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June 2016


How Anti-Gay Marriage Special Interests Will Destroy The Republican Party

The Republican Party has become a war zone and a lot is made of Donald Trump’s effect on the situation. All through the primaries, he was a topic of growing controversy and even after locking down the path to the nomination, many Republicans still remain uneasy. Moderates cite his demeanor, conservatives cite his connections to Democrats, and libertarians cite is support of various big government policies. Chaos is currently engulfing the Republican Party, but Trump is not the only threat to stability. Politico covered a developing internal power struggle for something that is realistically meaningless: the platform. While Trump is securing his coronation, social conservatives are preparing to go to war to ensure the marriage freedom forces do not secure victory this month. The current party platform endorses a marriage between two people and the government, with bureaucrats regulating who can and cannot enter in private relationships. The problem with social conservatism is it’s conflict with conservatism itself. If liberalism is inflating the size of government, what should conservative naturally be?… Keep Reading


Speaker Paul Ryan Will Allow Democrats’ Anti-due Process Legislation To Proceed

Democrats for weeks have been pushing to end due process since the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This represents a stunning new low for even Democrats opposed to the Constitution. To this point, it’s been a clear attack on the Second Amendment, but now the Fifth Amendment is under fire. It even got to a point where House Democrats sat in the middle of the House chamber floor armed with Periscope apps on their smartphones kicking and screaming until they got their way. At the time, Speaker Paul Ryan stood his ground. But like with any other time when Republican leadership, including Speaker Ryan, stands their ground, there comes a point where they completely capitulate to the Democrats. This battle for the Fifth Amendment has become another instance on the list. A number of Republicans have voiced concerns about suspected terrorists being stripped of constitutional rights, because deprivation of due process without an actual conviction is a dangerous precedent. At the same time, a number of… Keep Reading


Federal Judge Blocks Indiana Law That Prohibits Aborting Children Because They’re Different

The judicial branch is out of control. Recently, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that set health standards for doctors performing abortions. While Texas law had wanted doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at area medical facilities, the unelected and lifetime lawyers of the Supreme Court felt that ending the life of an unborn child is more important than having a standard of health. The Supreme Court also stated there is a constitutional right to have an abortion. Repeat, the Supreme Court states there is a constitutional right to kill your child, so long as it has not yet been born. Until today, North Dakota and Indiana both had laws on the books banning abortions because of genetic abnormalities or because of the child’s race, sex or ancestry. A federal judge has now struck down Indiana’s law. As Planned Parenthood joins Democrats to celebrate, the ruling itself has a number of stunning implications. First and foremost, whatever happened to opposing discrimination and protecting minorities? Are Democrats… Keep Reading


Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Vote Ban For Convicted Felons, But Is This a Good Thing?

The Iowa Supreme Court has just issued a ruling in the case of Griffin v. Pate, which tackled the issue of voting rights for convicted felons. Iowa has some of the strongest laws dealing with felons in the country. The plantiff in the case is a woman by the name of Kelli Jo Griffin, a 42-year old mother who was convicted for cocaine delivery. Not clear on the law, she had thought after completing her sentence and doing her time, that her voting rights were restored. This was not the case. Is this right? Should felons, given they committed a crime of this nature, have a right to vote? Griffin had brought her children to watch her vote in 2013 in a municipal election. One should take pride in voting and participating in the political processes that shape our nation, and given low voter turnout every election, our children should be encouraged as well. Clearly believing in both, she had brought her children to do just that. And as a… Keep Reading


What Were UN Tactical Vehicles Doing On a Virginia Interstate?

Motorists traveling down Interstate 81 in Virginia were in for a surprise on Friday when they observed a flatbed truck carrying UN Military vehicles to a yet unknown destination, prompting concern the vehicles will be stored for use as part of a UN police force called for under the Strong Cities Initiative (SCI) to combat “extremism” in the United States. The American Mirror displayed photos shared on Facebook by Jeff Stern of the UN vehicles on the back of a flatbed truck traveling down Interstate 81 near Lexington, Virginia. “Tactical Vehicles, with bullet proof glass? What ever could those be for, and why are UN vehicles here, in THIS country,” commented Fernando Johnson. The site of UN military vehicles on an American highway has raised concern among many that they could be used to equip a UN-organized police force called for under the Strong Cities Initiative to combat “extremism” in the United States. In October, 2015, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced her office would work in several American cities… Keep Reading


A Common Sense Approach To The Minor League Baseball Wage Problem

Minimum wage has long been a controversial topic in the current political mainstream by two well-meaning sides. The political left wants to raise the minimum wage, making it easier for workers to earn more and better raise families. Their opponents on the right however warn that while it may raise worker salaries, it would force businesses to cut jobs and restructure operations to offset added costs. This same battle is happening across America in local town and city meetings all the way up to the federal level among candidates for office. Now the battle is happening in Congress involving sports. Minor League Baseball is supporting legislation that would exempt the league from minimum wage and overtime protections that apply to most American workers. The Save America’s Pasttime Act is bipartisan legislation introduced by Representatives Brett Guthrie (R-Kentucky) and Cheri Bustos (D-Illinois). To some, that might sound like slave labor baseball. But it’s the nature of the structure. It certainly has become a controversial point, as the act has come… Keep Reading


Make Rand Paul Great Again

For many conservatives and libertarians, Senator Rand Paul has been a controversial topic over the last few years. As the son of former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, he already had his libertarian credentials solidified before he even started. Upon entering the Senate, he has pushed legislation to advance a number of pro-liberty goals and bring together coalitions on specific issues. He has been a negotiator, more so than his father was in his Congressional career. Senator Paul also has an integrity issue. Whereas his father never caved to the Republican Party, his son regularly has backed up the party. Past endorsements include Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, as well as Senator Susan Collins who has recently made a name for herself pushing compromise gun control legislation. While one must respect the need to make peace with the political establishment, at what cost does this occur? Romney isn’t known for his principled consistency. As a United States Senate candidate, he tried to win by… Keep Reading


Through Liberty, We Will Find Peace

Whether anyone admits it or not, most human beings seek a peaceful existence free of disorder and unhappiness. We live our lives day by day trying to make ends meet, enjoy ourselves, and carry out our time on this Earth to the fullest extent possible. But despite all of these attempts, obstacles still present themselves. Historically, government is an obstacle to happiness. There is a careful balance humans have long sought between the security the state provides and the happiness we seek in freedom. To a degree, we require safety because threats do exist. As the world has become more globally connected and technology has grown more advanced, these threats become greater. At what point do we decide the loss of freedom is worth it? Ambition can make leaders, but it can also break them. It can be a driving force for determined individuals who seek to achieve a goal, but unchecked, it can feed ego and lead to destruction. Power feeds more of the latter and for this… Keep Reading


The Inequality Of The Equality Movement

Equality – it is something that people fight for, something people desire, and I think most people would agree, something our society should strive for.  While the equality movement in America has represented various causes over the years, things like voting rights, racial issues, and feminism, it is now widely used to represent the LGBT movement.  The premise behind it is a noble one, and one that is very straightforward and simple – equal rights for everyone.  I think it is fair to say most people would agree that we all deserve to be treated equally on some level. This is turn raises a number of questions.  Why is it that the movement is only interested in protecting a particular segment of our population?  Why should the focus be on one particular group – and not EVERYONE?  Why does one group’s needs get prioritized over another?  Certainly the LGBT community is not the only one that isn’t treated equally.  We all deserve an equal voice, right?  Apparently that’s not the… Keep Reading


Trump Supporters: Beware Of Misleading Polls

Dear Trump supporters, A recent ABC/Washington Post poll of “registered voters” purports to show that Donald Trump lags 12 points behind Hillary Clinton in a national head-to-head contest. In case you’re inclined to accept this at face value—don’t. First, this poll does indeed purport to gauge preferences nationally. Ultimately, what’s going to matter is how the candidates fare in the battleground states. For example, a Pew Poll from just last week showed Trump beating Clinton by two points in North Carolina (a state that Barack Obama won in 2008). Secondly, it is June. The election isn’t until November. Thirdly, this poll focuses on how “registered voters,” not likely voters, say they would vote if the election was held today. There are lots more registered voters than there are people who will actually come out to vote. Fourthly, as the pollsters themselves admit, this poll is heavily stacked in favor of Democrats: the latter constitute 37% of registered voters while only 27% of Republicans count for the same. Fifthly, ABC… Keep Reading


The Democratic Party Now Legitimately Favors Terrorist Rights Over Law-abiding Americans

Remember the great push on the left to shut down the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay? All through the Bush Administration years, the Democrats fought against the blatant lack of due process for people who were kept at this facility. Their rights had been violated by merely being detained without trial. In America, we have a Constitution and this document guarantees us a right to due process. The counterargument was that being terrorists, the rights America offers do not apply. This is a relevant point given where we are in the gun control debate. In the aftermath of the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, Democrats have renewed a push for gun control. The difference between now and past incidents is now the left has gone full blown Bush on America. Democrats are pushing legislation that would ban suspected terrorists appearing on a government watchlist from purchasing a gun. Notice the word suspected, as these individuals have never gone before a judge to face their accuser and address… Keep Reading


The Abortion Decision And The Right To Bear Arms

This Monday, the US Supreme Court struck down several Texas laws that regulated how abortion is provided in the lone star state. The 5-3 decision is undoubtedly the most significant abortion ruling from the high Court since the 1992 case Casey v. Planned Parenthood where it clarified the Roe v Wade decision. The Court decided that Texas laws that were aimed at making abortion safer were an undue burden on women exercising their constitutional right to the procedure. The laws included requirements that doctors have hospital admitting privileges which proponents claimed would make abortion clinics be subject to the same rules and regulations as outpatient surgery centers. Without wading too far into the details of the case or the future of abortion in America, I want to discuss part of the opinion that no one is talking about. Justice Breyer’s opinion reads like not just a rebuke of abortion regulations, but also as a repudiation of government regulatory schemes altogether. On page 27 of Breyer’s opinion, he discusses the… Keep Reading


Contrary To Popular Belief, Law-abiding Gun Owners Do Save Lives

The recent shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida has again cast guns in a negative light. After a terrorist took a device clearly not intended for mass murder and did just that, the debate has become politicized by the gun control lobby that is more concerned with an agenda then making the country safer. Incidents like what happened in San Bernardino, California and Paris, France highlight why a lack of guns can actually backfire. When law-abiding citizens are not allowed to own firearms because of the acts of bad people, bad people are allowed to take advantage of more defenseless people. If the goal of murderers is to murder, why would disarming innocent people work? This was a situation on display in Paris and in California, as well as everyday in places like Chicago, Illinois. Crime finds comfort in an area where people’s right to defend themselves is restricted. For this reason, the response to tragic shootings should be to better train people to defend themselves and encourage responsible… Keep Reading


Brexit Showcases The Obsolescence Of Big Government

By now Brexit has been analyzed from approximately every point of view, by everyone who wants to make a point with it; but amid the fear and festivity, one of the simplest points seems to have been overlooked. At its core, the choice of the British people was between union and autonomy, with experience informing both sides, and they chose the latter. Everyone is using the word historic to describe the Leave vote, because of its outsized impact on the world economy and the metaphorical cap it busted in the crown of the European Union (EU). It’s unclear how many have actually considered just what makes this move so historic. Beyond the stock tumble and the resignations, there’s an easily-identifiable trend for civil libertarians to be excited about, and that’s the trend toward decentralization of power. Though the latest manifestation of this trend may have been political in nature, the build-up to it has been decidedly un-political, to the point of being ignored by Western elites. It is a trend driven… Keep Reading


Brexit Is Good – Here’s Why

On Thursday, British voters chose the uncertainty of independence over the certainty of bureaucratic morass, the vigor of self-reliance over the sluggishness of dependency, and risk of prosperity over the security of stagnation when they decided to leave the European Union. The Brexit victory offers Britain, Europe and the global economy a chance to redefine the global landscape, realistically assess whether governments and politics are working, and set the stage for a renewed economic dynamism. We find ourselves in a moment of global uncertainty and anxiety. Terrorism has made bloody inroads to the West, with attacks in Paris, Madrid, London and the United States leaving scores dead, survivors scarred for life, and many living in fear. The rise of refugees fleeing from war-torn, unstable countries in the Middle East (especially those that harbor terrorist networks) to western nations fuels rising (and in some cases, justified) fears of increased attacks against civilians and civil society. How The Shock of Brexit Changes the Paradigm Increasing globalization of trade, immigration and international cooperation generated both a rise in abundance and widening imbalances, which… Keep Reading


Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Law, Citing Apparent Constitutional Right To Abort Children

It’s amazing that people still take the Supreme Court seriously. Americans mock lawyers often for their high paid egos and ability to twist the law to their bidding, but in the end, it’s unelected lawyers that shape the entire basis of modern law. The Constitution takes a backseat whenever the lifetime tenured lawyers enter the picture. Now the Supreme Court has struck again, this time striking down a Texas law limiting abortions to those with medical credentials to do so. Under the law, doctors performing abortions would have to have admitting privileges at hospitals and clinics for the purpose of maintaining hospital-like conditions. Medical safety is apparently overrated, as is the life of an unborn child. On the one hand, this is appalling. The Supreme Court is openly attempting to make death row for unborn children more efficient than death row for convicted criminals. The former is defenseless and unable to make a case for life before execution, the latter at least saw their day in court. On the… Keep Reading


Why Republicans Should Embrace The Limited Government Approach To Marriage

Marriage is a difficult topic in politics. Should homosexuals be able to engage in a legal relationship together, and live their lives with the benefits of a state recognized heterosexual couple? More often than not, this tends to be a partisan battle, with Democrats arguing in favor of same-sex marriage and Republicans arguing against. For Republicans, the family is the foundation of a society, with the family being independent of government. On that note, Republicans have long believed that marriage, being central to the family structure, should be defined by the government. Movements across America have ranged from legislative definitions to even movements to amend the Constitution. The problem is this is by definition contrary to what limited government is. It’s difficult to take the Republicans seriously on the topic of marriage. Making the standard for the integrity of a family based entirely upon sexual preference is unfair. Is an abusive heterosexual couple better suited to raise children and be legally recognized as a couple than a loving, law-abiding homosexual couple? It’s… Keep Reading


Will Hillary Clinton Call Out President Barack Obama’s Commitment To Europe?

Partisan times are upon us. The general election is that special part of politics where principles and policy discussions become secondary to simply making sure the other party looks terrible. Anything probable Republican nominee Donald Trump does will be called out by the opposition party purely because of their party registration. The same is true for Associated Press-nominated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. For that reason, it’s not entirely surprising that the Brexit response of Clinton would be based on what Trump said. Speaking for the first time after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Clinton slammed Trump without specifically naming him, but making reference to a “snarky tweet.” Trump has become known for his unfiltered speech and use of social media to communicate his uncensored thoughts. Clinton specifically stated that nobody should be confused about the United States’s commitment to Europe. First question: what does Europe matter? It’s certainly apart of the global economy, but in the end, the United States of America should be most concerned… Keep Reading


President Barack Obama Refuses Benghazi Questions, Confused About Separation Of Powers

For quite some time now, the Benghazi issue has been lingering in American politics. As the general election draws near, it threatens to be an issue to haunt Associated Press-nominated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. For Republicans, the issue has been a rallying cry. Is it relevant however? Is this a legitimate issue or is it just more politicking? The debate over Benghazi itself aside, President Barack Obama is now entering as a major player and is letting his inner-constitutional scholar shine. The issue at hand is due to a recent line of questions coming from the House Select Committee on Benghazi. The shocking part wasn’t the content of the questions, but instead questions themselves. The White House believes that the President should be shielded from Congress and not held accountable. Neil Eggleston, counsel to the president, lit into Republican Chairman Trey Gowdy by stating the President shouldn’t have to answer any questions related to the attack. The House Committee has been attempting to wrap up their investigation and close the… Keep Reading


What Rand Paul Can Learn From Nigel Farage

It has been a fun time for proponents of independence and decentralization throughout the world. Most liberty conservatives that I’ve seen are struggling not to overdose on liberal tears in the wake of the historic Brexit vote. The great Nigel Farage, the iconoclastic Ron Paul-inspired leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), has quite the feather in his cap after being one of the primary orchestrators of this huge political blow against the European Union. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we have anything to be nearly as excited over in jolly old America. Liberty conservatives have had their hopes dashed, for the most part, during the 2016 Presidential race. Of course, there are a good handful of liberty-minded folks who support Trump for President, supported Cruz for President, or went a different way this year. But I think it is fair to say that the lion’s share of liberty conservatives were firmly behind Rand Paul. His underwhelming campaign was like to a punch in the gut for those… Keep Reading


Would It Make a Difference If Abortion Doctors Used Guns?

Tragedy is a horrible thing, but with it comes political controversy. We see this after every tragic murder spree, whether it be with a gun or another device. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, transportation security stepped up and the surveillance state became greater. With the recent attacks at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the gun control lobby has renewed it’s push to discipline law-abiding American citizens for the acts of terrorists. But is it really about saving lives or simply getting rid of guns? In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have weapons, because they wouldn’t be needed. There would be peace on Earth, no crime or murder, and Utopia would be here. But as we saw after the tragic rampage in Paris, France, getting rid of guns in an imperfect world doesn’t work. If the citizens are disarmed, the bad guys can get them from elsewhere. The other problem is it’s not just guns. September 11th was an attack that resulted from terrorists with box… Keep Reading


Brexit Shows America Why It’s Time To Democrexit And Republixit

Everyone knows the story of the Brexit vote. A movement within the United Kingdom started to bring independence to the country and leave the European Union. The topic has been an enormous hot button issue. It’s amazing that independence can be such a controversial topic, but it was something that even proved difficult when the colonies explored it. While it is amazing that independence is a controversial topic, it’s not entirely surprising. Regardless of the philosophical arguments, the implications of breaking apart from something are significant. But despite the fear of the great unknown, the voters took a step forward. Similar to how the Founding Fathers risked everything to break away from the British, the British broke away from the European Union. In both instances, there is a chance for failure. But what good things come in life without risk? What could the United States of America learn from the United Kingdom? American politics has become quite shallow and dull. Dominated by two political parties with little difference, there is… Keep Reading


The Brexit Vote Highlights How Far America Has Fallen

By now the world knows that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, with the message of freedom sending governments and central planners into a state of panic and chaos. Here at home, President Barack Obama attempted to threaten the United Kingdom voters into submission with vague trade threats. It failed and arguably empowered the Leave movement to pull ahead in the final days leading up to the election. Who wants to be told by a foreign leader how to think and vote? There’s a special level of hypocrisy in the United States of America telling Britain not to secede from their current government. Would the founders of our own Republic had seen this coming? If we could go back in time and tell them a future President would be telling the British that secession was a bad idea, what would would their response be? In terms of history, President Barack Obama has again embarrassed the United States of America. The audacity to tell another country… Keep Reading


Brexit Exposes The Left’s Utter Hypocrisy

I find it absolutely amazing the sheer level of intellectual dishonesty, self-righteousness, snobbery, and hypocrisy emanating from elitist leftists the world over. They have reached the highest levels of academia, media, banking, and government and are using all these institutions to push their radical and evermore regressive agenda on us. The recent decision by the British people, who democratically decided to take back their sovereignty from un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels, has sent the left into a rambling fury. The leave campaign succeeded despite all the hate, fear mongering, and lies the leftist media and academia spread in regards to this referendum. The amount of snobby and snarky remarks I have heard in the aftermath of the Brexit decision has been sickening. “How dare they! Such fools!” is the general leftist response. They are blaming everyone and everything that dared to disrupt their ridiculous narrative of world affairs. Many of the people and ideas they have attacked are the very things they are supposedly staunch defenders of. Democracy, the working class, anti-globalism,… Keep Reading


What It Truly Means To “Support The Troops”

“Support the Troops” is a popular patriotic catchphrase. By having that bumper sticker on your car, with the added emphasis of red, white, and blue colors, we can seek the validation from our peers that soldiers have our support. Standing with those bravely living and dying for our freedoms abroad is a noble task. But do we do this in spirit or just in words? There’s only a small handful of days in a year that people thank a veteran for their service or kneel down before the grave of a lost soldier. On Memorial Day, we have long parades featuring floats and flashy things that are irrelevant to the point of the day. After these parades, family and friends retreat to their homes and gatherings for cookouts. What a better way to enjoy a weekend? Veteran’s Day is that one day where people will greet an individual wearing a “Vietnam Veteran” hat with a thank you and shake their hand. It’s the one day where people will post… Keep Reading


The Gun Debate

As could be expected, the gun debate reappeared in full force after the tragedy that took place in Orlando.  All of the typical arguments from both sides are again being repeated ad nauseum.  From “we need to prevent this from ever happening again” on the left, to “from my cold, dead hands” on the right, and everything in between. In the post-9/11 world, both major political parties are increasingly coming out in support of restrictions on gun ownership.  The idea that anyone who is on a government watchlist (such as the no-fly list) should not be able to own a gun is now supported by both Republicans and Democrats.  Libertarians beg to differ. The problem is the way that these watchlists are assembled.  One simply must be accused of “potentially” being a terrorist for their individual rights and civil liberties to be severely restricted.  There is no presentation of evidence, no opportunity for refutation, little to no recourse for clearing one’s name, and no assumption of innocence until proven… Keep Reading


Make Britain Great Again

I am pleasantly surprised that the “Leave” side won in the UK today. As a nationalist, I generally support other nations putting their independence above the interest of global governance and multinational corporate/banking elitism. In the short to medium term, the prospect of the UK leaving the EU will cripple the Pound Sterling and, likely, dip the country into recession. Nevertheless, if they had stayed in the EU, then they would have lost their country soon enough to the Islamization imposed upon them by Brussels. I am not just referring to the Syrian refugee crisis. Rather, I am referring to the long term EU policy of importing cheap labor from North Africa and the Middle East – labor that will not assimilate to the West and, if unimpeded, will turn Europe into a majority Islamic region in about fifty years. Chairman Mao had been correct when he said that the capitalist would sell to his executioner the rope used to hang him. I would include in the definition of… Keep Reading


Senator Bernie Sanders Fails His Own Movement, Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

Senator Bernie Sanders has lead a revolt through the Democratic Party over the last several months, crashing the Hillary Clinton coronation and getting under the skin of the Democratic National Committee. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, never once hiding her bias, kept the primary in the bag for Clinton. Superdelegates have been Chairwoman Wasserman Schulz’s willing army of disciples keeping the party establishment on track. But to his credit, Senator Sanders stayed in the race and fought through each primary state. His movement expected him to stay in until the end and it became clear over time he was serious about fighting for his electoral chance. But in order for an election to become a movement, there has to be a willingness to go against the political grain. Senator Sanders already foreshadowed his imminent capitulation to the establishment weeks ago after meeting with President Barack Obama and Clinton herself. After these meetings, he stated that he would work with Clinton to prevent probable Republican nominee Donald Trump from becoming President. In… Keep Reading


The UK Has Done More To Scare Wall Street Than Bernie Sanders By Rejecting Big Government

Leading up to the big moment, there had been a lot of heated rhetoric and high stress anticipation. Would the United Kingdom actually vote to leave the European Union? When the news broke this morning, everyone reacted and did so strongly. After it was official that the vote was 51.9% in favor of leaving, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation. Scotland’s government is scared,  panicking about the idea of another attempt to leave and Germany is expressing regret this happening. The big government empire in Europe has failed. Back here in the United States, it’s interesting to watch. Everyone, like with anything else, has an opinion as to whether “Brexit” should happen. The real show that happened was down on Wall Street though, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tanking. At it’s lowest point of the morning, it was down over five hundred points. Investors are panicking and the markets are still lagging. Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent United States Senator from Vermont, couldn’t even touch Wall Street like that.… Keep Reading


That Time Congressman John Lewis Was Frustrated About Being On a Government Watchlist

Government watchlists have become the next big thing in American politics. Whereas we once had due process to decide guilt and innocence by an impartial arbiter, we now have politicians and unelected bureaucrats deciding this for us. In order to ensure the power of big government remains strong, House Democrats have gathered together to sit in the middle of the floor in the House of Representatives and do absolutely nothing. This group of constitutional scholars is led by Democratic Congressman John Lewis. The concept behind due process is fairly basic. We are all innocent of any crime until proven innocent in a court of law, with the burden of proof lying upon the accuser. The accused has a right to face their accuser in court, hear the case against them, and fight it. After both sides are presented, only then is a decision offered. Government watch lists work differently. They’re maintained by government agents who operate outside of the judicial system and decide guilt based purely on suspicion. People… Keep Reading


Senator Elizabeth Warren Rewards House Democratic Slumber Party With Capitalist Dunkin Donuts Treats

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a huge following on the left. She is widely considered a progressive hero, even if she is backing AP-nominated candidate Hillary Clinton over the true progressive and fellow Senate colleague Bernie Sanders. Her fiery rhetoric mirrors that of Senator Sanders, with hatred thrown at Wall Street and other rich people, while calling for massive minimum wage hikes. Yesterday, Civil Rights leader and Congressman John Lewis led a so-called “sit-in” on the House of Representatives floor. With catering and being pampered, it hardly qualifies as a legitimate protest or sit-in and is more accurately a slumber party. As House Democrats sit on their cell phones collecting massive paychecks with excellent benefits, Democrats celebrate this lazy publicity stunt by showering them with praise and delivering for them. The whole aim of this slumber party and publicity stunt was to raise awareness for their push to eliminate due process. To this point, House Speaker Paul Ryan has refused to allow a vote on legislation that would make it… Keep Reading


Cher Claims America Electing Donald Trump Would Be Gary Johnson And Jill Stein’s Fault

Famous singer Cher has made an entrance into political debate with the same tired third party blame game. In a tweet, she took a stand against Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The implication of the singer, who supports Associated Press-nominated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, is that supporting any candidate other than those of either two major party is simply dividing the vote. This is the argument two party supporters resort to when no more logical points exist. Why should we vote for Hillary Clinton? Let’s not discuss the points of such an argument, instead opting for fearmongering over a Trump presidency. Does Cher believe that fear will give Clinton a clearer path to the White House? The problem is when Cher does defend Clinton on the issues, it is still deprived of logic. Recently, Cher appeared at a Hillary Clinton rally. At the rally, she declared “I know that Hillary fights for equality for all people and we are no good unless all of us are… Keep Reading


Johnson-Weld Town Hall Disappoints Liberty Conservatives

Did the CNN Libertarian town hall capture the hearts and minds of disenfranchised liberty conservatives? For this conservatarian, who watched the town hall from start to finish, I would say a definite no. I still feel there is no candidate running for president that represents my views enough for me to vote for them. I have been very hopeful and optimistic with regards to the Johnson-Weld ticket. They appeal to libertarians and conservatives, I’ve been told. They are both former Republicans, they have executive experience, they can be the answer for liberty conservatives who will not vote for Trump of Hillary. But Johnson-Weld not only hold positions that just don’t jive with my conservatarian views, but the duo doesn’t come across as very presidential. Abortion Johnson-Weld really let me down on the issue of abortion. Not only did Johnson say decisions about abortion should “lie strictly with the woman involved,” but he and Weld defended the governments role in abortion too. Johnson advocated for the government funding of Planned Parenthood while Weld expressed that “government… Keep Reading


Harry Reid Supports Susan Collins’ Attack On Constitutional Due Process

The political response to the tragic Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida has been like 9/11 all over again. Like after 9/11, the limiting of constitutional rights is presented as the only solution to keeping America safe. At the time, legislation like the USA PATRIOT Act was presented and pushed aggressively on Congress using fear tactics. The same is occurring now in regards to an attack on constitutional due process under the guise of supporting gun control. A number of proposals with varying strengths have been presented, all with the same general idea. The federal government maintains a number of watchlists that keep track of individuals suspected of being terrorists or having terrorist ties. Though these individuals generally have not been tried in a court of law, they are treated as guilty in the eyes of the law. Now various politicians want to take this watchlist and use it to limit the constitutional rights of American citizens. Republican United States Senator Susan Collins is joining forces with Democrats to push this… Keep Reading


U.S. Citizens’ Constitutional Rights Targeted Despite Analysis Showing Most Convicted Terrorists Are Foreign Born

The gun control debate continues in the political mainstream, now with many Americans and politicians calling for an end to due process. The idea is that someone who appears on a government watchlist, such as the “no fly” list, should not be able to purchase a firearm. The flaw in this argument is that American citizens who appear on the list will be deprived of constitutional rights based purely on suspicion. These citizens appearing on a watchlist aren’t necessarily convicted of a crime, but merely suspected of possibly committing one by government agents and bureaucrats. Senator Dianne Feinstein argued that American citizens concerned that they appear on the list without due process should appeal their listing, but otherwise are guilty until proven innocent. This concerning position also would have disarmed prominent historical leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. But this doesn’t bother House Democrats either, who staged a sit-in in the House of Representatives to treat American citizens like criminals without a conviction.   The implication here is that… Keep Reading


LYING TED STRIKES AGAIN: Cruz Votes To Gut 4th Amendment

After the horror of the Orlando night club shooting, which killed over 50 people and injured over 50 more, each party has scrambled to encroach on fundamental Constitutional rights of the American people in an attempt to provide them with a sense of security. On the Democrat side, as we speak, members of the house of representatives are staging a sit in protest over the house GOP’s refusal to replace due process with secret lists as the tool to determine whether or not someone can be denied the right to own a gun.  Unfortunately, on the Republican side we are dealing with a proposal every bit as heinously unconstitutional, a proposal which would grant the FBI warrantless access to the internet records (including web search history, browser history and email metadata) of every American. This assault on our basic constitutional rights was proposed in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, and represents a sharp turn from the GOP’s recent tendency to look more closely at civil liberties issues, especially after the rise… Keep Reading


EU Hiding Plans For Continental Army Until Day After Brexit Vote

The ongoing battle between globalism and nationalism is on display most prominently here in the United States as Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee who has run a campaign focused on nationalism and economic populism, prepares to battle the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, globalist puppet Hillary Clinton. That ideological struggle is not limited to the United States, as voters in the United Kingdom prepare to cast their votes in a nationwide referendum on June 23 to decide whether or not to leave the European Union. The referendum, known as “Brexit”, has divided the governing Conservative Party, with Prime Minister David Cameron campaigning heavily for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU and former Mayor of London Boris Johnson campaigning for its exit. Nigel Farage and his United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) have also campaigned heavily in favor of leaving the EU. Prime Minister Cameron, in his dogged quest to keep the UK in the EU, has attempted to scare voters by suggesting a vote to leave the EU could lead to… Keep Reading


Senator Marco Rubio Launches Re-election Bid By Skipping Foreign Policy Hearing

Senator Marco Rubio is an interesting character in the United States Senate. While he’s not known for his word, he’s known for how he uses his word. Despite having an abysmal attendance record and poor stances on liberty, Republicans love the fact that he can make a whole lot of nothing sound like something. His oratorical skills have kept him in the light for a lot longer than he should have. When he launched his bid for the presidency, he revealed that he would not seek re-election in the United States Senate. Even after failing as a presidential candidate, he stood by his pledge that he would not run for re-election in the U.S. Senate, reaffirming his anticipation to become successful in the private sector. That has all now changed, as Senator Rubio announced he has flip-flopped and will now run for re-election in the U.S. Senate. Senator Rubio just barely made the filing deadline and has reversed course because of the direction of the country. In an online… Keep Reading


Congressman John Lewis Would Have Disarmed Fellow Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Congressman John Lewis is leading a defiant movement on the House floor to push new legislation against the Second Amendment and due process of law. The movement, which involves a bunch of grown men and women sitting on the floor in the middle of the House of Representatives, is pushing for legislation that would make anyone appearing on a government watchlist ineligible for a gun purchase. The premise of the argument is that if you are on a government watchlist, you’re guilty until proven innocent and thus should be deprived of your constitutional rights. This is interesting because of who Congressman Lewis is. Congressman Lewis, once Chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, is one of the “Big Six” civil rights leaders from the sixties. As one of these six major leaders, he was a major leader in the Civil Rights Movement and also helped organize the March on Washington. Of the other five leaders in the “Big Six” was Martin Luther King Jr. King’s history is well documented as a… Keep Reading


House Democrats Stage Sit-in Protesting The Existence Of Constitutional Due Process

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida, the gun control lobby has stepped up it’s action. It’s no big secret that Democrats have often felt threatened by the Bill of Rights, but now we’re experiencing new extremes. Advocates for gun control are now pushing to not just take down the Second Amendment, but now eliminate constitutional due process. This is not The Onion. Democrats have spent the last week pushing legislation that would make it so anyone who appears on the “no fly” list cannot purchase a gun. The idea is that if you are suspected of being a terrorist, citizen of this country or not, you should be denied your constitutional rights. This is not a case of being proven to be a bad person in a court of law, but merely just being suspected. Senator Dianne Feinstein responded to questions about innocent people appearing on the “no fly” list by stating that those people should petition the government to prove their innocence. Those who appear… Keep Reading


Predictably, Failed Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Will Now Seek Senate Re-election

When Senator Marco Rubio stated he would not seek re-election in the United States Senate, he was going all-in with the presidential election. In theory, it wasn’t a bad idea. Traditionally, Republicans nominate moderate candidates who learn slightly to the right while bending left whenever the wind blows. What makes Senator Rubio special is his ability to speak. He melts the hearts of moderate Republicans with his ability to speak in beautiful soundbites. Senator Rubio also favors the continued expansion of the surveillance state, supports endless war, and is in lockstep with the failed legacies of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain. Emphasis on the failed parts, because the former couldn’t even beat a political rookie in the United States Senate and the latter couldn’t beat the one-term rookie who was a wrecking ball to the American legacy. But general elections victories are less important than having a controllable safe candidate. When former Florida Governor Jeb Bush failed a primary long described as his coronation, the… Keep Reading


Senator Dianne Feinstein Declares Due Process In America Is Dead

The tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida has opened up a wide open debate on a number of topics. Should weapons like the AR-15 be readily available legally and easily in the United States of America? Should those suspected of ties to terrorism be allowed to even purchase a gun? It’s a passionate debate, but one that has largely been clouded by emotion and devoid of logic. United States Senator Dianne Feinstein has joined the debate. After the Pulse shooting, Democrats immediately seized on the political opportunity. The gun control agenda sparked again, with the same old used talking points about how gun control would have prevented the tragedy. Would background checks had stopped a security guard from having a weapon? Not likely, but this doesn’t matter to those with a political agenda. But beyond this, Senator Feinstein and others have taken the debate to a new extreme. Anyone on a watchlist should not be allowed to acquire a gun. In theory, the idea of a… Keep Reading


The Rise Of The Safe Space Republicans

The Republican Party has become gripped with chaos and fear over the probable nomination of controversial businessman Donald Trump. Trump has developed into a character of strong and unapologetic statements, with some positions concerning for Republican leaders. Everything from assassinating the families of suspected terorrists and defending the application of “no fly” lists to building a big wall, are positions of significant concern, among other things. And there are those mean things he says. There’s a number of registered Republicans who believe Trump’s level of proposed tyranny and hatred is unmatched within the Republican Party. Never before has there been a candidate so thoroughly authoritarian. Not quite. The absurdity of the #NeverTrump movement was discussed previously in The Liberty Conservative. The idea that Republicans have been some shining beacon of hope and freedom prior to 2016 is quite comical. In all reality, the Party has always been a weak foundation for conservatism. Instead, it has always been inviting to a weak, flimsy moderate position that is friendly to liberalism… Keep Reading


Why I Want Trump In The White-House

Ever since Donald Trump decided to run for the Republican party last year, he’s been the subject of perhaps the most callous defamation campaign by media outlets I’ve ever seen. He’s a blonde-haired buffoon who hates women, Muslims and Jews. He’s xenophobic, racist and bigoted. He’s isn’t presidential material. He’ll cause division, hatred and violence if elected. He wants to start a nuclear arms race! To me at any rate, anyone who parrots such accusations has advertised their willingness to believe in just about anything. It doesn’t take a supporter to recognize the deliberate misrepresentations the establishment media have subject Trump to since the inception of this election cycle. The casual and almost flippant way in which Trump is misquoted in fact explains why he’s experiencing a surge in popularity. Under the unlikely pretense he actually becomes president, the journalists who’ve made a career on supplying stories of bigotry to their readers will be out of a job. He’s a threat to those who have been demonizing white-working class… Keep Reading


Assassination Attempt On Trump Shows Intolerance Of The Far-Left

A British man who attempted to grab a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer’s gun said he wanted to “kill Donald Trump,” further demonstrating that those on the far-left are incapable of responding to speech they disagree with without violence. The suspect, identified as 19 year-old Michael Sandford, attempted to grab the officer’s weapon from its holster after striking up a conversation with him inside the Treasure Island Casino where Trump was speaking. When he appeared in court, Sandford said he intended to try again at Trump’s next rally in Phoenix, Arizona if he had been unsuccessful in Las Vegas. Sandford reportedly arrived in Las Vegas last Friday, went to a local shooting range called “Battlefield Vegas,” and learned how to use a gun for the first time. According to court documents, he fired 20 rounds from a Glock 9mm. It is no surprise, given Donald Trump’s policy views, that Sandford is an illegal immigrant, having over-stayed his visa; he has reportedly been living out of his car for the last… Keep Reading


The Founders Never Intended For High Speed Communication

It’s been over two centuries since this country was founded. Even in an era of printing presses, muskets, and the absence of electronic technology, safe guards were required to protect citizens from a tyrannical government. Muskets could still injure or kill people, whether they’re used by authoritarians such as the British occupiers or private criminals. Because of the need to self-defense, the founding generation felt that the right to bear arms was essential to security. The Second Amendment isn’t a right to call the police or summon the sheriff, it’s a right to bear arms for the purpose of defense. At the same time, the Second Amendment was drafted at a time where weaponry was significantly simpler. Muskets aren’t bullets, old weapons don’t have the high capacity many present guns have. The latter was clearly not taken into account by the founders, because who could anticipated such progression in technology? Nobody anticipated more efficient and higher capacity weapons. Would the founders have approved of such weapons in the possession… Keep Reading


Hillary Clinton: The Undemocratic Nominee

Everyone’s suspicions were confirmed when it was revealed last week that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had planned on a Hillary Clinton nomination before a single ballot was cast.  Through various leaked documents stretching back to before the voting actually began, we received a first hand look last week at the inner workings of the DNC and their love affair with electing another Clinton.  As it turns out, poor Bernie Sanders never stood a chance, and Democrats everywhere have been made to look like fools for believing their vote actually mattered in this rigged party nomination. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the DNC, has been the puppeteer behind the scenes pulling all the strings, making it virtually impossible for there to be anything but a Clinton on the ticket for the Democrats.  This should really come at no surprise for those familiar with Wasserman Schultz’s history, however, in 2008 she was co-chair for Hillary’s campaign.  This documents seem to solidify the link, and if nothing else, at least give… Keep Reading


Being Prolife Goes Beyond Just Opposing Abortion

The abortion debate in society is a controversial one that often hits high emotional peaks. Advocates for abortion emphasize the choice of the woman and point to the right of individuals to decide the fates of their own bodies. Opponents of abortion point to the life of the child within the womb and emphasize that because we all have a right to our own lives, the child should not be held accountable for a mother’s choices. The position in opposition of abortion is the right one, because life is important. Every human being has a right to exist and live their life freely. Because of this, they should be able to decide what is done with their bodies, regardless of whether they’re a male or female. It’s for this reason however, an unborn baby has a right to exist as well. The mistake many make in describing what being prolife is is in describing it as being only about abortion. It is not. All life is indeed precious and for this… Keep Reading


Rand Paul’s Former Chief Of Staff Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy On Gun Control

Late yesterday afternoon, the Senate voted on 4 separate gun related amendments to the Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Act. The four amendments, two sponsored by Republicans and two sponsored by Democrats, were each voted down largely along party lines. The legislation followed a week that started with a shooting in Orlando, Florida that left 50 people dead and more than 50 injured and ended with a 15-hour filibuster by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) during which he preached “common sense gun reform”. Murphy’s amendments, which were proposed along with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), would prevent anyone on the “terror watch list” or the “no-fly list” from buying a gun and would expand background checks to all private firearms sales. The current use of these secret FBI lists already violates due process, but their use to limit a constitutional right would mark an unprecedented shredding of the 5th Amendment. Despite the claims of the gun grabbing duo, their “common sense” solutions would result in gross violations of our constitutional rights… Keep Reading


The Fallacy In Blaming Remington For The Sandy Hook Shooting

It’s not necessarily a new idea for gun control advocates. The idea of blaming gun manufacturers for gun violence has already surfaced this cycle, as Hillary Clinton has previously criticized Senator Bernie Sanders for not embracing the liberal bandwagon. For all his questionable progressive ideas, at least the Vermont Senator was indeed Independent minded enough to realize the flaw in blaming gun manufacturers for gun violence. Contrary to what gun control advocates would often lead one to believe, gun manufacturers don’t make guns simply for the enjoyment of murder. Executives don’t huddle around a board room table talking about how many people they can let crazy people slaughter. But herein lies the problem of leftwing propaganda. Instead of discussing safe alternatives to allow innocent, law-abiding Americans to continue carrying a gun while keeping society safe, gun control advocates seize an opportunity in a massacre and push politics. The problem isn’t in the fact that guns exist, but that guns are misused. Guns aren’t manufactured for senseless slaughter, but rather… Keep Reading

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