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HuffPo Slams Trump For Believing Genes Are Real

According to The Huffington Post, this may be the most “dangerous part of Trump’s campaign.” Is it his support for peace with Russia? Is it his hiring of Steve Bannon, who has been made out to be the mastermind of the troublemaking alt right movement? None of the above. In the eyes of The Huffington Post, the most dangerous part of Donald Trump’s campaign is that he agrees with mainstream theories of genetics. In a video intended to spook and scare people, The Huffington Post – an organization that Trump has accurately lambasted as being “very dishonest” – compiles various comments from Trump where he discusses genetics and intelligence. “All men are created equal – well, it’s not true, because some are smart and some aren’t,” Trump says in the video. Does that mean Trump hates the Constitution, and thinks that rights should be determined based on genetics or skin color? Well, no – only a regular Huffington Post reader could be brought to believe that. The sense of equality being… Keep Reading


Single-Payer Sucks

Proponents of universal healthcare hold one of the most morally attractive political positions of present day: healthcare is a natural human right and should be readily available to all, regardless of socioeconomic standing.  On top of their moral high ground, they pile on supposed proof of single payer’s merits by pointing to Canada, Scandinavia, and various other countries.  It’s their belief that if only such a system were implemented in the US, the problems associated with healthcare would largely be alleviated. It’s a very emotionally pleasing opinion to hold.  Single-payer advocates pat themselves on the back for being so benevolent to the poor and insurance-less, claiming that if it weren’t for their efforts, countless people would unnecessarily die.  Unfortunately, positive emotions for its proponents is the only good thing that comes from single-payer healthcare. When subjected to reason, the only way for a single-payer system to look attractive is to analyze it solely with emotion.  Logical and economic reasoning, along with an honest moral assessment, serve to show such… Keep Reading


Here’s Why I Attack Hillary More Than Trump

A close friend of mine has been busting my balls lately with comments that look something like this, “I see you’ve been defending Trump and attacking Hillary quite a bit lately. Can we assume you’re backing Trump now?” It’s not the first time I’ve received a comment like this. In a political climate so polarizing and a social climate that shoves the “vote or die” mantra down our throats, I can understand why someone would come to this conclusion. We have a false range of choices, and people quickly look to the faintest hint of support or dissent as an excuse to slap an easy label on their friends, family, and colleagues. Not to mention, I indeed have attacked Hillary far more than I have Trump. The short answer is no, I do not support Trump. Keep Reading


Fewer Professionals, Please

In the summer of 1769 the town of Boxford, Massachusetts was on edge. Jonathan Ames’ pretty young wife, Ruth, had taken ill, and when Mrs. Kimball, a neighbor, came to visit, Ruth’s mother-in-law claimed the odor coming from her chamber was too foul to admit visitors. Kimball nevertheless insisting on a visit, found the room agreeable, but her friend writhing in pain on the bed and foaming at the mouth. When the young woman died the next day, her body was buried quickly, attended by an out of town minister for a very small group of family, with no coroner examining her remains. Within days, the town was demanding an investigation and a formal accounting that by our standards would seem ghoulish. Gathering at the meeting house, after prayer, a jury of 25 citizens, 13 of whom were physicians, ordered the body to be exhumed, not just for the members of the medical profession, but for the whole town to see. The crowd was so immense, and the desire… Keep Reading


The First Presidential Debate: The Crook Vs. The Clod

The first debate between the two least-admired nominees in electoral memory was a puerile display; an embarrassing 90-minute bum fight detrimental to the viewing public and inimical to a Republic which once had higher standards. At the end of 90 minutes, it is clear that Trump knows little to nothing about foreign policy, global economics, and how the Constitution works; while Hillary knows little to nothing about integrity, honesty and how the Constitution works. They are – both of them – unfit for the office, with Hillary being worse. Yes, Lester Holt asked Trump many negative questions (about tax returns, the “birther” issue, the Iraq War, and Hillary’s presidential “Look”) that pushed Trump into a corner, and were designed to make him look bad, while pointedly avoiding any topics that could make Hillary uncomfortable or unhappy. Yes, Hillary Clinton was atrociously awful each time she got off script, her face alternating between the evil smile of a Disney villain, and icy blank stares, with a stammering cackle occasionally thrown in. Yes, the debate, if divided in two (the… Keep Reading


Another School Shooting Highlights The Need To Let Teachers Carry

Another school shooting has occurred, this time at an elementary school in South Carolina. It’s an unfortunate tragedy anytime an act of violence occurs, but it’s particularly devastating when children are involved. In a year that has seen incidents such as the one at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, it is sure to become a hot political topic. The response to the shooting will likely be the same as any other. Conservatives will respond by standing by gun rights and sending thoughts and prayers to the victims. Liberals will mock the thoughts and prayers, and then waste no time politicizing the event to push gun control. We should absolutely be past the point of violence in society, whether it be toward children or otherwise. But we should also be past the point of politicizing tragedy for shallow political gain. Since we haven’t reached a utopian point in society, and because sinful acts of violence will always be in existence, the realistic approach is to protect ourselves. This is why… Keep Reading


What The National Backlash Against Governor LePage Says About America

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage is a controversial figure, not just in his home state but nationally, as well. His statements and actions have earned him both national and even international attention a number of times during his time as Governor. Most recently, he has landed in hot water over comments about drug dealers being of a certain race. The injection of race has earned him widespread criticism, including allegations that he is racist and mentally unstable. Ultimately, these actions have led to many pundits and liberal activists comparing him to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. The comparison to Trump is valid in a lot of ways. The backlash against some of the things he’s said and done is legitimate. But now, even the Washington Post is calling for him to resign, joining the liberal echo chamber. The backlash speaks many volumes about America. Maine Democrats attempted to impeach Governor LePage, and liberal activists are calling for him to resign. Even publications are joining the call for him to… Keep Reading


Blame Rand Paul For Not Being On The Debate Stage

For libertarians, this has been a difficult year. After years of building and preparing, Senator Rand Paul fell short in the Republican presidential primary. Not only did he fall short, but he was barely a blip on the radar in the Iowa caucus vote. In the time since, the alternative proposed by the Libertarian Party is Gary Johnson, who has been criticized by many more harder line libertarians for not being in line with principles. Debates about Johnson aside, there is a clear absence of a staunch libertarian in the race. The social media response to the first presidential debate by many liberty movement activists lamented the fact that it wasn’t Senator Paul on the stage. Would he have been a better representation of the libertarian philosophy than Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump? Would Senator Paul have delivered a stronger takedown of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? It ultimately depends on whether we’re talking about the Rand Paul who originally ran for United States Senate or the Rand Paul who is… Keep Reading


Why Clinton Has More To Lose In The Debates Than Trump

The presidential debates between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are what we’ve long waited for. The sniping from rally podiums and through reporters is taking a backseat to the candidates coming together on stage. How will it turn out? Many assume that the debate stage is Hillary Clinton’s moment to shine. To a degree, there is logic to this assumption. She has a long career in politics and thus has had more time to live the game. She understands what is acceptable and what isn’t, has become better refined, and ultimately is tempered. Her opponent, on the other hand, has established himself as an unregulated speaker and a loose cannon. The presidential race, dating back to the early days of the primary, is full of questionable comments and harsh words. The man who has created hurtful nicknames for all of his enemies doesn’t pull any punches. But this is why Donald Trump could ultimately win the debates. All of them. Recent presidential polls show Trump gaining ground… Keep Reading


Where Are The Riots Led By Violent White Lives Matter Thugs?

We live in dark times in America and the outrage abroad is justified. The government is spying on its citizens, exiling whistleblowers, and the justice system is out of control. Statistics show us that, to a degree, there is a race problem, with African Americans more likely to be arrested for certain offenses. While this is true, the fact has been exploited to perpetuate violence abroad. Black supremacy group Black Lives Matter and like-minded groups and activists have exploited multiple tragedies to create social unrest. Whether it be Ferguson or Charlotte, the response to an innocent African American human being shot has been more violence, including violence against innocent American citizens. Small businesses are destroyed, corporations looted, people injured, and private property damaged in the process of “protesting”. But what happens when a white man is shot and killed? This is the question being answered in the case of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond. Zachary Hammond was a young teenage boy who was out on his first date when he was shot dead… Keep Reading


Trump Vs. Clinton: First Presidential Debate Live Stream

The first general election debate is here: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off Monday, September 26, at 9 pm Eastern for 90 minutes — no breaks. Watch the debate live here on The Liberty Conservative. Let us know in the comments section what you’re thinking. Who’s winning? What did you think of each candidate’s answers? What was the best zinger of the night? Keep Reading


Students Must Fight Against Cultural Marxism’s Iron Grip On Campuses

A generation ago, we lived in a society that accepted free speech as a bedrock principle. This is not so much the case today as we in live a society that not only advocates against free speech but shuts it down unconstitutionally, as well.  According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), around 55 percent of college campuses across these great United States has some sort of restriction on free expression. How has a country gone from valuing free thought to needing trigger warnings so that others will not become offended? Social Marxism and egalitarianism are the main culprits, as today many colleges require trigger warnings and safe spaces just so the delicate snowflakes on campus will not be exposed to new ideas that may hurt their feelings. How can we fight against this rampant disease spreading not only on college campuses but also into the daily lives of regular Americans? One who is not familiar with these sorts of occurrences might become dumbfounded in finding out… Keep Reading


White Lives Matter

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about race, racial tension, and race relations in general. With rioting organizations like Black Lives Matter causing violence in the name of equality, there has been an emphasis on the discrimination against African Americans. Does racism exist? It absolutely does. Unfortunately, in a human world full of prejudice and emotion, nobody is going to be perfect. Not everyone will be pure. We do our best to deter it. But the implication is that racism is only towards African Americans and not against any other race. This is false. While shootings are indeed tragic, they’re not always racially motivated. In a lot of instances, there may not be a simple prejudice as a motive. Did the Pulse nightclub shooting indicate a vendetta against the LGBT crowd? Nobody rioted in the streets. Nobody smashed windows, looted businesses, and attacked police officers in defense of homosexuals. Was it because that some of those LGBT individuals were white? There does seem to be… Keep Reading


Clinton’s Millennial Outreach Attempt Backfire Shows Why They Don’t Like Her

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton struggles to catch on with regular Americans. While her poll numbers have generally kept her slightly ahead of her Republican opponent, her unfavorability ratings remain high while general trust in her honest ability remains low. This shows her poll numbers have less to do with her strength and more to do with concerns about Donald Trump. Even on that point, though, Trump is gaining ground on his Democratic opponent. One key demographic that Clinton is struggling with is millennials. Young people this election cycle are leaning more towards third party candidates, whether it be Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. This has led to prominent establishment Democrats trying to shame third party voters for enabling Trump. But why do millennials, who in the Democratic Party are largely a part of the “Bernie or Bust” crowd, dislike Clinton so much? Ironically, Clinton put this on display in an attempt to reach out to millennials. Actor and comedian Zach Galifianakis hosts… Keep Reading


Don’t Crucify Cruz Yet – Lessons From Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday, my social media was full of stories of liberty loving conservatives blasting Ted Cruz for publicly stating that he was voting for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America. I have read all sorts of stories that clearly indicate that these individuals feel betrayed and that they can never trust Ted again. They do not trust Trump and feel that Trump is going to be a disaster. How could Cruz, the man who so faithfully fought for our liberties, sell us out? In 1898, Theodore Roosevelt returned from Cuba. Roosevelt was a national hero because of his exploits with the Rough Riders. Immediately upon his return, there was instantaneous public support for Roosevelt to run for Governor of New York. Both the Republicans and the Independents were demanding that Roosevelt run under their banners. Roosevelt had a history of fighting against public corruption. From his days in the New York Assembly, to being a member of the Civil Service Commission, and later being a New… Keep Reading


Seattle Mariners Suspend Catcher For Speaking Against Violent Charlotte Riots

2016 will go down as one of the most controversial election seasons in recent memory. The last few years for America have been tumultuous, rampant with unrest and vitriol. From Ferguson to Charlotte, as well as disrupted political events along the way, violence has become a norm even among those on the left who claim to oppose it. Now in North Carolina, riots are breaking out just as they did in Ferguson. So-called “protesters” are taking advantage of a bad situation to create social unrest and turn innocent members of the community into victims. It’s the same narrative as in Ferguson, when violent thugs destroyed businesses and vandalized the city because they apparently oppose oppression. There is absolutely no place for violence in society. But in order to eliminate oppression and violence, more people need to speak out against it instead of rewarding those who are doing it. One way to speak out is to correctly label those who are perpetuating violence. They’re not protesters, they’re violent thugs. This was… Keep Reading


UKIP Whistleblower: Corruption And Mismanagement By Party Elite

For decades now, the people of Britain – good, honest, decent people – have been shamefully let down by the establishment. They feel neglected, they feel oppressed, and they feel downtrodden by successive governments, out-of-touch political parties, and career politicians that they cannot relate to, cannot rely on, and above all, cannot trust. We’re also being relentlessly taxed – from birth to the grave. We’re being priced-out of the housing market, subjected to a rise in in-work poverty, are often living from one payday to the next, and more and more, the average joe has found himself disconnected with politics. But it was out of this oppressiveness and frustration that voters began to flock to UKIP in their millions. And there’s a very good reason for this. UKIP is different. We stand up for the people of Britain. We aren’t afraid to speak out against the many threats and travesties facing our country, no matter how controversial they may be to discuss. And, more importantly, we are real, we… Keep Reading


Americans Should Be Outraged Over The Government, Not Chelsea Manning

There has been a debate for years now regarding the impact of Chelsea Manning and whether or not she is a hero or traitor. Manning was prosecuted for leaking numerous classified materials and diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. While traditionally opposed to the protection of big government, conservatives have been mixed on the Manning issue – especially military and veteran Americans, who claim that Manning endangered lives overseas. It may or may not be true that the leaks endangered the lives of soldiers. Stirring up outrage against the United States of America by leaking things such as the Collateral Murder video didn’t help relations in the Middle East. Given that some people were giving the military a bad name, what would have been a better course for Manning? Take the politically correct route and go through official channels? That worked out well for Edward Snowden, too. Let’s assume that Manning did actually endanger lives and that lives were lost because of her actions. Was the actual loss of life from a… Keep Reading


Five Observations About The Cruz Endorsement And The Future Of #NeverTrump

When NPR hit me up earlier today asking about Cruz’s endorsement of Trump, I was asked to give an opinion before I even knew for certain it was happening. I was hoping that Ted would hold out, and give #NeverTrump the public face it needed to continue to effectively project between now and November. Needless to say, I was disappointed. As someone who supported Ted through a number of significant policy disagreements – though I did call him out on them – this disappointment is more personal. When people have bled with you the way we have with Ted, you don’t hang them out to dry six weeks before an election. Here are my immediate thoughts on Cruz’s endorsement and the future of #NeverTrump. 1) It’s not going to help Cruz. Ted isn’t going to gain a damn thing from endorsing Trump. Throwing his support to someone he admits is a big-government liberal is confusing at best, and at worst, just as politically-calculated as others have long presumed his… Keep Reading


The Legendary Revolutionaries Of The National Football League

The world is certainly a dark place. War is neverending, poverty still haunts much of the world, and injustice is strong even in the free world. The United States of America is supposed to be a beacon of hope and freedom for the world to see, or so the story goes. But the truth about what the country has become is hardly a fairy tale. Citizens are overtaxed so the government can drop bombs abroad and kill innocent civilians in drone strikes. The government spies on its own citizens and intercepts digital data. Police corruption is real and the justice system is far from perfect. So how do we deal with it? Fortunately for America, the National Football League is the premier breeding ground of modern revolutionaries in America. As whistleblower Edward Snowden sits in exile because he risked his life to expose the abuses of the surveillance state, guys who make a great deal of money to toss a pigskin are apparently waging the real revolution. San Francisco 49ers quarterback… Keep Reading


Alt-Left: “Racism,” “Supremacy,” And “Extremism”

Not long ago, National Review writer Jonah Goldberg discussed the “alt-right” with Hugh Hewitt on the latter’s talk radio show.  They agreed that, at bottom, the movement upon which Hillary Clinton bestowed national recognition last month was “racist” and “supremacist.”  As such, it deserved to be purged from the GOP and the conservative movement. The notion that there is an alt-right is highly suspect, for there can be an alt-right only if there is a right.  But, contrary to what Democrats and Republicans alike would have us think, there is no genuine right in contemporary American politics.  So, there is no alternative on the right to it. As I argued in a recent essay, there is, rather, an alt-left that has been passed off by the political Establishment and its media apologists as the right.  And Hewitt and Goldberg are among those who belong to it. Alt-leftists decry the so-called alt-right as being nothing more or less than a white supremacist, racist movement.  Goldberg, for example, referred to Jared… Keep Reading


Bad Political Campaigns Are Ruining The Liberty Movement

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul liked to discuss the importance of education and note that the movement was bigger than any one presidential campaign. Twice he tried to secure the Republican presidential nomination and was rejected by a party full of neoconservatives. Despite failing to capture the nomination, Paul did succeed in launching a movement. Libertarians and those who lean towards the philosophy found themselves united and networking. Liberty candidates ran for offices from the municipal level straight up to federal, with varying degrees of success. The liberty movement became alive and grew stronger. But in some ways, it is failing. While campaigns don’t make the movement, they can hurt it and even break it. In 2012, the Ron Paul presidential campaign ran a caucus-focused strategy that proved very successful. Through navigating caucuses and taking control of state conventions, the Paul campaign began amassing enough delegates that the Mitt Romney campaign and Republican National Committee started to fight back. This led to a lot of push back throughout a number… Keep Reading


What Terrorism Poll Numbers Say About Clinton And Trump

Terrorism has become a growing topic in recent years. The post-9/11 era has become defined by a fear of various threats abroad from those who would seek to destroy us. First, it was Al Qaeda, and we invaded Afghanistan to avenge the many fallen Americans. This occurred with widespread support from a wounded and scared country, living in fear after the biggest terrorist attack in our history. It’s been almost fifteen years, though, and for many years people forgot what it was like that day. The broken emotion of seeing those towers up in smoke, knowing that many people perished on impact either traveling or sitting at their desks at work. The horror of the towers following and coating New York City with smoke and debris has long become a faded memory. We see the issue arising again with recent attacks ranging from California to Europe. ISIS is battling in the Middle East and the world is facing a global crisis. Who will properly address the issue? Recent polls… Keep Reading


Officer Down: Law-Enforcement Deaths Continue As a Result Of Weak, Divisive Leadership

Americans have been shaken by an unprecedented series of executions of law- enforcement officers in communities around the country. We’ve been shattered by the new reality of terrorism’s capacity to strike at any moment. These tragic events have been mishandled, even exacerbated, by our leadership in Washington, D.C. Moreover, dangerous misconceptions continue to be pushed by the media every day. As the U.S. faces these serious challenges, there’s a growing demand for decisive, unifying leadership to prevent the deepening spiral of the civil society. People hunger for a leader such as Abraham Lincoln who brought unity after the most divisive period of American history, “with malice toward none, with charity for all.” Such a call for unification hasn’t been demonstrated in the highest office of the land. Indeed, an absence of leadership lays the groundwork of further uncertainty, fostering a real vulnerability in America today. I ask you to consider tragedies in recent history and to review the false narratives and poor leadership that will, undoubtedly, produce more loss… Keep Reading


The Comparative Advantage Of The U.S. Economy

Recently, there has been a large amount of media attention focused on Donald Trump’s hatred of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This animosity has also been targeted at CEO Mark Fields’ to move parts of Ford’s manufacturing to Mexico. Sadly, logic and fact have taken a backseat in both of these discussions. Clichés from Trump dominate the media scene, including a recent quote highlighted on CNN, “NAFTA has destroyed our country.” This statement is far from the truth. No matter what clichés Trump or any other political candidate throw at NAFTA, the American people should not be fooled: NAFTA allows the U.S. to succeed in attracting higher-paying jobs, which is currently the country’s comparative advantage on the international market. Trump’s main argument is that NAFTA allows for jobs to easily move from the United States to Mexico, thus hurting the U.S. economy. Trump’s proposed solution includes destroying the NAFTA pact and the implementation of a hefty 35% tax on all imported cars. Not only will Trump’s proposed… Keep Reading


#TakeCTRL Campaign Encourages Libertarians To Work Locally Against Illegal Surveillance

Despite the fact that Snowden did not necessarily receive a great reception from the box office, that hasn’t stopped clever activists from capitalizing on the hoopla from the epic film. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has spearheaded a coalition to honor Snowden’s heroic sacrifice to work locally to stifle Big Brother. The Tenth Amendment Center released a report about the #TakeCTRL campaign against the surveillance state that went live today: “As part of the Community Control Over Police Surveillance (CCOPS) initiative, today local government officials in 11 cities announced plans to launch legislative efforts to pass ordinances that will take the first step toward limiting the unchecked use of surveillance technologies that violate basic privacy rights and feed into a broader national surveillance state. This proposed legislation requires law enforcement agencies to get the approval from their local governing body before obtaining equipment such as stingray devices, automatic license plate readers (ALPRs) and other surveillance technology. The cities in this first wave announcing legislative efforts include New York, N.Y.;… Keep Reading


Immigration And Conservatism– The Economy

Conservatism is the philosophy of a predictable, healthy society. No issue brings our various beliefs together like immigration, particularly the proposition of open borders and an immigration policy grounded outside of the national interest. Conservatives have rightly objected to an ill-conceived agenda of mass migration into the United States with no additional effort to assimilate or filter immigrants. While the media will attempt to characterize and demonize conservative opposition to limitless immigration as racist or counterproductive, it’s our duty as a movement to remember where we’re coming from, what we’re conserving, and why the Left is wrong. Economic and Political Attitudes The promise of America is simple: no matter who you are, where you start doesn’t determine where you’ll end up. You can start without two dimes to rub together and, in the end, look back on a life of comfort, financial security, and personal fulfillment. For generations, we’ve maintained this promise with a distinctive American culture. The norm, in segments of American society free from the extenuating circumstances… Keep Reading


BREAKING: Former Ron Paul Staffers Sentenced On Corruption Charges

Former Ron Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton has been sentenced to two years probation and six months home confinement for his participation in a 2012 bribery case, according to the Courier-Journal. He will also be required to pay a $10,000 fine. The charges stem from an investigation into a secret $73,000 payment from Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign that was funneled through a third-party video production company and ended up in the account of a limited liability company owned by former Iowa senator Ken Sorenson. The payment was allegedly sent by the Paul campaign in exchange for Sorenson’s endorsement on the eve of the 2012 Iowa caucus. Prosecutors originally sought 27 months imprisonment for Benton. Former campaign manager John Tate will be sentenced later today. This recent development adds a new level of perspective to what Benton may have meant when he said that Donald Trump will use “clever financing tricks” to pay for the border wall. UPDATE 1:25 PST: Tate has received the same sentence as Benton: 2 years probation,… Keep Reading


Nancy Pelosi Blames Third Parties For Clinton’s Falling Poll Numbers

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for the Democratic presidential candidate. When the news first broke that the Federal Bureau of Investigation wouldn’t press charges against Clinton over the e-mail controversy, it appeared that the issue was put to rest. However, as revelations from Wikileaks and the FBI have continued to come forward this summer, the issue has been revived to an even greater degree. Health concerns have also continued to grow amid Hillary’s severe and uncontrollable coughing fits coupled with near fainting at a public ceremony. Continued deception by the Clinton campaign, including lying and covering up Clinton’s health issues, have created a sense of distrust in the Democratic nominee. Is it really any surprise that her poll numbers are dropping? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN to address the issue. When talking about the declining poll numbers of her party’s nominee, as well as the rising unfavorability ratings, she placed the blame on other candidates. It has nothing to do with Clinton not being… Keep Reading


George Takei Should Become a Libertarian

George Takei is an actor best known for playing Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek and has more recently become a famous Internet personality. He is a personable human being with a great sense of humor. He is one who also makes his political views known, which to a degree, are interesting. He is a Democrat and a vocal supporter of the party. Takei, who is openly gay, also has the unique and unfortunate experience of living in an internment camp. Traditionally in American politics, the LGBT crowd are known for being fairly liberal and registered Democrat. A lot of this has to do with the two party system and the false notion that answers exist nowhere else. Republicans traditionally are social conservative and thus opposed to LGBT rights, leaving the LGBT community only one other place to go. But the Democratic Party is not the only alternative. Takei has been outspoken against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has made a number of controversial policy proposals, including a ban… Keep Reading


An Army, Not An Audience

If your faith isn’t directing you to plant vineyards and guard them with the sword, it might not be faith at all. If you’ve ever nurtured an apple crop through to harvest, enduring heat waves, hailstorms, coddling moth infestations, and property taxes, only to see a family in a brand new SUV stealing apples during a pick-your-own visit, you might have some sense for why I write about God a lot. I know some people proceed straight to the justice question when they are wronged. They lawyer up. They make complaints. They take solace in a withering Yelp review. Me? I want to dig up the bitter root, the spiritual sickness, and burn it in the public square with a blow torch. I’m aching to know what went wrong with the American soul, to know why families could camp overnight in Central Park in the 19th century, but wouldn’t do that now without the help of a SWAT team. When I see a trunk full of stolen apples, gathered… Keep Reading


How Gary Johnson’s Failure Shows That Selling Out Doesn’t Work For Libertarians

Being dead-set in the middle of the libertarian students movement gives me a unique perspective in the development of the cause. It cannot be understated on how much the Johnson/Weld campaign has damaged the movement, both as a whole and for the future. The embarrassment began back when Gary demanded that Jewish bakers be compelled by state force to bake Nazi cakes. That was a pathetic misstep, and one that he has since amplified with many similar concessions of libertarian principle. Johnson sympathizers within the libertarian movement have said that these types of statements are necessary to remain pragmatic, but those voices forget that private property rights and the non-aggression principle are the core principles of libertarianism, and  – without them being at the forefront – our movement falters. Those are only the underpinnings of the laundry list of abysmal statements made on the campaign trail by both Gary himself and his “original libertarian”  globalist warmongering counterpart Bill Weld. The “OG” Weld loves guns so much that he advocated… Keep Reading


Why Is The Media Covering Up Hillary Clinton’s Birtherism?

The Birther issue has arisen again. The idea that President Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States has long been a lingering conspiracy theory on the fringes of the right, traditionally holding little weight on mainstream political discourse. Donald Trump, now the Republican presidential nominee, has taken up the issue in the past and put it front and center. Now it’s come back to haunt him, with liberal opponents looking to hang him with it. The problem is that the Birther issue is completely misrepresented. It didn’t start with Trump and it’s not a theory exclusive to the right wing. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign circulated the rumor as well, attempting to portray Obama as lacking American roots. Even Chris Matthews, a prominent liberal and host of MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews”, criticized Clinton for refusing to put the issue to bed. Various articles from 2008 acknowledge the fact that Clinton campaign staffers were circulating a rumor that Obama was really a Muslim,… Keep Reading


Why The United States Keeps Failing To Stop Terrorism

The threat of terrorism has been a growing problem. Even though an attack of the magnitude of 9/11 has not been replicated, the idea that terrorism has diminished is ignorant. Shootings connected to terrorist organizations have occurred both domestically and in foreign countries like France. The shootings in San Bernardino, California, and Paris, France both included explosives, as well. Now this weekend, a series of explosions in New Jersey and New York have investigators concerned a terror cell is alive and well in the two states. Despite the fact that we’ve deployed our military in foreign lands, have drones regularly hitting foreign targets, and are spying on people across the country, terrorist activity is continuing to occur and with a higher frequency. Why? It is actually largely due to our foreign policy – although our domestic policy plays a part in it, as well. The common denominator across the board is ignorance among American leaders. Military intervention abroad has actually destabilized the region further, resulting in the rise of ISIS… Keep Reading


Donald Trump Would Win An Election Held Today

Remember back in August when Politico authors were gleefully reporting that Donald Trump’s campaign was so hopeless that “insiders” were pressuring him to drop out? Well, the times – and the polls – have changed. As the drip, drip, drip of stories about Hillary Clinton’s corruption continues, and in the wake of the Clinton camp’s botching of the “pneumonia” story (a story that some, present author included, have called into question), the esteemed former first lady has been collapsing precipitously in the polls. A month ago, when “analysts” were scrambling to call the race “over,” Hillary was schlonging Trump in the national polls by a margin of 6%- 47.2 % to 41.2%. One of the concerns for Trump’s candidacy has been his ability to break his perceived ceiling of 43%. Before September 11, Trump had only hit 43% twice – once in late May, and once during the post-convention surge where he temporarily flirted with 47% (according to RealClearPolitics). However, as Hillary continues to falter, Trump has slowly been gaining ground.… Keep Reading


Freedom Loving Patriots Are To Blame For The National Anthem Controversy

For the third week in a row, my social media accounts have been blowing up with posts about various NFL players who have refused to stand for the national anthem. I have read of proposed boycotts and of pulled sponsorships. What I have not read is a single freedom loving patriot who is willing to stand up and take personal responsibility for why this story has gained so much traction. When was the last time you saw on television a person streaking? Just because you do not see it, does not mean it does not happen. The media and various sporting leagues have determined that if they stopped covering streaking, fewer people would disrupt the game in order to obtain their five minutes of fame. Why is the media showing video of players kneeling during the national anthem? It is because they know that freedom loving patriots are upset about it and are talking about it on social media. Why do photographers take pictures of kneeling players? It is… Keep Reading


The NCAA’s “Civil Rights” Hypocrisy

On September 12, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced that due to North Carolina’s controversial HB2 act, which requires individuals to use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on their driver’s’ license, the conference would be pulling all athletic championship events from the state in protest. In a statement issued on the NCAA’s website, the conference cited a “commitment to fairness and inclusion”, as well as concerns about “civil rights” as the rationale behind their decision to pull events from the state. This is nothing more than the NCAA virtue signalling to the powers that be in politics and the media. A further review of the organization’s business practices reveals that they historically have no problem doing business in places where civil rights are routinely – and more severely – violated. Look, for example, at the shining city on a hill, the paragon of liberal virtue, the apotheosis of acceptance and tolerance: the nation of Cuba. Regularly ranked as one of the freest societies in the world, the… Keep Reading


Those Pesky Conservative Principles

Being pragmatic in the application of one’s principles does not manifest a lack of principle. I recall that some admired Paul Ryan and put down the Tea Party – in part because of Ryan’s willingness to accommodate, versus the Tea Party insistence on ideological purity. They made a point about how Ryan’s pursuit of the half loaf is preferable to the Tea Party’s willingness to throw out the loaf altogether. Perhaps we are quibbling on definitions here. For me, the pragmatic approach (or the “what works” approach) is similar to incrementalism: see what is possible and advisable under current conditions and then go that far. An example is the Pro-Life Movement. In principle, they oppose all abortion as the act of taking an innocent life. As pragmatists, though, they have come to realize that by focusing on late-term abortions (infanticide) they are making greater inroads than by focusing on all abortions, per se. Of course, the real question is whether the pragmatic approach is in pursuit of the principle. That,… Keep Reading


The Russian Game Vs. Trump

The idea that we must include Russia in any redrawing of national boundaries derives from two dubious assumptions, in my opinion. First, it smacks of a “great powers” approach to global management, which reached its zenith just after the Second World War (UN Security Council and Bretton Woods), and which since then has been shown to be a poor mechanism for global peace and security. Seldom has the UN Security Council cooperated effectively to prevent or to end a war in some part of the world; and when it does, such as when they condemned Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait prior to Desert Storm, it is because of the diplomatic leadership of the world’s superpower. Take USA leadership out of the equation and the UN Security Council is a paper tiger. Still, the dream persists that global management, such as the action of redrawing national boundaries, somehow will work better – not because the USA maintains its leadership position on such matters, but because the “Big Five” sign off on… Keep Reading


Guns Are Bad, Unless They’re Defending Hillary Clinton

The leftwing narrative on guns is fairly straightforward: they’re all bad. According to liberals, people don’t kill people, but guns do. For this, both the mental health and personal actions of violent individuals are secondary to the tool. When it came to tragic shootings like Sandy Hook and the Pulse night club, it was near instantaneous that the political calls for gun control began. Liberals would say that guns are violent and bad, and they most certainly should be eliminated. Unless they’re protecting Hillary Clinton.   Republican presidential Donald Trump has mastered the art of controversy this election cycle, but he’s also become an adept troll. He is rattling the Republican establishment, the neoconservative elite, and the mainstream media. Democrats absolutely lose their mind whenever he speaks, and liberals are faced with the impossible decision of going with Hillary Clinton or him. With this in mind, he steps up his game by suggesting the Democratic nominee’s bodyguards stop carrying guns. If one subscribes to the leftwing narrative about guns,… Keep Reading


Lessons From The Life Of James Madison, The Father Of The U.S. Constitution

229 years, one of the most important documents in world history was enacted. While the Declaration of Independence is what gave birth to this nation, it is the United States Constitution that provided the foundation which enabled this fledgling nation to grow into the world power that we enjoy today. The Declaration of Independence espoused the principles of freedom and liberty, it did not provide the ability for this nation to govern itself. Eight days after the second Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence, Congress started drafting the Articles of Confederation. It was not until late in 1777 that the Articles were approved and sent to the states for ratification. Ratification occurred in 1781. No sooner did the Articles of Confederation pass then it was clear that there was a need for some serious amendments. One of the great political minds who immediately understood the weaknesses of the Articles was none other than a young James Madison. However, by November of 1783, just months after the colonists finally… Keep Reading


Has Donald Trump Really Worsened The Republican Party?

By now, the gap between the conservative grassroots and the Republican elite has been well illustrated. Controversial businessman Donald Trump ran away with the primary and got more votes than anyone else in primary history, yet is more widely hated in the political mainstream than any other Republican nominee in recent history. Neoconservatives and moderates could stomach former President George W. Bush and his number two in command Dick Cheney, as well as Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney. But Donald Trump? Unthinkable. Mainstream Republicans have long portrayed this year as the apocalypse, stating the Republican Party is in some rough shape by embracing Donald Trump. Romney, as well as Bush’s brother Jeb, have fled the party seeking alternatives. George W. Bush even stated he fears he’ll be the last Republican president. Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz is even leaning towards Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Many Republicans throughout the ranks and among the grassroots have also fled in fear of the new Trump era. But has Trump ruined the… Keep Reading


Former CIA Officer Delivers Some Hard Truth About 9/11 Meaning

September 11, 2001 is a day that will live on forever in human history. From a completely historical standpoint, it was an attack of unprecedented magnitude that rattled not only the country, but the world. From a political stand point, it would become a constant subject evoked in defense of numerous domestic and foreign policies. For a brief moment in time, it stood as a moment of unity for a wounded country and, every year since, has marked a time for remembrance. But what does that day and every anniversary since really say about America? Every year, social media lights up with people pleading to not politicize the event. Remember the fallen, but don’t talk about the things that happened. It’s bad. Michael Scheuer, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, has a different perspective on it. Scheuer is a twenty-two year veteran of the C.I.A. who led the Bin Laden Issue Station in the late nineties and was a special adviser to it after 9/11. With his intelligence background… Keep Reading


How LGBT And Religious Right Can Coexist

In recent years, the rise of the LGBT fight has ignited a bitter feud with the religious right. Unaccepting of the LGBT lifestyle, the religious right has sought to use the force of government to combat it. Attempts range from wanting to pass constitutional amendments to define marriage as one-man one-woman, to limiting various rights of those within the LGBT community. The religious right has also voiced a concern regarding the LGBT crowd forcing the lifestyle upon them. To many observers, it appears that the two crowds cannot coexist. But this is incorrect. Many LGBT individuals and supporters, like those who are more religious, want to live their own lives without being forced to compromise. Some may call this intolerance, but it’s actually not. We should be able to live our lives how we wish, so long as it is consensual and does not impede upon the life and freedom of others. This means that gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender human beings, should be able to live the lifestyle… Keep Reading


Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition

The Pledge of Allegiance and Standing for the National Anthem are necessary and wholesome public rituals. We celebrate the house that shelters us, even as we strive to repair and restore it. I live in a very beautiful place with a fair amount of history attached to it, so when I had the opportunity to turn down both CBS and the NFL for a commercial shoot yesterday, it felt good. We received a breezy email from the CBS pre-production office outlining their 49ers / NFL promotion as follows: In 1849 there was a gold rush and people flocked to the west to strike it rich….100 years later, there was another gold rush when air travel enabled football teams to travel and play across the country…. Thanks so much! They wanted to use our farm, and our living history programs, to add a little Americana gold rush glow (and vintage gravitas) to their contemporary relationship with the NFL. We would provide the gold pans, the sluice box, and the bewhiskered… Keep Reading


Illegal Immigrants: If America Is So Bad, Go Home

It is a phrase that has become prominently featured in the debate over illegal immigration – some illegal immigrant students across the country have even begun referring to themselves as “undocumented and unafraid,” demonstrating that they are here both here illegally and do not fear punishment for their violation of federal law. The idea of taking a public stand and being proud of violating United States immigration law is only possible as a result of direct actions by President Barack Obama. Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and executive action Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) executive actions sent a strong message to Americans and illegals alike: our borders, our laws, and our sovereignty do not matter. “Undocumented and unafraid” As a result of the Bush and Obama administrations’ lenient enforcement of our deportation laws, illegals in our country have developed a sense of security. Some of them – particularly young illegals on college campuses – have extrapolated on this sense of… Keep Reading


Edward Snowden Should Be Pardoned

The story of Edward Snowden is well-known at this point and even now captured in a new Hollywood film. A concerned citizen gained knowledge to countless programs and activities by the United States government that violate the rights and privacy of American citizens everywhere. In leaking this information, he was forced to flee the country and leave his entire life behind. The ongoing debate since has been whether or not he is a traitor, with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump believing that he is, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who wants to see him prosecuted. The political elite have been consistently opposed to the whistleblower, claiming he has damaged the ability of intelligence to protect Americans. Do we sacrifice liberty for security? At what cost are we willing to be secure? The post 9/11 narrative has consistently fed the notion that security and liberty cannot coexist, asserting that in order to make the world safe for democracy we have to eliminate freedom at home. In the years after… Keep Reading


Former DNC Chair Wants Backup Plan Because Of Clinton’s Health

The ongoing saga regarding the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues. Like with her e-mail controversy, the health issue becomes worse with each passing denial that anything is wrong. From severe coughing fits and nearly fainting to becoming apparently overheated, there are now multiple red flags being raised. But like with the passage of time in the e-mail controversy, we’re learning new things regarding her health. And now it’s not just conservative pundits and Republican politicians raising concerns. Former Democratic National Committee chair Don Fowler has stated the party would be wise to start making back up plans. While he tries to cover himself by stating he believes Clinton’s health is fine, he discusses with detail the reasons why a contingency plan is required. What if Hillary Clinton is not healthy enough to continue, thus having to drop out of the race? Naturally, that’s not a concern if she’s going to bounce back from her illness and otherwise is doing fine. Numerous prominent Democrats have come to… Keep Reading


When Seeing Might Mean Nothing At All

You have had days like the one I’m having — the kind where you can’t seem to get the image of a rubbery-legged Hillary Clinton collapsing like a theme park Pooh bear with heat stroke into the bowels of a black van– scraping off a shoe as she goes. The Democratic nominee for the president of the United States had been turned into a wilting bean bag, and the grim-faced precision of the secret service didn’t make it any better. It made it far more disturbing; they were obviously accustomed to this pudgy, slack-faced paralysis of hers. (The boss, apparently, can become incapacitated at any moment; the potential leader of the free world goes in and out of consciousness. Develop procedures, people. Grab her by the elbows and get her ass behind the tinted glass.) If a guy on the street, Zdenek Gazda, hadn’t captured it on video, we would all be called conspiracy nuts for even discussing it, and you get the sense that the Clinton people wouldn’t… Keep Reading


Senator Rand Paul Vs. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer On Military Sales To Saudi Arabia

Foreign policy is always an interesting topic in American politics, and one that is not always black and white. As we remember the victims of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attack, we remember this point. Not everything politically or even militarily abroad is black and white. While we sent our military to Afghanistan on a mission to avenge the fallen, a specific mission would become a global “war on terror” that would expand operations abroad. Included in these expansions of action would be the invasion of Iraq. Among the disturbing revelations to come years later would be the Saudi Arabian connection to 9/11. When the final pages of the 9/11 Commission Report would be declassified, it was revealed the connection to the hijackers ran deeper than previously suspected. Now that this is public knowledge, how could anyone support military sales to Saudi Arabia? The mainstream media in America has lost a great deal of credibility over the years, becoming a propaganda machine for the political elite. It’s been generally favorable to… Keep Reading

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