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Hillary Clinton’s Unfavorability Ratings Are On The Rise

A lot has been made this election cycle about how bad Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is. He has endorsed questionable policy points, said a lot of mean and offensive things, and otherwise brings discomfort to a political arena that is normally safe, content, and boring. Alarmism among political pundits and the mainstream media is endless, talking about the tyranny of Trump as if we’ve never before had a President that didn’t love executive power. But what about Hillary Clinton? The American people finally seem to be waking up to how bad she is. It’s been an endless string of… Keep Reading


Russia’s Anti-ISIS Campaign Exposes America’s Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

The American opposition to Russia is nothing new. Since the days of Joseph Stalin and the former Soviet Union, the United States has had a troubled relationship with the country. For decades, a global campaign of influence was waged, otherwise known as the Cold War, where the United States and the Soviet Union competed against one another. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union and the conclusion of the Cold War, tensions remain between the United States and Russia. But are the concerns about Russia legitimate? Accusations about Russia’s government may or may not be legitimate, but the United… Keep Reading


The Paleolibertarian Case For Gary Johnson

Most of the doors were closed, most of the faces were blank. A handful of liberty activists were lobbying the state capitol in Tallahassee, Florida.  Very few people with power were giving them time, and fewer still were listening.  Their arguments, those of the Liberty First Network, were for less government and more freedom, less law and more liberty.  The state capitol, though, is not really a place for the discussion of ideas and ideals.  It is more primal than that, really about two things: the carrot and the stick. Both were in short supply.  Who had even heard of… Keep Reading


Senator Tim Kaine Joins Left-wing Hypocrites Over Hillary Clinton’s Health

Health questions have long been considered a legitimate concern in American politics, asked by pundits, voters, and even the politicians themselves. The idea is that if we’re electing a politician, we should be sure they are healthy. When Ronald Reagan ran for President, there were concerns over his age because of the possibility he may not even finish his term. Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul faced questions about his age as well when he ran for President. Because of his intense military service, Senator John McCain even faced questions over psychological health. Unless you’re talking about Hillary Clinton, then all… Keep Reading


WATCH: Trump Vs. #NeverTrump

Something sorely lacking in the Trump/#NeverTrump debate is, well, debate. Most people only sally out briefly on social media to make their case, before quickly retreating back to their support group – and that doesn’t help anyone sort out the truth of the matter. But as the specter of Hillary rises over the nearing November election and Trump continues to trail in the polls, the urgency of winning over #NeverTrump Republicans is becoming apparent. The problem for Team Trump is that some people really mean never. This debate addresses the questions of the Supreme Court, Trump’s “outsider” status, viable options… Keep Reading


Did The FBI Just Admit That Electronic Voting Is Not Secure?

In our modern times, electronic innovation is becoming increasingly prominent. Paper records normally kept in a filing cabinet are now digitally stored on secure database systems, creating easier access and making searches more efficient. Communication has become faster with text messaging, e-mails, and social media. This and many other examples reflect growing technological gains, but also an increasing dependency on the digital world. With digital storage as opposed to physical, there are risks. Systems, databases, and websites can be hacked, granting access from other individuals abroad. E-mails and text messages can even be intercepted by the government, and have been… Keep Reading


Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Personal E-mails About Yoga, Weddings, And Benghazi

The ongoing e-mail controversy surrounding former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton just took a huge turn. To this point, the differing narratives have been fairly partisan. Republicans claim that the email scandal displays Clinton’s careless judgment – some even going so far as to suggest corruption. Democrats, on the other hand, say this is a partisan attack about a non-issue. When the e-mails were first turned over to the government for review, Clinton indicated she turned over all e-mails except ones deemed personal. Specifically, things relating to yoga scheduling, and her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, were… Keep Reading


Colin Kaepernick’s “protest” Is a Miscalculated Strategy And Distraction

Celebrities, athletes, and musicians are no stranger to politics. Many famous individuals in America attempt to use their position in the spotlight to advance certain political agendas. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers is no different. Kaepernick caused an uproar after refusing to stand for the National Anthem. His reason for this was to protest racial inequality and oppression towards blacks. However well-meaning Kaepernick’s publicity stunt may have been, it will not achieve the intended results. If Kaepernick’s goal was to raise awareness for the cause of racial equality, he failed. While some claim he has ignited discussion,… Keep Reading


The Magic Box Of Free Trade

With the presidential campaign of Donald Trump comes much discussion about trade with foreign nations. A common theme is the notion that trade needs to be restricted, or at least heavily taxed, in order to protect domestic production. The line of thinking goes that if foreign companies are able to compete on even footing with American companies, their access to cheaper labor and fewer environmental regulations gives them an unfair advantage. This advantage could harm domestic businesses and cost American jobs. This fact is nearly undeniable. Jobs in manufacturing sectors competing with foreign producers will undoubtedly be displaced by these… Keep Reading


CNN Cancels Doctor Show After Host Raises Speculations Regarding Hillary Clinton’s Health

It’s often said that the mainstream media is liberal. Conservatives have long described the major networks as the “liberal media”, alleging that there is an overt bias against the right. Libertarians more generally describe the mainstream media as unreliable and shallow, devoid of any serious approach to real issues. Regardless, the mainstream media does have a perception problem among those on the right. But is this perception problem real? Does the mainstream media really favor the left and work to boost the Democratic Party establishment? CNN may have verified this. For decades, it has been regarded as valid to question… Keep Reading


Iraq War Architect Paul Wolfowitz Considering Support For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been facing an image problem this election cycle, with high unfavorability numbers. The e-mail controversy, the refusal to address the media, and her awkward attempts to seem normal have all worked against her. Also among the things working against her is her support of the Iraq War. Clinton has since worked to distance herself from the conflict she supported. She even had an awkward speech by Khizr Khan at the Democratic National Convention, where the father of a fallen soldier rambled about the Constitution and used his son for political gain while supporting a candidate that sent… Keep Reading


Maine Governor Paul LePage Labels Khizr Khan a “con Man”

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage is no stranger to headlines. His blunt speech, unfiltered opinions, and strong attitude have even been compared to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. And now Governor LePage is making headlines again, this time with Khizr Khan. Khizr Khan initially made headlines a few weeks ago with his appearance at the Democratic National Convention. Appearing at the coronation of Hillary Clinton, he showed up to speak against Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. In the process, he used the memory of his late son who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq. Captain Humayun Khan… Keep Reading


How Mandatory Vaccinations Conflict With Libertarian Principles

The vaccination topic can become as heated as the GMO topic. On the one hand, we want to eradicate disease and lead a healthier society. But on the other hand, to what degree does the government have the right to require what we do with our bodies? The science of the topic isn’t enough when considering this because there are additional implications. In a nation of laws, legal precedents are important. The first and foremost concern relates to self-ownership. Who owns our bodies? Freedom is the right to live our lives as we see fit, so long as we do… Keep Reading


Farage And Trump Show The Liberty Movement How Its Done

Last night, an amazing political spectacle took place in Mississippi. At an official campaign stop in Jackson, Donald Trump invited the notorious former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage to talk about the historic Brexit vote, of which he was instrumental in orchestrating over in Jolly Ol’ England. The video coverage is powerful, and the speech was inspiring and optimistic. Here is Farage in his own words: Farage is a leader who really understands how to frame the issues. He has established his forces as the populist rabble, the ordinary folks taking back their sovereignty against a totalitarian bureaucracy that… Keep Reading


Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Aren’t The Real Issue

A consistent storyline this election cycle that dates back to the primaries is Donald Trump’s tax returns. To date, he has refused to release his tax returns, citing an ongoing audit and advice from his lawyers to not release them until the audit is complete. Regardless of the factual basis of this claim, it’s bizarre that even conservatives and libertarians are hitting the Republican presidential nominee from this angle. Should we care what the invoice for federal tax theft has on it? The problem here is a lack of a greater discussion about the Internal Revenue Service. In a free… Keep Reading


Liberals Become Hypocritical About Health Questions In Protecting Hillary Clinton

The health and medical records of a politician is an interesting topic in political discourse. On the one hand, it’s important for voters to know that a politician can do the job. With this point, it’s important to know that the individual we’re electing is mentally fit to hold office. Is the individual unstable? Democrats have suggested this in regards to Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. The importance of the mental capacity question relates to the stress and intensity of the job. Whoever becomes president will be handling the weight of the country against the world, the red button at their fingertips.… Keep Reading


Is Green Day Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong Correct About Trump Being Hitler?

Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure this election cycle. Since the early days of his longshot campaign and through his transformation to a serious contender, many have taken issue with his approach and demeanor. Whether it be a ban on Muslims, calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”, or having other names for those he dislikes, his style is different from the usual watered down politics America is used to. Violated safe spaces aside, is Trump also an aspiring tyrant? Green Day is a punk rock band that has been around for a couple of decades now, and in recent years… Keep Reading


What Gary Johnson Could Learn From The Failed Rand Paul Presidential Campaign

The fall of Senator Rand Paul’s presidential ambitions was a shock to many. Given the success his father had in establishing a movement with his own presidential campaigns, many expected Senator Paul to take this fight to the finish line. Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul did just that, taking a delegation fight all the way to the Republican National Convention in 2012. Instead, Senator Paul was out of the race after falling flat in Iowa. One contest down and he’s out. Even his father, who was more of an unknown when he ran in 2008, finished better. Why did Senator Paul… Keep Reading


Why Trump?

It’s true that on some of the most pressing of issues—immigration, trade, and foreign policy—Donald Trump’s “America First” positions are more aligned with traditional conservatism than are those of any other candidate. That is, they clash with the neoconservatism, the faux “conservatism,” that the GOP Establishment and its media apologists have promoted for decades as the genuine article. Yet this being said, in Trump’s nearly 70 years, until very recently, he has done little to nothing to indicate that he has so much as an awareness of the classical conservative tradition, much less a commitment to it. Even if he… Keep Reading


ISIS-inspired Knife Attack Shows Gun Control Won’t Stop Terrorism

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating a knife attack in Roanoke, Virginia for possible ties to ISIS. 20 year old Wasil Farooqui of Roanoke County was arrested by County Police Saturday night after yelling “Allah Akbar” on a stabbing rampage. Because of the nature of the incident, the FBI was contacted for possible terrorist ties. Farooqui, who has been monitored by the federal government for some time, remains held without bond and the investigation is ongoing. The incident illustrates a point that gun rights advocates have regularly highlighted: gun control won’t stop terrorism. If all guns were banned, then those… Keep Reading


Stop Twitching, NeverTrumpers

Trump-Averse syndrome has many incarnations, but for a few pundits, the behavior calls to mind the hilarious apoplexy of Herbert Lom’s Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther. Upon hearing a positive Donald headline, the Trump-averse coffee-spewer will start twitching, and fretting, and sputtering–if not literally, at least figuratively. In the last few weeks, one friend of mine has gone out of his way to imagine Donald Trump in ongoing liaisons with adolescent girls. Another quietly laments the outrageous lengths some Christians are going to justify a vote for Donald Trump. (This would be the grieving, pastoral snit.) Still others… Keep Reading


Joe Biden Cares More About The North Atlantic Treaty Than Constitution

It’s always interesting to hear a member of the Obama Administration insult the intelligence of another human being. Especially in the case of Vice President Joe Biden, an individual who has established a reputation as being a lite version of Donald Trump. He often doesn’t think before he speaks, and although he hasn’t called for deporting an entire religion, he has his record. But what is a “big [expletive] deal”, in the words of the Vice President, is his lack of concern for the Constitution. In a recent speech, Vice President Biden sought to reassure allies under the North Atlantic… Keep Reading


Inequality Is A Non-Issue (Part 2)

Despite failing to prove his thesis that capitalism generates inequality (addressed in Part 1), the author closes by outlining the policy proposals he’d enact to reduce inequality.  This proposal includes: “…a large cash grant to all citizens when they reach the age of majority, around the benchmark cost of taking a bachelor’s degree at private university in the United States. This grant would be repaid into the national treasury at death.” And: “…an annual wealth tax of two percent on a person’s net worth above a threshold of $80,000.” The first part of his proposal needs some unpacking.  He essentially… Keep Reading


Inequality Is A Non-Issue (Part 1)

A large number of people are convinced that rising inequality between the rich and the poor is the primary driver of the ills that plague our society.  Both the #Occupy movement that arose after the housing bubble burst, and the fervent support for the self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, are proof of this. This opinion is backed by supposed logic and apparent economic law that can be articulated in ways that are quite convincing.  I recently came across an article that attempts to prove the thesis that capitalism generates inequality, and which offers a policy proposal (addressed in Part 2) that will… Keep Reading


What The General Election Says About American Voters

This election cycle has been a special roller coaster with many applicable adjectives. It’s been truly bizarre, because of who has won and who hasn’t. In an incredible feat nobody predicted, controversial businessman Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination, and with more votes than any other candidate in primary history. Worse, who would have thought that Trump would defeat party darlings like Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush? The real story comes in the months ahead. We’re seeing the story itself unfold now, regarding what the elections say about American voters. It’s a positive step that we’re… Keep Reading


How Evan McMullin Will Destroy Future Third Party Candidates

This election cycle has been bizarre, with the rise of two widely unpopular major party candidates in Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. While many do not like their options, somehow they secured their parties nomination. But what do two unpopular major party candidates give us? The rise of third party candidates. Independents and third party candidates have always existed, but seldom with the popularity we’re seeing now. Libertarian Gary Johnson is barely under the threshold from appearing on the debate stage. He also will be appearing on all fifty state ballots. There’s a problem with these candidates, however.… Keep Reading


Nationalist Parties Surge As Europeans Take Their Countries Back

With the success of Donald Trump’s campaign in the United States and the passage of Brexit in the United Kingdom, Americans who watch politics are seeing debates framed in a way that is entirely new to some. This new debate framework does not pit Republicans and Democrats against each other, nor does it concern itself with liberals and conservatives. The battle that is brewing – nationally, and inside both major political parties – is between the forces of globalism and the forces of nationalism. Modern Americans, before Trump’s candidacy, have never encountered a viable, strong nationalist candidate. The only exception was… Keep Reading


The Trump Effect On The Establishment

From Michael Lieber, the former GOP city captain for Bay Village, Ohio, who resigned that post last month to protest Donald Trump’s nomination as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party: “We have thrown away the White House and a golden opportunity to save the country from Hillary Clinton. We have to save other GOP candidates in the short term by abandoning Trump. In the long term, we have to make sure we never repeat a catastrophic mistake like Trump. The 45 percent of GOP voters who allowed themselves to be conned need to do some soul-searching and become better… Keep Reading


The Greatest Conservative Scam Of All-time

Politico recently ran an article about how the Tea Party movement is dead and gone, and that the only thing that came of it was a scam. The idea is that a lot of opportunistic scam artists set up PACs designed to steal money and use concerned Americans for their own benefit. Did this occur? Absolutely, and it’s likely a practice that isn’t only limited to Tea Party-aligned PACs and certainly will not stop after the movement is dead. With all of this said, if you’re a conservative or libertarian, the tea party movement’s wave of green seeking PACs are not… Keep Reading


The FCC’s Assault On Low-Income Americans

It seems that President Obama cannot even go a week without using his “executive authority” to circumvent the laws of the United States. It has become almost routine for the executive branch to use its power to target and harass any business that does not align with the president’s extreme leftist ideology. Through the use of programs like Operation Choke-Point, Obama has found ways to bypass and dilute the Second Amendment by executive fiat. Today, the administration is now moving on to exploiting the power of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to shut down businesses that specifically serve immigrants and… Keep Reading


The Russians, Saudis, And Hillary Clinton

There is a lot of discussion occurring regarding foreign influence in American affairs recently due to a number of hacking issues. Hacks revealing personal contact information of Democratic staffers, Democratic National Committee e-mail exchanges, and Republican lawmakers have all been speculated to be connected to the Russians. So what? Russian intelligence agents are hacking United States political organizations and government employees, leaking information that will undoubtedly influence our government. Again, so what? Democrats are sounding the alarm on the Russian influence, expressing outrage at external forces attempting to influence political and government affairs within the United States. It’s not necessarily… Keep Reading


The Fiscal Burden Of Incarceration And Recidivism

With over 2.2 million prisoners, the U.S. prison system costs taxpayers $39 billion annually. The U.S. incarcerates more people than any other country, and the average prisoner costs taxpayers up to $60,000 annually. Combating high incarceration and recidivism rates is, therefore, imperative to decrease the fiscal burden on taxpayers. The issue of high incarceration and recidivism rates burdening taxpayers has origins in the Nixon administration and strengthened during the tough on crime era of the 1990’s. These decades mark the inception of the War on Drugs, and consequently higher crime rates. The days of being “tough on crime” and engaged… Keep Reading


Death With Dignity: The Principled Insanity Of Conservative Electoral Strategy

“We don’t win anymore.” If there’s one overwhelmingly applicable truth that conservatarians can glean from the deranged ramblings of Herr Trump, it’s the one his campaign has helped reinforce this cycle at the expense of the constitutional right: we don’t win anymore. Conservatives have become the Cleveland Browns of American politics. Sure, on a good year we can string together a few regular-season wins, but the most we can hope for by the postseason is a high draft pick and a new coach. Only we don’t ever get a new coach. We just keep trying the same failed plays over and over… Keep Reading


Following In The Footsteps Of The Founding Fathers

Frankly, unless one is an anti-government anarchist at one end of the great ideological divide, or a totalitarian fascist on the other, it is always a matter of degree as to how much we have in common. Moreover, most persons’ rhetoric is more purist and extremist than where they stand in reality. There is a theory that says that rhetoric and semantics trends toward extremism, so that the great irony of pulling away from philosophical absolutes (embracing a relativist culture that puts opinion over truth) is that we veer away from diversity and pluralism and closer to divisive demagoguery on… Keep Reading


The Liberty Conservative Endorses Rebekah Bydlak For Congress

The Liberty Conservative has made many congressional endorsements in the past, though this year we have been saddened at the seemingly low number of true liberty candidates putting themselves out there for congressional runs. Between this and the struggles of the presidential cycle it has been an easy time to feel negatively about the trajectory of the liberty movement. Thankfully, the surprising campaign of Rebekah Bydlak has emerged as a genuine chance to advance our movement through these rough times. At the beginning of this cycle I had regarded this candidate as a long shot, a happy warrior who was going… Keep Reading


Was Rand Paul Cucked By Rachel Maddow Back In 2010?

As liberty conservatives pick up the pieces from Rand Paul’s failed presidential campaign, it is important to consider the psychology behind his disappointing showing. What was really going on in Rand’s head as it all fell to pieces? While examining Rand’s meteoric rise to senatorial power, one occurrence stands out as being particularly impactful: the infamous hit-piece conducted by Rachel Maddow on Rand back in 2010. Although it did not make any short-term negative impact, that exchange may have changed the trajectory of Rand’s entire political career. By becoming too focused on the mainstream media and their narratives, Rand lost… Keep Reading


Obamacare Continues To Flounder

July was a tough month for the Obamacare co-ops, of which three more closed due to running out of money. A few weeks ago, Illinois’ Land of Lincoln Health announced that they would be closing their doors due to financial losses. July 31st was the deadline for Oregon’s Health co-op’s 23,000 members to find new coverage, while Connecticut’s HealthyCT has given its 54,000 members until December 31 to find new insurance. In all, 17 of the 23 original Obamacare exchanges have already been shut down. The seven co-ops that are still afloat are seeing negative profit margins, and it is… Keep Reading


Glenn Beck: ‘I Know Why #BlackLivesMatter Matters’

During the 2016 RedState gathering in Denver, Colorado, radio host Glenn Beck gave an emotional speech touching on various subjects, from the Wounded Knee massacre to WWII female broadcaster Tokyo Rose. But when talking about the political movement known as Black Lives Matter, the conservative TV and radio personality stunned by claiming that he had finally learned why members of the movement were angry. In late 2015, Beck equated BLM to terrorism, saying “I think we need to start calling it that,” while adding that “[t]hey are terrorizing you.” But on August 12, 2016, Beck told an audience of enthusiastic… Keep Reading


“Say Wally, What’s a Redneck?”

I take offense to those “Gary Johnson” libertarians who make obnoxious comments about Republican volunteers passing out pamphlets to NASCAR and WWF fans.  Those of us with Trump-Pence signs in our yards are not interested in setting up some “redneck” scene.   Can we tone it down? Moreover, they paint with a broad brush when it comes to the motivations of people, like myself, who oppose illegal immigration. They try to dance around it by saying that though we may not be racist, we are acting in association with those who are and therefore we are tainted accordingly. Furthermore, they make the unsourced claims that opposition… Keep Reading


When Diversity Politics Debase Our Books And Minds

Should we judge a book by the content of its pages or by its author’s skin color? Today’s cultural credo, informed by the politics of multiculturalism, demands the latter. High society and academia promote ‘diverse’ authors as an urgent redress for the dominance of straight, white men in the Western literary canon. No sane mind would deny the benefits of studying literature by meritorious authors belonging to varied demographics. But the project of diversification is less interested in encouraging talent, and more focused on redistributing social power, historically enjoyed by white males, to the others. Behind the facade of egalitarianism lies a deeply flawed understanding of how and why the traditional literary… Keep Reading


American Legion Leader Believes Pokemon Go Should Be Banned

Pokemon Go has been a huge phenomenon across the planet. While video games have widely been criticized as keeping kids indoors and making them lazy by gluing them to couches, this new mobile game from Niantic has people outdoors and off the couch. The game utilizes GPS to create an alternate reality where players can travel the world searching for pocket monsters known as Pokemon. The new technological development has led to people getting exercise they wouldn’t normally get. Because of how the game is designed, eggs are hatched based on how far a user walks, driving will not work.… Keep Reading


Why Thomas Massie Isn’t Wrong In His Trump Support Logic

The liberty movement is more divided now than it has been in recent memory during a presidential election. 2008 saw the rise of a Congressman from Texas who united the libertarian movement, despite not making it far in the primary itself. 2012 saw a second attempt by then-Congressman Paul to secure the Republican nomination, this time putting up a heavy fight. Things are different now. Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, was widely expected to go even further this election cycle. Bearing his father’s name while maneuvering the political game seemed like a formula for success–but it fell apart. Now the… Keep Reading


The Misuse Of “We” “Us” And “Our”

One of the biggest mistakes in the application of the English language is when the terms “we” “us” and “our” are used in reference to the government.  The fact that many individuals conflate themselves with a completely separate entity that they are not a part of and have no real control over is problematic.  It is this conflation that leads to perpetual conflict between groups of individuals and to ignorance of the actual nature of government. The government is not us.  The government is a group of individuals who claim the right to control and manipulate the lives of other… Keep Reading


Venezuela’s Economic Collapse: A Process 50 Years In The Making

In recent times, Venezuela has been the object of many headlines across the globe that detail its current economic predicament. Once Latin America’s most stable country, Venezuela is now experiencing a historically unprecedented economic and social collapse. How did such a nation awash with bountiful oil reserves and numerous decades of democratic stability stoop to such levels of misery? The conventional narrative typically points to Hugo Chávez’s arrival to power in 1998 as the main catalyst of Venezuela’s economic decline.  Quantitatively speaking, Chávez’s presidency was responsible for the largest economic downturn in the country’s history. Through an unprecedented number of… Keep Reading


Dennis Prager: Pope Francis And The Decline Of The West

In this short commentary written by Dennis Prager, I agree with his overall assessment that the left influences Christianity and Judaism today much more so than vice versa. It is the left that dictates our cultural, moral, and ethical norms. Dennis Prager does not discuss the deeper reason for this development, though I have no doubt from his other writings that he would agree that Gnosticism ultimately explains what has happened. In essence, the Western Man has divorced theology from ontology and epistemology. In terms of ontology, this methodological and substantial divorce means that our understanding of “being-ness” must end… Keep Reading


Conservatives Should Embrace Obama’s Commutations

During the last 7 years, I have often criticized President Barack Obama for many actions he has taken that were outside the scope of his authority. He has continually ignored the Constitution and grown the power of the Presidency–something he specifically campaigned against. The President has carried out a foreign policy that has left us less safe and has killed thousands of innocent civilians. He has overseen the growth of the regulatory state and continues to promote economic policies that would kill small businesses and leave our nation less prosperous. It is fair to say that President Obama has earned… Keep Reading


The Importance Of Startup Political Publications: Entrepreneurship And Information

Years ago when I was in my first year of undergraduate study at my university, I had an inkling of what I desired to do as a career outside of pure academia: political journalism. But in order to do it and make something of a living at it, I didn’t quite know where to start – politically, I was a bit of a square peg, with my socially liberal views oftentimes seen as directly contradictory to my fiscally conservative ones. And yet, a handful of smaller publications that shared my vociferously individualistic approach to political writing, and fortunately, they decided… Keep Reading


The Trump Campaign Truly Is a Dumpster Fire

Last summer, Donald Trump started his campaign with a bang. Viewed then as a loony outsider, Trump burst on to the scene when voters took to his signature brash tone and “tell it like it is” populist message. Whether it be calling Mexican immigrants rapists, championing a ban on Muslims entering the US, or his naive insistence that Mexico will pay for a border wall–Trump did what he had to do to get the attention and support needed to take his fringe campaign mainstream. Last month, the campaign reached new heights when Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President of… Keep Reading


Economics & History: Why This Connection Matters

In a recent article of mine, I debunked the red herring of  the “roads” argument that many modern socialists throw around. It turns out that lately this article has gotten some pretty lively responses from its critical readers. One such commenter was someone I might have expected to be on my side (politically speaking) as he was presumably a libertarian himself, but the road forked for us at economics. It seemed as if this gentleman was an adherent of the Austrian school (a.k.a. the fantasy football of economics), and he had a thing or two to say about my reasoning behind my aforementioned debunking.… Keep Reading


How Many Democratic LGBT Activists Are Not Pro-LGBT At All

There is a great deal of discussion in American politics regarding the LGBT crowd and their rights in society. For some time, it was the marriage debate. Do homosexual couples have a right to get married in the eyes of the law, or should they settle for lesser unions and not the same legal protections? The discussion has not been resolved, but it has taken a backseat to another debate regarding bathroom usage for transgender people. Should those who identify as an alternate gender be allowed to use a different bathroom? While the debates are complex and emotional, they seem… Keep Reading

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