given. But Fussell’s thesis was original. He argued, through the diaries of participants, that trench warfare gave birth to the modern age as we know it. In short, “romanticism” that had dominated the European Continent for decades was shot away in a war that had no… Keep Reading


Cold War Noir

On a mid-80s visit to East Germany via West Germany, conservative humorist P.J O’Rourke was disappointed when he passed through the infamous Checkpoint Charlie for its lack of noir. What he got instead was bored frisking and robotic stares. Walking around East Berlin didn’t fulfill his expectations either. Instead of wind-swept newspapers, dark alleys (where double and quadruple agents lurked), he found dorkishly-dressed citizens with the super-pale “Kremlin complexion” desperately waiting in line at the government store for toilet paper. Berlin, mere months away from its implosion, resembles the bombed-out city that is as much a character as the actual ones in Joseph Kannon’s Leaving Berlin. It is scorched and blackened, and the smell of the World War II aerial bombardment is still in the air. But this husk, which Kanon locates in 1949, and O’Rourke witnessed in the late 80s was, more than any other city, ground-zero of the Cold War. Keep Reading


The Media Who Cried Wolf

The reaction to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s tweets about the Broadway show “Hamilton” has been priceless. Hollywood stars and the media are treating Trump’s tweets, which chastise the musical’s actors for lecturing Vice President-elect Mike Pence about diversity while he was attending the show, like watergate 2.0. When the media goes nuts over a tweet and cry wolf, they risk desensitizing Americans to real scandal. Everyone knows the story about the boy who cried wolf. As the story goes, a boy was watching his herd of sheep outside his village when, desperate for attention, he cried, “wolf, wolf!”, and the townspeople came to his aid. Upon realizing that there was no wolf, they went back to their business. When the boy again cried wolf, the villagers rushed back up to the pasture, and again seeing no wolf in sight, headed back down to the village, shaking their heads. The next day, the boy spotted a wolf stalking his flock. He summoned the townspeople by yelling, “wolf, wolf!” No one… Keep Reading


Protecting The Intellectual Atmosphere In Academia

Today it is a given that communists, even Stalinists, dominate faculties. The result has been a climate of political correctness that has stifled Socratic debate, and thus educational standards, and has in turn created a generation of those who assign more value to what one thinks rather than how one thinks. For those of this generation who have joined faculties the vicious cycle is assured. Fifty years ago, an academic warned that just such an occurrence would happen if liberals didn’t devise a way to fight it. In Heresy Yes–But Conspiracy, No (1953), Sidney Hook, that rare breed even then of anticommunist and professor, offered a blueprint for liberals to fight against tenured radicals whose modus operandi was, when confronted, to cloak themselves in First Amendment protections they would in other circumstances gladly overthrow. According to Hook, a philosophy professor at NYU, university liberals could and should fire such radicals. Keep Reading


Debunking Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’

Twenty-five years ago, Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ was released and was less a film than a Molotov cocktail thrown at the “establishment.” Stone called his film about the 20th century’s most infamous Presidential assassination “a history lesson” (a characterization he quickly withdrew) and hoped to be vindicated by the passage of time. Stone’s thesis in a film designed to appeal to middle America is as follows: the military-industrial complex, allowed free reign under Eisenhower, killed Kennedy because he was trying to end the Cold War, especially in Cuba and Vietnam (the latter extremely important to the obsessed Stone). Their point men were apolitical snipers, vengeful anti-Castroites, and a manipulated Oswald. Far from being an angry leftist loner, Oswald was in fact a perpetrator for the more dovish elements of the American government’s schemes. The low-level plotters included Clay Shaw, a New Orleans businessman, and David Ferrie, a member of the Operation Mongoose team, a CIA operation in constant efforts to kill Castro. Like all history lessons, the yardstick is whether… Keep Reading

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Tulsi Gabbard For Trump Administration? Why The Right Should Cheer

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) — the first Hindu member of the U.S. House of Representatives — is known for standing for principles over party loyalty. A quality lacking in most of her colleagues. The former Army veteran who spent 12 months in Iraq serving as specialist with a 29th Support Battalion medical company, is a native of Leloaloa, American Samoa. At age three, however, Gabbard’s family moved to Hawaii. According to rumors, Gabbard could be under consideration for a post at the Defense Department, State Department, or United Nations. During a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in New York City, Gabbard told the public in a statement, the two discussed foreign policy, a subject which often puts Gabbard and her party at odds. Keep Reading


The Last Gasp Of Anti-Communist Liberalism

When Historian John Patrick Diggins informed his role model, Arthur Schlesinger Jr, that he was undertaking a book on Ronald Reagan, Schlesinger asked him not to make the President “look good.” This quote perfectly encapsulates why the Left and the Right have regarded Schlesinger Jr as a knee-jerk liberal (a “Kennedy suck-up”–more on this later–as the late Christopher Hitchens labeled him, based on the historian’s Camelot preaching; while the Right has been slightly more lenient, while at the same time attacking him as a “Castro sympathizer” after his “glowing” reports after a trip to Cuba in the 1970s). As we edge toward his 100th birthday, and his death almost ten years ago (2007), it is possible to take in his whole life and positions and see him as more of a mixed bag. Keep Reading


Betraying England

Anthony Burgess, Cambridge graduate, talks producer at the BBC, MI-6 agent, and a Soviet mole code-named Madchen, has always been considered the prat-falling member of the Cambridge 5 (composed of Diplomat Donald McLean, Head of the anti-Soviet division of British Intelligence Kim Philby, art advisor to the Queen Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross). Unlike the others, Burgess’ drunken behavior, and relentless homosexual cruising for rough trade, made it possible for the British Left to treat his tenure as a Soviet spy, from his recruitment at Cambridge in 1934 to his flight behind the Iron Curtain in 1951, as more comical than harmful. This spin was perfectly encapsulated by anti-anti-communist playwright Alan Bennett: “No one has ever shown that Burgess did much harm, except to make fools of people in high places. Because he made jokes, scenes and most of all passes…he was rather silly.” At first glance, this could seem to be so. Such was his collegiate reputation as an undependable, public drunk who suffered from “slips of the… Keep Reading


Mitt Romney Embodies The Reason Why Donald Trump Won

This has been a bizarre and unpredictable election cycle that has taken a number of unforeseen turns. All of these wild months later, Republican Donald Trump is the President-Elect preparing to inherit the free world in January. Just as they failed to predict the results of the general election, pundits still fail to understand why President-Elect Donald Trump came to be. Are most Americans misogynistic racists, as the mainstream media would lead us all to believe? Most certainly not. Keep Reading


Stop Calling Liberals “Hypocrites”, They Have a Different Rulebook

This morning I read a great piece on Reason in which Stephaine Slade dives into the hypocrisy of the liberals. Fashion designer Sophie Theallet has declared that she will not be dressing the next first lady, Melania Trump. Slide correctly points out that while Theallet has the right to choose which customers she wants to work with, bakers and florists do not, if the customers they are refusing happen to be same-sex couples. Hardly a day goes by that I see on my Facebook feed a meme about liberal logic. The hypocrisy of liberals is so frustrating. How do they not see how contradictory their positions in politics really are? Stop calling liberals hypocrites, it assumes that liberals have principles that they abide by. Liberals do not care about the rules, instead, all they care about is the outcome. The rule of law is what conservatives must live by. Liberals are very quick to hold up the rules and require that we live by them. However, in their minds, they… Keep Reading


Jeff Sessions Is Not Powerful Enough To Stop The Marijuana Industry

The news that President-elect Donald Trump picked Senator Jeff Sessions to be the next Attorney General has many libertarians up in arms for the pick. The Senator has been one of the strongest proponents of the prohibition of marijuana at the federal level and with this pick, we must hold Trump’s feet to the fire. Sessions has opposed legislation to make mandatory minimum sentencing less harsh and has said that “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Despite these ridiculous policies and ideas from Sessions, we must realize that marijuana legalization will not come through the federal government but will be achieved at the local and state levels of government. We must join the fight for the radical decentralization of government if we are to make any change at all. Keep Reading


“Uneducated”: The Left’s Favorite Pejorative

It is no secret that the Left are big supporters of a politically correct culture. They see no issue with constantly stiffing the free speech of anyone who disagrees with the politically correct narrative of the mainstream. They regularly clamp down on your free speech in the name of protecting the sensibilities of all those who happen to disagree. This policy has become so widespread on college campuses throughout the nation that it goes beyond merely condemning what people happen to say or feel, to physically placing the potential “victims” of your speech into so-called “safe spaces” in order to shield them from the dark and scary world of differing opinions. Now we have a situation where students not only graduate with mounting debt and no discernible job skills, but also a juvenile fear of a different worldview being expressed to them. These are the future leaders of our country and it perfectly illustrates the madness of the modern regressive left. Keep Reading


Cruz And Lee Need Your Help To Turn The Liberty Movement From Defense To Offense

The ballots are still being counted for the 2016 election and the eyes of the nation are turning towards 2018. I have already seen reports about the 2018 U.S. Senate races. There are 33 seats up for election, 23 held by Democrats, 2 held by independents who caucus with the Democrats, and 8 that are held by the Republicans. Of these 23 seats held by the Democrats, 10 live in states where Donald Trump won. Democratic turnout is usually lower in off-year elections so the election map does not look good for Democrats. For Liberty minded, Constitution loving, Limited Government proponents, this is a great opportunity for you to make a huge difference in the direction of our country. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and many others are great spokesmen for the cause of limited Constitutional government. Keep Reading


The Authors Of Prosperity

Amid a torrent of rumors surrounding the allegedly chaotic Trump transition, there have been some glimmers of hope emerging from the fledgling ascendance of the Manhattanite billionaire to the halls of power in Washington, DC. Vice President-elect, Mike Pence, has taken the reins of the transition process and his first order of business was to fire all lobbyists from the team, a promising sign that Trump plans to make good on his campaign pledge to “drain the swamp.” Coming on the heels of this welcome news is the report that the president-elect will order a ban on all lobbying activities for outgoing administration officials. And yet more happy news: James Clapper, head of the NSA, serial liar, and establishmentarian to boot, has resigned. The swamp is draining itself. As hopeful as all this appears, these optimistic developments are tempered by headlines pronouncing an energetic pessimism by those who refuse to find a silver lining in the outcome of our recent electoral contests. Keep Reading

Free Speech Hate Speech

Why America Should Refuse To Be Like Germany

The fine line between protest and violence has been repeatedly crossed these past days. Despite the hostility, few of those who feel legitimately threatened seem to  be pressuring the government — or even private organizations — to monitor the Internet for “hate” or threatening speech. On the other hand, many electors feeling left out of the process due to their candidate’s loss have used the Internet to urge others to pay attention to a surge in attacks against minorities in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential win, despite the fact several instances of “Trump inspired” aggression or vandalism have mostly turned out to be fabricated. But in contemporary times, these discrepancies matter as much as President Barack Obama’s record-breaking war on the Muslim world. As social media companies are pressured to “do something,” Facebook and Twitter launch a war against “fake news” and offensive content. And while in America, this campaign has just begun to scare social media users, in Germany, companies like Facebook might soon be held criminally… Keep Reading


How Whitey Got His Groove Back: Donald, Nigel And Saint Mel Set The Bar High

In an age of widespread political correctness, being white is looked at as a curse. It is now widely-acceptable for every member of a designated “victim group” ie LGBT, African-American, Latino, etc. to use blatant hateful rhetoric against whites. While if a white individual has simple pride for their heritage, they are treated like a full-fledged Klan member. This double-standard has been arrogantly waved in our faces as the inevitable future that cannot be changed due to inescapable demographic changes. But not so fast. These victim groups may have overplayed their hand during the Obama era. Whitey could not go a day without being blamed for this or that. The effects of climate change are racist, and only privileged whites are holding back the world from carbon taxes and an environmentalist utopia. Do you eat tacos and enchiladas, whitey? Well, you’re a cultural misappropriating racial demon! Dare to try and speak your mind in a conversation to a person of color? Shut that devil mouth, mansplainer! Keep Reading


Slammer For Clapper? Retiring Intelligence Chief May Belong In Jail

The current Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee hearing he had resigned. “I submitted my letter of resignation last night,” the scorned former lieutenant general told Congressmen Thursday, “[and it] felt pretty good,” he concluded. While the L.A. Times confirms Clapper had long pledged to retire at the end of the year, the public, as well as privacy advocates across the country, have long wondered whether lies regarding the U.S. government’s mass surveillance programs would ever come back to haunt him. Now, as Clapper has only 64 more days until the end of his term and President-elect Donald Trump has the opportunity to build his own network of intelligence leaders, we know perjury claims may never catch up to him after all. Keep Reading


Bolton, Giuliani Out, Congressman Rohrabacher In For Secretary Of State

According to the Washington Examiner, concerns are increasing for President-elect Trump’s top two picks to run the State Department: Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton.  Sources say the Trump transition team is now considering California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a leading House foreign policy expert. Rohrabacher, who once worked as a Reagan speechwriter and a House member since 1989, emerged Tuesday night as a possible Trump pick.  He is much more aligned with Trump on foreign policy, immigration and global warming issues. Keep Reading


Trump Could Be The Most Pro-Gun President In History

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election when it comes to the Second Amendment. The Constitutional right to keep and bear arms dodged a bullet when Hillary was defeated. Clinton’s views on gun rights are well known; she supports an “Assault Weapons” ban, opposes the Heller v D.C. decision, wants to repeal the immunity firearms manufacturers have when a criminal misuses their produts, wants to set up a federal registry of all handguns, and supports closing loopholes that don’t exist. If Hillary had won, the Supreme Court would have been stacked against gun rights for a generation. The push to ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty would have picked up steam, and she certainly would have used all executive power available to limit Americans’ right to defend themselves. Keep Reading


The Ideological Bigotry Of The “Left”

After an election that brought the rhetoric of major news networks to that of reality television, followed by the most unlikely upset in US political history, emotions are high and understandably raw. While many prematurely admonished the presumptive loser Donald Trump for his lack of willingness to outright concede the election results should they not be in his favor, few of his detractors considered their own sentiments if the roles were reversed. Well, The Donald was elected the 45th president of the United States, and that reality has come to pass. Many of his critics have voiced their discontent openly, as is to be expected. Let’s review the dignified eloquence that followed (all will remain anonymous): Keep Reading


An Open Letter To Protesters Who Block Traffic

Dear Protesters, I totally get why you are blocking traffic. You want everyone else to be as mad as you are. You accept the risk that you might be run over or physically attacked because you believe in your cause. People might be late for work, but this draws attention to your grievances. Blocking traffic might be illegal, but at least nobody is getting hurt, right? Would you still stand in the way if you saw an ambulance with its lights and siren on? I hope you would at least let traffic through in a life or death situation. But here are a couple of things you need to know about ambulances. When an ambulance is transporting a patient to the ER, most of the time it does so with the siren turned off. The patient still needs to get to the hospital quickly, but high speeds, flashing lights, and loud noises can be traumatizing. Sirens are mostly only used when the ambulance is en route to a scene,… Keep Reading


The Myth Of Bernie Sanders

The allure of Bernie Sanders, much like the allure of of socialism, is based on nothing more than myth. More broadly, it is based on a series of falsehoods and an unexamined history. A cursory view of the Democratic primary would have the casual observer believing that Senator Sanders was the clear loser of it all. Failing to secure the nomination and eventually having to support the Wall Street backed Hillary Clinton. Based on this, many surmised that he had failed. Keep Reading


Why IPAB Repeal Is Trump’s Perfect Opening Move

Following eight years of Obama, it will take some doing for Republicans in Washington to learn how to most effectively wield the power they just won in the election. The results of Republicans’ control of Congress were certainly not stellar, but they were limited by Obama. Now there are no excuses: they must make significant gains. For replacing the president’s health care law, that means walking before you run. Full repeal of Obamacare absolutely must be achieved, but for a variety of reasons the path will be more arduous than you might expect. Keep Reading


Why Term Limits Will Not Fix Our Political Problems

Corruption in government is a given in any society. As human beings, some are more susceptible to kickbacks and more easily enticed by perks. This is how people like Republican United States Senator Susan Collins run for office pledging to serve only two terms and end up hanging around for much longer. Warriors go to the capitol to fight for the people and instead find out that D.C. is a beautiful way of life. So how do we prevent this? How does society prevent entrenched politicians from sinking our government functions? Keep Reading


America’s Lukewarm Relationship With Democracy

Over the course of a month, a significant number of Americans, on both sides of the aisle, have openly questioned fundamental aspects of our democratic system. And that should concern you. This problem flared up in earnest during the presidential debate, after Donald Trump responded to moderator Chris Wallace’s question about the importance of the defeated candidate conceding the election by saying that he would “keep you in suspense, OK?” Well, no, not okay; as Hillary Clinton correctly pointed out, the peaceful transition of power and acceptance of the winner’s legitimacy are crucial to keeping a democracy. However, rather than being turned off this rhetoric, Trump supporters seemed to coalesce behind this concept of “rigged elections.” Keep Reading


Democrats: Double Down!

It is certainly a good time to be a Republican; outside of a University campus, of course. There is a lot to be happy about from a Republican perspective. A newly elected Republican President, several possible openings in the Supreme Court, control of the Senate, control of the House, 33 Governors, and 68 state legislative chambers, the highest in the Republican Party’s history. The level of dominance from the local all the way up to the federal level is something akin to the power New Deal Democrats enjoyed during the FDR years and something unseen for Republicans since the Civil War. So how did we get here? How has the Republican party expanded its reach and power so effectively in such a short period of time? Keep Reading


Senator Rand Paul’s Greater Point In Opposing Rudy Giuliani And John Bolton

Senator Rand Paul may have the reputation of being a coalition builder who will work with all sides when possible, but he can also be problematic to his own party’s mainstream as well. The Trump Administration is beginning to take shape as the transition team led by Vice President-Elect Mike Pence starts appointing people to jobs. Two jobs are down, with Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus being named White House Chief of Staff and Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon being named chief strategist and senior counselor. Many more jobs have yet to be filled, however. Keep Reading

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