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July 2016


Don’t Be Manipulated By The “Divide & Rule” Strategy

It’s a tactic that goes back to the dawn of civilization.  The ruling class of a particular area effectively gains control over the dissemination of information.  They then use this control to instigate and perpetuate conflict between various groups under their rule.  The general population (the ruled), having been educated in schools controlled by their ruling class, largely fails to recognize this propaganda.  They fall under the spell of believing that the source of their oppression stems from other groups rather than from the ruling class itself. This tactic is as strong today as ever.  The ruling class benefits immensely by keeping those under their rule (“us”) fighting against each other instead of joining together to fight against them.  Everyday, the state controlled media fills their radio, television, and internet outlets with story after story of apparent wrongdoing being done by one group against another. Perpetuation of conflict between groups is so prevalent that it’s impossible to keep track of them all: Racial conflict today is perpetuated by the… Keep Reading


Libertarians Go All In On “electability”, Lose Big

Anyone who participated in the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential primary had to answer the three following internal questions: “which candidate best reflects my values, which candidate could actually succeed electorally, and which of those two answers is more important when I cast my vote?” The answer to the first question varies. Given the fact that the Libertarian Party is made up of everyone from anarcho-capitalists to disaffected moderate Democrats to hundreds of ideological groups in between, it should be no surprise that the final candidates for the presidential nomination included a pro-life media entrepreneur, a software pioneer advocating the end of the TSA, and a former Republican governor opposed to “religious freedom” laws, among others. However, even many of the staunchest ideological libertarians would concede that the candidate with the best chance of doing well electorally was Gary Johnson. He was, as Johnson supporters argued, the only candidate with elected experience to rival Hillary Clinton’s- this was true. He has successful business experience, like Donald Trump. He had also, as… Keep Reading


Hillary Clinton Deserves To Lose The General Election

A lot has been said about the upcoming presidential general election, which involves the clashing of two widely unpopular major party candidates. A lot has been made of the issues surrounding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as the fair and balanced mainstream media devotes an unfair and biased amount of attention to his words instead of Hillary Clinton’s actions. Speaking of the former Secretary of State’s actions, while the media has not generally kept the heat on, people are hesitant to trust her with the nuclear codes or any sensitive data at all. There are two different storylines regarding how we got to this point however. Despite the media playing up the dissension within the Republican Party and disapproval of Trump among many within the party mainstream, the controversial businessman crushed the previous record for turnout set by former President George W. Bush. In 2000, Bush set the record with 12,034,676 votes. This year, Trump secured 14,009,107, or 45% of the vote. He is officially the most popular Republican primary candidate,… Keep Reading


Did Hillary Clinton Admit That She Lied About E-mail Contents?

The ongoing e-mail saga involving Hillary Clinton has been a core issue in this election cycle. Republicans have utilized a political opportunity to go after the leading Democrat who eventually would secure the nomination, while Democrats have pointed out just that: it’s all politics. The problem is, no matter how much the issue is politicized, the issue is certainly relevant and absolutely critical. National security has never been more critical than it is now and with the rising threat of ISIS and other global menaces, we need to be prepared to combat it. If classified intelligence is being sent on unsecured, private servers, this risks exposure to those we seek to defeat. The e-mail controversy has taken a new turn thanks to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who recently used a press conference to call on Russia to release Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. The involvement of Russia in this election cycle has been gaining greater speculation in recent weeks due to Wikileaks, who recently released almost twenty thousand e-mails between top Democratic… Keep Reading


Do Everyday Hillary Clinton Supporters Even Really Exist?

The general election is finally locked in.  The Republican Party has nominated businessman Donald Trump and the Democrats joined the Associated Press in nominating Hillary Clinton to complete the uninspiring two-party offerings for President. The Libertarian Party is running Gary Johnson, who is consistently polling between 7 and 13% while Jill Stein tries to draw disillusioned supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders to the Green Party. While the two-party duopoly is showing fatigue, the two third party candidates in Johnson and Stein are enjoying increased media and mainstream attention. Republicans are uniting around Donald Trump and the reluctance factor seems to be diminishing. This isn’t uncommon after primaries reach an end. Last election cycle, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was opposed to the end by supporters of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and to a lesser degree, former United States Senator Rick Santorum supporters. While libertarians largely went elsewhere, many Republicans swallowed their pride and pulled for Romney. In years past, bitter Hillary Clinton supporters united around Senator Barack Obama.… Keep Reading


Donald Trump Violating Your Safe Space Is Not a Treasonous Act

If there’s one thing that Republican nominee Donald Trump has perfected this election it’s the art of offending just about everyone. Democrats predictably loathe him and Republicans are in an increasingly uncomfortable position. Both of these facts are true because of the fine line between political incorrectness and going too far that Trump continuously walks. Only since Trump has risen to prominence and ultimately locked down the nomination has he grown worse. Everyone’s safe space is in great danger right now. The threat of Donald Trump saying things is serious. In a recent press conference discussing national security, Trump suggested that the Russians should step in and hack the e-mail servers of Associated Press-nominated candidate Hillary Clinton. In stating his hope that they could find the missing e-mails, Trump assured any Russian observers that they would be rewarded by the American media. Trump wasn’t wrong about the mainstream media. The depth of reporting has become increasingly shallow, with journalists being reduced to errand boys for the political establishment that… Keep Reading


The New American Royalty

President John Adams once said that the United States was “a government of laws, not men.” The Founders understood that the only justification for the unavoidable disparities in wealth, talent, and position in society was the equal application of the law. This July, many conservatives and libertarians lamented the supposed death of the rule of law with the decision of the FBI not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton. The truth of the matter is that the rule of law has been under attack in this country for almost 50 years. The historical record is clear. When elites and their allies face legal consequences for malfeasance, their political or institutional associates protect them from punishment. If you are shocked by the FBI’s recent announcement, then you haven’t been paying attention. When Richard Nixon was impeached by the House of Representatives for his connection to the break-in of the Democratic National Committee office located in the Watergate complex, he quickly resigned from office. Was he guilty of high crimes and… Keep Reading


Bernie Sanders May Have Sold Out; But His Supporters Will Not

Bernie Sanders may be calling for unity within the Democratic Party, but that doesn’t mean that his supporters will oblige. Yesterday, I spent the day live streaming the Bernie Sanders demonstrations outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It took mere moments around these activists to realize that these revolutionaries were not planning to roll over and support the Democratic nominee. I interacted with hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters throughout the day. Activists and delegates alike were adamant about one thing: their voices were being suppressed and they were tired of taking it lying down. Demonstrators felt betrayed and used by the Democratic Party. With the revelations from Wikileaks, it had pushed many over the edge. The speculation that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was conspiring against them now became fact to the supporters with the emails released. Many on the streets of Philadelphia were truly angry at the DNC and Hillary Clinton. These were passionate people who whole-heartedly believe in the ideas of progressivism. And led by Hillary Clinton, their ideas… Keep Reading


Establishment Democrats Attempt To Use Russia To Distract From Wikileaks Leak

The Democratic National Committee has had a rough year. In what was supposed to be a smooth coronation year for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the road has instead been rocky and rough. Independent United States Senator Bernie Sanders instead ruined the coronation on parade by putting up a strong grassroots push. Despite longstanding suspicions that there was something foul afoot, the idea that the DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz was swaying the primary in a certain direction remained a mere conspiracy theory. Enter WikiLeaks. The famous transparency website threw a curveball when it dumped almost twenty thousand e-mails between top party officials, including Wasserman Schultz. Among other things, it revealed a clear bias against Senator Sanders in the primary. One would think Democrats, who generally express support for democracy and equality, would be calling out the implications of the e-mail communications. If we are to truly embrace equality, all should have an equal chance at winning. The same could be said of democracy. Is it really a fair… Keep Reading


Sen. Tim Kaine: The Left’s Worst Nightmare?

On Friday, Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton named Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia her running mate for the 2016 election. This pick did not come as a surprise to political pundits, as the Senator was widely viewed a safe pick for the scandal-plagued candidate. Many people across the country may not know much about the Senator, however, because he is so safe. Over the coming months there will no doubt be many articles, op-eds, and the like telling us how great or how horrible he is, depending on the source. We already know quite a bit about Sen. Kaine, however, all it takes is a bit of research looking at his previous votes, quotes, and stances. Upon research, it looks like this pick could truly backfire for the Presidential hopeful. First off, for the modern Democratic party Sen. Kaine is rather conservative, or at the very least not very liberal. He is pro life, and has supported bans on partial birth abortion multiple times. This is completely against how… Keep Reading


Politics Is Personal: How Then Should a Christian Vote?

I have learned from my years as a GOP campaign manager and county chairman that people indeed are willing to vote for someone that they loathe in proportion to the personal negative impact of the policies pursued by the other side. Tip O’Neill said famously that all politics is local. I would add that all politics is personal. As a case in point, I remember when I worked as a campaign manager for state legislative races in Silicon Valley. Since I worked for Republicans in a 2 to 1 Democrat majority area, my candidates for partisan offices always lost. They also tended not to be the most qualified. In Silicon Valley, the most qualified in terms of education, experience, and just plain poise gravitated toward the party that actually could win elections. When you truly have talent, why squander it on a losing bid for office? On my side were the misfits, the extremists, and the perennial losers. One of the perennial losers was a large, loud, boorish contractor… Keep Reading


Why Donald Trump Just Won The Presidency

For months, the storyline among moderate and mainstream Republicans as well as the media across the nation is that Donald Trump is dangerous. If he ever were allowed to become the Republican Party nominee, let alone President of the United States, the country would be set on a dangerous course. He speaks firm and loud, unafraid to hurl barbs and take down his opponents with offensive language. His principles at times can be undefined and principles often questionable. The unpredictability of a possible Trump Administration leaves a number of people concerned about the future of America. But Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States. There are realistically a limited number of scenarios that can play out. To get it out of the way, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein won’t become President. Stein’s best hope of catching fire was gaining the support of Senator Bernie Sanders, but the Vermont Senator has since sold out to Associated Press-nominated candidate Hillary Clinton.… Keep Reading


Demanding Change And Bending History

You cannot ask to join something older, larger, and farther reaching than yourself, and then declare it is solely yours by demanding it be taken away from someone else. You cannot demand that something that has shaped entire arcs of history conform to your view and change into something it is not, cannot be, nor has ever been. Imperfect action is better than perfect procrastination, and positive change mostly comes very slowly, through incremental changes, one inch at a time. It is not wrong that your demands have not been met, that your opinions have not been agreed with, that your views have not been endorsed, that your perspective has not been accepted. You have the right to earn a place; you do not have the right to be put upon a pedestal. You have the right to speak; you do not have the right to have your voice heard. You have the right to prove yourself correct; you do not have the right to unearned legitimacy. Those things must… Keep Reading


Of Course The Media Was Biased: The RNC Wasn’t a Disaster

Words I would use to describe the Republican National Convention held in Cleveland this past week: magical, historical, energetic, patriotic, peaceful. I was literally buzzing with excitement after the first night of the convention. Talk about an impactful experience — and it was only day one! Thousands of patriotic Americans converged on Cleveland to show their support for the Republican nominee. Between the young kids handing out free water to police on the streets, to the jovial laughs ringing through the convention halls, the air was light and the energy positive. I watched Americans of all socio-economic backgrounds embrace each other and fight for their idea of a better America. The first day of the Republican National Convention was an amazingly successful and impactful event for me. But you would never believe that was the case if you were not at the convention. I woke up Tuesday, excited to share my experiences with the world, only to be immediately disgusted by the rhetoric that was splashed across my twitter… Keep Reading


The United States Has A History Of Supporting Coups In Turkey: Why Was This Time Different?

As reports of the attempted military coup in Turkey began to circulate in the media, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were quick to reject the “anti democratic methods” of military leaders who sought to overthrow Turkish President Recep Erdogan, earning the praise of globalists who also lambasted previous American administrations for supporting other military coups since modern Turkey was founded. Nick Danforth, a Senior Analyst in the Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Program, heaped praised on Secretary of State John Kerry’s call for “stability and peace and continuity within Turkey” as news of the attempted coup emerged, as well as on President Obama’s demand for all parties to “support the democratically elected government of Turkey.” “Faced with a fast-moving crisis as an attempted coup roiled Turkey over the weekend, U.S. officials were commendably firm in their rejection of the plotters’ anti-democratic methods,” he continued. While globalists like Danforth were happy to praise the Obama Administration for leaving the Turkish coup plotters out to dry, he… Keep Reading


Lessons Learned: What The Liberty Minded Can Take Away From Trump’s Triumph

I have noticed a troubling trend amongst liberty conservatives that is growing lately. Instead of forging alliances with the anti-establishment Republican grassroots, they are pouting, whining, doing the bidding of the Bill Kristol’s of the world, abandoning ship, taking their ball and going home. They are proving all the worst stereotypes about the liberty minded: that we are marginal, petty, flaky, unreliable, melodramatic and undeserving to enjoy the blessings of freedom. Although events in the last year have killed morale and bruised many of our egos, there is a silver lining. The Trump phenomenon has harmed our enemies more than it has us. The elite media is reeling, having been out-smarted by a reality TV star. The neocons have never looked more foolish and out of touch. The special interest money machine that fuels Washington D.C. has been neutered by Trump’s garbage machine. When looked at as a case study, there are many lessons that we can learn from Trump’s historic campaign. Take some notes, class is in session… Keep Reading


WATCH: Did Hillary Clinton Have a Seizure On Camera?

A newly surfaced video of Hillary Clinton shows the Secretary of State acting strangely while on the campaign trail. Some are speculating that Clinton may have had a seizure on camera. The video, which was recorded in June but only surfaced in recent days, shows Clinton speaking with the media about Elizabeth Warren as a possible vice presidential pick. While answering questions, Clinton appears startled and quickly jolts her head back and bobbles it seemingly uncontrollably. She laughs, then bobbles her head again. The clip ends with a wide-eyed Clinton joking about her chai tea. Did Hillary Clinton have a seizure on camera during these interviews or was she being dramatic and silly? WATCH: Keep Reading


Cruz And His Rockefeller Cow Palace Moment

Cruz has his hardcore supporters. They will march in lockstep with him over the edge and into that special hell pit reserved for Republicans who are more willing to hand the Supreme Court to Hillary Clinton than to stomach a showman populist. The real question is how much appeal he retains beyond his core supporters. When Rockefeller refused to endorse Goldwater in 1964, he still received a friendly welcome in our nation’s more prestigious country clubs, but he had no more traction outside of his core base of support. I am inclined to think that the same will be true for the windbag Senator from Texas, especially if he gets some of the blame for a Trump defeat and then a leftist Supreme Court that eradicated our rights. Political parties exist in part to allow factions to overcome their differences for shared objectives. Now, I cannot blame Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump given what Trump implied about his wife and said about his father. Nevertheless, he could have… Keep Reading


Have Americans Learned Anything About Party Establishments Yet?

It’s amazing that for well over a century, there has never been a new major political party and no ashes for any new movement to rise from. Republicans and Democrats hold steady through the worst of anything, with the help of government interference and a complacent mainstream media. Over the years, Democrats have put Japanese Americans in Internment Camps and Republicans have expanded the surveillance state, but Americans still haven’t seriously entertained the thought of dumping either party. Our politics become increasingly bizarre when you consider that most Americans will admit they believe all or most politicians are corrupt, complain about the system, but at the end of the day, many Americans refuse to entertain the thought of actual change. Change has become defined as working within the system. In 2008, Democrats defined change as picking a rookie Democrat Senator who ran alongside an establishment moderate long entrenched in party politics. The resulting “change we can believe in” was a legacy of war, big government, and domestic tension. The… Keep Reading


America First! Vs. The Establishment

I am not so sure that the Republican Party is the “Trump Party.” Frankly, I hope that you are right, and that I am wrong, and that the GOP really has adopted the economic and political worldview identified as “America First.” Nevertheless, apart from Trump, a handful of GOP Senators (i.e. Alabama Senator Sessions), and a handful of GOP Congressmen, the vast majority of GOP elected officials have not deviated too far from the Ronald Reagan agenda. It is a mistake to think that the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives reflects an “America First” agenda. Yes, these Tea Party folks are very critical of the K Street Establishment. Yes, they regard McConnell and Ryan as wishy washy compromisers. Nevertheless, on issues like trade, foreign alliances, military projection, etc., they are much more in sync with the post-Goldwater GOP than with the 1930s Old Right known as “America First.” One way to separate “America First” Republicans from Reagan Republicans is how they voted on the TPA (trade pact negotiation… Keep Reading


The NBA Flexes Rights That Are Denied To Others

In response to North Carolina’s new law regarding bathroom usage, the NBA announced that they will be removing their 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte.  Fine, good for them.  If they feel that the law is bigoted in nature, or unfair to certain groups of people, the NBA is perfectly within their rights to protest and take action to dissociate themselves with the state and their law. There has been a lot of commentary on sports media pertaining to this decision.  One particularly insightful take on the situation went something like this: The commentator was lauding the NBA’s decision, and went on to say that this is the power that exists when a non-violent injustice is perceived.  Obviously, the NBA doesn’t have all that much power to actually change the law in the short term, but what they do have the power to do is hurt the state financially.  Taking the All-Star Game out of North Carolina will undoubtedly eliminate a potential economic windfall for the state.  Perhaps this, along… Keep Reading


Who Inherits The Crown?

I do not believe that Trump has any interest in maintaining a political coalition if he loses in November. He is not a career political activist concerned about building a movement that may survive his retirement. I saw much the same phenomenon with Ross Perot after he lost in 1992. He had put a lot of his own money in converting the United We Stand grassroots operation (predecessor of the Tea Party in many ways) into a political party (Reform Party), but he largely abandoned the party once it became clear he would never be President. The Reform Party limped along for several election cycles before withering on the vine. Nevertheless, I believe that a third party is possible, whether or not Trump wins in November, because of the sheer number of disaffected Independents and Republicans who have given up on the McConnells and the Ryans of the world. From their perspective, incrementalism is treason; and they will gravitate to a new party that promises to be uncompromising. Another… Keep Reading


Donald Trump’s Disturbing Promise To America

Donald Trump has formally accepted the Republican nomination after the #NeverTrump failed to stop him. While it was widely accepted and celebrated at the National Convention, there are a number of Republican holdouts. Senator Ted Cruz, the man who came closest to defeating Trump, has opted not to endorse Trump. Former Governors Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have openly stated they won’t support Trump, among others.   A lot of this is due to Trump’s demeanor. His endorsement of authoritarian principles is nothing new for Republicans, but the fact he openly says mean things is uncomfortable for many moderate Republicans. For conservatives and libertarians, the concerns are greater. He has not hid from the fact that he believes he is the man with all the answers. Pledging to build a wall around the country, automatic death penalty for cop killers, and calling Edward Snowden a traitor all illustrate the personality of an individual who wants a controlled, caged nation. But perhaps the most disturbing thing he has said yet… Keep Reading


Why Ted Cruz’s Call To “vote Your Conscience” Was The Right Decision

The conservative world watched in the time leading up to Senator Ted Cruz’s speech at the Republican National Convention. Would the former primary opponent of Republican nominee Donald Trump finally issue an endorsement? Would he dodge the issue and refuse an endorsement? Would he even go as far as take a Third Eye Blind approach and just lay it all on the table in front of those who would oppose him? The result was Senator Cruz giving his primetime speech and exiting the stage without offering an endorsement of Trump. The crowd at the Republican National Committee responded with loud outrage, booing him off the stage for not supporting the man they just nominated. On one side of things, it appears disrespectful. The Republican National Convention is where Republicans come together to chose a presidential nominee, celebrate their cause, and ultimately unite for the general election. If you haven’t yet issued your support for the presidential nominee that was just nominated, should you be there at all? The issue regarding… Keep Reading


An Honest Discussion Of Race, Can We Handle It?

“What a Truly Honest Discussion of Race Would Look Like” and which Obama and the Left would like to avoid On Thursday, July 14, Barack Obama held a nationally televised “town hall” meeting on American race relations—and, unsurprisingly, punted on that “honest” discussion of race that he and his ilk accuse the rest of us of deferring. A truly honest discussion of race, you see, threatens the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) or, alternately, Big Racism. A truly honest discussion of race would mention that for virtually every kind of crime, blacks are perpetrators in numbers wildly out of proportion to their number in the national population.  For instance, young black males constitute no more than one to three percent of all Americans, yet they are responsible for over 50 percent of all murders. A truly honest discussion of race would mention that police officers generally are more likely to shoot unarmed white suspects than blacks, while black and Hispanic officers are more likely than their white counterparts to shoot unarmed black… Keep Reading


How Would Martin Luther King Jr. Feel About The Black Lives Matter Movement?

There’s been a spike in racial tension in recent weeks due to a number of shootings of innocent Americans. Despite the media portrayal and leftwing narrative, studies have shown there is no racial bias in the fatal shootings of citizens by police. The result has been widespread escalations in violence and racial tensions by ignorant activists, arrogant political leaders, and a reckless mainstream media. Above all, the Black Lives Matter that is feeding off of this tension is inherently racist by declaring that “all lives matter” is a racist concept. Since when is calling for equality a racist matter? The aim of these groups should be to eliminate tension by denouncing the focus on skin color, because we all are created equal. Even Martin Luther King Jr. stated as much in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech. From the Lincoln Memorial in August of 1963, King proclaimed that the Declaration of Independence was a promissory note that all Americans had a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit… Keep Reading


Incorrect Facts Regarding Race And Slavery

As was recently shown, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, with its central claim that police around the country are hunting and killing innocent black men, is a lie. Yet the BLM myth is enmeshed within a larger narrative, a narrative of eternal White Racism. And couched within this tale are distortions and outright crucially false ideas of slavery. In the interest of that “honest discussion” of race that the Eric Holders and Barack Obamas of the world claim to want, I submit considerations without which no such discussion can be had. One glaringly inconvenient truth that, odds are, few folks of any race are aware is that the very first legal slave owner in America was one Anthony Johnson—a black man.  More specifically, Johnson was an Angolan who himself had been an indentured servant in the colony of Virginia before he became a tobacco planter himself.  One of the African indentured servants who worked Johnson’s 300 acre plot of land was John Casor. When Casor had completed his… Keep Reading


“The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed”:

A Review of the Libertarian Case for the Trump Process” Ann Coulter just released her book on Donald Trump.  I haven’t yet read it, and though Coulter has been outstanding in what she’s been saying for the last year or so on such issues as immigration, Trump, and the treacherousness of the GOP, the truth of the matter is that for decades, Coulter has been a GOP-booster. Recall, it was during just the last presidential election cycle that Coulter not only supported, but enthusiastically supported, Mitt Romney: Coulter actually wrote an article in which she called for “three cheers for Romneycare!” Romney’s socialization of Massachusetts’ medical industry Coulter declared “a massive triumph for conservative free market principles.” Coulter also described Romney as “our strongest candidate” in 2008.  But in 2011, Ann was positively giddy over Chris Christie.  In fact, one year before she resurrected her love affair with Mitt, Coulter implored Christie to save us from…Romney! Republicans “need” to run Christie or else Romney will be the candidate, she said,… Keep Reading


Why The Never Trump Movement Was Never Going To Win

The Republican primary, though essentially over for some time, is officially reaching its natural end. The Republican National Committee is doing everything within its power to come together around the nominee and ensure any uprising is crushed. This is not new, as it happened in 2012 when former Texas Congressman Ron Paul attempted his own uprising. This is how political parties operate. The #NeverTrump crowd made another stand, attempting to unbind the delegates. Like in 2012 with the Paul campaign and the liberty movement, the opposition was defeated on a voice vote that is essentially left up to the discretion of the chair. Let’s face a number of facts first. One, nobody is going to mount an anti-establishment push and take down the Convention Chair on a voice vote. If this is your end game, the game is already over. Two, for this reason and a multitude of others, the #NeverTrump movement was never a serious movement. It never meant to win.   To be clear, there is nothing wrong… Keep Reading


American Outrage Greater Over Copied Speech Lines Than The 9/11 Commission Report Revelations

All along this Republican presidential primary, there have been three basic types of Republicans. There are Republicans who supported Donald Trump for President of the United States, and then there were two types of those opposed. First, there were those consistent conservatives and libertarians who have always opposed the pro-big government philosophy and never have supported political bullies. Then the second type of anti-Trump people are those on the #NeverTrump bandwagon who have never before had a problem with the George W. Bush, Senator John McCain or Mitt Romney types. All of a sudden this election cycle, they’ve found a problem with a new big government Republican simply because he says mean things and hurts people’s feelings. To a degree, this explains the outrage over Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention, which seemed to borrow some lines from an old speech First Lady Michelle Obama gave. Naturally, the mainstream media was quick to point out the alleged plagerism and pile on Melania. The #NeverTrump crowd was also… Keep Reading


When Bush Sent American Soldiers To Die In Iraq

The recently declassified 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report have added to ongoing foreign policy debates because of the bombshell revelations about Saudi Arabia. While the Saudis have long denied any connection to the tragic attacks, the 28 pages, complete with references to FBI reports and CIA memos, paint a different picture. There are connections to ministry officials, diplomatic figures, and even close Bush family friend Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. After 9/11, America was in a dark position. Despite the renewed patriotism and unity, there was great fear. The strength of the United States was challenged when a group of foreigners slipped past security, hijacked airplanes with boxcutters, and turned them into a living suicide bomb. It was the final flight for many people. The debris would be the final resting place for many and become the spot where first responders were made widows and widowers out of spouses. The final result was thousands of innocent lives dead. Because of… Keep Reading


Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss

“On the very first day of 2016, news agencies reported a bizarre story out of Turkey. At a press conference, President Recep  Erdogan referred to “Hitler’s Germany” as an example of the political system he proposes for his country — “a presidential system with a unitary state.” Hitler had his Reichstag and Erdogan his staged coup as he is following Hitler’s lead to a T.  We can see the same kind of aggressive recklessness in  Erdogan’s shoot down of a Russian Jet and support of ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria and saber rattling with Greece and Armenia.  Turkey does not have one friendly neighbor due to its sociopathic foreign policy.   If Erdogan follows the plan further, he will continue to reserve power in the Presidency and take it away from the century old Military, Judiciary and Parliamentary systems which is exactly what he is doing in his counter coup. The Ron Paul Institute noted:  “We don’t have to remind readers that when military coups take place in the middle-east, they… Keep Reading


Police Incompetence Killed Philando Castile – Regardless Of Which Side One Takes

I was one of the unfortunate multitudes who watched the video of the Philando Castile shooting when it first hit the internet – it was barely an hour old, and the hour was quite late here on the east coast. The sun had gone down, and my spirits were already abysmal due to personal reasons, so this footage just dragged me down even further to the inescapable depths of depression for the rest of my time awake. It was disgusting, disturbing, and (in my mind, at least) infelicitously typical. However, it was, objectively speaking, a puzzle. There was a debate among myself and my fellow editors at one of the publications I work at about whether or not to break the story before anyone else, or wait until more details came out before writing about it at all. My editor-in-chief was in favor of the latter course of action, while I leaned more toward the former. He won out, of course, and so we did not run that story.… Keep Reading


How I’m Beating My Opiod Addiction Without Government Help

There is no greater power in the natural world, than man’s desire to be free, for it is our desire that creates within us the will to succeed. Desire and self-will are the Achilles heel of adversity and affliction. While we will never rid the world of tragedy, pain and disappointment, we have within each of us the power to not only live with them but to eventually prevail over them. It was this strong desire for freedom and self-determination that guided me through the greatest adversity I have ever faced in my life. In the spring of 2011, I quickly came to realize the bondage that drug addiction can place over an individual. From 2011 to the present, my journey down the road of chronic pain, failed surgeries and the prospects of permanent disability has been one with far more valleys than mountaintop celebrations, but more on that later. With nearly 25 million Americans using illicit drugs, 15 million abusing prescription drugs and the growing number of deaths… Keep Reading


How The U.S. Government Put Saudi Arabia Before America After 9/11

For well over a decade, the withheld pages of the 9/11 Commission report have been a point of debate. Was there more to the official story? Was the official story actually wrong? There was a great deal of speculation in regards to the content, but never the validation  of its contents. Now over the last few years, there has been an increased push in Washington D.C. for the release of the 28 pages. Congressman Thomas Massie read the pages prior to their release and noted withholding the contents threaten national security. But why would they threaten national security? They’re just pages of information. But with the release of the information, we can see. The contents are both groundbreaking and shocking. There were ties to Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar, longtime Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. Prince Bandar had a close relationship with the Bush family, even visiting the family vacation spot in Kennebunkport, Maine and earning the nickname “Bandar Bush.”   This is alarming given just what the secretive… Keep Reading


The Cuban Travel Debate Exposes America’s Real Isolationists

Foreign policy can be a difficult topic because unlike domestic policy, there are so many moving parts and external factors affecting decision making. Do we go to war against a certain enemy? Given how intertwined the world is, any decision has serious implications for not just the parties directly involved. Take the Iraqi invasion and subsequent occupation from a decade ago. While it has since been found to be a bad move for the United States and Iraq, the resulting rise of ISIS has affected everyone. Countries other than our own, like France, are directly feeling the sting of the destabilization. And it’s for this reason, libertarians tend to be opposed to war unless it’s an absolute last resort. The problem with Iraq was it wasn’t an absolute last resort, but a preemptive strike. Because of this, many libertarians were opposed. Iraq may have been run by a dictator, but the country itself did not directly threaten or attack the United States. While it is a nice idea to be able… Keep Reading


Black Lives Matter, But The Unborn Need Not Apply

As violence continues to escalate in society, there is a rising debate about which groups are affected more. Do police officers become targeted more than other groups? There was the shooting in Dallas, Texas and now the very recent one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then there is the theory that blacks are being unfairly targeted by violence and thus, racism is growing worse. Black Lives Matter activists have become progressively more unruly and disruptive in their tactics. A study conducted by a Harvard professor, who is also black, showed otherwise. Professor Roland G. Fryer Jr.’s study examined thousands of incidents at a number of major police departments and the result was surprising. The finding was that there is no racial bias in targets of police shootings, which Professor Fryer himself described as the most surprising result of his career. This shows that the Black Lives Matter movement preys on the raw emotion of concerned human beings and exploits them to unleash havoc and disorder on society. This isn’t entirely surprising… Keep Reading


What Progressive Activists Could Learn From The Liberty Movement

For progressives, the political future looks dark right now. The them versus the world mentality has never been more prominent. Police brutality is a major concern, Senator Bernie Sanders lost a questionable primary, and the only answer seems to be found in Hillary Clinton. Where do the progressives go from here? At first glance, the answer actually seems quite simple. The presumptive nominee of the Republican Party is the controversial and combative businessman Donald Trump, who has regularly made a name for himself hurling insults and taking concerning positions. He doesn’t align with the progressive agenda at all and is arguably worse than Hillary Clinton on the topic. Progressives must support Hillary Clinton, or so everybody is told. Back in 2012, libertarians were in a major battle for significance within the Republican Party. Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul was their candidate and using a caucus-focused strategy, really launched a movement. While many expected former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to eventually win, Paul was making the Republican establishment uncomfortable with… Keep Reading


Paul Ryan And His Multinationals Vs The Trump Train

Do you think that China’s currency manipulation is so inconsequential that we should continue the Bush and the Obama “no stick” replies to their repeated currency provocations? I understand that getting tough with China is not good news for USA retailers that make millions off of selling artificially cheap Chinese knockoffs. Nevertheless, for people like myself who put the well-being of the nation as a whole above the profit margins of multinational corporations, the loss of millions of American jobs outweighs the profit margins for corporations that have no particular loyalty to our own nation. Paul Ryan thinks of America as an “idea.” For Paul Ryan, “America” is as much the entrepreneur in China taking advantage of his government’s currency manipulation as it is the entrepreneur in Detroit taking advantage of whatever benefit he may get from being in the USA. For Paul Ryan, the USA should do nothing that might restrict the flow of labor and of commerce because restricting the economy anywhere is restricting “the Idea of America,”… Keep Reading


Trump’s New Nationalism And The Defeat Of The Cronies

Regarding the defeat of the insurgents at the RNC, it should be noted that they were defeated fair and square. There was no denial of the process afforded any member of the Rules Committee. The fact that the insurgents did not have enough votes to force a change in the rules does not suggest anti-democratic tyranny. It would be a different story if the RNC arbitrarily suspended the meeting of the Rules Committee, or gave the insurgents the wrong time and place (both tactics I have seen happen at California State GOP Conventions in the past), but nothing like that happened here. Moreover, let us be honest here. If a conservative insurgency had tried to change the rules at the last minute to deny the nomination to Mitt Romney, the Outsourcer in Chief, then I doubt we would have heard John and the WSJ defend the insurgents. The fact is that movement conservatives were never fond of Romney, and he had to mollify them by putting Ryan on his… Keep Reading


Zuckerberg Embraces The Establishment

There are two obvious branches of the economy.  There is the market economy, entirely benevolent in nature and identified by its voluntary and mutually beneficial transactions, its natural coordination of scarce resources, and its ability to increase prosperity.  And the political economy which is entirely malevolent in nature, and is identified by its reliance on coercion and force, its bureaucratic inefficiencies, and its manipulation of fear, greed, and envy to serve the ends of a select few. Actors in both spheres of the economy are driven by a desire to better their own lives, the lives of their loved ones, and their community around them. In the market economy, individuals compete to sell goods and services to other individuals.  These voluntary transactions are mutually beneficial to all parties involved the vast majority of the time precisely due to their voluntary nature (no party would voluntarily enter into the transaction unless they felt they were being served through it).  Rising to the top in the market economy is immensely difficult,… Keep Reading

The Left Paves The Way For The Destruction Of Western Civilization

The massacre in Nice, France of 84 innocent souls, including many young children has left most of the world speechless and horrified…. for all of a few hours. Despite the reports of little girls splattered to pieces before their helpless families, the sad truth is we have become desensitized to this barbarity. We check our phones, see the headlines, feel a bit of disgust, and then we forget. This is no accident. The effort to trivialize and redefine these heinous crimes is a concerted effort by a radical and frankly deranged group of thinkers who have an underlining hatred of one of the greatest wonders of humanity. Western Civilization.   To step back for a moment, in case your public school forgot to tell you, western civilization is the greatest achievement of mankind. It is a wide-ranging set of ideas developed over centuries, that has taken humanity out of the dark ages of tyranny, oppression, violence, and hatred and into a world in which freedom, peace, and happiness are… Keep Reading


Why American Foreign Policy Is About To Get a Lot Worse

After the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States responded by invading Afghanistan and seeking out those responsible. What initially was a military mission to hold those who dare attack us responsible, what it became was hardly that. Just a few years later, the United States found itself entangled in Iraq under questionable justification. What seemed to be a noble mission in the beginning to remove a tyrant from power ultimately ended up becoming a mission that enabled the rise of something much worse. ISIS rose from the ashes of a fallen Iraq. The world has been subjected to numerous horrors since this point. While terrorists previously just killed, ISIS makes a theatrical performance out of it, putting its atrocities on display for the world to see. The Internet has become home to graphic recordings of Jordanian pilots being caged and burned alive, Christians being beheaded, and homosexuals being thrown from rooftops to their death. We live in a world that has grown darker with time. But… Keep Reading


Eric Brakey SCHOOLS Neocon War Pigs In EPIC Speech At RNC 2016

One of the negative byproducts of the rise of Trump and the general lack of libertarian involvement since that rise has been a demonstrably less pro liberty delegate slate than what we had in 2012. Fortunately, CSPAN provided us with a breath of fresh air in the form of this impassioned speech from a Liberty Conservative endorsed state senator from Maine, Eric Brakey. Brakey, one of the rising stars of the liberty movement, introduced separate resolutions to condemn the war in Libya as well as remove language from the Republican platform supporting military intervention in Syria. Pointing out that even the presumptive GOP Nominee acknowledged the folly of overthrowing secular dictators and watching them be replaced by radical Islamists, Brakey admonished his fellow delegates for their support of a foreign policy strategy that has consistently grown government while failing to deliver results. “This amendment is basically to clarify what some of the causes of the rise of ISIS are in the Middle East.” Brakey said while introducing the resolution regarding… Keep Reading


OKCupid: Liberals Prefer Museums, Yoga, And Crying

The dating site OKCupid released a study entitled, “Words and Politics: How your vote influences your dating profile.” The study used users who self-identified as either a liberal or a conservative, then gather data based on word usage and responses to the dating sites questions. According to OKCupid: This analysis was gathered from 190,000 real OkCupid profiles. These users must have joined in 2016, been from the U.S., and indicated whether they were a “liberal” or a “conservative.” On average, these users answered about 140 questions and their written essays had about 1,000 characters. We do not know the context that these words were used — only that they were mentioned in profiles. To account for the fact that most OkCupid users identify as liberal, we determined the left-right position of each word by comparing the percentage of liberals that use that word to the percentage of conservatives that use it. As can be expected, a lot of stereotypes about conservatives and liberals played out in user profiles. The dating… Keep Reading


Should Ginsburg Resign From The Supreme Court Over Her Trump Comments?

By now, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments regarding probable Republican nominee Donald Trump are well-publicized and have been widely discussed. She thinks Trump is a “faker” and has been extremely vocal publicly about her opinions. While everyone has a right to free speech, there is a legitimate question of propriety. Justice Ginsburg is a member of the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the nation. While she as a human being may have her opinions, there is a difference between remaining silent and being open. Should Justice Ginsburg have to resign as a result? There are a number of things to consider. The appearance is bad and even Democrats know it. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) didn’t take a stance on the comments as officially agreeing or disagreeing, though he did note that doesn’t help anything. He then further noted that it is hypocritical, given the left has criticized Justice Clarence Thomas in the past for public political comments. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) was a little less… Keep Reading


Black Lives Matter, Or Black Lies Matter?

Just as FBI Director James Comey confirmed for the world that Hillary Clinton chronically lied about having compromised national security, the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) crowd stole the media spotlight from the disgraced Democratic presidential nominee. The shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota by police have resurrected with a vengeance the narrative of Racist Police vs. Innocent Black Victims: In cities around the country, so goes this tale, police officers are busy “huntingand killing” black men. On July 7, the logic of this rhetoric culminated in the shooting of a dozen Dallas police officers, of whom five died, and two civilians. Speaking candidly, I believe that the black Sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke, had it right when he renamed Black Lives Matter “Black Lies Matter.”  Clarke also called on Americans of all races, but particularly white Americans who have been intimidated by threats of “racism” for far too long, to stand up to these racial arsonists. I accept the challenge. Black Criminality For starters,… Keep Reading


A “conscience Clause” Still Won’t Give The Republican Party a Principled Conscience

There is a lot of talk of the final battle for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Although it is all but certain that Donald Trump will win, the Never Trump crowd is making a desperate last stand to oust him when the Party meets in Cleveland. There are a number of procedural maneuvers and rules changes being pushed by those trying to navigate the process, all of which may or may not actually lift up off the ground. But even if they do succeed and Trump is removed, it is still the Republican Party. The Republican Party has no conscience, it is a political machine. The most ignorant contribution to this election cycle by the Never Trump crowd is the idea that the Republican Party became bad overnight and that prior to the rise of Donald Trump, it was this shining beacon of freedom and liberty that all embraced. There were no wars being fought without constitutional declarations, no unconstitutional surveillance programs, no USA PATRIOT Act, no runaway spending, etc. Nothing. The… Keep Reading


It’s Time Libertarians Started Caring About Religious Freedom

One of the most impeachable derelictions of the modern libertarian movement is its blatant disregard of – or support for – government attacks on religious liberty. The Gary Johnson complex, as I’ve come to call it, is not grounded in any libertarian ideology – a fact that fellow candidate Austin Petersen ripped the proverbial fig leaf from during the Libertarian Party’s presidential primary debates.  There’s nothing remotely libertarian about forcing a Christian pastor to wed a gay couple against his convictions, or in forcing business owners to provide products and services for a ceremony they fundamentally object to, regardless of how you feel about those objections. Supporting that kind of government overreach not only discredits libertarians on First Amendment issues, it also discredits us with regard to business and property rights, which heavily intersect with religious liberty in these situations.  How can you insist that affirmative action is an inappropriate economic intervention by government while approving of the persecution of Christian businesses based on their religious faith and practice?… Keep Reading


The Real Problem With Justice Ginsburg’s Recent Anti-Trump Media Tour

We’ve hit a point in the election cycle where polarization is hitting it’s peak, as we now know what the general election will look like. Despite the last stand of the Never Trump crowd coming, it’s highly improbable that they will successfully stop the coronation in Cleveland. As for Democrats, Senator Bernie Sanders has officially thrown his support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, officially clearing the path for the coronation parade. With this comes the arming of the catapults on both sides. In recent days, Clinton has faced a great deal of criticism over the ongoing e-mail scandal, something that escalated after the government refused to enforce the law against her. Trump has faced criticism from the left because he continues to hurt people’s feelings to a degree that Senator Sanders even sold out his own movement to stop the controversial businessman. None of this is surprising. It’s politics. What has led to some to turn their heads is a Supreme Court justice voicing her political opinions… Keep Reading

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