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Libertarian Party Sells Their Soul, Nominates Johnson/Weld

When the Libertarian Party was founded it was intended to be the party of free markets, civil liberties and a non interventionist foreign policy. Though electoral success was fleeting and sparse, the party quickly grew a reputation as being a party of principle. By nominating dedicated activists activists like David Koch and Ron Paul and Harry Browne to lead their party, the Libertarian Party established the level of dedication placed on being principled in no uncertain terms. With the Ron Paul Revolution having happened in the Republican Party in 2008, one would think this would drive the Libertarian Party to embrace Paul’s… Keep Reading


Yes, Socialism Is To Blame For Venezuela’s Collapse

We are routinely being sold on this idea that the solution to poverty is more government power and more regulation. Rarely are any connections made when catastrophic events occur as a result of these policies. Instead of considering the alternative – freedom – they continue to look for government-created solutions when they are the ones who created the problems in the first place. Make no mistake, Venezuela’s economic turmoil is a consequence of the government’s socialist policies. The major tenant of socialism is that a governing power makes all the important decisions on behalf of those whom they claim to help. Socialism operates on the presumption… Keep Reading


Another Child Used As a Political Pawn: “We Have To Kill Donald Trump”

In another shocking case of children being manipulated by their parents to push a political agenda, a video recently posted on YouTube appears to show a mother and father instructing their 3 year-old daughter to say repeatedly “We have to kill Donald Trump.” The video, which was analyzed by author Mark Dice, shows the mother and father prodding their child to say she wishes to kill Donald Trump. “Why are we going to kill Donald Trump?” the mother asks, to which the child responds, “Cause he’s bad.” The father asks, “Why is he bad?” to which the child responds, “Cause he… Keep Reading


When Did The Libertarian Party Become The Little Republican Party?

Someone recently described the Libertarian Party as an “elephant graveyard.” It’s an interesting description, but a factual one as well. The Libertarian Party has had a recent trend as being new life for opportunistic Republicans, many of which are hardly libertarian at heart. The Libertarian Party has essentially become an aspiring clone of the Republican Party. Libertarianism itself has it’s appeal, with a 2015 Reuters poll showing “One in five Americans consider themselves libertarian, with younger adults being the most likely to adopt the label. Among adults aged 18 to 29, 32 percent consider themselves libertarian. Just 12 percent of Americans… Keep Reading


Republican Liberty Caucus Vice Chair Betrays His Own Cause, Pushes Gun-Grabbing Warmonger

It was a very humiliating spectacle this past weekend at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando, FL. And I’m not referring to the now infamous streaker who gained national headlines. Sadly, the shame brought on by the nude anarchist paled in comparison to the wretched ticket that Libertarian Party members had the audacity to put up for the Presidency. In fact, it could be argued that the slovenly naked man was acting valiantly as a whistleblower effectively exposing the party to the world as a colossal disgrace with his lascivious antics. What was really so disgraceful is the Libertarian Party, for… Keep Reading


The Libertarian Party Blew It For Converts

Oh, Libertarian Party… You could have had me. You were this close! I am the demographic you are trying to reach out to: disenfranchised with the Republican Party presidential nominee; a lover of liberty not of political parties; someone searching for a new place to call home that represents the ideas I hold dear to my heart. I was optimistically hopeful. I spent my entire day tuned into the Libertarian Party convention hoping to see the legitimacy that I was yearning for. Would this be my new place to put my trust? Behind lovers of liberty like myself who… Keep Reading


The Future Of The Libertarian Party

The LNC has spoken – Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian Party nominee moving into the main election. going up against what likely will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the Republican and Democratic tickets, respectively. Many conservative-leaning libertarians are unhappy about this. I’ve even heard some of my friends proudly proclaim that they are going to write-in Rand Paul as a protest vote since their personal preferred LP pick didn’t make the cut. One author outrageously claimed earlier today that Austin Petersen, the second-most-popular candidate in the running this year, was “liberty’s last hope,” and later said that… Keep Reading


William Weld Signed Letter Supporting PATRIOT Act

The nomination of former Massachusetts Governor William Weld as the Libertarian Party’s Vice Presidential nominee was not one which was met without controversy. Activists booed Weld throughout the convention and there even had to be a second ballot to ultimately confirm him as Vice President. This was due to Weld’s positions on spending, gun control, war, the EPA and a host of other issues. That being said, this author has discovered something which was not brought up during the fight over Weld’s nomination and is an absolutely damning position for anybody who claims to care about the 4th amendment. In 2005,… Keep Reading


An Open Letter To Libertarian Delegates: Do Not Vote For Gary Johnson

Libertarians will be the first to tell someone, “Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils,” but when it comes to Gary Johnson, some of them will be perfectly fine getting behind the lesser of three evils. Don’t do it. The 2016 election is a historic and wild election that has already garnered media attention for the Libertarian Party. For distraught individuals who can’t back Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, they see an alternative. You represent the Libertarian Party. The least you could do is give them a libertarian alternative. The Libertarian Party is meant to buck the party politics… Keep Reading


PARTY REVOLT: Delegate Straw Poll Places Gary Johnson Nomination In Doubt

The Liberty  Conservative has just received a photo from an anonymous delegate at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, where the Libertarian Party’s 2016 Presidential nominee is being selected. This photo is of the final results of the straw poll taken of the delegates to determine who will make the debate stage for tonight’s CSPAN Debate. With the cut off having been in the mid 80’s for entry, there will be five candidates on the stage. That being said, what is more interesting about these results is Gary Johnson’s underwhelming performance in the straw poll. This was a poll exclusively… Keep Reading


John McAfee: Compromise Will Destroy The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is hoping to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as on the public’s overall dissatisfaction with the Washington establishment, as they prepare to meet to select Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees at their national convention in Orlando, Florida. While many expect former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the party’s nominee in 2012, to receive the nomination again, he is facing significant resistance from many activists in the party, most prominently after his recent endorsement of former Republican Governor of Massachusetts William Weld as his running mate. Weld has faced intense criticism for his support of… Keep Reading


Are You #ManEnough4Hillary ?

With all the absurdity and pandering this election cycle, it’s hard to tell if campaigns are being serious or it’s just a troll on the internet. A new Hillary Clinton “campaign” photo has been gaining traction on twitter today: #ManEnough4Hillary? I thought the Left despised masculinity? Way to emasculate male voters… #ImNotWithHer — Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) May 26, 2016 The hunky lumberjack caught the eye of Twitter with the quote “I am man enough to vote for a woman… are you?” and the hashtag #ManEnough4Hillary. This has to be someone trolling…right? Or is Hillary Clinton’s campaign that out of touch.… Keep Reading


U.S. Nuclear Force To Phase Out Floppy Disks By 2017 Despite $80 Billion On Federal Upgrades

If you asked most children what a floppy disk is, they wouldn’t have the slightest clue. While most computers today do not even use one – a sign of progress – a recent report states that the U.S. Pentagon is still using 8-inch floppy disks from the 1970s to operate its nuclear weapons. This should be a disturbing revelation on many counts. Seemingly undeterred by the lucrative spending allocated towards the military budget, (about $598.5 billion just in 2015) the Office of Management and Budget noted $80 billion of it was to be allocated towards maintaining aging computer systems. Yet, the Government of Accountability Office showed that the Pentagon was one of… Keep Reading


Conservatives Under Siege – Why The 10th Amendment Is The Last Hope For Traditional Marriage

Late in the autumn of 1943, German fighter general Adolf Galland headed to the opulent estate of Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall and Hitler’s second-in-command, Hermann Göring. Galland, a decorated combat ace, had seen extensive action on the western front, and by this point in the war, he could see that the odds were turning against the Third Reich, as British and American bombers made regular raids deep into fortress Europe, escorted by new, long-range allied fighters that had started to thin his distinguished ranks. Galland’s mission on this night was to convince Göring that Germany must re-tool their air force for a… Keep Reading


The Fight For The Libertarian Nomination, Explained

In Orlando this weekend, the Libertarian Party will settle on their standard bearer for 2016. Not since 2004 has there been such intrigue at a Libertarian Party convention, and with the traditional two-party system as weak as it has ever been, it’s the first time in decades the Libertarian Party nomination may have impact outside the LP. For this reason, I think it’s worthwhile to highlight what I see as the different tactics of the various camps, and what I think each nominee would mean to the future of the Libertarian Party, and Ron Paul’s “liberty movement” as a whole.… Keep Reading


The Politically Correct Perversion Of Superhero Movies

In 2002, Marvel published the first issue of The Ultimates, their alternative “Ultimate” universe run of the Avengers comics. Although this comic didn’t offer the first appearance of the new version of Nick Fury, it did offer the fully developed revision of the character. In it, he was changed from the traditional white, military-officer-esque character to a New York-tough black man. The new Nick Fury was intentionally modeled after Samuel L. Jackson, both in appearance and personality. Six years before the debut of the first Iron Man movie in which Jackson appeared in the post-credits scene, it was a foregone… Keep Reading


“Political Correctness” Is Not The Problem: Victim Culture Is

From Berkeley to Boston, cities, states, and ‘safe-space’ after ‘safe space’ have been falling victim to a brutal culture of suppressed speech and demonized debate. This relatively new atmosphere, coined “PC Culture”, has resulted in absolutely laughable absurdities from Mizzou’s segregated safe spaces to Oberlin University’s demand for salaried protests. The free exchange of ideas, once a hallmark of academia, has been reduced to barricaded lecture halls, and near rioting at the sight of conservative speakers. Everything from gender specific pronouns to American flags have been deemed offensive and campaigned against. This culture even came up on the wrong end… Keep Reading


Dear Austin Petersen, Personhood Is The Ultimate Liberty Issue

Dear Austin, As a Libertarian Presidential Candidate, I know you’re busy with a lot of interviews and meetings with conservative media and voters looking for a way out of the coming Trump/Hillary nightmare, but I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to you and try to iron out some of the wrinkles in your pro-life messaging. See, protecting life is an utterly non-negotiable issue for a slew of Libertarians as well as Republicans, and polls show that the nation as a whole is moving in an anti-abortion direction, with the highly-libertarian Millennial generation leading the way. Many of… Keep Reading


The Good Mix Of Feminism And Music

Despite my last article, I must profess to being neither an anti-feminist nor a feminist. I simply seek to inform meaningful cultural dialogue on issue. While I encourage both feminists and anti-feminists to continue forward, this piece specifically targets the undecided person, the one who has heard both good and bad things about feminism and seeks to understand the diversity within this broad school of thought. While people  often mischaracterize feminism as angry and man-hating, the explanations offered for why this stereotype exists only serve to further promote rather than abolish the misconception. Articles blaming men for the marketing and… Keep Reading


Feminism Is Becoming Both a Weak And Self-Defeating Movement

Feminism is a growing topic of public debate as campus activists continue to protest speakers from many different backgrounds. From radical lesbian feminist Julie Bindel to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to feminist scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, the suppressing of differing opinions and stifling of free and open debate now affects more than just conservative and libertarian voices. While some credit this primarily to a culture of sensitivity and moral relativism, it is time to consider the possibility that this is an elite-driven structural problem within the feminist movement which drives scholars… Keep Reading


That Time John Stossel Schooled The College Democrats On My Campus

It was Spring 2015 in the heart of New York City. I had just transferred to my new school after having attended a small, out-of-the-way college that nobody has ever heard of, in a state that many don’t even know exist (WV). And now I was here – at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, right in the roaring bustle of Manhattan, and surrounded by high-profile speaking events, guest lecturers, and tenured professors who all had their fair share of fame and recognition. As such, the school administration tended to hype up and advertise these people and… Keep Reading


Far-Left Celebrates The Death Of Our “White Supremacist Nation”

Seeking to further promote balkanization and stoke racial tensions, many on the far-left have sought to categorize Donald Trump supporters (or anyone who promotes Nationalism) as racists who long for a return to 1950s America when segregation was legal and practically all of the political power was held by white American males. Unwilling to promote racial unity, the far-left has decided to begin planning a party to celebrate America’s ‘dying white majority” in a revolution that overthrows our “white supremacist nation”. In a video posted on The Guardian’s YouTube channel, Steven Thrasher claimed that Donald Trump’s candidacy represents a racist… Keep Reading


3 Ways To Become a Conservatarian Superstar Over Summer Vacation

Hooray!!! The semester is over. But deep down, you know you miss the intellectual political conversations with friends from campus and are yearning to still be politically engaged. Here are three ways to hone in your political philosophy and become a conservatarian superstar while away from your college on summer vacation. 1. Don’t allow that free time to go to waste, educate yourself! The summer is prime time to get up to date on all political happenings. While relaxing and working on your tan by the pool, bring a copy of  The Libertarian Reader with you or read the trending news stories of the day… Keep Reading


Dear Libertarians: Please Stop Committing The “No True Scotsman” Fallacy

We’ve all run into the “No True Scotsman” fallacy, whether or not we’ve always been aware that’s what it’s called. So to clarify right from the jump, let us lay out the purported logical argument of the fallacy to see just what it is, and where it is unsound: The proper structure of a logically valid argument is something like the following: Premise One: “X is good for you.” Premise Two: “Y is a form of X.” Conclusion: “Therefore, Y is good for you.” (This is a very simplistic and somewhat precarious explanation of logical argumentation, but for our purposes,… Keep Reading


It’s Time I Wrote About Gary Johnson (and William Weld)

There is a schism in the liberty movement right now. For various reasons (some good, many ridiculous), it has broken into factions that seem to become more and more cults of personality around each of the frontrunners of the Libertarian Party primary in Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John McAfee. Thus far in this race, my own writings have ended up focusing primarily on Petersen – not out of any particular allegiance or favoritism to Petersen in particular, but because I saw what I considered to be an unusually high amount of negativity being leveled at him from within the… Keep Reading


Glenn Beck: The Liberty Movement’s Benedict Arnold

After facing withering criticism following revelations from former employees that Facebook was routinely suppressing news stories from conservative media sources on their “trending” news section, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg summoned a handpicked list of “Conservative leaders” to the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California to address the controversy. Among those who attended the meeting were: CNN political commentator S.E Cupp, Mitt Romney’s former digital director Zac Moffatt, Washington Examiner columnist Kristen Soltis Anderson, former George W. Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino, and commentator Glenn Beck. When further controversy erupted over the discovery that practically all of the “Conservative leaders” invited were… Keep Reading


The TSA Is Holding Our Country Hostage

Hurry up to wait……and wait……and wait. That has been the slogan from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) over the last few weeks as videos showing screening lines stretching for miles throughout airports in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York (among others) have gone viral. The trade group Airlines for America has expressed concern that, as the peak summer travel season approaches, the growing number of travelers will cause even longer screening lines at America’s airports. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has cited a drop in personnel levels, due to budget cuts enacted by Congress, as the main cause of the long lines (even… Keep Reading


Gary Johnson Selects “Phony Libertarian” As VP

Gary Johnson, perceived front-runner for the Libertarian Party, announced today that he would choose former Massachusetts’s Governor Bill Weld as his Vice Presidential candidate. On paper, the move seems to make a lot of sense. Weld, like Johnson, is a former Republican who has long had a reputation for being a “libertarian,” having been a long standing supporter of abortion, gay marriage, and the legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately, also like Johnson, his grasp of libertarian principles is questionable outside these few social issues. In 1993 economist Murray Rothbard noted Weld’s disappointing fiscal record in an article titled “Phony Libertarians”: As… Keep Reading


Renegade Party: A New Home For Conservative Rebels?

After being blasted on Breitbart as a “Republican spoiler” and “renegade Jew” for refusing to support GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump, founder and editor of the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, is firing back. Taking in stride the comments from the Trump-adoring media outlet, Kristol recently purchased the web domain and created the twitter account @RenegadeParty. I've bought Redirects (for now) to Ducks all in a row. All that's needed now: a candidate. — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) May 17, 2016 Since the rise of Trump, voices on the right have been advocating for a true conservative to… Keep Reading


Americans Have Forgotten That Private Means Private

Is it just me, or have people lost sight of the concept that a private organization is just that– private? They can make their own rules as they see fit, that is until a progressive’s feeling get hurt and they make it their crusade to tackle the private organizations and all who associate. I hail from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My well respected Alma Mater, Bishop McDevitt High School, has been making national news recently. This Catholic private high school barred a student from entering their prom because of what she chose to wear to the event. The student was aware of the dress code… Keep Reading


Students For Rand Director Cliff Maloney To Lead Young Americans For Liberty

The liberty movement received very exciting news today, as Cliff Maloney Jr announced that he has been promoted to the Executive Director position at Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the largest libertarian youth organization in the country. Cliff brings a wealth of experience from within the liberty movement, most recently as the national director of “Students for Rand”, Rand Paul’s youth outreach campaign. Students for Rand was one of the parts of the campaign that worked best, organizing over 500 chapters and creating a nationwide campus apparatus. Before this Cliff was a regional director for YAL after having been the Pennsylvania… Keep Reading


The Ghetto: Coming To a Suburb Near You

Not content to be sidelined by the campaign to elect his successor, lame duck President Barack Obama is preparing another attack on the American dream. This time around, Obama and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (and probable running mate for Hillary Clinton) Julian Castro aim to punish America’s suburban communities for their success by using a government scheme, drawn directly from United Nations Agenda 21, to move people from large urban areas to the suburbs in order to remedy a “lack of diversity” in those suburban areas. As reported in the New York Post, “Hillary’s rumored running mate, Housing… Keep Reading


Kerry And Obama: Get Ready For a Borderless World

Secretary of State John Kerry, keen to stem the rising tide of nationalism that has propelled Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for President, warned college graduates to prepare for a “complex and borderless world” during a commencement speech before Northeastern University graduates, while President Barack Obama told graduating students at Rutgers University that building walls will not change our increasingly interconnected world. Kerry, speaking to graduating students from Northeastern University in Boston, took a not-so subtle jab at Trump, specifically at his call for the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico, while also pushing the… Keep Reading


Where We Go From Here: The Rising Stars Of The Liberty Movement

Donald Trump has, in the last two weeks, wrapped up the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and ensured what many are calling “the worst election of our lifetimes” by making this a Trump vs Clinton election. When faced with such a prospect, combined with the embarrassing ineptitude of the Libertarian Party as they attempt to choose a nominee, it would be very easy for Liberty Conservatives across the country to become cynical. After all, this is objectively the toughest moment we’ve faced as a movement since Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential run sparked years of constant growth. That being said, rather than… Keep Reading


Obama, Rhodes, Iranian Nukes And Presidential Lies

It’s For Your Own Good Elected on a wave of goodwill, hope and change, the Obama administration sought out opportunities to not only “fundamentally transform America,” but to “restore America’s standing in the world.” These efforts included changes to the ways the administration addressed both allies and enemies alike. High up on the Obama regime’s list – even before the 2008 election – was outreach to the rogue state of Iran, well known as the predominant sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East and around the globe, and a threat for nuclear proliferation. Early on in the Obama tenure, domestic… Keep Reading


Snowflakes: Stop Shutting Down Free Speech

A lack of diverse political discussion on college campuses does more harm than help to developing students. College is a place for exploring new ideas and opening your mind to concepts you’ve never heard of before; not cowering in fear and retreating at the sight of chalk writings found on your campus sidewalk. What has the environment on college campuses become if students are feeling threatened and unsafe because of someone writing a political candidates name in chalk on a sidewalk? A history of shutting down political discussion, particularly from the right, has been emerging across college campuses and can… Keep Reading


A Repudiation Of The Bush Doctrine And The Trotskyist Neocons

As Donald Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee for President, many in the party establishment have indicated their unwillingness to endorse him, claiming his views run counter to the modern “Conservative” movement. Chief among those who repeat the slogan #neverTrump are former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, whose son and brother Jeb was soundly rejected by Republican primary voters, as well as South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham (who barely registered in primary polling), failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and Neoconservative talking heads like Bill Kristol and George Will. Part of their vehement opposition to Trump’s candidacy stems from, whether… Keep Reading


Donald Trump, Libertarians, And The Potential “Victorious Defeat.”

In the 1856 election, the country was bitterly divided between the Democratic Party – which had dominated the office of the Presidency since Thomas Jefferson – and the new parties that came about from the destruction of the Whigs. In 1848, members of the Whig party had been branching off and forming third parties, mostly due to the contentious issue of slavery in the western territories. In 1848, former Whigs formed the Free Soil Party, the platform of which revolved around the issue of territorial slavery. In the 1850s, the anti-Irish immigrant American Party (known colloquially as the “Know Nothings”)… Keep Reading


The Libertarian Party Vs. Austin Petersen

On the night of the first ever nationally televised Libertarian Party presidential debate, myself and a small group of fellow writers, editors, and activists were invited by Libertarian Party candidate Austin Petersen to an after party of sorts in downtown New York City. It was history in the making – for the first time, national news had covered a debate between candidates seeking a nomination for this party, which was not one of the two viable political parties in the Republicans and Democrats (though if the state of those factions as of 2016 counts as “viable” today, I’m not sure… Keep Reading


A Choice Between Good And Evil

Human beings, regardless of race, color or creed, are blessed with the innate ability to sense when danger is approaching, or when something is just plain wrong. Some people refer to it as a “gut-feeling,” “instinct,” or “sixth sense” when, in fact, it is so much more than that. One can look to other examples in nature to see that our so-called gut-feeling is not uncommon. How does a bird, which has never flown before, know to fly south for the winter? How does a salmon know to swim upstream to spawn? We are the product of all those who came before… Keep Reading


Austin Petersen: Sugar Daddy?

With Ted Cruz having dropped out of the Republican presidential primary, Libertarian Party candidate Austin Petersen is looking to capitalize and bring in Cruz’s disaffected supporters who are now looking for an alternative to Donald Trump. With the Never Trump movement reaching a fever pitch and conservatives across the country looking for alternatives, it would appear on the surface that this has the potential to succeed. That being said, a new scandal has broken which may complicate Austin’s outreach to conservative voters. Photos of what is allegedly Petersen’s account on ““, a website which aims to help attractive young women… Keep Reading


The GOP Is Finally Dead. What That Means For Real Conservative Voters

Yesterday, the Republican Party gasped its final breath as Ted Cruz, the candidate I named in my last article as the only remaining viable option in the party, dropped out of the 2016 race for the GOP nomination. Rand Paul supporters had for months been disparaging this man’s campaign for no other tangible reason other than the fact that he wasn’t Rand Paul. I criticized this idle purism at the time, and I implicate it now as the cause for Cruz’s narrow-but-meaningful losses in votes and delegates that ultimately left Trump just enough in the lead to count Cruz’s campaign… Keep Reading


Intolerant Social Justice Zombies Riot In California: Welcome To Aztlan

As the Republican candidates for President move to California in anticipation of the state’s primary on June 7th, front-runner Donald Trump was greeted with a pair of near riots as activists suggest larger protests will occur if Trump becomes the Republican nominee. “I think it’s going to get worse if he gets the nomination and is the front-runner. I think it’s going to escalate,” said Luis Serrano, an organizer with California Immigration Youth Justice Alliance. “We’re going to keep showing up and standing against the actions and the hate Donald Trump is creating. We are going to continue to just show up in… Keep Reading


Moral Relativism And Jihad

The work of Americans of good conscience – who also happen to be adherents of the Muslim faith – people like Asra Q. Nomani, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, and M.J. Khan is being undermined not only by the bloody violence of radical Islam, but of the failure of Western institutions to recognize and address the threat of jihad. We all know why the barbaric savages entered the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo and brutally murdered a dozen people in early 2015; why attackers murdered 130 in attacks that included Paris’ Bataclan theatre; why a married jihadi couple in San Bernadino gunned down 14 co-workers:… Keep Reading

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